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WAYNE C. GROVER-Continued.
Reviews of Raw Materials in Peace and War, by Eugene Staley;

of Revolt Against War, by H. C. Engelbrecht; and of The
Caissons Roil, by Hanson W. Baldwin. Infantry Journal,
44:477 (Sept.-Oct. 1937), and 45: 183, 282 (Mar.-Apr., May-

June 1938). Unicameral Legislatures. Address before students in political

science at American University, November 12, 1937. Review of A History of Militarism, by Alfred Vagts. Journal

of the American Military History Foundation, 2:48–50 (Spring

1938). Philip M. HAMER, Chief of the Division of Accessions. Federal Archives Outside the District of Columbia. Proceedings

of the Society of American Archivists, 1937, p. 83–89. Review of The Territorial Papers of the United States, vol. 4, The

Territory South of the River Ohio, 1790–1796, edited by Clarence

E. Carter. Journal of Southern History, 3:363 (Aug. 1937). Suggestions for the Preservation of Records of the World War.

Address before The American Legion, New York, September 20,

1937. Preserving the Nation's History. Address before the East Ten

nessee Historical Society, Knoxville, October 15, 1937. What the WPA is Doing for the History of the South. Paper

read before the Southern Historical Association, Chapel Hill,

N. C., November 19, 1937. Review of Indian Affairs in Georgia, 1732–1756, by John P. Corry.

Mississippi Valley Historical Review, 25:87 (June 1938). GLENN C. HENRY, Division of Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings. Your Ears. Address before the National Archives Association,

Washington, D. C., May 18, 1938. DOROTHY J. HILL, Division of Cataloging. Monograph Series; Their Classification and Their Catalog Records.

Bulletin of the American Library Association, 31: 735 (Oct. 15, 1937); abstracted in Catalogers and Classifiers' Year

book, No. 7 (Chicago, 1938), 78. Roscoe R. Hill, Chief of the Division of Classification. Fuentes de Historia Americana en los Archivos Españoles. Bole

tín del Archivo Nacional, 36:59-68 (Havana, 1937). Reprinted

from Boletín de la Unión Panamericana for April 1936. National Archives of Latin America. Handbook of Latin American

Studies, edited by Lewis Hanke (Cambridge, 1937), p. 433–442. John Franklin Jameson, an Appreciation. Hispanic American

II istorical Review, 17:417 (Nov. 1937). Impressions of Hispanic American Archives. Ilispunic American

Àistorical Review, 17:538-545 (Nov. 1937). Summary in D, C.

Libraries, 8:90 (July 1937).
Reviews of Biografía del General Don

Pedro Joaquín Chamorro,
1818-1890, by Esteban Escobar; of El Verdadero Sandino o el
Calvario de las Segovias, by Anastasio Somoza; of The United
States and the Disruption of the Spanish Empire, 1810–1822,

Roscoe R. HILL-Continued.

by Charles C. Griffin; and of America South, by Carleton Beals. Éispanic American Historical Review, 17:510, 512 (Nov. 1937),

and 18: 79, 207 (Feb., May 1938). Review of A Manual of Archive Administration, by Hilary Jenk

inson. Library Quarterly, 8: 129 (Dec. 1937). DORSEY W. HYDE, Jr., Director of Archival Service. Essential Functions in the Organization of The National Archives.

Proceedings and Papers of the National Association of State
Libraries, 1936–37, p. 12–15, and American Library Association,

Public Documents, 1937, p. 255–261.
Review of A Manual of Archive Administration, by Hilary Jenk-

inson. Library Journal, 62:908 (Dec. 1, 1937). The National Archives. Address before the Baltimore Special

Libraries Association, Baltimore, February 4, 1938, and before the Middle Eastern Libraries Association, Washington, D. C.,

May 7, 1938. Educational Aims of the Community Museum. Museum News,

16:7 (May 1938). Principles for the Šelection of Materials for Preservation in Public

Archives. Paper read before a conference on archives and libraries of the American Library Association, Kansas City,

June 14, 1938. Dallas D. IRVINE, Chief of the Division of War Department Ar

chives. The Genesis of the Official Records. Mississippi Valley Historical

Review, 24: 221–229 (Sept. 1937).
The Origin of Capital Staffs. Journal of Modern History, 10:161–

179 (June 1938).
W. L. G. JOERG, Chief of the Division of Maps and Charts.

Federal Surveys and Maps. American Year Book for 1937, p. 259. The Work of the Division of Maps and Charts. Address before

the American Society of Photogrammetry, Washington, D. C.,

July 23, 1937. The Present Status of Our Knowledge of the Antarctic. Address

before the American Society of Photogrammetry, Washington, D. C., August 27, 1937. The Internal Improvement Maps (1825–1835) in The National

Archives. Annals of the Association of American Geographers,

28:52 (Mar. 1938). The Representation of Suboceanic Relief on Maps of Intermediate

Scale. Paper read before the section of oceanography of the American Geophysical Union, Washington, D. C., April 29, 1938; published in Transactions of the American Geophysical Union

for 1938, p. 245–248. Report for 1937–38 of the Chairman of the United States National

Committee of the International Geographical Union. Read before the Division of Geology and Geography of the National Research Council, Washington, D. C., April 30, 1938.

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BERNARD R. KENNEDY, Director of the Division of the Federal Reg

ister. The Federal Register. Radio address broadcast by Station WBBC,

Brooklyn, N. Y., October 9, 1937. The Federal Register. Address before the Federal Club, Wash

ington, D. C., February 1, 1938. ARTHUR E. KIMBERLY, Chief of the Division of Repair and Preserva

tion. The Preservation of Records in Vital Statistics. Bureau of the

Census, Vital StatisticsSpecial Reports, 3: 153–158 (Aug.

1937). The Work of the Division of Repair and Preservation in The Na

tional Archives. Address before the Civitan Club, Baltimore, December 10, 1937, and before the American Institute of Chemists, Washington, D. C., December 18, 1937. The Repair and Preservation of Records in The National Archives.

Chemist, 15:236-244 (May 1938). Essentials in the Repair and Preservation of Public Archival and

Private Manuscript Material. Paper read before a conference on archives and libraries of the American Library Association,

Kansas City, June 16, 1938. G. LEIGHTON LAFUZE, Division of Classification. Review of Wooden l'itan; Hindenburg in Twenty Years of Ger

man History, by John Wheeler-Bennett, and of The Career of Théophile Delcassé, by Charles W. Porter. Social Science,

12:375 (July 1937), and 13:85 (Jan. 1938). Review of Anarchy or Hierarchy, by Salvador de Madariaga.

Christian Century, July 7, 1937. Review of Ristory of the Press and Public Opinion in China, by

Lin Yutang. Social Forces, 16:302 (Dec. 1937). Review of A History of the Modern and Contemporary Far East,

by Paul Hibbert Clyde. Pacific Historical Review, 7: 65 (Mar.

1938). Review of French Indo-China, by Virginia Thompson. American

Journal of International Law, 32:408 (Apr. 1938). Review of Bismarck and British Colonial Policy, by William Os

good Avdelotte. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 197:282 (May 1938). Review of French Policy and Developments in Indo-China, by

Thomas E. Ennis. Political Science Quarterly, 53:317 (June

1938). PAUL LEWINSON, Chief of the Division of Labor Department Archives. Review of Our Ineffective State, by William H. Hessler. Social

Education, 1:7 (Oct. 1937). Review of Caste and Class in a Southern Town, by John Dollard.

American Historical Review, 43: 428 (Jan. 1938). Review of Reconstruction, the Battle for Democracy (1865-1876),

by James S. Allen. Mississippi Valley Historical Reviev, 25: 120 (June 1938).

CARL L. LOKKE, Division of Classification.
Review of Bonaparte, Gouverneur d'Egypte, by Francois Charles-

Roux. American Historical Review, 42: 121 (Oct. 1937). Mémoire sur les Etats Unis d'Amérique, by Joseph Fauchet.

Edited. American Historical Association, Annual Report, 1936

(Washington, 1938), 83–123. Le Plaidoyer de Malouet en faveur de l'esclavage en 1789. Annales

historiques de la Révolution française, May-June 1938, p. 193–204. WILLIAM D. McCain, Division of Classification. Review of The United States in World Affairs; an Account of

American Foreign Relations, 1936, by Whitney H. Shepardson.

Washington Post, August 8, 1937. The Papers of the Food Administration for Missouri, 1917–1919,

in The National Archives. Missouri Historical Review, 32:56-61

(Oct. 1937). NEWMAN F. McGIRR, Division of Reference. Old Books. Address before the Library Science Club of George

Washington University, December 12, 1937. Notes on Thomas Jefferson and the National Library. D. C.

Libraries, 9:27 (Jan. 1938). JAMES A. MINOGUE, Division of Maps and Charts. Sixteen original climatic maps of the State of Mississippi. Progress Report on State Planning in Mississippi, January 1, 1938

(Jackson, Miss., 1938). JAMES R. Mock, Division of Classification. The National Archives With Respect to the Records of the Negro.

Address before the Association for the Study of Negro Life and
History, Washington, D. C., November 2, 1937; published in

Journal of Negro History, 23:49–56 (Jan. 1938).
THOMAS M. OWEN, Jr., Chief of the Division of Veterans Adminis-

tration Archives. Addresses before American Legion groups, as follows: The Contri

butions of The American Legion to Community, State, and Nation, New Haven, July 29, 1937; The Place of the Historian in American Life and the Value of His Work, Montpelier, Vt., July 30, 1937; Accomplishment Is the Result of Studied Effort, Montpelier, Vt., July 31, 1937; You Are Making the Record—See That Ît Is Preserved, Washington, D. C., August 1937; Methods and Aids in the Development of Post Histories, New York, September 20, 1937; Greetings From the National Historian, New York, September 22, 1937; and Twenty Consecutive Years, Washington,

D. C., March 2, 1938. The Romance of Alabama History. Congressional Record, 82: 1419

(Dec. 14, 1937). History of the American Legion. Washington Post, March 13,

1938; reprinted in Congressional Record, 83: 4606 (Mar. 15, 1938). Revolution of '76 Began This Month. Washington Post, April 3,

THAD PAGE, Administrative Secretary.
The National Archives. Radio address broadcast over Station

WOL, Washington, D. C., and the Inter-City Network, Septem

ber 14, 1937. Storage, Preservation, and Use of Motion Picture Films and Sound

Recordings in The National Archives. Radio address broadcast

over Station WOL, Washington, D. C., September 29, 1937. The National Archives. Address before the Kiwanis Club, Fred

erick, Md., April 19, 1938. Olga P. PALMER, Office of the Director of Publications. Abstracts of Archive Publications: Eastern Europe. American

Archivist, 1:41-50, 107–110 (Jan., Apr. 1938). SIERT F. RIEPMA, Division of War Department Archives. Portrait of an Adjutant General: the Career of Major General

Fred C. Ainsworth. Journal of the American Military History

Foundation, 2:26–35 (Spring 1938). Review of Early History of the Northern Ozarks, by Gerard

Schultz. Mississippi Valley Historical Review, 25: 124 (June

1938). THOMAS BUFORD ROWLAND, Division of Classification. Some Observations on the Low Parts of North Carolina. North

Carolina Historical Review, 15:156–158 (Apr. 1938). John R. RUSSELL, Chief of the Division of Cataloging. Report on the Work of the Cooperative Cataloging Committee.

Catalogers' and Classifiers? Yearbook, No. 7 (Chicago, 1938), 69–74, and Bulletin of the American Library Association,

31: 736–739 (Oct. 15, 1937). Some Problems in Cataloging Archives. American Library Asso

ciation, Public Documents, 1937, p. 286-297. NELSON VANCE RUSSELL, Chief of the Division of Reference. Transportation and Naval Defense in the Old Northwest During

the British Régime, 1760-96. University of Michigan Historical

Essays, 1937, p. 113-139. The French and British at Play in the Old Northwest, 1760-1796.

Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 31:22-53 (Mar.

1938). The End of the British Régime in Michigan and the Northwest.

Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review, 44:189-206 (Apr. 23, 1938); read before the Illinois State Historical Society, Bloom

ington, Ill., May 13, 1938. THEODORE R. SCHELLENBERG, Chief of the Division of Agriculture

Department Archives. The Abbé de Pradt and the Monroe Doctrine. Légion d'Honneur,

8:57-64 (July 1937).

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