Whereupon, Resolved, that as the above overture embraces objects of high importance to the interests of religion; and this General Assembly do not find themselves in a situation to take the necessary measures respecting them, they lie over for consideration until the meeting of the next General Assembly, to which we would earnestly recommend, that the subject be duly confidered, and acted upon: And that the Presbyteries instruct their commissioners respecting the measures which they may think adviseable to be adopted.

In consequence of a suggestion made by the committee of milfions, the Assembly,

Resolved, That the members of the said committee, resident in or near the city of Philadelphia, be increased to ten; and that one other member be added from each Synod, making in the whole feventeen. An election being held, the following persons were chosen and appointed to form the committee of missions for the ensuing year, viz. in Philadelphia and the vicinity the Revd. Drs. Samuel Blair and Albel Green; the Revd. Messrs. Philip Milledoler, Jacob J. Janeway, and George Potts; Dr. Elias Boudinot; Messrs. John Connelly, Robert Smith, Ebenezer Hazard and William Haslet: of the Synod of Albany, The Revd. Jonas Coe: of the Synod of New York and New Jersey, the Revd. Dr. Alexander M-Whorter ; of the Synod of Philadelphia, the Revd. Dr. Robert Davidson; of the Synod of Pittsburg, the Revd. James Hughes; of the Synod of Virginia, the Rerd. George Baxter; of the Synod of Kentucky, the Revd. James Blythe ; and of the Synod of the Carolinas, the Revd. William C. Davis.

The Assembly renewed their order to presbyteries and individuals who have received, or shall receive religious books for distribution, to report annually to the standing committee of miffions, the distribution made; the effects produced, and the books, if any, remaining on hand.

An enquiry was instituted whether the presbyteries, belonging to the Synod of New York and New Jersey and the fynod of Philadelphia, have (agreeably to the recommendation of last Al

sembly) made contributions for defraying the expences of commilfioners to the General Assembly, coming from the more distant parts of the country.

It appeared, in consequence, that some of the Presbyteries conceiving themselves exempted from this contribution, by their great distance from the usual place of the Assembly's meeting, had not attempted to raise the funds contemplated: that others have recommended to their churches to make collections, but without ef. feet; and that the Presbytery of Philadelphia alone, bas efficiently complied with the order. By an extract from their minutes it appeared, that they have authorised the Assembly to draw on their treasurer, Isaac Snowden, Jun. for the sum of 80 dollars, to be applied to the purpose aforesaid.

Refolved, That it be earnestly recommended to the presbyteries concerned, to make renewed efforts on this subject, and reporte to next Assembly

WHEREAS, in and by the general regulation, respecting reports from the inferior to the superior judicatories of the church, made by the General Assembly in the year 1803, it is prescribed, that on every fifth year, beginning, with the year 1805, the reports to the General Assembly from the Synods and presbyteries, besides their asual details, Jhall contain an account of the existing communicants in each Church; and of the number of persons baptized the preceding year; distinguishing those who have been baptized in infancy, from those who have been baptized in adult years: And WHEREAS this important article, intended to mark the progress of our church, and its comparative condition at different periods, has been generally wanting in the reports to this Assembly,

Resolved, That it be, and it hereby is strictly enjoined on the fynods and presbyteries in connection with the General Assembly to take the most effectual measures, to bring forward complete and accurate reports, on this head, to the next Asembly.

Resolved, that this General Assembly be dissolved, and that the next General Assembly be required to meet, in the first prefbyterian Church in the city of Philadelphia, on the third thursday in May next; at 11 o'clock, A. M.

Whereupon the moderator diffolved the Assembly, agreeably 20 the form prescribed in the constitution,

Concluded with prayer.


Containing the collections paid into the Contingent Fund* of the General Assembly, since the publication of last year: also the additions made to the Permanent Fund since the abstract given in the year 1803

Published by order of the General Assembly

Payments into the


N. B. The names of the contributing churches are given (so far as documents are furnished) with the sum paid by each, annexed. The detail is confined to the churches belonging to the Synod of Albany, the Synod of New York and New Jersey, and the Synod of Philadelphia.--The Synods of Pittsburgh, of Virginia, and of the Carolinas, severally conduct the misionary business in a separate capacity. Therefore, the contributions of the churches under their care, pass into the funds of those Synods respectively; and no account of them can be given in this publication. The churches in the Synod of Kentucky, being very re

“ * The General Assembly have two funds: the one termed the permanent fund is formed of the monies subscribed, and certain additional donations, The principal of this is kept entire, and the interest only expended for miffionary and other religious uses. The other is called the contingent fund: it is supplied by the arinual collections; the profits of the permanent fund &c. and is generally expended yearly for the support of missionaries, the purchase of religious books for diftribution, &c".

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mote, and generally in a forming state, have not, as yet, made any remittances to the funds of the Assembly.

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Leaves total paid to Treasurer for the year paft,

30 61

3 87

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The Presbytery of Hudson, has paid for the year ending June 1st. 1804; from Goshen;

6 oc Hopewell; Pleasant Valley;

30 58 Union; Pittsburgh; 947 New Windsor;

1 50

Total, 53 71 For the year ending the first of June inftant: from Bedford;

-Fish Kill;

Total, 27 00

14 co

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Presbytery of New York.
D. C.

D. c.
Churches of N. York; 122 83 Morristown; 12 00
New Ark;

19 72 r from Rev. Dr.

Roe Trea-
surer of Pref=> 150 00

Total,* 304 55


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Norriton & New

Great Valley

10 00
Providence, for 6 00 & Charlefton; }
the year 1804.
ist. Presby. ch. Phil. 26 67 Neshaminey;
ad. do. do. 52 28 Abington;
3d. do. do.
42 11

Total, 150 06


The above appears to be the fum paid to the Treasurer, in behalf of the Presbytery of New York, A report handed to the General Affembly, gives a more compleat detail ofthe fums cantributed by the different churches it varies the above item, but makes the aggragatc fum not materially different.

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