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Education Office

Correspondence and reports of field and special agents of the Federal Board for Vocational Education, 1917–30. 66 feet. Accession 114.

Letter books of the Commissioner of Education, 1872-1908, and of the General Agent for Education in Alaska, 1887–1908. 30 feet. Accession 141. Indian Affairs Office

Records of the Office of Indian Trade, 1795–1822, of the Indian Division of the Secretary's Office, 1849–1907, and of the Depredation Division of the Office of Indian Affairs, 1836-91; and various financial and accounting records of the Office of Indian Affairs, 1837– 1928. 439 feet. Accession 137.

Census and annuity-payment rolls of the Eastern Cherokee Indians. 1 foot. Accession 150.

General correspondence, 1775–1851; abstracts and registers of correspondence, 1824–50; and miscellaneous records of the Office of Indian Trade, the Indian Division of the Secretary's Office, and the Depredation Division of the Office of Indian Affairs. 215 feet. Accession 189.

Correspondence and other papers of the Indian Territory Division of the Secretary's Office, 1898-1907. 203 feet. Accession 190.

General correspondence, 1851-80; report books of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1838–85; records of superintendencies and agencies, 1814–80; and miscellaneous papers. 586 feet. Accession 192.

Miscellaneous records, 1775-1835. 1 foot. Accession 195.

Letter books and incoming letters and reports of the various divisions, 1881-1907; general classified files, 1907-27; correspondence with the Five Civilized Tribes, 1907–21; special files, including reports, annuity rolls, and land survey records; and miscellaneous papers. 6,391 feet. Accession 215.

Aerial photographs of the Navajo and Fort Apache Reservations, 1934–35, and miscellaneous photographs of Indians, reservation buildings, and other subjects, 1872–1925. 12,000 items. Accession 216. Mines Bureau

Motion-picture film entitled "The Dust That Kills.” 2 units. Accession 121.

Motion-picture film entitled "The Story of Coal.” 3 units. Accession 122.

Motion-picture film entitled “The Power Within.” 2 units. Accession 123. National Park Service

Correspondence, superintendents' reports, and other records relating to national parks and monuments, 1872–1915; scrapbooks, 191525; and chronological files of outgoing correspondence, 1936. 40 feet. Accession 145.

Architectural and structural drawings, blueprints, and tracings of certain Government buildings no longer in existence. 1 foot. Accession 194. Territories and Island Possessions Division

Records of the Government of the Virgin Islands, 1672–1933. 163 feet. Accession 75, part 2.

Records of the Government of the Virgin Islands, 1660–1932. 886 feet. Accession 75, part 3.


Agricultural Economics Bureau

Federal-appeal grain grade certificates, 1925–32; nitrate of soda project records, 1917-20; Center Market records, 1922–30; and Domestic Wool Section records, 1918-33. 402 feet. Accession 158. Agricultural Engineering Bureau

Farm-drainage maps and related items, 1908–25. 1,945 items. Accession 207. Animal Industry Bureau

General correspondence, 1894–1913; correspondence files relating to animal husbandry, 1901–29, to animal diseases, 1913–28, to tuberculosis eradication, 1912–30, and to administrative matters, 1913–27; correspondence files of the Meat Inspection Division, 1913–27, and inspection reports, 1923–33; and dockets of packers and stockyards cases through No. 297. 588 feet. Accession 151. Budget and Finance Office

Applications for advances on the funds of the Department, 1926–33. 3 feet. Accession 155. Chemistry and Soils Bureau

Correspondence of the Bureau of Chemistry, 1886–1918; correspondence of the Bureau of Soils, 1894–1918; soil survey field operation reports, 1901-14, and field sheets, 1901-24; and fertilizer control correspondence, 1918-21. 1,522 feet. Accession 205. Entomology and Plant Quarantine Bureau

Correspondence, notebooks, and zinc etchings and electrotypes from the Dr. William Barnes lepidoptera collection, 1904–27. 40 feet. Accession 153.

Permits for the interstate movement of certain plants under quarantine regulations, 1926–28. 2 feet. Accession 154. Extension Service

Motion-picture film portraying activities of the Department. 26 units. Accession 93.

Annual reports of field workers, 1908-33, and project records consisting of plans of work prepared by extension workers, 1914–33. 1,534 feet. Accession 174.

Farm Security Administration

Motion-picture film entitled "The Plow That Broke the Plains.” 3 units. Accession 204. Food and Drug Administration

Records of the Board of Food and Drug Inspection, including correspondence, reports, and hearings, 1907–15; records pertaining to the supervision of importations of food and drugs, 1907–13; and cards containing data resulting from investigations and analyses of samples of food products, 1905–32. 83 feet. Accession 175. Forest Service

General incoming correspondence, 1888–98; letter press copy books, 1900; miscellaneous correspondence, 1907–17; news items and press releases, 1909-33; correspondence regarding the organization of the 10th and 20th Engineers during the World War, 1917–21; and personnel allotment sheets, 1917-28. 118 feet. Accession 202.

Annual statistical summary reports of district offices, 1917–36. feet. Accession 206. Weather Bureau

“Abstract logs," meteorological journals, and extracts from logbooks of commercial ships, 1784–1892, most of them accumulated by Matthew Fontaine Maury while in charge of the former Depot of Charts and Instruments of the Navy Department. 40 feet. Accession 143.

A daily journal of meteorological observations and instrument readings, 1883. 2 inches. Accession 213.


Office of the Secretary

Personnel records of employees who died while in the service of the Department or who were born after 1867 and have retired, 1884-1937. 112 feet. Accession 177. Coast and Geodetic Survey

Tide staff readings, 1832–1926; tide leveling records, 1856–1925; depth sounding records, 1851–1911; seismograph readings, 1926–34; and magnetic observations, 1928–30. 284 feet. Accession 106. Fisheries Bureau

Motion-picture film concerning activities of the Bureau. 71 units. Accession 108. Lighthouses Bureau

Correspondence and personnel records of the former United States Lighthouse Board, 1842–86. 9 feet. Accession 179. Marine Inspection and Navigation Bureau

Marine documents. 5 feet. Accession 70 (addition).

Correspondence and personnel records of the former Steamboat Inspection Service, 1852-1902. 14 feet. Accession 178.

National Bureau of Standards

Records of committees of the President's Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership, 1929–33. 30 feet. Accession 111.


Immigration and Naturalization Service

Outgoing correspondence, 1882–1912; registers of letters received, 1882–1903; personnel files, 1903–33; Americanization records, 1913–37; internment camp records, 1917-18; accounting records, 1929–33; and miscellaneous data. 686 feet. Accession 162. Labor Statistics Bureau

Employment survey schedules, 1933. 1,750 feet. Accession 165. Women's Bureau

Bulletin files, 1920–30. 12 feet. Accession 166.


Civilian Conservation Corps

Monthly work progress reports, 1936–37. 64 feet. Accession 198. Coal Commission

Records, 1922-23. 654 feet. Accession 116. Federal Fuel Distributor

Personnel records, 1922–23. 1 foot. Accession 184. Federal Housing Administration

A group of film slides and sound-recording disks entitled “Better Housing Program.” 32 units. Accession 186. Federal Reserve System

Motion-picture film showing scenes at the dedication of the Federal Reserve Building, October 20, 1937. 1 unit. Accession 156. Fine Arts Commission

Records relating to completed projects, 1910–36.56 feet. Accession 109. Food Administration

Personnel records of the Washington office and of field offices, 1917-19. 50 feet. Accession 180.

Card index to personnel records of the Sugar Equalization Board. 5 feet. Accession 181.

Personnel records of the Wheat Director, 1919-20. 1 foot. Accession 182. Fuel Administration

Records, 1917-19. 2,089 feet. Accession 115.
Card index to personnel records. 1 foot. Accession 183.

Indian Commissioners Board

Correspondence, 1869–1914. 4 feet. Accession 191. Inland Waterways Corporation

Motion-picture film showing a map of inland waterway routes in the Mississippi River region and the christening of a vessel at Howard Ship Yard. 2 units. Accession 187. Maritime Commission

Minutes of the United States Shipping Board and of the trustees of the Emergency Fleet Corporation, 1917–36. 14 feet. Accession 107.

Records of the Construction Department of the Emergency Fleet Corporation, 1917-26, and of the Bureau of Research of the United States Shipping Board and the United States Shipping Board Bureau of the Department of Commerce, 1918-35. 5,200 feet. Accession 126. National Archives

Motion-picture film portraying a meeting of the National Archives Council on February 10, 1936. 3 units. Accession 94.

Motion-picture film recording a film-cabinet test. 1 unit. Accession 117.

Motion-picture film recording a film-container test. 1 unit. Accession 119.

Motion-picture film recording a film-cabinet test. 1 unit. Accession 171. National Labor Relations Board

Decisions and related correspondence, exhibits, election requests, and files of the Denver office of the National Labor Board and of the first National Labor Relations Board, 1933–35. 12 feet. Accession 168. National War Labor Board

Personnel and other administrative records, clippings, and case material, 1918-19. 32 feet. Accession 167. President's Emergency Committee for Employment and the Presi

dent's Organization on Unemployment Relief Records, 1930–32. 368 feet. Accession 134. Social Security Board

Motion-picture film entitled “Today's Frontier.” 3 units. Accession 146.

Motion-picture film entitled “We, the People and Social Security." 1 unit. Accession 193.

Motion-picture film entitled "Today's Frontier.” 7 units. Accession 203. Tariff Commission

Records of the former Tariff Board, 1909-12, and miscellaneous records, 1915-18. 21 feet. Accession 149.

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