Lagrangian Interaction: An Introduction To Relativistic Symmetry In Electrodynamics And Gravitation

CRC Press, 8 mrt. 2018 - 592 pagina's
This book is an introduction to Lagrangian mechanics, starting with Newtonian physics and proceeding to topics such as relativistic Lagrangian fields and Lagrangians in General Relativity, electrodynamics, Gauge theory, and relativistic gravitation. The mathematical notation used is introduced and explained as the book progresses, so it can be understood by students at the undergraduate level in physics or applied mathmatics, yet it is rigorous enough to serve as an introduction to the mathematics and concepts required for courses in relativistic quantum field theory and general relativity.

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Space and time
Euclidean geometry
Tensor fields in Euclidean spacetime
Spacetime kinematics and Galilean relativity
Newtonian mechanics
Newtonian gravity
EulerLagrange equations of motion
Tensor fields in Minkowskian spacetime
Einsteinian mechanics
Relativistic Lagrangian fields
Relativistic scalar gravity
Maxwells equations
Gauge principle
Relativistic gravitation

Nonrelativistic Lagrangian fields
Hamiltonian dynamics
Poincarť transformations
Symmetries and Noethers theorem

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Noel Doughty

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