The Works of D. Jonathan Swift: In Nine Volumes, Volume 6

Dublin printed; and Edinburgh reprinted, for G. Hamilton & J. Balfour, and L. Hunter, at Edinburgh; and A. Stalker, at Glasgow; and sold by them and other booksellers., 1752

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Pagina 175 - Auguftus : but Envy, and Party, and Pride, have hindered it among us. I do not include the Subalterns, of which you are feldom without a large Tribe. Under the name of Poets and Scriblers I fuppofe you mean the Fools you are content to fee fometimes, when they happen to be modeft ; which was not frequent among them while I was in the world.
Pagina 169 - Reflection, that has made the world pretty indifferent to me ; and yet I have acquired a...
Pagina 168 - I now lodge with) ; he has too much wit, as well as courage, to make a solid General : and if he escapes being banished by others, I fear he will banish himself.
Pagina 171 - I think myself obliged to them all ; some have cured me of my fears, by shewing me how impotent the malice of the world is ; others have cured me of my hopes, by shewing how precarious popular friendships are ; all have cured me of surprize.
Pagina 173 - Germany; but even in these constrained postures the witty rascal will divert me ; and he that diverts me does me a great deal of good, and lays me under an obligation to him, which I am not obliged to pay him in another coin.
Pagina 172 - Friendships interest me in the Affairs of it, and this Principle extends my Cares but a little Way: Perfect...
Pagina 171 - ... as you would be glad to live with, if a dull climate and duller company have not altered you extremely from what you was nine years ago. The hoarse voice of party was never heard in...
Pagina 24 - I imagine a person of quality prevailed on to marry a woman much his inferior, and without a groat to her fortune, and her friends arguing she was as good as her husband, because she brought him as numerous a family of relations and servants as she found in his house.
Pagina 170 - Lazinefs ; in defending his own caufe he pleads yours, and becomes your Advocate while he appeals to you as his Judge. You will do the fame on your part ; and I, and the reft of your common Friends...
Pagina 172 - Reflection and habit have rendered the world so indifferent to me, that I am neither afflicted nor rejoiced, angry nor pleased at what happens in it...

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