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The King of Bath.-Nash at Oxford." My Boy Dick."-Offers of Knighthood.-Doing
Penance at York.-Days of Folly.-A very romantic Story.-Sickness and Civilization.
-Nash descends upon Bath.-Nash's Chef-d'oeuvre.-The Ball.-Improvements in the

Pump-room, etc.-A public Benefactor.-Life at Bath in Nash's Time.-A Compact with

the Duke of Beaufort.-Gaming at Bath.-Anecdotes of Nash.-"Miss Sylvia."-A gen-

erous Act. Nash's Sun setting. A Panegyric. · Nash's Funeral. -His Characteris-


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Pope and Frederick of Wales.--The Pomfrets.--Sir Thomas Robinson's Ball.-Political
Squibs. That "Rogue Walpole."-Sir Robert's Retirement from Office.-The splendid
Mansion of Houghton.--Sir Robert's Love of Gardening.-What we owe to the "Grandes
Tours."-George Vertue.-Men of one Idea. The noble Picture-gallery at Houghton.
-Sir Robert's Death.-The Granville Faction.-A very good Quarrel.-Twickenham.-
Strawberry Hill. The Recluse of Strawberry.-Portraits of the Digby Family.-Sacri-
lege. - Mrs. Damer's Models. The Long Gallery at Strawberry.-The Chapel. “A
dirty little Thing."-The Society around Strawberry Hill.-Anne Seymour Conway.-
A Man who never doubted.-Lady Sophia Fermor's Marriage.-Horace in Favor.-Anec-
dote of Sir William Stanhope. A paper House. - Walpole's Habits. - Why did he not
Marry?" Dowagers as plenty as Flounders."-Catherine Hyde, Duchess of Queensber-
ry.-Anecdote of Lady Granville.-Kitty Clive.-Death of Horatio Walpole.-George,
third Earl of Orford.-A Visit to Houghton.-Family Misfortunes.-Poor Chatterton.
Walpole's Concern with Chatterton.-Walpole in Paris.-Anecdote of Madame Geoffrin.
"Who's that Mr. Walpole ?"--The Miss Berrys.-Horace's two "Straw Berries."-

Tapping a new Reign.-The Sign of the Gothic Castle.-Growing old with Dignity.-

Succession to an Earldom.--Walpole's last Hours.-Let us not be ungrateful... Page 255


Sheridan a Dunce.-Boyish Dreams of literary Fame.-Sheridan in Love.-A Nest of Night-

ingales.-The Maid of Bath.-Captivated by Genius.-Sheridan's Elopement with "Ce-

cilia."-His Duel with Captain Matthews.-Standards of Ridicule.-Painful family Es-

trangements.-Enters Drury Lane.-Success of the Famous "School for Scandal."-

Opinions of Sheridan and his Influence.-The Literary Club.-Anecdote of Garrick's

Admittance.-Origin of "the Rejected Addresses."-New Flights.-Political Ambition.

-The gaming Mania.-Almack' s.-Brookes'.-Black-balled.-Two Versions of the Elec-

tion Trick.-St. Stephen's won.-Vocal Difficulties.-Leads a double Life.-Pitt's vul-

gar Attack.-Sheridan's happy Retort.-Grattan's Quip.-Sheridan's Sallies.-The Trial

of Warren Hastings.-Wonderful Effect of Sheridan's Eloquence. The supreme Effort.

-The Star culminates.-Native Taste for Swindling.-A shrewd but graceless Oxon-

ian.-Duns outwitted.-The Lawyer jockeyed.-Adventures with Bailiffs.--Sheridan's

Powers of Persuasion.-House of Commons Greek.-Curious Mimicry.-The royal boon

Companion.-Lights and Shadows of Depravity.-Street Frolics at Night.-An old Tale.

-The Fray in St. Giles'.-Sheridan's gradual Downfall.-Unopened Letters.-An odd

Incident. Reckless Extravagance.-Sporting Ambition.-Like Father like Son.-A se-

vere and witty Rebuke.-Convivial Excesses of a past Day.-Worth wins at last.-Bit-

ter Pangs.-The Scythe of Death.-The fair, loving, neglected Wife.-Debts of Honor.-

Drury Lane burned.-The Owner's Serenity.-Misfortunes never come singly.-The

Whitbread Quarrel.-Ruined, undone, and almost forsaken.-The dead Man arrested.-

The Stories fixed on Sheridan.-Extempore Wit and inveterate Talkers

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