putes, and the burtful Quarrels of the Times ; and have been very useful to the World: - and we thought it no way improper or unfutable to the Character "and Circumstance of younger Ministers, to be willing to ferve so excellent an Interest, and hope we may move in this Tower Sphere without any just Censure.

It will be necessary to obferve, That tho the present Discourses may not be so uniform and of a Piece, or wrought off with so even a Thred, as if composd by a single Hand; like the different Colourings of several Hands in a Pięture: yet they have upon that account their Advantage


and Convenience too. For the the same things happen sometimes to be said by several, yet they are always directed to a different Purpose, and exprest in a different Manner.

And it may be fome Gratification to the innocent Curiosity, as well as fome Help to the real Benefit of the serious Reader, 'to see the same things held in a different Light, and cloth'd in a different Dress ; and may give the greater AdVantage to the Evidence and Beauty of Divine Truth, So that what is wanting in the Symmetry of Parts,or Equality of Stile, is made up in the Pleafure of Variety; like the grateful Confusion of different


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Flowers in a pleasant Field, or the pleasing Harmony arifing from the composition of several Sounds.

We shall only add, That if we had known any thing so distinctly writ upon the Subje&t, formd out of the Scripture, and fitted for common Ufe, we should have thought the present Undertaking the lefs necesary. And we are willing to hope it may not be wholly fruitless, and without Success, as we earnestly desire it may be attended with the Divine Blessing.

London, Feb. 13.



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