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Glasgow Daooary School anion, Sa


THE Third of a series of MONTHLY CONFERENCES will be held in No. 7 Room, CHRISTIA INSTITUTE, on Thursday, 17th January, at 8 p.m. To suit the convenience of Teacher whose places of business are in the centre of the city, and who reside at a distance, it ha been arranged that Tea be supplied in the adjoining Room, from 7 till 7.45 p.m. Th expenses to be met by a Collection.

The Subject of Conference-viz., "Memory Lessons in the Sabbath School"-will b introduced by REV. ALEXANDER GRANT.

These Conferences are held on the Third Thursday of each Month, and are designed t afford opportunity for the free discussion of questions pertaining to Sabbath School work After the topic is introduced, each speaker is allowed Five Minutes.

A large attendance of Sabbath School Teachers (ladies and gentlemen) is earnestl requested.


THIS Class meets on Saturday Afternoons, in the LESSER HALL of the CHRISTIA INSTITUTE, 70 Bothwell Street, from 5 till 6 p.m.

The Lessons of the Union's Scheme will be taken up as under :

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A TRAINING CLASS FOR INFANT CLASS TEACHERS, To be conducted by MR. FRED. A. LAING, Principal of Albion Crescent School, will 1 commenced upon Saturday, 12th January. The Meetings will be held in No. 7 Roon CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE, every Saturday Afternoon, from 4.15 till 5 o'clock. The da and hour have been specially chosen for the convenience of Ladies and other Teache who reside at a distance.

The Lessons to be given are from the Union's recently published Scheme of Scriptu Lessons for Infant Classes, specimen copies of which have been sent to all the Sabbat School Societies connected with the Union.

TEACHERS' LOCAL EXAMINATIONS-MARCH, 1884. THE Committeee desire to remind Teachers that the next EXAMINATIONS will take pla in March, and will be held as follows:-Branch A.-Scripture History and Doctrine-Friday, 7th March. Subject-Th Bible Lessons in the Glasgow Sabbath School Union's Scheme for 188 from May to December, both inclusive.

Branch B.--The Evidences of Christianity-Friday, 14th March. Text BookChristian Evidences, by Whately (4d.)

Branch C.-The Principles and Methods of Teaching, with special reference to Sabbat School Instruction-Friday, 21st March. Text Book--The Sunda School Teachers' Manual, by Groser (2/6), Chapters I. to VIII., bot inclusive.

A Certificate will be given for each branch, and a full diploma when the Candidate h passed in all the three branches.

Sir William Collins, President of the Union, has likewise offered a Prize of Two Guine in Books to the writers of the papers which obtain the highest number of marks in eac of the three branches.


With the view of assisting intending candidates for these Examinations, a Preparator Class for the Study of the subject in Branch B-viz., "Christian Evidences"-will 1 held on Sabbath Evenings, at a-Quarter past Seven, in No. 7 Room, CHRISTIAN INSTITUTI 70 BOTHWELL STREET, commencing on 13th January. This Class will be conducted t JOHN HUTCHESON, ESQ, M. A., of the High School.

A Class for the Study of the subject in Branch C-viz., "Principles and Methods Teaching"-will be commenced in the same Room on Tuesday, 15th January, at Eigi o'clock. THOMAS GRAY, ESQ., F.E.I.S., will conduct this Class.

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