Dragon, flying, i, 321.

atmospheric phenomena so
called, i, 321; iii, 410.
Drainy, co. Elgin, custom of the
penny wedding at, ii, 147.
DRAW GLOVES, sport so called,
ii, 416.

DREAMS, iii, 127-41.

Dullahan, the, ii, 508.

DRAWING DUN OUT OF THE MIRE, Dumb Borsholder of Chart, i, 220.
ii, 416.
cake, i, 387; iii, 331.
Dundonald, Ayrshire, singular funeral
custom at, ii, 287:
Dunkeld, co. Perth, diversion of
riding at the ring at, ii, 437.
Little, fountain and chapel at,
ii, 371.

Dunkirk and Douay, immense figure
of basket-work annually made at,
i, 325.

ancient rhymes on the sub-
ject of, iii, 131.
interpretations of, iii, 132-3.
dictionary of, iii, 134.

Drinc-heile, i, 3.

Drinking, a, in some parts of Scot-
land, explained, ii, 344.
cups, different kinds of, ii, 337.
CUSTOMS, ii, 325-51.

MARRIAGES, ii, 136.


Drink-lean, i, 279.
Droitwich, custom at, on St.
chard's Day, i, 201.
Druidism, allusion to the supposed

|Dudingston parish, near Edinburgh,
summer custom of eating sheep's
heads at, i, 414-5.
"Duellum Gallorum," i, 76.
Dulce Domum, Winchester song of,
i, 452.

sacrifices of, i, 326.

Druids, customs of the, at New
Year's tide, i, 17.
misletoe sacred to the, i, 109.
fires on the four great festi-
vals of the, i, 349.
hydromancy practised by the,

at wells, ii, 377.

rites of the, at the changes of
the moon, iii, 141.
magic of the, iii, 149-50.

Drunken groat, ii, 334.
Drunkenness increased amongst us
by the wars of the Low
Countries, ii, 331.
terms of, ii, 334.

DUCK and DRAKE, ii, 417.
Ducking-stool, iii, 102-3.

painting of a, at Ipswich,
iii, 107.
Ducks, superstitions concerning, iii,


foretel! weather, iii, 243.

mony of the, ii, 177-80.
form of the oath when
claimed, ii, 177-8.

Dunscore, shire of Dumfries, yew
tree at, ii, 263.
Dunskey, cave near, iii, 148.
Dunstan, St., i, 364.

Dunton, co. Essex, church-offering
at, ii, 84.

Durham, rural address to St. Agnes
in, i, 37.

custom used at, of taking off

shoes, or rather buckles, in
the Easter holidays, i, 180.
custom of "orders" still re-
tained in the grammar-
school in the city of, i, 441.
yule cakes in the county of,
i, 526.

[blocks in formation]

Eagle, Alexander the Great encou- [Easter Eggs, custom of making pre-
raged by the flight of an, iii, 222.
Earnest, given at a bargain, iii, 262.
Ears, tingling of the, iii, 171-3.
Easling, co. Kent, custom at, on Nov.
30th, i, 415.

sents of, in the North of
England, i, 168-9.

song of the pace-eggers, i,

EVE, i, 157-60.

East, practice of worshipping toward
the, ii, 317-8.

churches not placed due east and
west, ii, 324-5.

EASTER DAY, i, 161.

East Indies, creeping through tolmen
or perforated stones in the, iii, 293.
Easter, why so called, i, 161.

custom of carrying Silenus in
procession at, at Rhodes, ii,

gloves, i, 80.

king, custom of the, in Spain,
i, 167.

manner of celebrating among
the modern Greeks, i, 174.
called "Hye-tide," i, 189.
Monday, i, 177-81.

amusements of, on the bor-

ders of the Solway, i, 169. Edgar, King, ecclesiastical law of, for
Tuesday, custom on, mention-

ed by Durand, i, 180.

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

superstitions on, as related

by Naogeorgus, i, 157-8.
custom in Dorsetshire on,
i, 160.
HOLIDAYS, i, 176-84.

the celebration of, appointed

by King Alfred, i, 177.
London amusements in the,
detailed by Fitzstephen,
i, 177.

"Ecco la fico," ii, 182-3.
Echinus marinus,” iii, 371.
Eclipses of the moon, superstitions
concerning, iii, 152-3.
Eden Hall, co. Cumb., St. Cuthbert's
well at, ii, 376.

[ocr errors]

Giant's Cave at, ii, 375.
luck of, ii, 487.

keeping a part of Saturday
holy, ii, 39.

law of, relating to Sunday, ii,

Edgeware, co. Midd., reparation of.
butts at, at Whitsuntide,
i, 281.

—a tumbrel or cucking-stool for-
merly kept at, iii, 103.
Edgewell tree, an omen of death, iii,

Edgeworth, Miss, story by, on the
custom of barring-out, i, 441.
Edinburgh, "ald Stok image" used
at, i, 325.

St. Egidius the patron saint
of, i, 364-5.
drinking custom at, after St.
Cecilia's concert, ii, 342.
spot at, where supposed witches
were burnt, iii, 31.
old houses in, with talismanic
characters, iii, 323.
Edine, St., i, 364.

Edmonton, witch of, iii, 23.
Edmundsbury, St., custom of the

monks of, at wheat-seeding, i, 392.
Edmund's well, St., at Oxford, ii, 378.
Edward I lifted in his bed by the la-
dies of the bedchamber and
maids of honour on Easter
Monday, i, 181.

III, ceremony of the boy-bishop
presented before, A.D. 1299,
i, 428.

IV, coronation of, why put off,
i, 535.

VI, his alteration of the foun-
dation of Christ's College,
Cambridge, iii, 264-5.
Egelric, abbot of Croyland, casts a
ring of six bells, ii, 215-6.
Egg, an emblem of the universe, i,

[blocks in formation]

Eggs laid on the Annunciation of the
Virgin Mary put by, i, 174.
given to infant children, ii, 81-2.
superstitions respecting, ii, 82.
EGGS, Easter, i, 168-76.
Egidius, the patron saint of Edin-
burgh, i, 364.

Egyptians, see GIPSIES.
Elder, sprigs of, used as a charm, iii,

- and herbs on Easter Day, i, 164.
sports with, i, 169.

held by the Egyptians as a sa-

cred emblem of the renovation
of mankind after the deluge,
i, 169.

in the ritual of Pope Paul V, con-
sidered emblematical of the
resurrection, i, 172.

the giving of, still prevalent
among the modern Greeks and
Russians, i, 174.

[blocks in formation]

Elm tree, presages drawn from the Eton school, custom at, on the day of
leaves of the, iii, 248.

the Circumcision, ì, 15.
Shrovetide customs at,

Eloy, St., account of, i, 361.

Ely, custom in the isle of, on Whir-

[blocks in formation]

Epilepsy, amulet against the, iii, 284.
Epiphany, customs of the, i, 21-2.
'Episcopatus puerorum," ceremony

of the, forbidden by the Council of
Saltzburg, A.D. 1274, i, 426.
Epitaphat St. John's College, Oxford,"
ii, 251.

Epithalamium, ii, 161.

"Epulum novendiale," ii, 238.
Erasmus, St., i, 364-5.

Eric, St., i, 364.

ERRORS, VULGAR, iii, 379.

Erskine, parish of, in Scotland,
witches burnt at, iii, 30.

Ermyn, St., iii, 402.

i, 62, 83.

custom at, on Ash Wed-
nesday, i, 98.

customs at,

i, 217.

custom at, on the eve of
St. John Baptist, i,

Etre né coiffé," iii, 114.

Eve, Lady, wife of Sir Robert Fitz-
harding, anniversary of the, i, 116.
from Herrick's Hesperides, Evergreens, carrying of, at funerals,
ii, 169.

ii, 249.

bonfire at, on St. Peter's
Day, i, 338.

gathering of nuts at, in
September, i, 353.
boy-bishop elected at, on
St. Hugh's Day, i, 431.
modern Montem custom
at, i, 432.

hunting the ram at, i, 440.
plays acted at, in the
Christmas holidays, i,

riage, ii, 150.

Dunmow bacon, in, ii, 177-80.

Evesham, co. Worc., custom among
the master-gardeners to give their
workpeople a treat of baked peas
on Holy Thursday, i, 208.
Evil, king's, touching for the, iii,

eye, iii, 44-6, 326.

turning the coal, a counter-
charm to, iii, 44.
charm against, practised in
the west of Scotland,
iii, 47.

Erysipelas, amulet against, iii, 284.
Eskdale, Cumberland, customs at,
ii, 288.

Eskdalemuir, co. Dumfries, annual
fair at, ii, 88.

Euloge, St., i, 365.

Essex, money-gathering in, at a mar- Euny's well, St., ii, 370.

Eustace's well, St., at Withersden,
in Kent, ii, 371.
Eutrope, St., i, 365.


Eton College, double feast of St. Ni-" Evyns," origin of the observance of,

cholas at, i, 430.

ii, 1.

Montem, abolition of, in 1847, Exeter, custom of the boys at, in
i, 440.

Rogation week, i, 207.

Exeter, charm for agues about, iii,298. | Fairies' "Farewell," Bishop Corbett's
Exorcism against worms, iii, 273.
Expulsion of death, a custom so called

ballad of the, ii, 495.
money, ii, 493.

in Franconia, i, 112.

-saddle, in the Isle of Man
ii, 494.
treasure, ii, 493.

Eyam, in Derbyshire, Miss Seward's
description of the paper garlands
suspended in the church of, ii, 302. FAIRS, ii, 453-70.
Eye, enchanting or bewitching, iii,
44-6, 326.

Gay's account of the different
articles exposed at, ii, 453
another description of a rustic
fair, ii, 453-4.
sports at, ii, 461.

FAIRY MYTHOLOGY, ii, 476, 508.
nips, ii, 491.

rings, ii, 480-1.

song, ii, 497.

sparks, or shell-fire, ii, 492.

Fabarum rex, i, 24.
Fabyan, the historian, his order for
his month's mind, ii, 315-6.
Face-cloth, antiquity of the, ii, 232.
Facers, the name for a club of Faith, spitting the, iii, 261.
drinkers, ii, 334.
i, 373.
curious love charm
employed on that
day in the north
of England,i, 373.

Faddy, a, i, 223.

Fags at Eton school, i, 437.
Fairie, queen of the, in Scotland,
ii, 507.

Fairies, superstitions concerning, as


changeling children, Falling sickness, charms against the,
ii, 484-5-6.

existence of, alluded to by the

iii, 301.
star, iii, 405.

most ancient British bards,
ii, 476.

Familiars of witches, iii, 6, 10.
Fandango, Spanish, i, 252.
Farls, i, 460.

popular creed, relating to,
imported from the East,
ii, 476.

"Farciminum convivia," i, 400.

itching of the right, iii,

Eyes, babies of the, iii, 47.

supposed to steal or change
children, ii, 484.

of the mines, ii, 486-7.
of wells, ii, 494.

Fast, St. Agnes', i, 35; iii, 141.
FAST and LOOSE, ii, 435.
Fastens seed-cake, ii, 22.

domestic, called brownies, Fasterns, Fasten, or Fasting Even, a

ii, 488-9.

name given to Shrove Tuesday,
i, 65-8, 82.

Chaucer's remarks on, ii,
names of the fairy court,
ii, 499.

Fasting on Midsummer Eve, i, 335.
spittle, virtues of, iii, 260-1.
Fastingham, or Fastyngonge Tuesday,
i, 68.

Dr. King's description of a
fairy entertainment, ii, 500.
Oberon's clothing and diet,
ii, 500-1-2.

Fathers of the Church inveigh against
the fights of gladiators, ii, 60.
Faversham, curfew bell at, ii, 222.

king and queen of the, ii, 499." Favilteach," or the first days of Fe-
arrows, ii, 490.
butter, ii, 492.

bruary, ii, 44.

Favours, marriage, ii, 108.

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