Works of fancy and imagination, Volume 5


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Pagina 132 - O Lady! we receive but what we give And in our life alone does Nature live: Ours is her wedding garment, ours her shroud! And would we aught behold of higher worth, Than that inanimate cold world allowed To the poor loveless ever-anxious crowd, Ah! from the soul itself must issue forth A light, a glory, a fair luminous cloud Enveloping the Earth And from the soul itself must there be sent A sweet and potent voice, of its own birth, Of all sweet sounds the life and element!
Pagina 165 - The appearance, instantaneously disclosed, Was of a mighty City — boldly say A wilderness of building, sinking far And self-withdrawn into a wondrous depth, Far sinking into splendour — without end ! Fabric it seemed of diamond and of gold, With alabaster domes, and silver spires, And blazing terrace upon terrace, high Uplifted...
Pagina 195 - For th' hast a thief in either eye Would steal it back again. Why should two hearts in one breast lie And yet not lodge together ? O love, where is thy sympathy, If thus our breasts thou sever ? But love is such a mystery, I cannot find it out : For when I think I'm best resolved, I then am in most doubt.
Pagina 15 - Tis but a disguised humanity. To avoid thy fellow, vain thy plan ; All that interests a man, is man.
Pagina 104 - Fight on, my men," Sir Andrew sayes, "A little Ime hurt, but yett not slaine : He but lye downe and bleede a while. And then He rise and fight againe. " Fight on, my men," Sir Andrew sayes, " And never flinche before the foe ; And stand fast by St.
Pagina 78 - What I did see, appeared to me perfectly lovely ; more near the face that had been born with me in my soul, than anything I had seen before in nature or art.
Pagina 11 - Where is the stream?" cried he, with tears. "Seest thou not its blue waves above us?" He looked up, and lo! the blue stream was flowing gently over their heads. WHILE THESE STRANGE events were passing through my mind, I suddenly, as one awakes to the consciousness that the sea has been moaning by him for hours, or that the storm has been howling about his window all night, became aware of the sound of running water near...
Pagina 180 - The blank, which is only a forgotten life, lying behind the consciousness, and the misty splendour, which is an undeveloped life, lying before it, may be full of mysterious revelations of other connexions with the worlds around us, than those of science and poetry.

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