Homoeopathy and Its Principles Explained

Piper, 1850 - 320 pagina's
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Pagina 2 - We have not yet found them all, lords and commons, nor ever shall do, till her master's second coming ; he shall bring together every joint and member, and shall mould them into an immortal feature of loveliness and perfection.
Pagina 103 - That very law* which moulds a tear, And bids it trickle from its source, That law preserves the earth a sphere, And guides the planets in their course.
Pagina 211 - Drinks received are immediately absorbed, or otherwise disposed of, none remaining in the stomach ten minutes after being swallowed. Food taken in this condition of the stomach, remains undigested for twenty-four or fortyeight hours or more, increasing the derangement of the whole alimentary canal, and aggravating the general symptoms of disease...
Pagina 2 - Osiris, took the virgin truth, hewed her lovely form into a thousand pieces, and scattered them to the four winds. From that time ever since, the sad friends of truth, such as durst appear, imitating the careful search that Isis made for the mangled body of Osiris, went up and down, gathering up limb by limb still as they could find them.
Pagina 76 - I declare," says Dr. James Johnson, "my conscientious opinion, founded on long observation and reflection, that if there was not a single physician, surgeon, apothecary, man-midwife, chemist, druggist, or drug on the face of the earth, there would be less sickness and less mortality than now obtains.
Pagina 3 - The faculty all rose in arms to a man, foretelling failure and the most disastrous consequences ; the clergy descanted from their pulpits on the impiety of thus seeking to take events out of the hand of Providence ; the common people were taught to hoot at her as an unnatural mother, who had risked the lives of her own children.
Pagina 149 - ... be readily susceptible of cure under every variety of treatment and under no treatment at all ; but even all the severer and more dangerous diseases, which most physicians, of whatever school, have been accustomed to consider as not only needing the interposition of art to assist nature in bringing them to a favourable and speedy termination, but demanding the employment of prompt and strong measures to prevent a fatal issue in a considerable proportion of cases.
Pagina 67 - In natural philosophy, there was no less sophistry, no less dispute and uncertainty, than in other sciences, until, about a century and a half ago, this science began to be built upon the foundation of clear definitions and self-evident axioms. Since that time, the science, as if watered with the dew of Heaven, hath grown apace; disputes have ceased, truth hath prevailed, and the science hath received greater increase in two centuries than in two thousand years before.
Pagina 206 - In febrile diathesis, or predisposition, from whatever cause — obstructed perspiration, undue excitement by stimulating liquors, overloading the stomach with food — fear, anger, or whatever depresses or disturbs the nervous system — the villous coat becomes sometimes red and dry, at other times, pale and moist, and loses its smooth and healthy appearance ; the secretions become vitiated, greatly diminished, or entirely suppressed...
Pagina 33 - ... in the Materia Medica to an arbitrary decision. I could not conscientiously treat the unknown morbid conditions of my suffering brethren by these unknown medicines, which being very active substances, may (unless applied with the most rigorous exactness, which the physician cannot exercise, because their peculiar effects have not yet been examined) so easily occasion death, or produce new affections and chronic maladies, often more difficult to remove than the original disease.

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