Ash tree, operatioa performed with August, GULE OF, commonly called

the, to cure rickety or ruptured LAMMAS Day, i, 347-9.
children, iii, 291-2.

“Au Guy l'an neuf,” i, 458.
Ash WEDNESDAY, i, 94, 102. AUK, GREAT, augury by the, iii, 221.

in some places called Pulver Auld Ane, a name for the Devil, ii, 520.

Wednesday, i, 95. Avoch, co. Ross, custom of penny
Naogeorgus's account of, i, 97.

weddings retained at, ii, 148.
fool-plough and sword-dance funeral customs at, ii, 272.

used on, upon the Conti- Aurengzebe, reckons Friday to be un-
nent, i, 97, 508.

lucky, ii, 50.
custom on, used in Germany, Auricula Judæ, iii, 283.
i, 98.

Avril, Poisson d', i, 139.
how distinguished by the pea- Austria, St. Colman and St. Leopold,
Bandothy, co. Perth, harvest customs Basoche, Roy de, i, 24.
at, ii, 27.

santry of France, i, 100. the patron saints of, i, 365.
custom of interring the car- Autumnal fire, kindled in North

nivalon, at Marseilles, i, 100. Wales on Allhallow Eve, i, 389.
Ashes, ceremonies of blessing and Auxerre, l'Abbé de Liesse at, i, 504.

giving, on Ash Wednesday, i, 96. “A you a hinny,” song of, i, 487.
Ashill, co. Somerset, yew trees at, Ayrshire, Beltan in, on St. Peter's
ii, 266.

day, i, 337.
Ashmole, Elias, hangs spiders about creeling in, ii, 98.

his neck to cure the ague, iii, 287.
Asp, the best arrows made of, ii , 257. Baal, Beal, or Bealin, remains of the
Ass, vulgar error relating to the, worship of, i, 228, 304.
iii, 363.

Baal, or Bael fyr, i, 300.
Ass of wood drawn on Palm Sunday, Babies of the eyes, iii, 47.
i, 124.

Bacchus, verses in praise of, made by
Asses or mules, omens of weather, the Eton boys on Shrove Monday,
iii, 244.

i, 62.
Assize, maiden, white gloves given at Bacon, Dunmow flitch of, ii, 177.

similar custom at Whiche-

novre in Staffordshire, ii,
i. 349.

Aston, near Birmingham, Christmas“ Baculus divinatorius," iii, 332.

custom at the house of Sir Bairin-breac, the name of a cake made
Holt, Bart., i, 472.

in Ireland on St. Bridget's Eve,
Astrology, remarks on, iii, 341-8. i, 345.
Athenians, sacred ploughings of the, Baldock, custom at, on Shrove Tues-
i, 510.

day, i, 82.
cock-fighting practised by the, Ball, play at the, on Shrove Tuesday,
ii, 59, 60.

described by Fitzstephen, i, 70.
Athens, Apollo and Minerva preside Ballikinrain, co. Stirling, yew trees
over, i, 365.

at, ii, 264.
Atkinson, Margaret, funeral feast of, Ball money at weddings, ii, 156.
A.D. 1544, ii, 239.

Balmano, St. John's well at, ii, 382.
Attica, old inhabitants of, buried Baloon, GAME OF, ii, 394.

looking towards the east, ii, 318. Balow, etymology of, i, 487.
Augsburg, St. Huiderich or Ulric, Baltein, i, 225.

the patron saint of, i, 364. Banbury, mopor statute fair at, ü, 455.

a, ii, 125.

Bassett, ii, 450.
Banners, spurs, &c. hung over the Bassianus and Geta, first cause of
tombs of knights, ii, 308.

their contention, ii, 60.
Bannock, St. Michael's, i, 372. Bachelors' buttons, divination by,
Baniseribe, in Africa, affiancing cus- iii, 340.
tom at, ii, 92.

Bath Kol, iii, 337.
Baptism, superstitions relating to, in Bats, superstition concerning, ii, 189.

Scotland, ii, 78-9. Battle Edge, the place of Cuthred's
in North Wales, relating victory over Ethelbald, king of

to water after baptism, Mercia, i, 320.
ii, 375,

Batt's carving-knives, i, 486.
Baptizing of bells, ii, 214-15. Bavaria, St. Wolfgang and St. Mary
Barbara, St., i, 359-60.

Atingana, the patron saints of,
BARBERS' SIGNs, ii, 358-61.

i, 365.
forfeits, ii, 361.

Bavo, St., i, 364.
shop, Gay's description of a, Baxter, Richard, his account of the
ii, 359.

well at Oundle, ii, 369.
Bargarran witches, ü, 30.

Bay-leaves, houses decked with, at
Barguest of York, iii, 86.

Christmas, i, 520.
“ Barla-bracks about the stacks," worn against thunder, üü, 316.
ii, 394.

Bay trees, withering of, a death
BARLEY-BREAK, I, 180; ii, 394-6. omen, iii, 233.
Barnabas, St., few churches dedicated Bays used at weddings, ii, 119, 120.
to, ii, 2.

Bead of glass, Druid's, called the
tempests said to be frequent ovum anguinum, iii, 287, 369

on the day of, ii, 49. Beaker, ii, 330.
BARNABAS DAY, Sr., i, 293-4. Bean-king, i, 498.

court for the forest of Engle- Beans, choice of a king and queen
wood kept on, i, 245.

by, i, 26-7.
origin of the proverb of on Midlent Sunday, i, 114.

“ Barnaby Bright,” i, 294. Erasmus's reinarks on the re-
prognostication concerning,

ligious use of, i, 115.
ii, 49.

eating of, in Lent, allegorized,
Barnacles, iii, 361-2.

i, 115.
Barrenness, foreign charms against, Molluka, used as charms,
enumerated by Bale, ii, 69.

iii, 46.
Barring-out in schools, i, 441. BEAR-BAITING, ii, 396.
BARTHOLOMEW's Day, St., i, 351.

a Christmas sport, ii, 396.
custom on, at Croyland Abbey, BEARING THE Bell, iii, 393.

of giving little knives,i,351. Bearne, or barn bishop, i, 423.
Bartholomew baby, ii, 464.

BEARS, vulgar error relating to the
fair, ii, 463.

cubs of, iii, 364.
Barvas, in the Isle of Lewis, custom Beasts eating greedily, an omen of

at, on the 1st of May, i, 226. bad weather, iii, 245.
Basil, smelling of, iii, 314.

BEAVER, vulgar error concerning the,
Basilisk, or CockATRICE, iii, 374. üi, 368.
Basle, prohibition in the Synod of, Beaulieu, Mary Dore, the parochiale
“ Beccho," Italian word, ii, 187. | Bells, ringing of, against thunder,
Becket, St. Thomas, archbishop, i, 359.

against the Feast of Fools, i, 427. witch of, iii, 14.

ü, 217.
establishes the observance of

on the arrival of emperors,
Trinity Sunday in England,

bishops, &c. at places
i, 284,

under their own juris-
-the hall of his house strewed

diction, ii, 218.
every day with green rushes,

to ease the pain of the
ii, 313.

dead, ii, 219.
Bed, bridal, anciently blessed, ii, 175.

funeral or dead peal, ii,
ancient charm for the, iii, 312.

Bed's head, knocking at the, iii, 233.

invention of, ii, 212-13.
Bede's well, at Jarrow, co. Northum-

baptizing of, ii, 214-15.
berland, ii, 383.

custom of rejoicing with, ii,
Bedfordshire, harvest Jack and Gill

in, ii, 24.

Jews use trumpets for, ii, 213.
Bedwen, the, i, 237.

ceremony of blessing or con-
Beech, at Midsummer, i, 307.

secrating, ii, 215.
Beehives, custom of covering with christened in honour of St.
black crape, on the death of

Wenefride, ii, 215.
the master or mistress, ii, given to churches by St.

Dunstan, ii, 216.
superstitious practice of turn- great objects of superstition,
ing, when the corpse of the

ü, 216.
owner is removed for burial, monkish rhymes on the offices
ü, 301.

of, ii, 216.
Bees, superstitions relating to, ii, lines on, from Googe's trans-
301-2, iii; 225.

lation of Naogeorgus, ii,
Besom placed at the topmast-head

of a ship or boat to be sold, ii, 352. Belly-blind, ii, 397.
Beggar-my-neighbour, ii, 396. Beltan, on St. Peter's Day, in Ayr-
Bell, the patron of the Babylonians, shire, i. 337.
i, 365.

Beltein, or Baltein Day, a name used
to bear the, i 71 ; iii, 393. in Perthshire for the first day
passing, ii, 202-20.

May, i, 226.
capon, ii, 210.

Bel-teing, celebration of, in Cumber-
St. Adelm's, ii, 217.

land, i, 318.
mot, ii, 219.

| Bealtine, La, i, 228.
curfew, ü, 220.

Benedict, St., i, 360-1.
pancake, i, 82-9, ii; 220. “ Benedictio Pomorum in die Sancti

ringing, bequests for, ii, 225. Jacobi," i, 346.
Belle Savage Inn, sign of the, ii, Benediction posset, ii, 173.

Benshea, or the shrieking woman,
Bells, ringing of, on New Year's Eve death omen, iii, 227.

in London, i, 14. Berger, le jeu de, et de la Bergère,
on Allhallows Day, i,

i, 255.

“ Berisch," ii, 295.
when women were in la- Berkeley, Maurice, fourth Lord, pre-
bour, ii, 70.

parations for the funeral feast of,
at marriages, ii, 160. ii, 239.

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Berkeley, Robert, second Lord, bu- Birdsney, i, 75.

ried in a monk's cowl, iii, 325. Birk at Yule E'en, bare as the, a
Berking nunnery, co. Essex, custom Scottish proverb, i, 467.

at, on St. Ethelburgh's Day, i, BIRKIE, ii, 396.

Birmingham, St. Bartholomew's cha.
Berkshire, ring superstition in, iii, pel in, not placed due east and

west, ii, 324.
Berlin, the ringing of bells at, against BISHOP IN THE Pan, iii, 383.

tempests, forbidden, ii, 218. Bishop's Stortford, co. Herts, custom
Berners, Lord, writes to Cardinal at, on Old Michaelmas Day, i,

Wolsey for cramp-rings, i, 151. 372.
Beryl, or crystal, used by sorcerers, Bishop's well at Tottenham, co. Mid-
üi, 60.

dlesex, ii, 369.
Bessy, one of the characters of the Bittern, iii, 222.
sword-dance, i, 513.

“ Black is your eye,” the saying of,
BETROTHING Customs, ii, 87, 98. iii, 44, 45.

difference between the be- BLACK USED IN MOURNING AT Fo.

trothing ceremony and that NERALS, ii, 281.
of marriage pointed out, Black puddings, i, 400.
ii, 96.

Monday, i, 454,
Beverage, ii, 333.

Jack, ii, 337.
Biberidge, ii, 333.

lad, shooting the, üi, 441.
Bible, superstitious practice of open- witches, iii, 3.

ing, on New Year's Day, Blacks of the eyes, iii, 44-5.
i, 20.

BLADE-BONE, divination by the, ii,
church, weighing of witches

against the, iii, 22.

Blaise or Blaze, St., i, 360-5.
put at night under the pillows Blandy, Miss, dying declaration of,

of country girls, iii, 141. iii, 308.
fanning the face of the sick Blaze's Day, St., i, 51-3.
with the leaves of the,

Minshew refers Hoc-tide
iii, 272.

to, i, 190.
and key, divination by the, Bleeding at the nose, iï, 229.
iii, 299, 353-4.

of murdered persons at the
Bid or bidder ale, ži, 90.

presence of the murderer,
Biddenden cakes, i, 166.

iii, 229-30.
Bidding to weddings, Welsh practice charm for, iii, 311.
of, ii, 146, 147.

Blenheim House, representation of
Billet, or tip-cat, game of, on Shrove a cock at, i, 78.
Tuesday, i, 91.

Blessing fire, i, 306.
Billiards, ii, 354.

witch, the, üi, 4.
Birch tree, used for May-poles, i, 237. Blind-boc, ii, 397.

howes, against Midsummer, i, harie, ii, 397.

kuhe, ü, 397.
poles, used anciently as signs BLINDMAN'S BUFF, ii, 397.

for alehouses, ii, 353. Blocksberg, May customs on the
Birds begin to couple on St. Valen- mountain of, i, 228.
tine's Day, i, 53.

Blood, drawing of, from witches, iii,
divinations by, iii, 191.

15, 16.

“ Blood without groats,” proverb of, ( BORROWED, or BORROWING Days,
i, 400.

ii, 41-4.
Bloody-bones, ii, 516.

Boscobel, Dr. Stukeley's account of
Bloody Gardener, old ballad of the, the Royal Oak at, i, 275.
iii, 217.

Botanomancy, iii, 307.
Blow Point, ii, 398.

Bough, green, of a tree, fastened
Blue coats, formerly worn by people against houses by the Irish on May

of fashion on St. George's Day, i, 227.
Day, i, 192.

Boughs, hallowed on Midsummer
clue, spell by the, on Allhallow Day, hung at the stall door where
Even, i, 381.

cattle stand, to prevent witches,
balls, pawnbrokers, ii, 356. i, 335.
Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni, sends Boulogne, St. Martin the patron

a hare from her bosom as an omen, saint of, i, 364.
üi, 202.

“ Bounce buckram," proverb of, i,
Boards used instead of bells by the 490.
Turks, ii, 214.

Bow bells, bequest for the ringing of,
Boar's-head, served up at Christmas, ii, 224.
i, 484-5-6.

Bowed money given as a token of
carol at bringing it in, i, 485. affection fro one relation to ano.
Boats, sprinkling of fishermen's, to ther, ii, 94.

make them prosper, i, 394. BowING TOWARDS THE ALTAR, or
Bogleboe explained, ii, 515.

Boh, the name of a Gothic general, TBE CHURCH, ii, 317.

used to frighten children, ii, 515. Bows and bowyers, statutes relating
Bohemia, St. Winceslaus, the patron

to, ii, 260.
saint of, i, 365.

Box garlands on St. Barnabas' Day,
death-omens peculiar to cer-

i, 293.
tain families of, iii, 227. tree, confounded with the palm,
Boleyn, Anne, wore yellow mourning

i, 120.
for Catherine of Arragon, ii, 283. sprigs of, substituted for palm
Bombards, ii, 336.

on Palm Sunday, 118,
Bonefires, i, 299.

origin and etymology of, i, 300.

used at funerals, ii, 253.
on Midsummer Eve, i, 306. Boxing, ii, 398-9.
canon against, on new moons, Boy's bailiff, the, i, 284.
i, 308.

Boy-Bishop, custom of electing a,
Boneshave, ii, 285.

i, 422-5.
Books, by way of funeral tokens, for- traces of the history of the, as
merly given away at burials in

early as 867 or 870, i, 421.
England, ii, 244.

one says vespers before King
Booksellers' shops, how formerly

Edward I, I, 422.
adorned on St. Bartholomew's

ceremony of the, practised in
Day, i, 351.

various cathedrals and other
Boon of shearers, ii, 33.

churches in England, i,
Boossenning, iii, 295.

Borrowstowness, co. of Linlithgow, show of, abrogated by a pro-
custom at, at the burials of poor

clamation in 1542, i,
people, ii, 210.


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