children asked the question in their sleep, whether they have anie minde to book or no; and if they saie yes, they count it a very good presage ; but iff the children answer nothing, or nothing to that purpose, they put them over to the plough."

Every dream, according to Wolfius, takes its rise from some sensation, and is continued by the succession of phantasms in the mind. His reasons are, that, when we dream, we imagine something, or the mind produces phantasms; but no phantasms can arise in the mind without a previous sensation. Hence neither can a dream arise without some previous sensation.

Here it may be stated, say Douce's MS. notes, that, if our author meant a previous sensation of the thing dreamt of, it is certainly not so.

Lord Bacon observes that the interpretation of natural dreams has been much laboured, but mixed with numerous extravagancies, and adds that at present it stands not upon its best foundation. It may be observed that in our days, except amongst the most ignorant and vulgar, the whole imaginary structure has fallen to the ground.

Physicians seem to be the only persons at present who interpret dreams. Frightful dreams are perhaps always indications of some violent oppression of nature. Hippocrates has many curious observations on dreams. Ennius of old has made that very sensible remark, that what men studied and pondered in the daytime, the same they dreamed on at night. I suppose there are few who cannot from their own experience assent to the truth of his observation.

In the Gent. Mag. for Jan. 1799, vol. lxix. p. 33, are some curious rhymes on the subject of dreams, from the Harl. MS. 511, fol. 228 b:

“ Upon my ryght syde y may leye, blessid Lady to the y prey

Ffor the teres that ye lete, upon your swete Sonnys feete;
Sende me grace for to slepe, and good dremys for to mete;
Slepyng wakyng till morrowe day bee :
Owre Lorde is the freute, our Ladye is the tree;
Blessid be the blossom that sprange lady of the.

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.” “ He that dreams he hath lost a tooth shall lose a friend (he has lost one), and he that dreams that a rib is taken out of his side shall ere long see the death of his wife.” See Lowde's Amyraldus, p. 22. Thus Shylock, in the Merchant of Venice, says

“ There is some ill a brewing towards my rest,

For I did dream of money-bags to-night.”

Bishop Hall, in his Characters of Vertues and Vices, speaking of the superstitious man, observes :“But, if his troubled fancie shall second his thoughts with the dreame of a faire garden, or greene rushes, or the salutation of a dead friend, he takes leave of the world, and sayes he cannot live. . . There is no dream of his without an interpretation, without a prediction : and, if the event answer not his exposition, he expounds it according to the event.” In Sir Thomas Overbury's Character of a faire and happy Milkmaid is the following passage: “Her dreames are so chaste that she dare tell them; only a Fridaies dream is all her superstition, that she conceales for feare of anger.”

Melton, in his Astrologaster, p. 45, No. 13, says, "that if a man be drowsie it is a signe of ill lucke. 18. That, if a man dreame of egs or fire, he shall heare of anger. 19. That to dreame of the devil is good lucke. 20. That to dreame of gold is good lucke, but of silver ill.” He observes in No. 33, in which he will find few of a different opinion, “that it is a very ill signe to be melancholy."

In the Country-mans Counsellor, 12mo. Lond. 1633, p. 330, by way of dialogue, I find the following to our purpose : Q. What credit or certainty is there to be attributed to dreames, and which are held the most portendous and significant ?-A. These, as they are observed by experience, and set downe by authors. To dreame of eagles flying over our heads, to dreame of marriages, dancing, and banquetting, foretells some of our kinsfolkes are departed ; to dreame of silver, if thou hast it given to thyselfe, sorrow; of gold, good fortune ; to lose an axle toth or an eye, the death of some friend; to dream of bloody teeth, the death of the dreamer ; to weepe in sleepe, joy; to see one's face in the water, or to see the dead, long life ; to handle lead, to see a hare, death ; to dream of chickens and birds, ill luck,” &c.

In the twelfth book of a Thousand Notable Things are the following interpretations of dreams :-“28. If a woman dream she is kindling a fire, it denotes she will be delivered of a male child. To dream you see a stack of corn burnt, signifies famine and mortality. If a sick person dreams of a river or fountain of clear water, it denotes a recovery. 29. If a young man dreams he draws water out of a well, it signifies he wili be speedily married. To dream that he has a glass full of water given him, signifies marriage. 30. To dream of seeing a barn well stored, signifies marriage of a rich wife. 31. If a woman dreams of being delivered of a child, yet is not big, it is a sign she shall at length be happily brought to bed. If a maid dream the same dream, it signifies banquet, joy, and succeeding nuptials. 32. To dream of little rain and drops of water, is good for plowmen. 33. To dream of being touched with lightning, to the unmarried signifies marriage ; but it breaks marriages made, and makes friends enemies. 34. To dream of having or seeing the forehead of a lion, betokens the getting of a male child. 35. To dream of roasted swine's flesh, signifies speedy profit. To dream of drinking sweet wine, betokens good success in law.” Ibid. book vi. 11, we read : "To dream that you go over a broken bridge, betokens fear; to have your head cut off for a heinous offence, signifies the death of friends ; to make clean the hands, betokens trouble; to see hands filthy and foul, betokens loss and danger; to feed lambs, signifies grief and pain; to take flies, signifies wrong or injury. – Mizaldus.” Ibid. book v. 33, it is stated that, “ To dream that eagles fly over your head doth betoken evil fortune ; to dream that you see your face in water, signifies long life; to follow bees, betokens gain or profit; to be married, signifies that some of your kinsfolks is dead ; to dream that you worship God, signifies gladness ; to look in a glass, doth portend some issue, or a child ; to have oil poured upon you, signifies joy.” Also ibid. 6, “ To see monks in one's dream, doth portend death or calamity; to see fat oxen, betokens plenty of all things; to lose an eye or a tooth, signifies the death of some friend, or of a kinsman, or some other evil luck ; to dream to be dumb, foreshews speedy gladness; to see oxen plow, betokens gain; to enter into waters, betokens evil.–Artemidorus.”

And, in the fourth book, we read : 46. “To kill serpents in your dream, signifies victory; to see sails of ships is evil; to dream that all your teeth are bloody, it signifies the death of the dreamer ; but that the teeth are drawn out, signifies the death of another ; that birds enter into a house, signifies loss; to weep, betokens joy; to handle money, signifies anger ; to see dead horses, signifies a lucky event of things.-Artemidorus.” Ibid. 11, it is said : " He that sleepeth in a sheep's skin shall see true dreams, or dream of things that be true.”

[The curious reader will not be displeased to possess the entire Dictionary of Dreams, which we here extract from a North country chap-book, entitled the Royal Dream Book :

Acorns.—To dream of acorns, and that you eat one, denotes you will rise gradually to riches and honour.

Acquaintance.—To dream that you fight with them, signifies distraction. Altar.To dream you are at the altar kneeling is bad.

Anchor. To dream of an anchor, part in the water, the other part on land, and that a male or female stumbles over it, is a sure sign that the male will in time become a sailor, and the female will be married

to one.

Ants or Bees.—To dream of ants denotes that you will live in a great town or city, or in a large family, and that you will be industrious, happy, well married, and have a large family.

Angel. To dream you see an angel or angels is good, to dream you are one is better; but to speak with, or call upon them, is of evil signification.

Anger.To dream you have been provoked to anger, shows that you have many powerful enemies.

Angling. - To dream of angling betokens affliction and trouble.

Apparel.-- To dream you lose your wearing apparel shows your character will be injured by an enemy.

Apparitions.—To dream you see ghosts, &c., denotes to a certainty that people you fancy your enemies, are perhaps your best friends.

Arrest.—To dream that you are arrested, or that you are taken late by a constable, signifies want of wit, and that the party dreaming shall love fiddlers.

Asp.-The person that dreams of the asp or adder, is thereby betokened to have store of money and rich wives.

Bathing.–To dream you bathe and the water seems clear, shows you are sure to prosper-every thing will go well with you ; but if the water appears muddy, you will be apt to meet with shame and sorrow.

Ball.To dream that you see persons dance at a ball, or that you are engaged in a ball yourself, signifies joy, pleasure, recreation, and inheritance.

Banquets.—To dream of banquets is very good and prosperous, and promises great preferment.

Barn.—To dream that you see a barn stored with corn, shows that you shall marry well, overthrow your adversaries at law, or grow rich.

Basin.—To dream of a basin, signifies a good maid ; and to dream that you eat or drink therein, shows love for the servant-maid.

Bathing.—To dream you bathe in a clear fountain, signifies joy ; but to bathe in stinking water, signifies shame.

Beans.—To dream you are eating beans, signifies you have a rich, inexpert, but cruel enemy.

Bed.—To dream you are in bed, and it changes to a green field, and you see two doves coming, implies that the dreamer will be married at the end of the month.

Bedside.—To dream of sitting by a maid's bedside or talking with her, is a sign of marriage, especially if the person dreams he goes between the sheets, then it is most certain.

Beggars.—To dream of poor folks or beggars entering into a house, and carrying away anything, whether it be given them or they steal it, denotes great adversity.

Blind.—To dream of being blind, threatens the dreamer with want of money.

Blind-man's-buff.To dream that one plays at blind-mind's-buff, signifies prosperity, joy, and pleasure.

Blindness.—To dream you are blind, denotes extreme poverty.

Blackbird.—To dream you see and hear a blackbird and thrush singing upon the same tree, a female will have two husbands, and a male two wives.

Boat.For a female to dream she is in a boat, falls in the water, and is rescued by a male, shows he will become her husband to a certainty.

Bonnet.—To dream that you have lost a bonnet or shoes, denotes that you will quickly get married.

Bread.To dream of bread is good; particularly so, if you make and bake it yourself.

Breving and Baking.—To dream of brewing and baking, is a sign of an ill housewife, who lies dreaming in bed when she should be at work, and doing her business.

Briars.—To dream of being pricked with briars, shows that the person dreaming has an ardent desire to something, and that young folks dreaming thus are in love, who prick themselves in striving to gather their rose.

Bridge.-To dream of crossing a bridge, denotes that the dreamer will leave a good situation to seek a better.

Buildings.—To dream of unfinished buildings, signifies a future prospect for a dreamer, who must encounter privations for a time, but will to a certainty become happy.

Bullock.— If you dream a bullock pursues you, beware of some powerful enemy, particularly if the dreamer is a female. If a cow, a female is the enemy.

Buried,—To dream yourself or friend is buried, foretells a serious fit of illness.

Buying.To dream you buy all sorts of things which one useth, is good, to buy that which is only for victuals and relief, is good for the poor; but to the rich and wealthy, it signifies expenses and great charge.

Cage.—To dream that a maid lets a bird out of a cage, is a sign she will not long hold her modesty, but as soon as she can get a customer she will part with her virtue.

Cakes.—To dream one makes them, signifies joy and profit; that you will thrive in all your undertakings.

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