The Works of Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England, Volume 12

W. Pickering, 1830
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Pagina 448 - Henry VII." that of the " Essays," being retractate, and made more perfect, well translated into Latin by the help of some good pens, which forsake me not, for these modern languages will, at one time or other, play the bankrupts with books; and since I have lost much time with this age, I would be glad, as God shall give me leave, to recover it with posterity.
Pagina 281 - My ambition now I shall only put upon my pen, whereby I shall be able to maintain memory and merit of the times succeeding.
Pagina 30 - I said not ; if it were misconstrued, I would be glad to expound my words, to exclude any sense I meant not ; if my heart be mis-judged by imputation of popularity...
Pagina 395 - The work, in what colours soever it may be set forth, is no more but a new logic, teaching to invent and judge by induction, as finding syllogism incompetent for sciences of nature ; and thereby to make philosophy and sciences both more true and more active.
Pagina 415 - My only suit to your lordships is to shew me your noble favour towards the release of my confinement (so every confinement is), and to me, I protest, worse than the Tower.* There I could have had company, physicians, conference with my creditors and friends about my debts, and the necessities of my estate, helps for my studies, and the writings I have in hand. Here, I live upon the...
Pagina 95 - Myself am like the miller of Huntingdon, that was wont to pray for peace amongst the willows ; for while the winds blew,, the wind-mills wrought, and the water-mill was less customed. So I see that controversies of religion must hinder the advancement of sciences.
Pagina 327 - I ever said unto your Majesty. And again, I know he hath the best tutor in Europe. But yet I was afraid that the height of his fortune might make him too secure, and, as the proverb is, a looker on seeth more than a gamester.
Pagina 77 - I have chosen one only justification instead of all other, out of the justifications of Job. For after the clear submission and confession which I shall now make unto your Lordships, I hope I may say and justify with Job in these words: 'I have not hid my sin as did Adam, nor concealed my faults in my bosom.
Pagina 105 - Solicitor together, but either to serve with another, upon your remove, or to step into some other course ; so as I am more free than ever I was from any occasion of unworthy conforming myself to you more than general good manners, or your particular good usage shall provoke : and, if you had not been shortsighted in your own fortune, as I think, you might have had more use of me ; but that tide is passed.
Pagina 248 - First he shall marry into a disgraced house, which in reason of state is never held good. " Next he shall marry into a troubled house, of man and wife, which in religion and Christian discretion is disliked.

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