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Arfured March 2.171.

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This joint resolution proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would have precluded the adoption of any future amendment giving Congress the power to abolish or interfere with domestic institutions within a State, including slavery. President Buchanan approved and signed the joint resolution, an unnecessary step on his part, for joint resolutions submitting constitutional amendments do not require Presidential approval. Only Ohio, Maryland, and Mlinois ratified the proposed amendment. This document and those on the iwo following pages were transferred to the custody of the Archivist of the United States from the Department of State.


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Thirty-Eighth Congress of the anited States of Jmerica ;

at the second Session,
Degan sad held at the City of Washington, on Monday, the fifth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and sixty- forer

akubmitting to the ligulstures of the several Hutu a proposition to amend the

Entitetin of the United State.

F.esolved by the Seade and House of Representatives of the l'ited States of America i Congreas assembled,


(two thirds of both house consuming that the following artiste de ferofmed the
legislatures of the several statue as an amendment to the comietitateix
of the United Colos, which , when valified by thee fouths of said ign
in ures shall be valed to all intents and purposes as a part of the said Constitutions
memely latice xm facient hithuacáveis na involuntary servitude,
toept we frameshamwth for crime cohereof the paily shall have beene Luty bruneted,
mali epists within the United dealis, a any place subjeet to Thia jurisdiction
Section de Congress shale have power conforce the article by appropriate

Speaker of the Kanne ay khunatolica

X. Camlin
Meie President of the Blueta Italia

and Prevident of the Jurate,

Abraham Lincoln

Afaproves, Elouang 1.1860..



This joint resolution, proposing an amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery, was ratified and became a part of the Constitution in 1865. President Lincoln, following President Buchanan's earlier example, approved and signed this joint resolution. The Senate, on February 7, 1865, passed a resolution declaring that the President's approval was unnecessary, that it was inconsistent with former practice regarding the submitting of amendments, and that it, having been given inadvertently, should not constitute a precedent for the future.

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"SBCTION I. After one year from the muitration of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within the in portation thereof into), or the exportation thereof from the l'nited States and all territory subject to the juridiction thereof for beverages pourquois is hereby prohibited.

*Sec. 2. The Congress and the several States shall bave concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation

** Sec. 3. This article shall be inoperative unle« it shall have ben ratified as an amendment to the ('onstitution by the legislatures of the several States, as provided in the Constitution, within seti year from the date of the wubunimion hereof to the Stateby the Cooktoe.'

Champelan hos. R. Mustach

Speaker of the Hous of Representatedes.

Vice President of the United States and

Prendent of the Senate.


CONSTITUTION This joint resolution proposed an amendment that, upon ratification, became the eighteenth amendment to the Constitution in 1919, The amendment was subsequently repealed by the twenty-first amendment in 1933.

proximate those of The National Archives. The Business Show in New York was attended, and several factories and manufacturing plants in Rochester, Cleveland, and Youngstown were visited.


(From the report of the Administrative Secretary, Mr. PAGE) The Office of the Administrative Secretary continued to handle all general correspondence concerning The National Archives, the National Archives Building, accessions, surveys, and similar matters; to gather and compile data for the use of the Archivist in preparing his annual report; to formulate the annual budget; to attend hearings before committees of Congress when matters of interest to The National Archives are under consideration; and to distribute the publications of The National Archives. A vumber of conferences were held by the Administrative Secretary during the fiscal year with representatives of departments and agencies concerning surveys and transfers of records, disposal of useless papers, use of the auditorium, and numerous other matters of a general nature.

PUBLIC RELATIONS It is the policy of The National Archives to issue no prepared statements for publication, but available information is furnished when desired to representatives of newspapers and other publications as a basis for the preparation of their own articles. During the fiscal year 1937, many representatives of the press and other publications were conducted through the building and supplied with information concerning The National Archives by the Assistant Administrative Secretary.

Arrangements were completed on April 14 for Paramount Pictures to make a news reel of the National Archives Building, its equipment, and the methods utilized in the preservation and administration of records. The news reel was subsequently made, but it had not been released at the end of the fiscal year.

The Exhibition Hall was closed to the public while the mural paintings were being installed, but the Hall was formally turned over to the Archivist and reopened to the public on November 12, 1936. Data furnished by the artist, Barry Faulkner, and sets of photographs of the murals were furnished to members of the press and to the Secretary of the Fine Arts Commission on that occasion. The work of lining the exhibit cases was completed on June 4, and the Assistant Administrative Secretary immediately assembled material to place on exhibit, including amendments to the Constitution of the United States, a number of pages from the Senate files pertaining to the First Congress, and the logbooks of the United States ships Constitution and Constellation. A total of 26,460 persons visited the building during the year.

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