A Life in Movies: Stories from 50 years in Hollywood

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A rollicking autobiography from the legendary producer of†Goodfellas,†Rocky, and†Raging Bull,†and an insider’s account of making movies in Hollywood over half a century

The list of films Irwin Winkler has produced in his more-than-fifty-year career is extraordinary:†Rocky,†Goodfellas,†Raging Bull,†De-Lovely,†The Right Stuff, Creed, and The Irishman. His films have been nominated for fifty-two Academy Awards, including five movies for Best Picture, and have won twelve.

In†A Life in Movies, his charming and insightful memoir, Winkler tells the stories of his career through his many films as a producer and then as a writer and director, charting the changes in Hollywood over the past decades. Winkler started in the famous William Morris mailroom and made his first film—starring Elvis—in the last days of the old studio system. Beginning in the late 1960s, and then for decades to come, he produced a string of provocative and influential films, making him one of the most critically lauded, prolific, and commercially successful producers of his era.

This is an engrossing and candid book, a beguiling exploration of†what it means to be a producer, including purchasing rights, developing scripts, casting actors, managing directors, editing film, and winning awards. Filled with tales of legendary and beloved films, as well as some not-so-legendary and forgotten ones,†A Life in Movies†takes readers behind the scenes and into the history of Hollywood.

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A Life in Movies: Stories from 50 Years in Hollywood

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While film producer Winkler isn’t a household name, he amply proves his place in Hollywood history in this uneven but illuminating memoir. Drawing on work diaries, Winkler gives insight into the ... Volledige review lezen

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Actually making movies Double Trouble and a very tough
A rebuff of Shakespeare a welcome from Jack Warner
From the college campus uprising to decadence in London
From Africa with Barbra Streisand to Charlie Bronson and
To quote Rick in Casablanca This is the beginning of
From Rocky to Oscar
A trip to Paris pays
Two political films and a couple of Goodfellas
A career change from producer to director back
Working with some special ladiesSandra Bullock
Life with Kevin Kline is DeLovely a director gets bullied
From Camp Polk Louisiana to the Iraq

De Niro and Pacino have The Right Stuff
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Irwin Winkler†is an American film producer, writer, and director. He is the recipient of numerous American and international honors.

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