unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.-Gen. xvii. 1, 7.

Read Gen. xii. 1-8. xvii. 1-8.

From Isaac. And God said, Sarah That the blessing of thy wife shall bear thee Abraham might come a son indeed; and thou on the Gentiles through shalt call his name Isaac: Jesus Christ : and I will establish my Now to Abraham and covenant with him for an his seed were the proeverlasting covenant, and mises made. He saith with his seed after him. not, And to seeds, as of -Gen. xvii. 19.

many; but as of one, I will perform the And to thy seed, which oath which I sware unto is Christ.-Gal. iii. 14, Abraham thy father ; 16.

And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed ;-Gen. xxvi. 3, 4.

From Jacob. I am the LORD God

The book of the geneof Abraham thy father, ration of Jesus Christ,


and the God of Isaac: the son of David, the son
in thee and in thy seed of Abraham.
shall all the families of Abraham begat Isaac,
the earth be blessed.— and Isaac begat Jacob.
Gen. xxviii. 13, 14. - Matt. i. 2.

From Judah.
The sceptre shall not It is evident that our
depart from Judah, nor Lord sprang out of Juda;
a lawgiver from between of which tribe Moses
his feet, until Shiloh spake nothing concerning
come; and unto him shall priesthood.--Heb. vii. 14.
the gathering of the peo-
ple be.Gen. xlix. 10.

Moreover he refused
the tabernacle of Joseph,
and chose not the tribe
of Ephraim :

But chose the tribe of Judah, the mount Zion which he loved.-Ps. lxxviii. 67, 68.

From Jesse.

And there shall come Esaias saith, There forth a rod out of the shall be a root of Jesse, stem of Jesse, and a and he that shall rise Branch shall grow out to reign over the Genof his roots.- Is. xi. 1. tiles; in him shall the

Gentiles trust.— Rom.

xv. 12.

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From David. I have made a cove David, therefore being nant with my chosen, I a prophet, and knowing have sworn unto David that God had sworn with my servant,

an oath to him, that of Thy seed will I esta- the fruit of his loins, acblish for ever, and build cording to the flesh, he up thy throne to all ge- would raise up Christ to nerations. Selah. sit on his throne.- Acts

Also I will make him ii. 29, 30. my first-born, higher I have found David than the kings of the the son of Jesse, a man earth.-Ps.lxxxix. 3, 4, after mine own heart, 27.

which shall fulfil all my will.

Of this man's seed hath God according to his promise raised unto Israel a Saviour, Jesus.

-Acts xiii. 22, 23. The Lord hath sworn And hath raised up an in truth unto David; horn of salvation for us he will not turn from it; in the house of his serOf the fruit of thy body vant David.—Lu. i. 69. will I set upon thy Hath not the Scripture throne.Ps. cxxxii. 11. said, That Christ cometh

Behold, the days come of the seed of David, and saith the LORD, that I out of the town of Bethwill raise unto David a lehem, where David was? righteous Branch.-Jer. - John vii. 42. xxiii. 5.

Read Psalm lxxxix. Acts ii. 22-36.



Prophet. The LORD thy God And he shall send will raise up unto thee a Jesus Christ, which beProphet from the midst fore was preached unto of thee, of thy brethren, you: like unto me; unto him For Moses truly said ye shall hearken.—Deut. unto the fathers, A proxviii. 15.

phet shall the Lord your I will raise them up a God raise up unto you Prophet from among their of your brethren, like brethren, like unto thee, unto me; him shall ye and will put my words hear in all things whatin his mouth; and he soever he shall say unto shall speak unto them all you.--Acts. iii 20, 22. that I shall command And the multitude said, him.

This is Jesus the proAnd it shall come to phet of Nazareth of Galipass, that whosoever will see.—Matt, xxi. 11. not hearken unto my

Then those men, when words which he shall they had seen the miraspeak in my name, I will cle that Jesus did, said, require it of him.-Deut This is of a truth that xviii. 18, 19.

prophet that should come into the world. Joh. vi. 14.

Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the

people:-Lu. xxiv. 19. Read Deut. xvii. 13-22. Acts. ïïi.

Heb. V.

The Lord hath sworn,

Called of God an high and will not repent, thou priest after the order of art a priest

for ever after Melchisedec. the order of Melchizedek. 10. -Ps. cx. 4.

Thus speaketh the We have such an high LORD of hosts, saying, priest, who is set on the Behold the man whose right hand of the throne name is the BRANCH; of the Majesty in the and he shall grow up out heavens.--Heb. viii. 1. of his place, and he shall Seeing then that we build the temple of the have a great high priest, LORD; and he shall bear that is passed into the the glory, and shall sit heavens, Jesus the Son of and rule upon his throne, God, let us hold fast our and he shall be a priest profession. upon his throne.- Zech. For we have not an vi. 12, 13.

high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet with

out sin.-Heb. iv. 14, 15. Read Hebrews viii. ix.

King. A King shall reign and Pilate therefore said prosper, and shall exe- unto him, Art thou a king cute judgment and justice then? Jesus answered, in the earth.

Thou sayest that I am a In his days Judah shall king. To this end was I be saved, and Israel shall born, and for this cause


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