The Parliamentary Register: Or an Impartial Report of the Debates that Have Occured in the Two Houses of Parliament, Volume 2


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Pagina 365 - ... of blood. Were it permitted for a soldier to regret any one who has fallen in the service of his country, I might be excused for lamenting him, more than any other person ; but it is some consolation to those who tenderly loved him, that as his life was honourable, so was his death glorious. His memory will be recorded in the annals of his country — will be sacred to every British soldier, and embalmed in the recollection of a grateful posterity.
Pagina 191 - These arguments proved unsuccessful ; the report of the committee was agreed to, and the bill ordered to be read a third time. The...
Pagina 454 - . Monday, 6th Afcrcb, Mr. Lewis brought in the bill for building a bridge acrofs Mr. Lewis. Menai Strait, from Carnarvon (hi re to the Ifle of Anglefea, which was read a firft time, and ordered to be read a fecond time.
Pagina 266 - Bofton," which was read a firft time, and ordered to be read a fecond time on Monday next.
Pagina 774 - Iloufe in 1791, that the actual expenditure (including the annual million; for the reduction of the Public Debt) on an average of five years...
Pagina 777 - After a long and desultory conversation, the report was received, and the bill ordered to be read a third time the next...
Pagina 487 - The order of the day was then read, for the Houfe to refolve itfelf into a Committee on the bill for granting a certain fum of money to Mr.
Pagina 705 - Britim produce and manufactures exported, in the year ending the 5th of January 1793, was 18,336,851!. ; and on an average of fix years, ending the 5th of January 1793, was 14,771,409!.
Pagina 464 - Fleet in the Mediterranean, enjoining him not to consent on any account to the return of the French Army to France, or to their capitulating in any other manner than jointly to the Allied Powers whose forces are employed against them, or upon any other terms than that of giving up their Arms and surrendering as Prisoners of War...
Pagina 782 - We have it in command from his Majesty, to acquaint you, that, on account of the advanced period of the season, and the state of public business, he is induced to relieve you from a longer attendance in Parliament. " His Majesty highly commends the wisdom, temper, and diligence, which have marked all your proceedings; and, particularly, acknowledges the assiduity and...

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