RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. Extract of a later from the Rev. Ebenezer published. Twenty thousand are printed

Grant, dated Bedford, (West-Chester every month, at six pence sterling a numcounty) State of New-York, June 30th, ber. Some of the numbers have had to 1806

undergo a second edition, and that for Ja“ Week before last I went to supply nuary last a third. The profits of this work the congregation at Pleasant Valley, about are devoted to the widows of evangelical seven miles back from Poughkeepsie, one ministers, among whom, since its comof the principal towns on the Hudson. In mencement, between 3 and 40001. have this congregation there is and has been been distributed. A great taste prevails for for some time, I think since the first of religious reading; and the precious gospel January, a very considerable revival in is spreading into every corner of the counreligion, which seemed to begin and to be try. A missionary spirit remarkably precherished by meetings for prayer, in the vails; and a converted Jew preaches to different quarters of this society, in their his countrymen every Saturday, the una destitute state. Frequently at these meet. searchable riches of Christ.” ings, persons under exercise of soul would involuntarily fall and experience a tempo. The success of missionary efforts in India. rary suspension of bodily action, and in the following extract of a letter has been most instances when they recovered, ap

obligingly handed to us for publication, peareci deeply affected with the things of

by a respectable gentleman of this city, religion: some rejoicing in the hope of the

to whom it was addressed. gospel, and some sorrowing in darkness and agonizing doubts and fears. For three the state of the mission in India. Last

I shall now give you a brief sketch of or four months past the bodily exercise has decreased, and scarcely now appears; year our four brethren, who came by but the revival still continues I was with way of America, arrived, all safe, and them seven days, and preached nine times, London Missionary. Society arrived at

soon after six missionaries from the administered the sacraments of baptism Madras. Three of these are settled in and the Lord's supper. A number of adults and children were baptized, and Ceylon, two at Vizagpatnam, and one is at thirty-four admitted for the first time, the same society arrived in India,


Tranquebar. Since that two more from most of them between fifteen and twenty for Surat, one of whom (Dr. 'Taylor) is eight years old. I spent a good part of the

now with me, having come to see us, and day on Saturday in examining them in the church, and scarcely ever remember to spend a little time with us before he goes have passed a more pleasant day. Their to the place of his destination. We are on relations, exercises and answers to my thren. Thus you see the enemy's kingdom

very friendly terms with all these our bre. questions, indicated such a solemnity, tenderness, sense of sin; such a good hope of these, last mentioned, is about to marry

in this country is invested on all sides. One in God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

an American lady from New York, who, such desires and purposes to forsake sin, and cleave to the love and service of God with Mr. Smith and family of that city at

tended our worship this evening. with purpose of heart, as encouraged me

Since my arrival in this country 84 perto believe and trust that the work was the

sons have, by baptism or letter, been join. Lord's, and no counterfeit. This is re. markable, that not one gave the bodily have been removed by death, all of them

ed to the church Eight out of this number operations as any cause of hope or evidence in the Lord: six have been excluded, and of conversion, and I strove to inculcate the of those who remain, I reckon ten doubtful idea universally, that such appearances characters. There are now about fifteen might sometimes accompany a work of grace; but were not necessary,or true signs persons under hopeful impressions, (all of a work of grace to be rested in, and natives) several of whom I hope to bap

tize next ordinance day. We have already this seemed to accord with their ideas.”

baptized sixteen this year. On account of

the widely separated state of our members, Extract of a letter from a gentleman in it is in contemplation to divide the church

London to his friend in this city. into four churches, and to appoint native "TheEvangelical Magazine is undoubt. pastors of at least three of them. I trust Rally the most popular magazine ever this scheme, which I doubt not will be for.



the furtherance of the gospel, will very have they been the objects of that charity soon be put in execution

which christianity inculcates! A torpid The third volume of the Bible from Job insensibility hath restrained all those holy to Canticles inclusive, is published. The energies which ought to have been exerisecond edition of the New-Testament will ed in their behalf: nor can British chrisbe out in about a month; the prophets are tians claim an exemption from this charge. began, and we intend to begin printing the The benign nature of our civil constitution historical books from Joshua forwards in a bas attracted multitudes of the dispersed few weeks. The gospel by Matthew is seed of Abraham to our country; and, unprinted (nearly) in the Mahratta language; der the protection of our laws, they have nearly the whole New and some parts of multiplied and prospered. We consider the Old are translated into that language, them to be Britons and fellow subjects, that of Orissa, the Hindostannee, and and mingle with them in the affairs and Persian. The gospels in Hindostannee, and intercourse of society. Thus, as the difMatthew in Persian are printed for the ference in our religious sentiments does college at another press. We have some not interrupt our civil relations, it has more extensive plans for translations in sunk into disregard; and this inattention contemplation, if God prosper us.

has been followed by a culpable lukewarnaW. CAREY ness to their spiritual state and condition.

A few endeavours have been made, at The Directors of the London Missionary different times, to call their attention to

Society to their christian brethren of every christianity; but they have been partial, denomination, in the united kingdom. transitory, and apparently unsuccessful. CHRISTIAN BRETHREN,

The concern which has, for a few years It is with real satisfaction that we ad. past, so extensively manifested itself in dress you, when we have any thing to come

behalf of heathen nations, is a happy municate wbich will either contribute to omen that the spiritual state of the Jews your joy, or call forth into activity your will, ere long, call forth similar regard. love and zeal. Deeply sensible of the du. Nothing, surely, can be more consistent ties and the responsibility of our appoint and congenial, than that two kindred obment, we are anxious that, as far as God jects, equally the subjects of prophecy may enable us, no part of the human race and promise, should be prosecuted with shall remain unvisited by the gospel of Je. equal ardour and conjoint endeavours. Let sus Christ: for this purpose, our eyes have not that be left behind in our plans, which, been directed to every quarter of the globe, for aught we know, may be first in the or. desirous to follow the indications of the der of full accomplishment. Be the divine divine will, wherever we might perceive purposes, however, what they may, the them.

path of our duty is obvious and plain ; and In the surveys which, from time to time, we doubt not that our christian brethren, we have taken of the state of religion in every part of the united kingdom, will among our fellow-men, there is a people return a cheerful and zealous response to which has frequently arrested our atten. the invitation now given them, to embrace tion, and called forth deep, but, till lately, the object in their affections, their pray. unavailing commiseration; a people which, ers, and their exertions. To propose it is whether considered in a civil or religious to enforce it, for its claims are so apparent view, is the most extraordinary that ever and strong, that arguments cannot add to inhabited the face of the globe! for ages,

their weight. the favoured depositories of the knowledge

While we thus excite you, brethren, to of the true God and of his revealed will, serious concern and generous exertions in they have rejected the last and clearest behalf of Jews, it will become us to state manifestation of his nature, counsels, and what are our own views and designs, and operations.

in what way we look for your co-operaWe have much lamented their protract.

tion. ed infidelity, and its consequent miseries;

When it pleased God, a few years since, and have, at the same time, been grieved to send us, as an intended missionary, a at the general unconcern with which chris. converted descendant of Abraham, it aptians have continued spectators of their peared to us an intimation of the divine unhappy condition. While they live in will, that we should turn our attention to christian countries, unconscious évidences that people ; and we indulged the hope of the divine origin of that gospel which that, in the person of Mr Frey, a suitable they themselves disbelieve, bow little instrument was brought to our hands. An

appropriate education was therefore given will tend to perpetuate the work, to prce him; and, as his endowments seemed well pare fit instruments for carrying it on, and adapted to the work, and his heart deeply to enlarge its sphere, even beyond the li. intent upon it, it was resolved, at the pe. mits of our own country, as God may riod of our last annual meeting, that he grant us opportunity. As in the case of should commence his labours. They have missions to the heathen, our example will, been continued to the present time, ac. it is hoped, excite, in other places, similar companied with tokens which encourage endeavours, so that we may in that way us to hope that we have not misconstrued be the instruments of more good than our the providential will, and cause us to de- own hands can perform. sire to enlarge our endeavours. At this The subject itself, and the considera. stage of our progress, it would have been tions connected with it, will be more fully highly gratifying merely to say, that con presented to view at the next annual siderable attention had been already exci. meeting of the society; and a discourse, ted among the Jews; but to that, we trust, suited to the circumstances, will be deli. we can add, that more than one soul has vered by a much respected brother, whose been brouglit to the Saviour of sinners; and heart always expands with generous ardour that others are also, in a humble frame of in the prospect of new attempts to extend spirit, desiring the knowledge of his name. the kingdom of the Redeemer. We antiWe have, besides, made the important cipate with high satisfaction, the day in discovery, that latent convictions of the which hundreds of British ministers, and truth of the gospel exist in the breasts of thousands of British christians, with a few many Jews, who, under the countenance of the dispersed of Jacob, will unite their which a judicious course of measures supplications for the speedy accomplishadopted by the Missionary Society would ment of all the good which God hath aftord, might be led openly to avow their spoken concerning Israel. convictions, and attend public ordinances. But, brethren, before much attention

A field of vast importance, and of in. can be expected on the part of the Jews, viting appearance, thus presents itself to a more lively interest in their behalf must our view, although the entrance to it is not be felt by christians. How much, alas, without difficulties, and the cultivation of might our closets and pulpits upbraid us it will require peculiar wisdom and discrc. for forgetfulness of the state of the Jews ! tion. In such a cause, obstacles, whatever Let us review the glorious promises of they may be, are to be contemplated, not God, with respect to their restoration; let dreaded; and, after much deliberation these promises be carried by the prayer and prayer, we have resolved to press for. of faith before the heavenly' throne ; let ward in our labours, with increased ear. ministers aid their own and their people's nestness and additional efforts.

intelligence of the subject, by bringing it The limits of this address will not allow to notice in their public ministrations; let us to specify what are the means, in our christians stir up each other to a remem. judgment, best adapted to the desired end. brance of their duty in regard to the Jews; Some of these will be common to every and as there are few places in the kingattempt to spread the gospel; others must dom where Jews do not reside, let prudent be dictated by an attentive consideration and affectionate measures be taken, geof the genius and actual circumstances of nerally, to call their attention to christhe people to whom we are more imme. tianity; induce then to consider the diately sending it. We can only say, ge, evidences by which it is supported; and, nerally, that pointed appeals will be made above all, to convince then, personally, to them, from the press, to rouse their of their need of that salvation which it attention to the subject of religion; addie brings for their acceptance. tional opportunities of hearing the gospel, We cannot but take this opportuntty of from the mouth of one of their own bre. reminding our brethren, that the extensive thren, Mr Frey, will be presented; means and extending sphere of the exertions of of religious instruction, and of other ne. our society naturally occasions heavy and cessary information, will be provided; pro. increasing expenses. The new and impor. tection will be aflorded to such as are ex. tant object now proposed to your consideposed to persecution for the sake of the ration will, naturally, enhance those ex. gospel; and the offices of humanity and penses. How necessary it is, therefore, charity performed towards deserving ob. that you should manifest the desire you jects, who may require them at our hands; entertain for the conversion of Jews and por must such means be orerlooked as Gentiles, by a liberal support of the mea. with power,

gures tending to those ends, needs not to ardour has much abated, yet its happy be stated.

effects are still visible, in the regular lives Larnestly entreating your prayers, that and unshaken attachment of the subjects wisdom, fidelity, and zeal may be impart. of it, to the ordinances and institutions of ed to us, and that we may be directed to religion. those measures by which the divine glory Encouraged by these animating prosshall be promoted, and desiring that grace, pects, we humbly look up to the great head mercy, and peace may be with you, bre- of the church, to carry on his own work thren, and the whole Israel of God,

" until his dominion slia!! We subscribe ourselves your willing extend from sea even to sea, and from the servants in the gospel of Jesus Christ, rivers unto the ends of the earth." The directors of the Missionary Society,

Northern Observer Geo. Burder, Sec. July 22, 1806. Mar, 17, 1806. COMMUNICATION.


Two of the missionaries belonging to At Philipstown, in the county of the London Society, and whom we lately Rensselaer, and state of New York, on mentioned to have arrived at Tranquebar, Wednesday the 9th inst. Mr. John Young. have proceeded to Vizagpatnam, with the love, Jun. was ordained to the work of the view of establishing a mission among the gospel ministry, and installed pastor of Gentoos in that quarter. At this place they the united congregations of Union village, met with a cordial reception from the pris. Union, and Stephentown, by the presbytery cipal Europeans, one of whom, a magis. of Columbia. On this occasion, the Rev. trate, had been in the babit of performing Mr. Chapman preached the scrmon from divine service himself, in the court-bouse, 2 Corinthians, ii. 16. " And who is suffi. before the gentlemen of the settlement, cient for these things?” The Rev. Mr. Coe the soldiers in garrison, and some half cast presided, made the ordaining prayer, and people. On the arrival of the missionaries, gave the charge to Mr. Younglove. The they were requested to undertake this of. Rev. Mr. Fullerton addressed the peo- fice, to which they readily assented; and ple

their services have since been remunerated All the parts were performed with by a small salary. great decency, propriety, and solemni'y, The town of Vizagpatnam contains about in the presence of a numerous, respectable 20,000 inhabitants, chiefly idolaters, and and attentive assembly; which appeared the neighbourhood is also very populous ; impressed with the interesting and solemn but the missionaries must defer the com

mencement of their labours among the na. It is peculiarly pleasing to see with tives, until they shall have made themselves what rapidity congregations are forming, masters of the language spoken in that dis. churches organizing, and the gospel trict which is the Telinga or Gentoo. Their spreading, in the northern parts of this study of this language has been providen. state. For though we have great cause to tially facilitated by means of a manuscript lament our misimprovement of the inesti- dictionary given them by a gentleman who mable privileges wbich we enjoy, and want was about to return to England. In the of zeal in the service of our Lord and mas. mean time they have an opportunity of ter; yet there is much reason to rejoice, preaching to the Europeans in garrison, that the interest of religion is gradually and of engaging in the instruction of youth; progressing, and the boundaries of the employments which may be relinquished Redeemer's kingdom enlarging around in favour of fresh missionaries, as soon as us. The torrent of immorality and vice, they themselves shall have attained a com. which but a little while ago, was sweeping petent knowledge of the Gentoo. This all before it, is arrested in its mad career; language is spoken throughout Golconda, and the public morals and public sentiment and with little variation in the Cattack and are very much corrected and meliorated, Mahratta countries ; so that these Missiounder the benign influence of the gospel. naries have ample space for the exertion In several places there has been a serious of their talents and zeal. They are urgent attention to religion, and considerable ad. with the society to send more missionaries ditions have been made to the church, of to their aid. those who were hopeful trophies of re. The names of the two Missionaries who deeming love. Although that religious have settled at Vizagpatnam are Messrs.


Can and Desgranges. Mr. Ringeltaube were appointed to form a mission on the lias remained at Tranquebar and proposes opposite side of the peninsula, at Surat; to labour in the Tamul country.

had arrived at Madras on their way Two other missionaries from the same thither. society, Dr. Taylor and Mr. Loveless, who


On the 25th of February, at Edinburgh, abundant succegs as served to advance his in the prime of life, the Rev. David rank in society, and to furnish him with Black, one of the ministers of that city. the means of that diffusive ben=volence He was a most amiable man, a most exem. which rendered his life a public blessing, plary christian, and a most useful and and shed a lustre on his character, that faithful labourer in his Lord's vineyard. has been but too rarely exemplified. Im. He was taken ill on the fifteenth, but no pelled by the powerful influence of that danger was apprehended for some days: truth which he firmly believed and zea. but on the 20th some alarming symptoms lously taught, constrained by the love, and made their appearance, and on the fifth day animated by the example of his blessed from that time it pleased God to take him Master, his ear was never shut to the cry to himself in the midst of his days and use. of distress; his private charities were fulness, being in the 44th year of his age boundless; and every public institution and the 21st of his ministry. His disorder, which had for its object the alleviation or which appeared to be an inflammation in prevention of human misery, in this world the brain, prevented him from leaving his or the world to come, received from him dying testimony to the truth and excel. the most liberal support and encouragelence of that blessed religion which he un- ment. For while the leading object of his derstood and loved so well, and exempli- life was the diffusion of the light of truth in fied with such happy uniformity in his the earth, he gladly embraced every opconduct and conversation, in his public portunity of becoming, like the patriarchs ministrations as a pastor, and in every of old "eyes to the blind, and feet to the private relation of life. His death was lame,” and of causing "the widow's heart deeply and generally lamented as a public to sing for joy." In private life, his conloss, and will long be felt by his congrega. duct, actuated by the same principles, was tion and friends.

equally exemplary; for he was a kind pa

rent. a generous friend, a wise and faithAt Glasgow, on the 17th current, in ful counsellor, “ a lover of hospitality, a the 68th year of his age, David Dale, lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temEsq. of Rosebank, late one of the magis. perate." And now having thus occupied trates of that city. The character of this his talents he hath “ entered into the good man comprehended in it so many joy of his Lord.” “Mark the perfect and points of excellence, that only an imper. behold the upright, for the end of that fect outline of it can here be given. "He man is peace.” had not enjoyed the advantage of a po.

The remains of this eminent servant of lished or liberal education ; but this want God were interred on the 21st instant. The was compensated by a large share of funeral was attended by the magistrates, natural sagacity and sound sense, by an by ministers of all denominations, and by accurate and discriminating knowledge of between two and three hundred respectahuman character, and by a modest and ble inhabitants. The concourse of specdignified simplicity of manner, which se. tators was immense. Several hundreds cured to him universal respect and atten- of poor received a small gratuity in money, tion. A zealous promoter of general in. after the interment. He honoured God dustry and of the manufactures of his while he lived; he was honoured by all country, his schemes of business were ex. descriptions in his life, and at his death : tensive and liberal, conducted with singu. and though dead will long live in the af. lar prudence and perseverance, and, by the fectionate remembrance of thousands, blessing of God, were crowned with such

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