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naturally selected by the rebels as their could rattle off the rest of the rascals in
camping-ground. The owner's leave was the same fashion !!!
not asked, so that his participation in the “But, my goodness! goodness gra-
arrangement was a purely negative one. cious me! Do I understand you, Cap-
Next morning the unwelcome visitors de- tain Bullock ?” Lady Ballybrophy ex-
parted, smashing fences and out-houses, claimed, dropping her egg-spoon in her
breaking down yates, and generally de- consternation. “Mr. Kennedy of Mount
stroying everything on which they could Kennedy-Mr. Kennedy, our nearest
lay hands, but giving—so it was subse- neighbor -our-- Me lord, me lord,
quently sworn at the trial—three cheers d’ye hear?--hanged and, and—the rest
for their unwilling entertainer as they of it! Oh my gracious goodness! Me

lord, me lord! Are you listening, me
Those three cheers were Eustace Ken- lord ?''
nedy's death-warrant ! On the ragged “ 'Pon honor, your la’ship. 'Pon my
host poured ; shouting, gesticulating, soul and bonor, if I'd ha’ guessed your
yelling. The attack was intended, it may la’ship ud ha' taken it so, 'pon my soul
be observed, to be a surprise ! The result and honor I'd ha' held my tongue about
was what was to be expected. The sub- the matter, I would, indeed," Captain
urbs of the town were taken with yells of Bullock replied in rather crestfallen tones.
triumph and tipsy enthusiasm ; a little

6. But I never

for a moment dreamt further on the rebels were met by a steady your la’ship would interest yourself in fire of musketry, before which the wretched such a fellow. Why, he's known and undisciplined force collapsed like a pricked cited all over the county of C— for a balloon. The slaughter was consider- common firebrand! Every one has heard able ; many of the unfortunate rebels tried of the way he spoke of Colonel B- - ; to take refuge in the houses, but the your la’ship sure knows all about that? houses were set on fire by the soldiery, And think too of the example! Why, and ... in short one is not called upon — it all— begging your la’ship’s parby the necessities of one's tale to go fur- don for swearing—those other turf-andther in this direction, and any reader who buttermilk rascals would never have had has the recollection of Cruikshank's prints the impudence to lift their noses if 't before his eyes will be thankful for the hadn't been for fellows like this Kennedy forbearance ! Punishment by the sword -a gentleman born, curse him !--condolover judicial punishment followed. A ing with them, and talking up and down former sergeant, believed to have taken the country about their treatment. Their part with the rebels, was the first arrest treatment! God bless my soul, the very made ; the second was Mr. Eustace Ken- expression is treasonable, and so I'm sure nedy, of Mount Kennedy, who was tri- my lord there will say !” umphantly captured the next afiernoon in But Lord Ballybrophy said absolutely his dining-room, while sitting quietly at nothing. The news had shocked him dinner there with his family.

horribly, literally, unspeakably. With The news of this successful arrest was that rapid revulsion to some half-forgotten brought to Ballybrophy House the fol. sentiment of which even well-balanced lowing morning by the officers quartered minds are capable of under strong emothere, two of whom, a captain and a cor- tion, he suddenly felt all his old affection net, had already been named as among for his former friend spring up again those who were to sit upon the court- within him at the news of his appalling martial appointed to try the culprit. peril. Making an excuse for leaving the

Gad! the fellow has done for him- room, he spent the whole of the rest of self now and no mistake !" Captain Bul- that day pacing to and fro his study, a lock, the captain in question, exclaimed prey to the liveliest anxiety, now and then gleefully. « Couldn't bave managed it sending to T-Courthouse to find out better if he had tried for a century, d- how the case was proceeding, and what him ! None of

half measures,

the chances were of a favorable verdict. praise the stars ! Court-martial to-day, He was not long kept in suspense. The sentence to-morrow, hanged and—the next day but one came the news that the rest of it the day after ! That's your court-martial's proceedings had been quite style, gentlemen, and I only wish we as rapid and unhesitating as Captain Bul

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fair ;

lock had predicted, and that its sentence hands that he had used highly offensive
was—Death! Lord Bally brophy suffered language about officers commanding in
horribly. Had he been himself instru- the C-district; in short, his was
mental in that result he could hardly have clearly not one of those cases in which
felt it more. After an utterly sleepless the arms of justice could with any safety
night, he ordered his horse early the next be shortened.
morning and galloped off ten miles to the While Lord Ballybrophy was thus incon-
house of the Lord-Lieutenant of the veniencing officials in Dublin, Mrs. Ken-
County, a nobleman who, as the master nedy had been similarly engaged in troub-
of many votes, had no small influence ling those upon the spot. It had come to
with the powers that were. Here, by dint her knowledge that several important wit-
of vehement entreaties, not unmixed with nesses upon her husband's side—Protes-
objurgations, he induced him to bestir tant witnesses, and therefore presumably
himself actively, and both gentlemen be- persons of unblemished loyalty—had been
sieged the gates of mercy so as to try and refused admittance to the court by the
obtain, if not a reversal of the sentence, sentries on guard upon the day of the
at least a postponement of it.

trial, and, armed with this as it seemed
Unfortunately they found those doors irresistible plea for delay, she presented
doubly and trebly barred against their herself boldly before General H-theu
efforts. Lord Camden, the Lord-Lieuten- newly come to command the district, by
ant, a well-meaning man but a weakly wliom the fatal sentence would have to be
one, was himself at his wit's end with confirmed.
alarm and conflicting rumors. Lord Bally- The conversation which took place on
brophy went to Dublin and saw him, but this occasion is so short and has been so
the interview

proved utterly barren of re- well authenticated, that it seems worth sults. His Excellency regretted the af- setting down in full.

was quite willing to admit the sever- Upon finding herself in the great man's ity of the sentence ; Mr. Kennedy, he had presence, Mrs. Kennedy lost no time, but heard, was a gentleman of the utmost at once entered a protest against the senamiability in private life--so, for that mat- tence, so kastily passed, being carried into ter, were many of the leaders in this most execution. disastrous, bloodthirsty rebellion. He

And pray, madam,” exclaimed the would have been truly glad for the sake General impatiently, “what grounds have of the family to have been able to show you for asking for any delay ?' mercy, but really examples, you know, The poor lady might perhaps have anexamples were terribly wanted ! The con- swered with truth that she had a good dition of the country was awful ; the many grounds, but being, as it appears, seeds of disaffection spreading daily ; in- a person of unusually strong practical sense, stances of panic had recently occurred she contented herself with stating briefly with scandalous frequency among the what has been said about the refusal of soldiery, and it was thought by the mili- the sentries to admit her husband's wittary authorities that an example of the nesses into court. sort would be sure to have a great and “Good God, madam! Are you cerimmediately good effect.

tain of what you are stating there ?” her In vain Lord Bally brophy suggested hearer exclaimed, with some dismay. that, as Mr. Kennedy was not a military I am perfectly certain, sir," she reman, to hang and decapitate him could plied, quietly, "and can prove it upon hardly produce any particularly soothing the oaths of the Prevented." or encouraging effect upon those that With that she put her hand into her

His Excellency, as a matter of pocket and proceeded to read aloud a politeness, admitted the argument, but deposition attested upon oath by one of clung all the same tenaciously to his posi- the said Prevented. Unfortunately, betion. If Mr. Kennedy was not a soldier fore she got to the bottom of the first and a deserter, then probably he was a page an orderly rushed in with an imporUnited Irishman; or if he was not a tant despatch. General H- read it, United Irishman, then he was certainly muttered a hasty apology, and rushed tainted with dangerous principles of some

Mrs. Kennedy nerer sort ; in any case it was admitted on all saw him again.

from the room.

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Whether upon reconsidering the matter landscape, at which point he would sudhe discovered it would be ungentlemanly denly avert his eyes with a horribly vivid to go behind” his subordinates, or realization of what at that moment was to whether it was that time pressed and it be seen upon the top of T-jail, whose was too troublesome to go over the same walls were even at this distance perceptiground twice, or whether the crowning ble between the last pair of big oaks, the necessity of an example” forced his broad, lichen-covered branches of which band, whatever the ause may have been, waved low down

over the grass and certain it is tbat no delay did take place. feathery bracken. On the contrary, the sentence was rigor- It was in this uncomfortable and for ously carried out the very next day, down him highly unaccustomed mood that we to its last grim detail, at the termination found him upon the evening selected to of which ceremonial Eustace Kennedy's take up this little history, an evening only head was set up upon the spikes of T— separated by a few days from the events jail almost within view of his own draw- above recorded. Ever since dinner Lord ing-room windows. One relaxation must Ballybrophy had been wandering aimlessly indeed by recorded. By a special act of about—he knew not himself why or grace Lord Camden desired that what re- whither-only feeling that it was utterly mained of the criminal-not bis head, that impossible for him to return to the house is to say, which was otherwise required and to take up his own ordinary, dignified -should be restored to the widow, to be rôle in life. The sun sank below the horiinterred as she thought fit, provided, in- zon; the night fell ; a moon began to deed, she could discover any clergyman twinkle upon the grass and illuminate the bold enough to utter Christian rites over sundial ; but still he lingered. His 80 scandalovs an offender.

thoughts were in the past : his mind Lord Bally brophy took the matter rery against his own will kept going over and badly. He could not get it out of his over again scenes in which he and Eustace head. Day and night, night and day, he Kennedy had shared. Even his friend's was haunted by the thought of Eustace faults ; even that unfortunate “ laxity" of Kennedy. Now he reproached himself his ; even the ridiculous indulgence he that he had not flung aside all decorum had always shown his inferiors ; all these and openly taken bis place beside bis poor were forgotten ; irradiated by that light friend in the dock ; again, that he had which Death is apt to confer upon

those ever allowed that foolish quarrel to grow who have passed beyond the reach of even up, which had robbed the latter at a criti- our most vigilant criticism. cal time of his own priceless aid and ad- Suddenly, as he stood there, looking vice ; again, with that he had not at least across the park, now whitened by the exchanged a last melancholy handshake moonlight, a figure crossed the plain of with poor

Eustace in T- jail. No his vision. An odd-looking figure-odd amount of self-argument, no amount of enough to have caused a superstitious knowledge that the deceased had brought mind to take it for one of those familiar it upon himself—if not by what he was

gnomes or elderly pixies called cluriactually accused of, at least by a reckless cans,” famous in Irish fairy lore as the disregard of his own interests which bearers of bags or purses which, if seized amounted to a crime--all this and much dexterously at the right moment, will renmore was of no avail. The sight of the der their captor rich beyond the dreams officers quartered in his house, especially of avarice ever after. Like the clurican of the two who had served upon the court too, the figure in question carried a bag martial, became as poison to him. He which it seemed anxious to conceal from could not cat with their detested faces op- observation, for every now and then it posite. His food did him no good. Even paused, peered cautiously round it, and steady drinking—that great and inexhaust- again proceeded slowly and laboriously on ible refuge of the age-brought him no perceptible comfort. He wandered in- Lord Ballybrophy was not superstitious cessantly through his grounds and about certainly not in so ignorant a fashion as the deer-park, fixing his eyes now upon this—and it did not therefore occur to Mount Kennedy Jouse, now upon its him to suspect the figure he was looking churchyard, now again upon the distant at of being anything so vulgar as a fairy.

its way


All the same he did eye it with a consid- ready clambering out over the fence at the erable degree of suspicion, as was indeed further end, which led, it may be rememnatural, the times not being so safe or bered, into the Mount Kennedy churchsimple that unaccounted-for figures could yard. Lord Ballybrophy followed, tearbe allowed to prowl as they pleased ing his hands badly as he did so upon one through one's private deer-park.

of his own elaborately contrived defences, Suddenly he recognized it. It was he and nearly losing bis hat and wig, which and no other—that rascally old poacher had caught in an over-hanging bough. and progenitor of poachers, Thady Once out and in the clearer space he flatO’Roon, the original and utterly con- tered himself he should have no difficulty temptible cause of the quarrel between in running the culprit to carth. himself and poor Eustace Kennedy ! To his surprise he found himself mis

A flood of angry recollections poured taken. When he got into the churchyard across his mind at the remembrance. But the moon was filling the whole of it, but for that miserable old creature who knows not a sign or trace of old Thady or his but what they might never have quar- bag, high or low, was to be seen. With relied ? Nay, who knows but that his an activity that astonished himself, and friend might at that moment be alive? which was perhaps partly due to the state

Poaching again too !” he exclaimed of excitement he bad been in all the evenaloud. And poor Eustace that so be- ing, Lord Bally brophy followed up the lieved in their gratitude !"

search with all the zest of a schoolboy. Why he should bave felt the offence of Sword in hand he explored the bushes, poaching to be an especial insult to Eus- the briars, every corner of the enclosed tace's memory, seeing that when alive he space. His feet got entangled in the had never shown any adequate sense of grass, which grew long and rank, as its its enormity, he could not bave explained. wont is in churchyards; the few upright It was not strictly logical perhaps, but stones threw a weird and goblin-like shadthen, are our emotions ever strictly logi- ownpon the ground; the moonlight was cal? Anyhow it gave a fresh turn to the broken and bafiling, but still he percurrent of his thoughts, which so far was severed. He knew that the old rascal a benefit. He started and ran actively must be lying somewhere close at hand, down the grass, which here lay at a con- and with that fact before his mind was residerable slope, calling as he did so in solved not to leave the spot till he had commanding tones to the poacher to stop. secured him.

Instead of doing anything of the sort, All at once he caught sight of him after a sudden violent start of consterna- curled like a scared rabbit behind one of tion, the old fellow merely ran all the the upright stones ! With a whoop of faster in the direction in which he was satisfaction, hardly to have been expected going, which would take him in a few from such dignified lips, Lord Ballybrophy minutes out cf the deer-park into that pounced upon him, clutched him by the small triangular-shaped piece of wood of neck, and dragged him into the open which mention has already several times moonlight. been made.

Why you old –! You-you-youLord Bally brophy followed hotly. If He was too much out of breath at the mohe had paused to consider the matter, ment to think of any sufficiently scathing perhaps the lateness of the hour, perhaps terms of abuse, indeed he was not at the a sense of his own dignity, perhaps other best of times an eloquent nobleman. considerations might have hindered him ; for the culprit, he appeared to be struck as it was, he did not pause to consider. idiotic from sheer dismay. A scrubby The most elementary of all instincts, the old red wig which covered his head had instinct of the hunter, was aroused, and fallen awry in the scuffle, and under it his to run the old rascal down, take his bag bald poll glistened in the moonlight. He from him, and, if its contents proved what wore an old-fashioned livery coat, which he expected, pack him off that very night hung in flaps about his thighs ; his to T-jail, became an imperative neces- brecches were torn ; his knees knocked sity.

one against the other ; his wrinkled old The wood being a small one, by the monkey face was of a dull yellow hue ; time he had got into it old Thady was al- his eyes seemed to be half-sunken in his


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head with apprehension. In short it is stiff and bristling under his wig; his impossible to imagine a more ridiculous blood, to first coagulate and then seem to and at the same time suspicious-looking be bursting like a tide of red-hot lava figure.

through his veins. The next moment a Meanwhile the bag, which was the most succession of piercing shrieks startled the important element in the matter, was re- card-players at the other end of the park. posing quietly bebind the tombstone Pell-meli, out they rushed ; the officers where it had been left by its bearer. Lord first, the chaplain next, the ladies last, Ballybrophy promptly picked it up, and, the latter gathering their skirts around still retaining his grasp upon old Thady, them.

them. Once in the moonlight they stared turned to leave the churchyard. His first helplessly here and there, not knowing in impulse was to march both culprits up to the least where to turn, or in what directhe great house,” but on second thought tion to look for the cause of their alarm. it seemed better to burden himself only They were guided at last to the right with the live one, leaving the other place by the apparition of a little old man, where it was, since it could be sent for at leaping, gesticulating, and running wildly any moment.

to and fro like a clurican in front of the The flat-topped slab of another tomb- churchyard. There, flat upon the grass, stone caught his eye at this juncture, and apparently in some sort of swoon, they suggested itself as a suitable place upon found Lord Ballybrophy. His hat had which to institute a sort of preliminary fallen in one direction, his wig in another, examination. If the contents of the bag his sword was doubled up under him, and proved, as he felt certain they would immediately above him, upon the smooth prove, to be a hare or a rabbit, worse still flat slab of the tombstone, and looking as a pheasant, in that case he would simply white and placid in the moonlight as if it pack old Thady off that very night with- had been merely part of some monumenout further formalities to G -jail, there tal effigy accidentally broken from its conto await his turn at the next assizes. text, lay—the head of Eustace Kennedy !

It was not without some sense of dero- How had it got there ? and what under: gation that he decided to institute this all the circumstances of the case was now preliminary examination with his to be done with it? were two questions, hands. Still having achieved the whole which the first attentions to the sick man, affair single-handed so far, he felt a nat- baving been paid—not a little exercised ural pride in bringing it single-handed to the minds of those who were the witnesses. a conclusion. Accordingly he picked up of the foregoing rather singular scene. the bag and carried it to the tombstone, As regards the first it was easily answered, retaining his hold upon old Thady, who old Thady O'Roon making no secret of indeed Offered no resistance, but allowed having himself stolen it that very afterhimself to be dragged like a piece of inert noon from off the spikes of T-jail, ,. matter in the grip of his capturer. Evi- where the majesty of the law had impaled dently something very hard and solid was it. He thought-"maybe the poor at the bottom of the bag ; harder and mbaster might slape aisier t’home,” more solid than Lord Ballybrophy could the only explanation he seemed capable of account for under the circunstances. An giving when called upon to account for the indescribable reluctance overtook him as startling piece of larceny of which he had he was about to plunge his hand into it; been guilty. As to the second question instead therefore of doing so, be simply -well, in the end the poor head was allifted the weighted end, and tilted it a lowed to rest peacefully enough not far little forward so as to allow the contents from where it then lay, with the remainto roll over on to the smooth flat surface der of the clay thereto appertaining. The of the tombstone.

truth was, once the first blush and enthuOrer they rolled sure enough ; further ; siasın of their zeal was a little abated, the further still ; over and over-certainly authorities, civil as well as military, were something very round and very hard was not eager to allow too dazzling a blaze of in that bag! Something too-very-very publicity to fall upon all their recent pro

Why ?-What? What? What?- ceedings. So successful indeed were they Lord Ballybrophy's eyes began to start in this administrative modesty, that to out of their sockets ; his hair to rise up this day the foregoing transaction is rarely Now SERTS.-VOL. LIV., No. 2.




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