How to Study the Bible: A Practical Guide to Biblical Hermeneutics

Xlibris Corporation, 1 aug 2005 - 497 pagina's
How to Study the Bible discusses the necessity of motivation and proper attitude as prerequisites for the discovery of divine truth. Then it delves into a discussion of the nature of biblical authority, using Jesus himself as the model, also looking at the role of biblical silence and expediency. It includes a chapter regarding logic and its role in Bible study, as well as a chapter introducing various tools that are helpful for Bible students. The section on context includes a focus on general, literary, historical, and immediate context, culminating in a chapter showing how to determine Biblical principles and distinguish when something is cultural and when it is not. Rather than only providing theory, How to Study the Bible also walks the student through sample studies, highlighting the practical applications of the theory. An additional section introduces the student to both the benefits and difficulties involved in language studies. Finally, the conclusion demonstrates how it is indeed possible for the individual student to understand the Bible and that correct understanding of the Bible coupled with a godly attitude will produce Christian unity. Its style is directed toward the average Christian but retains challenges for the advanced student and minister as well. This work is not only about the Bible; it is thoroughly biblical, demonstrating how proper Bible study sometimes makes it necessary for us to abandon previously held convictions as we learn more about Godīs truth.

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