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PATRICK SMITH, M. A. and Vicar, as he ftiles himself, of Great Paxton in Huntingtonshire.

In which ANSWER,

His Charges against the Quakers of Deifm, Enthusiasm, Herefy, and Schifm, are confidered and refuted: His Mifinterpretations of the Holy Scriptures manifefted His frequent Perversions of the Quakers Writings detected; and their truly Chriflian Principles ftated, and vindicated, in Oppofition to his tempts, which are fhewn to be Weak and Self-contradictory.

With an APPENDI X,


I. An Examination of the firft Clafs of Quaker-Teftimonies, produced in a late Vindication of the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry.

II. A Detection of the Falfhood of Pickworth's Narrative.


How forcible are right Words! but what doth your Arguing reproves Job vi. 25.

It is not being gilded over with the External Profeffion of Chriftianity that will avail us, our Religion must be a vital Principle, inwardly to change and transform us. Arch-Bishop Tillorfon. Sermons in Odavo, p. 258, 259. 1671.


Printed and Sold by the Affigns of F. Sowle at the Bible in George-Yard, Lombard-Street. 1732.




F Writers on Religious Subjets could divest themselves of thofe Paffions and Prejudices, that accompany Party Zeal, their Cenfures would be lefs rigid, and their Arguments more convincing.

WE apprehend, the Author, now before us, was under no Neceffity of ftigmatizing the Quakers with the odious Names of Deifin, Entbufiafm, Herefy, Schifm, &c; fince all t useful Truth his Book contains, might h been communicated to the World, with out them..

To have clofely prefs'd upon Mankind the Neceffity of Holiness, without which no Man fball fee the Lord; that Renovation of Heart

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