Government Corporations: Profiles of Existing Government Corporations

DIANE Publishing, 1996 - 186 pages
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Reviews 58 government corpations (GC) presently in operation; their reported adherence to 15 federal statutes which cover a diverse range of legislative requirements; and proposals to create additional GCs. Corps. include: gov't. department agencies, gov't. corps. (owned and controlled by the public sector) and gov't. sponsored enterprise and private corp., (owned and controlled by the private sector.). Examples: Export-Import Bank, Fed. Housing Admin., Amtrak, OPIC, RTC, TVA, FDIC, Legal Serv. Corp., Corp. for Public Broad., Postal Service. 85 charts and tables.

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Page 160 - ... (C) assist in the establishment and development of one or more systems of noncommercial educational television or radio broadcast stations throughout the United States; (D) carry out its purposes and functions and engage in its activities in ways that will most effectively assure the maximum freedom of the noncommercial educational television or radio broadcast systems and local stations from interference with or control of program content or other activities.
Page 113 - The purposes of this title, which are to be carried out by the corporation, are — (1) to encourage the continuation and maintenance of voluntary private pension plans for the benefit of their participants...
Page 124 - DIDC consists of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Chairman of the Board of...
Page 40 - Foundation are to strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding between the people of Africa and the United States; to support self-help activities at the local level designed to enlarge opportunities for community development...
Page 167 - Corporation, for the purpose of providing financial support for legal assistance in noncriminal proceedings or matters to persons financially unable to afford legal assistance.
Page 74 - Management, overall direction of executive branch policies related to preventing conflicts of interest on the part of officers and employees of any executive agency, as defined in section 105 of title 5, United States Code.
Page 45 - Corporation stabilizes, supports, and protects farm income and prices, assists in maintaining balanced and adequate supplies of agricultural commodities and their products, and facilitates the orderly distribution of commodities.
Page 132 - This will take place when 51 percent of the Class A stock issued to the United States and outstanding at any time after September 30, 1995, has been fully redeemed and retired.
Page 104 - To mobilize and facilitate the participation of United States private capital and skills in the economic and social development of less developed friendly countries and areas, thereby complementing the development assistance objectives of the United States...
Page 54 - ... of Federal, State, and local programs and agencies to expand full-time and part-time service opportunities for all citizens, particularly youth and older Americans...

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