Bushmeat and livelihoods: wildlife management and poverty reduction

This book explores the links between bushmeat and livelihoods in Africa, with a focus on the human dimension of the debate.

  • Assembles biological, social and economic perspectives that illuminate the bushmeat debate
  • Features a series of case studies that explore what species survive different intensities of bushmeat hunting and trapping
  • Examines the shape and size of household bushmeat consumption and market trading
  • Reviews governance and institutional impacts on wildlife management; lessons learned from agriculture, forest plant product, and development sectors; and perspectives from Asia and Latin America
  • Provides an excellent resource for students and policy makers in wildlife management, conservation, and development

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Over de auteur (2007)

Glyn Davies/defanghtml_span is Director of Conservation Programmes at the Zoological Society of London. A forest ecologist with over 25 years research and management experience, that has included bushmeat investigations in /defanghtml_spanSierra Leone and Liberia. He has published acad/defanghtml_spanemic papers and policy documents, and compiled management plans.


David Brown is a Research Fellow of the Overseas Development Institute in London. A sociologist, he has over 30 years’ experience in the tropics, mainly in West-Central Africa and has published extensively on development policy issues, particularly in the forest sector.

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