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· The House of Commons, to than half an hour after, his gallant perpetuate the memory of this soul left this for another world.” heroic man, unanimously voted a “Captain Otway continued to monument to be erected in West- command the Trent the minster abbey: had he survived, Jamaica station till September his name would have been in- 1800, when he sailed for England cluded in the flag promotion with the flag of Sir Hyde Parker. which took place on the 4th of During the six years that he had the following month.

It is a

served in the West Indies, he is singular coincidence of events, supposed to have captured and that Captain Harvey, and Captain destroyed about two hundred of Hutt, of the Queen, were com- the enemy's privateers and merpanions in a post-chaise from Lon- chantment, mounting on the whole don, on joining their respective 1000 guns. Nothing can mark ships, previous to their last the character of this officer more cruize : they both lost a limb in strongly than the following the action ; died on the same day; anecdote, of the authenticity of and are both recorded on the same which we are well assured :--A monument, raised by a grateful party of seamen belonging to the country to their memory."

Trent were on shore at Ports" The following anecdote is re- mouth returning stores, when the lated of James Daley, a seaman of Master-Attendant of the Dockthe Victorious, whose left thigh yard asked them how they liked was carried away by a shot, so their Captain ; one of them replied, bigh up that a portion of the hip he was a man who would never was attached to it, and the right deceive his crew, for if any of shattered to pieces. On his way them deserved a couple of dozen, to the cockpit, he observed that and he promised it, they were sure one of the guns close to the hatch- to get it; but that he did not make way was run out, and about to them polish shot or stanchions, be discharged; he immediately and that he made the officers do desired the seamen who were their duty as well as the men." carrying him down, to stop, which Another of them observed, that they did, when he requested to be the Captain always slept with allowed to have one shot more at one eye open, and looked out for the enemy before he died ; after them all.' » doing which,' he added, he would On Capt. Otway's ship, the die content.' His request was Edgar, being paid off at Chatham granted; when he very content- in July 1802, it is remarked, that edly permitted himself to be “the ensuing Christmas night was carried down, exclaiming on the the first he had slept on shore ladder, ‘Fight on, my boys ! fight since 1784, a period of eighteen on for your King and Country years !" until you die.' On his arrival in Captain (now Admiral) Hallothe cockpit, he said to the Surgeon, well presented Lord Nelson, in

Sir, I know you will do all you May 1799, with a coffin made can for me, but I also know there from the wreck of the French is nothing in your power.' In less Admiral's ship, L'Orient, which


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blew up at the battle of Aboukir, droyant, where it remained for accompanied by the following many days on the gratings of the letter :

quarter-deck. Whilst his officers • My Lord, -I have taken the were one day looking at it, he liberty of presenting you a Coffin came out of the cabin: You may made from the mainmast of look at it, Gentlemen,' said the l'Orient, that when you have hero, as long as you please ; but finished your military career in depend on it none of you shall this world, you may be buried in have it.'” one of your trophies--but that that period may be far distant, is 11. Narrative of « Journey to the the earnest wish of your sincere

Shores of the Polar Sea, in the friend, BEN. HALLOWELL.' “ On the bottom of this singu

years 1819, 20, 21, and 22. By

John Franklin, Capt.R.N.F.R.S. lar present was pasted a certificate

and Commander of the Expewritten on paper to the following dition. effect : 'I do hereby certify, that every part of this coffin is made The narrative comprises all the of the wood and iron of l'Orient, particulars of the “Journey to most of which was picked up by the Shores of the Polar Sea, in His Majesty's ship under my com- the years 1819, 20, 21, and 22." mand, in the Bay of Aboukir. Captain Franklin sailed to Davis' Swiftsure, May 23, 1799.' Straits, landed on the coast of

• Ben. HaLLOWELL.' Labrador, made preparations at “The astonishment that pre- York Factory, and proceeded vailed amongst the crew of the across the country to Fort ChipeVanguard, Lord Nelson's flag wyan (whence Mackenzie set out) ship, when they were actually where, being joined by Dr. Richard convinced it was a coffin which son and Mr. Hood, they got had been thus conveyed on board, ready for their journey to the will be long remembered by their northward. officers : We shall have hot work On the 18th July 1820, they of it indeed,' said one of the sea- embarked in three canoes ; coastmen ; 'you see the Admiral in- ed the lake, entered the Stoney tends to fight till he is killed, and river, (one of the discharges of there he is to be buried.' Lord the Athabasca lake into the Slave Nelson highly appreciated the river,) and dashing down the present, and for some time had it same noble streams which Macplaced upright, with the lid on, kenzie navigated, soon reached against the bulk-head of his cabin, the establishments on the great behind the chair on which he sat Slave lake. Here, procuring at dinner, and viewed it with the Copper Indians for guides, and undaunted mind of great consulting with them, Captain F. warrior. At length, by the tears determined to abandon his origiand entreaties of an old servant, nal intention of descending Mache was prevailed on to allow its kenzie's river, and try a new route being carried below. When his to the Copper-Mine river, not Lordship left the Vanguard, the only to the eastward of Mackencoffin was removed into the Fou- zie, but of Hearne. But as it is



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not in our power to trace their ascertain, as the entrance was course, and the course of their

blocked by shoals. Its mouth many adventures, in these nar- lies in lat. 66 deg. 30 min. N. row limits, we shall only ob- long. 107 deg. 53 min. W. I serve, that they visited the have named this stream Back, as Copper-Mine River (334 miles a mark of my friendship for my N. of Fort Enterprize,) and Cop- associate. We were somewhat per

Mountain ; attained the Polar consoled for the loss of time in Sea, lat. 67 deg. 47 min. 50 sec.N. exploring this inlet, by the suclong. 115 deg. 36 min. 49 sec. W. cess of Junius in killing a muskand sailed 550 miles along its ox, the first we had seen on the shore to the eastward, and re- coast; and afterwards by the acturned across the Barren grounds, quisition of the flesh of a bear, in appalling distress, to Fort En- that was shot as we were returnterprize. From the latter parts ing up the eastern side in the we select a few pages illustrative evening. The latter proved to of the work.

be a female in very excellent On the sea voyage, along the condition: and our Canadian Polar sea coast:-“ August 1.--At voyagers, whose appetite for fat two this morning the hunters re- meat is insatiable, were delighted. turned with two small deer and a “ We encamped on the shores brown bear. Augustus and Ju- of a sandy bay, and set the nets ; nius arrived at the same time, and finding a quantity of dried having traced the river twelve willows on the beach, we were miles further up, without dis- enabled to cook the bear's flesh, covering any vestige of inhabi- which was superior to any meat tants. We had now an oppor- we had tasted on the coast. The tunity of gratifying our curiosity water fell two feet at this place respecting the bear so much during the night. Our nets prodreaded by the Indians, and of duced a great variety of fish, whose strength and ferocity we namely, a salmon-trout, some had heard such terrible accounts. round fish, tittameg, bleak, star: It proved to be a lean male of a fish, several herrings, and a flat yellowish brown colour, and not fish resembling plaice, but covered longer than a common black bear. on the back with horny excresIt made a feeble attempt to defend cences. itself, and was easily despatched. “ The portion of the sea The flesh was brought to the over which we passed, is navigatent, but our fastidious voyagers ble for vessels of any size ; the supposing, from its leanness, the ice we met, particularly after animal had been sickly, declined quitting Detention

Harbour, eating it; the officers, however, would not have arrested a strong being less scrupulous, boiled the boat. The chain of islands afpaws, and found them excellent.

fords shelter from all heavy seas, “ After paddling twelve and there are good harbours at miles in the morning of the 5th, convenient distances. I enterwe had the mortification to find tain, indeed, sanguine hopes that the inlet terminated by a river; the skill and exertions the size of which we could not friend Captain Parry will soon render this question no longer River, as he probably will de, he problematical. His task is double will not find it in the longitude as less an arduous one, and, if ulti- laid down on the charts; but he mately successful, may occupy will probably find what would be two and perhaps three seasons; more interesting to him, a post, but confiding as I do, from per- which we erected on the 26th sonal knowledge, in his persever- August at the mouth of Hood's ance and talent for surmounting River, which is nearly, as will difficulties, the strength of his appear hereafter, in that longiships, and the abundance of pro- tude, with a flag upon it, and a visions with which they are stored, letter at the foot of it, which may I have very little apprehension of convey to him some useful inhis safety. As I understand his formation. It is possible, bow. object was to keep the coast of ever, that be might keep outside America close on board, he will of the range of islands which skirt find in the spring of the year, this part of the coast." before the breaking up of the ice On the returncan permit him to pursue his September 10.-About noon voyage, herds of deer flocking in the weather cleared up a little, abundance to all parts of the and, to our great joy, we saw a coast, which may be procured herd of musk-oxen grazing in a without difficulty ; and, even valley below us. The party inlater in the season, additions to stantly halted, and the best hunthis stock of provision may be ob- ers were sent out ; they approachtained on many parts of the coast, ed the animals with the utmost should circumstances give him caution, no less than two hours leisure to send out hunting par- being consumed before they got ties. With the trawl or seine within gun-shot. In the mean nets also, he may almost every time we beheld their proceedings where get abundance of fish even with extreme anxiety, and many without retarding his progress. secret prayers were, doubtless, Under these circumstances I do offered up for their success. At not conceive that he runs any length they opened their fire, and hazard of wanting provisions, we had the satisfaction of seeing should his voyage be prolonged one of the largest cows fall; aneven beyond the latest period of other was wounded, but escaped. time which is calculated upon. This success infused spirit into Drift timber may be gathered at our starving party. To skin and many places in considerable quan- cut up the animal was the work tities, and there is a fair prospeet of a few minutes. The contents of his opening a communication of its stomach were devoured with the Esquimaux, who come upon the spot, and the raw intesdown to the coast to kill seals in tines, which were next attacked, the spring, previous to the ice were pronounced by the most breaking up; and from whom, if delicate amongst us to be excelhe succeeds in conciliating their lent. A few willows, whose tops good-will, he may obtain provi- were seen peeping through the sion, and much useful assistance. snow in the bottom of the valley, “ If he makes for Copper- Mine were quickly grubbed, the tents


of my


pitched, and supper cooked,and de- and Vaillant were with them, voured with avidity. This was the having left the canoe, which, they sixth day since we had had a good said, was so completely broken meal; the tripe de roche, even by another fall, as to be rendered where we got enough, only serv- incapable of repair, and entirely ing to allay the pangs of hunger useless. The anguish this intellifor a short time.

gence occasioned may be con“ 17th. We walked next, ceived, but it is beyond my power day over a more level country, to describe it. Impressed, howbut it was strewed with large ever, with the necessity of taking stones. These galled our feet a it forward, even in the state these good deal; wecontrived, however, men represented it to be, we urto wade through the snow at a gently desired them to fetch it ; tolerably quick pace until 5 p.m. but they declined going, and the having made twelve miles and a strength of the officers was inhalf. We had made to-day our adequate to the task. To their proper course, south by east, infatuated obstinacy on this ocwhich we could not venture upon casion, a great portion of the medoing before, for fear of falling lancholy circumstances which atagain upon some branch of the tended our subsequent progress Contwoy-to. Some deer were may, perhaps, be attributed. The seen in the morning, but the men now seemed to have lost all hunters failed of killing any, and hope of being preserved; and all in the afternoon we fell into the the arguments we could use failed track of a large herd, which had in stimulating them to the least passed the day before, but did not exertion. After consuming the overtake them. In consequence remains of the bones and horns of this want of success we had no of the deer, we resumed our breakfast, and but a scanty sup- march." per; but we allayed the pangs At last weakness forced the of hunger by eating pieces of party to separate; Mr. Hood, Dr. singed hide. A little tripe de Richardson, and Hepburn, reroche was also obtained. These mained ; while Captain Franklin would have satisfied us in ordi- pushed on for Fort Enterprize to nary times, but we

now procure assistance, but Fort Enalmost exhausted by slender fare terprize had been left desolate. and travel, and our appetites had Two, Vaillant and Credit, dropped become ravenous."

behind in the snow, and the state 22d. The body of the men of the rest may be gathered from “ had halted among some wil- the following :lows, where they had picked up “ Scarcely were these arrangesome pieces of skin, and a few ments finished, before Perrault bones of deer that had been de- and Fontano were seized with a fit voured by the wolves last spring. of dizziness, and betrayed other They had rendered the bones symptoms of extreme debility: friable by burning, and caten Some tea was quickly prepared them, as well as the skin : and for them, and after drinking it, several of them had added their and eating a few morsels of burnold shoes to the repast. Peltier ed leather, they recovered, and



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