Review of Requirement for Construction at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Support of the M-X Missile Development: Joint Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Military Construction and Stockpiles of the Committee on Armed Services and the Subcommittee on Military Construction of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session, October 29, 1979


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Page 2 - ICBM's. I believe there is a commitment to do something about that situation. BASING MODE FOR MX I think it is also fair to say that there is some skepticism about the basing mode which has been chosen for the MX. So I think, as we proceed along this path, it is important to consider all of the decisions that are being made and what the implications will be so far as our future military construction budget is concerned. So I welcome the opportunity to participate in this hearing. I thank you two...
Page 3 - Roberts of the Army Reserve Corps and I believe he has a statement for the record which he would like to submit. (The document follows :) MILITARY CONSTRUCTION, ARMY RESERVE Mr.
Page 7 - MCP would total $80 million. The difference between the $57 million and the $63 million, an escalation of about $6 million, is not the real point of the briefing. The real point is that we need the 1980 funding to protect the IOC by providing us adequate time to flight test the missile itself before we make a production decision. That, sir, concludes the briefing. Senator BYRD. Is that building 14,000 square feet? Colonel BOZARTH. Yes, sir. Senator BYRD.
Page 21 - The exact amount will depend upon the design criteria used, site selection and construction phasing. Question. When will construction begin at the actual missile sites in the western States if the currently projected program stays on schedule? Answer. Construction in the deployment area should begin in early 1982. Question. Is this money needed for the facilities to test launch the new missile or is the money needed to test the horizontal dash basing concept at Vandenberg?
Page 5 - ... of all, at that time we did not have all of the design criteria available. In fact, we were at zeropercent design and therefore, the costs were uncertain. Initially, it was estimated the four projects would cost around $35 million. Now the estimate is $57 million. We didn't have a very good idea at that particular time what we really needed.
Page 7 - I talked about, also provides a software development laboratory, data processing, and an area for launch control. The roads and utilities I mentioned a while ago; we need to provide roads, power, and sewage up into the area where we don't have those types of facilities now. In addition to what we are requesting in the 1980 MCP, we have some projects proposed in the 1981 MCP for...
Page 21 - Question. What is the current design status of these projects? Answer. The current design status is: (a) Integrated Test Facility, 95 percent. (6) Missile Assembly Building, 60 percent. (c) Mechanical Maintenance Facility, 45 percent.
Page 9 - ... a number of $33 billion, we are talking about missiles and a road structure of 10,000 miles. That includes not only the ovals and the roads and sidings but all of the ingress roads for support and other purposes. So it is, as you said in your opening remarks, a monumental task. Senator HART.

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