departure, supposing himself quite alone, he was overheard, by an unobserved attendant, giving vent to the agonies of a tortured conscience! With furious despair he expostulated with the man (Dr. D.) whom he now reproached as his deceiver; and, after loading his name with execrations which I dare not put upon paper, he closed the horrid remonstrance in some such terms as the following: “ Monster! wretch! is this the end of your boasted philosophy! Have you brought me to this ?

Reader! though such examples are seldom brought forward, you are not hastily to infer, that they rarely happen, or that the principles of modern infidelity do not lead to such melancholy issues. The tenderness of survivors may often conceal the dismal story; and even when such men leave the world with composure, we should remember there are such judgments denounced against the obstinate opposers of revelation, as a “seared conscience,” and a “reprobate mind!” How different the end of those, who “ sleep in Jesus!”

MR. EDITOR, The truth of the following account may be depended upon. About thirty years ago, a gentleman, who lived in a considerable town in the north of England, was in the last stage of a consumption before he became aware of his danger; finding, however, his strength rapidly declining, he expressed, for the first time, to the physician who attended him, an apprehension of his real state. The physician too abruptly replied, Sir, you cannot survive many hours. This had such an effect upon the poor patient, who was little prepared either for such a denunciation, or for the awful event which was soon to follow, that he suddenly rose upon his feet in the bed, and sunk down again as suddenly, exhausted by the effort. The physician, on observing his face, thought that he perceived an appearance on the forehead very different from common prespiration, and upon applying a napkin, to his astonishment, found it stained with blood which had been forced from the extremities of the vessels, and even through the skin, by the agony and exertion of the unhappy sufferer.

Perhaps this is the only instance that has ever occurred of such a phenomenon, excepting one, which will instantly occur to the christian reader: and it is recorded in this place in order to prove, for the benefit of unbelievers, that extreme agitation and distress, operating upon a sickly or delicate frame, may, without a miracle, produce this affecting and dreadful appearance.

The evidence for the fact needs not to be doubted: your correspondent, at the time when this circumstance happened, lived within a few doors of the person, visited his family, heard his story every where related, without doubt of its truth or variation in its circumstances; and, within three or four days from the time when it happened, saw him laid in his grave.

Ch. Ob.

One day the renowned Cardinal de Retz seeing a carbine levelled at him, by some one he did not know, had the presence of mind to cry out, “ If your father, Sir, were now seeing what you are about .!" This speech immediately disarmed the fury of the assassin.

Remember, ( believer, a Father's eye is upon thee. May the testimony ever be thine, that thou pleasest him!

The University of Louvain complained to the princess Margaret (sister to Charles V.) that Luther, by his writings, was subverting christianity. “Who is this Luther?” said she. “A poor illiterate monk,” was the reply. “Is he so?” said Margaret: “then do you, who are so very learned, and so very numerous, write against this ignorant monk. The world will pay more regard to so many scholars than to one blockhead.”

The intrepidity for which Luther was so much distinguished, and which so well becomes every good man possessing a bosom conscious to itself of rectitude, was, in the life of that reformer, perhaps, on no occasion, more manifest than at the time when, by Charles V. and by the papal legates in Germany, he was cited to appear before the diet at Worms. His friends, whom the fate of Huss, under similar circumstances, filled with anxiety, urged him not to rush wantonly into the midst of danger. Luther, superior to such terrors, silenced them with this reply, “ I am lawfully called to appear in that city; and thither will I go, in the name of the Lord, though as many devils, as there are tiles on the houses, were there combined against me.”


RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. The following very interesting letter from for the vaccine matter, but was told there

the Rev. Gideon Blackburn, missiona- was none in the state; and should I inry among the Cherokee Indians, in the noculate with the variolus matter, and state of Tennessee, to the chairman of any of the children die, the other Indians the standing committee of missions, would undoubtedly be offended, and the has been lately received. Can wealthy institution would be ruined. To remove christians read it, and not offer him them to the settlements would have been some assistance! The second Indian both hazardous and expensive; as some school wbich he has opened, he will bad fellows, who are disaffected, would have to provide for principally himself. have immediately reported that I was kidThe funds of the General Assembly, napping the children; and, likewise, as I already burdened to the utmost, can had laid in provisions for the season, it afford him but little, perhaps no relief. would have been costly to remove fifty

miles through the wilderness. To force Maryville, Jan. 27, 1806. the poor little crying things to face the Rev. SIR,

danger, by disbanding the school, appear. I sensibly feel the need of friendly ed cruel; 1, therefore, determined to keep counsel. Could I but sit beside you a fow those who were at the school together, minutes, it would probably relieve my using such simple preventatives or premind; however, I am relieved by the paratives as were in my power, hoping consideration that Jesus reigns.

they might escape, until you might have Early in this winter, an Indian, named it in your power to send me the vaccine Quotoquiske, three of whose sons and matter, which, if it could seasonably arstep-sons I have at school, went to rive, might not only save the school, but Charlestown to lay in some goods, as he a large share of the nation. Oh! how huis engaging in the line of merchandizing, manity, especially if aided by sincere piand took with him one of the boys, who ety, drops the tender tear at the reflecwas so advanced as not only to be an in- tion of so distressing a disorder raging terpreter, but also to do business for his amongst, and hurrying into eternity, poor father. During their stay in the city, the savage souls, unacquainted with their des. boy became infected with the small-pox, tiny or their God! Can the civilized world though it never was discovered until he be clear of guilt, in so long neglecting the bad reached the borders of the nation on rescue of poor heathens from their savage his return home. The Indians incautious state? The Lord has made us treasurers ly Pocked round him, as he passed through of his bounty, and loudly called on us to the towns, to see what was tlie matter, give of his own to save his savage offand before he arrived at home on the 18th spring; and oh, how many christians re. instant, it is probable he had spread the fuse to comply, or do it so sparingly as to infection pretty generally. I was imme. be inadequate to answer the end? diately notified, and went without delay In August last, in answer to the press. to the school, knowing that none of the ing request of that part of the nation, I esmaster's family, except himself, had ever tablished another school, in the lower part kad the small-pox; and also, that the of the nation, which consists of from twenchildren had scarcely all returned after a ty-five to thirty-two scholars. They are short vacation I had given them at the be- learning to admiration. I shall have it ginning of the year. The most of them shortly in my power to send you speci. came through the neighbourhood of the mens of their industry and progress, which infected family, which was only eight will surprise you. This school I have miles from the school. I found thirteen opened, trusting in God that he will bring only had arrived, and several of the rest, about some means to defray its expense. as I expected, were in the neighbourhood Had I sufficient to carry on education, by of the disease. I, therefore, thought christian teachers, to the extent the Indi. proper to forbid their coming on, till it ans would now desire, a few years would should be determined whether they were raise in the forests civilized families and infected. The case was truly critical! the magnificent churches; but my poverty, poor little dear children earnestly beg- and the wants of a little family, tie my ging of me to do something to save them, hands. This, together with the continuand I had nothing in my power ; as I had ation of the attiction in my leg, which made immediate inquiry of the faculty often obliges me to climb the craggy cliff VOL. II.


when I cannot ride, by the help of my vedly bear, laboured to keep the Hotten. crutch, causes me to sit down in the lone. tots in total ignorance of the gospel, and ly forest and vent my wishes in tears of were enraged at the missionaries, the distress. But, glory to God! the day is diffusion of whose light discovered and coming when the heathen shall be given condemned their horrid acts of oppres. to Jesus, and the treasures of the rich sion and murder. Irritated to the highshall bear the tidings of the gospel to the est pitch, they laboured to seduce the ends of the earth. I shall then see accom- people into drunkenness, whoredom, and plished what I ardently desired; what, in other vices, and to prejudice their minds pain indescribable, I laboured to effect, by the most injurious falsehoods; they but could not.

would have rejoiced to destroy the lives I wish to see you in May, if the great- both of the missionaries and their disci. ness of the fatigue I have to undergo, and ples, and when they could not effect this, the intenseness of the pain I suffer, does they committed depredations on their not make it impossible, I have also a poor property. little family for whose support I am obli- Amidst these difficulties and dangers, ged to labour, at every hour I can spare our brethren were sometimes on the from my parochial or missionary labours, point of determining to leave their situaMay the Lord soon build up Zion, and tion. But the Lord by his good prövi. make her a praise in the earth.

dence interposed in their favour, and on I am, &c.

the arrival of the Ditch governor Jansens GIDEON BLACKBURN. they obtained protection while they conRev. Ashbel Green.

tinued there; and, as was mentioned in

a former report, the seat of the mission Extract from the Report of the Directors was removed by the advice of the Gover.

of the Missionary Sciety, to their nor, to a spot now called Bethelsdorp, eleventh General Meeting, held in Lon- where, we presume, the labours of our don, on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of May, brethren are yet continued. A settle. 1805.

ment was formed at this place, in which (Continued from page 90.]

a church and habitations were speedily AFRICA.

constructed, the walls and roof of which The Directors in the next place advert are composed of reeds; extensive gar. to the state of our missions in South dens were also planted, and every pruAfrica, of which, however, through the dent measure adopted to procure a sup. interruption of direct and regular com- ply of corn, and various kinds of vegeta. munication with the Cape, they are not bles for the use of the little colony. A enabled to speak so particularly as they plan of this settlement has lately been wish. From our excellent brother Dr. forwarded from Holland, and will appear, Vanderkemp, no intelligence has been probably, in the next number of our received later than Feb. 29th, 1804; that transactions. Their school consists of intelligence, however, was highly satis- about 30 or 40 children, of whom 20 could factory; as it not only assured us of the read and spell. continuance of his valuable life, and the Our brethren, during their dangers restoration, in some degree, of his health; and trials, consoled themselves in the but affords fresh occasion to thank the expectation of being soon joined by broLord of the harvest for the powerful in. ther Irvin, who had long waited at the fluences of the Holy Spirit crowning his Cape for a conveyance to Algoa Bay: labours, and those of Mr. Read, his but it has pleased the sovereign Disfaithful colleague, with considerable poser of human events to disappoint their

hopes and ours; for the vessel in which The particulars of this success we

he sailed was wrecked on the coast, and have obtained from the Annual Report the Society was deprived of a truly deof this mission, for the year 1803, drawn voted servant of Christ, whose labours up by brother Read, and to which the at the Cape and its vicinity, especially Doctor refers in his letter. This Report among the soldiers, had been eminently after long delay, has come to hand, and useful. By the loss of this vessel our bre. contains important information. The thren were also disappointed in their exgospel, which proved, in many happy in- pectation of receiving a printing press, stances, the power of God to the salvation cash, and other supplies, sent out by this of the poor Hottentots, became a stum- society for their use ; but, says the Doctor, bling-block and a rock of offence to many

we lay our hands upon our mouth, and of the Boors, who notwithstanding the say, 'The Lord gave, and the Lord hath name of christians, which they undeser- taken away;" he also adds, with truly



christian confidence in divine assistance, venteen adult persons of his countrymen,

respecting the means likely to be fur. called by his instrumentality out of darknished for our future support, I can only ness into light, one of whom is become reply, it is uncertain what fellow-crea- the wife of the Missionary brother, Read. tures may do, but Christ will most cer- Another Hottentot, Boezak, whose first tainly supply us abundantly with all that appearance inspired the brethren with is necessary for us, to carry his glorious horror, and whose beastly drunkenness plan into execution, and this is all that was disgusting in the extreme, soon obWe can wish for."

tained from the gospel that knowledge of The Directors have lodged a sufficient himself which light from above alone can credit in their favour at Cape Town, both impart, and complained that“he had got for the purposes of their own support, and two hearts;” in his simple language exof promoting and enlarging their mission- pressing the inward condict which every ary operations.

Christian feels, and which the inspired In the Report of our brethren, before penmen so affectingly describe. The conmentioned, we have the utmost satisfac- fict however issued well; and the heart, tion in learning that the Lord continued oncethe den of every beastly lust, became to bless their labours at Bethelsdorp, and a habitation of God through the Spirit, that the kingdom of grace was spreading which being filled with the love of Christ, more and more among the poor Hotten. overflowed with affection to his countrytots. The progress also of the scholars men, among whom his talents had renderin learning to read, and in acquiring re- ed him eminent, and to whom he now holds ligious knowledge was astonishing to our forth the word of life, an ornament to the beethren, knowing, as they did full well, doctrine he has espoused. the peculiar languor, stupidity, and aver- Samson was another distinguished sion to every exertion, mentalor corporeal, trophy of Divine Grace. He had long which characterizes the natives; which wished to understand the nature of that indeed proves, as our missionaries ob- salvation, a distant report of which had serve, “ that nothing is impossible to

reached his ears ; at length the opportu

nity was afforded, and lie felt the gospel It will not be necessary in this Report to be the power of God. He is become to detail particularly those remarkable bold in the cause of Christ among all instances of conversion which were com- sorts of persons ; he warns his fellowmunicated in the paper last received from sinners to flee from the wrath to come, Africa, as they have already appeared in and fails not to reprove the colonists for our Transactions, in the Evangelical their criminal conduct in withholding Magazine, and in a circular letter lately from his nation the means of salvation. sent to the friends of the Society in ge- Jocham, another convert, seized the neral. The Directors could not retain first opportunity of assembling the heatill the annual meeting, a narration so then around him, and declaring to them interesting, displaying in so eminent a the gospel of Christ, by which zeal he degree the energy of divine grace on the offended the nominal christians, who imhearts of men usually reckoned among prisoned him and some of his brethren in the most abject of our race. The conver- the cage, one of whom was shamefully sion of Cupido, a man uncommonly noto. scourged; but a magistrate interposed, rious for vice, and distinguished above and declared that the cause they espoused all his pagan fellows for the enormity of could not and should not be suppressed. his crimes, found in the gospel of salva. This Hottentot brother, seeing letters tion, and in the blood of Christ, a remedy prepared for England, desired that Mr. sufficient to heal all liis diseases; and Read would express the affection he felt no sconer did he hear that the Son of for us, and “beg them,” said he, “to God was able to save sinners from their pray for me, assuring them that, as well sins, than he cried out, like a person in as I can, I will pray for them.” similar circumstances in the eastern How encouraging! how animating, are world: “ This is what I want! This is these relations! Let God be glorified what I want!” This convert, like Saul among us this day. We are already well of Tarsus, no sooner received the faith repaid for all our exertions. of the gospel, but he straig!ıtway preach- We regret that we are not able to reed it to his countrymen, declaring, as a port the state of the other Missions in living witness, and from his own happy Africa ; the suspension of correspondexperience, that Jesus Christ has power ence leaves us wholly unacquainted witlı to forgive and to subdue sin. Glory to the circumstances of our brethren BekGod! in one year, he could number se. kar, Verster, Tromp, Vanderlingen, An.

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