seeds, and were enabled thereby inspection as it were, the young
to raise large crops from a few warriors and all who had been
pounds of seed." The Indians fooled by the former Frenchman,
were highly pleased, and every rushed on him, and took all the
one who could raise a beaver skin, poor man's goods. He laid his
purchased at an enormous price bitter complaint before the chief,
as far as his peltry would go, and and demanded satisfaction. The
in a little time the Frenchman chief very gravely replied." He
found himself freed of all his certainly should be paid, but that
powder, and in possession of great he must wait until the next gun-
booty, and made the best of his powder harvest."
way as soon as he could. The
delighted Indians directly set to 14. Travels through Sweden, Nor-
work in preparing a choice spot of

way, and Finmark, to the North ground for the reception of their

Cape, in the Summer of 1820. new crop. Having cleared the

By A. de Capell Brooke, A.M. land by the removal of timber, rubbish, and brushwood; and “Nothing can be more having loosened the soil, they fol- prising and beautiful than the sinlowed the Frenchman's directions gular clearness of the water of the in sowing the powder. They en- northern seas. As we passed slowclosed it, to prevent their horned ly over the surface, the bottom, and wild animals from injuring it. which here was in general a white They went from time to time to sand, was clearly visible, with its see if it had come up. After minutest objects, where the depth some weeks had elapsed, and find- was from twenty to twenty-five ing all their hopes at an end, an fathom. During the whole course old chief, wiser than the rest, ob- of the tour I made, nothing apserved, “he was a Frenchman," peared to me so extraordinary as of whom they had purchased the the inmost recesses of the deep powder. This hint was enough; thus unveiled to the eye. The they understood him; they now surface of the ocean was unruffled all believed it was a fraud : they by the slightest breeze, and the determined to revenge it the gentle splashing of the oars scarce. first opportunity. It should be ly disturbed it. Hanging over the kept in mind, that when any in gunwale of the boat with wonder dividual injures an Indian, he en- and delight I gazed on the slowly tertains the most bitter enmity, moving scene below. Where the not only against him and his rela- bottom was sandy, the different tions, but against his nation. Not kinds of asteriæ, echini, and even long after, another Frenchman the smallest shells, appeared at went among the same tribe with that great depth conspicuous to a cargo of dry goods. The the eye; and the water seemed in Frenchman obtained permission some measure to bave the effect from the chief to sell bis goods of a magnifier, by enlarging the obamong his people: he gave up jects like a telescope, and bringing his own wigwams; the industrious them seemingly nearer. pedlar opened his bales, and when creeping along, we saw, far be. the goods were all spread out for neath, the rugged sides of a

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mountain rising towards our boat, hitherto been considered, a vege-
the base of which, perhaps, was table. This idea, which long pre-
hidden some miles in the great deep vailed with respect to the class of
below. Though moving on a level zoophytes in general, has been
surface, it seemed almost as if we gradually exploded, as the atten-
were ascending the height under tion of naturalists has been direc-
us; and when we passed over its ted to marine productions.
summit, which rose in appearance “ On a first inspection of this
to within a few feet of our boat, gorgon, we behold nothing but a
and came again to the descent, mere branch, singular indeed in
which on this side was suddenly appearance, and covered over with
perpendicular, and overlooking a whitish scales, which seem like
watery gulf, as we pushed gently seeds hanging on every part of it:
over the last point of it, it seemed how extraordinary then does it
almost as if we had thrown our- appear, when we are told, that it is
selves down this precipice; the an animal, with not only bone and
illusion, from the crystal clearness flesh, but even possessed of minute
of the deep, actually producing a muscles and tendons! The stem
sudden start. Now we came again of the branch, which is the inward
to a plain; and passed slowly over support or bone of the animal,
the submarine forests and mea- appears to be formed of different
dows, which appeared in the ex- distinct layers or circles of a hard
panse below ; inhabited, doubt- calcareous matter ; and in the
less, by thousands of animals, to living state is surrounded by a
which they afford both food and fleshy substance. This is thickly
shelter, animals unknown to man: covered with small whitish tuber-
and I could sometimes observe cles, which appear like barnacles
large fishes of singular shape, hanging on it, and are the cells,
gliding softly through the watery that contain the numberless
thickets, unconscious of what was animals of which the gorgonia
moving above them. As we pro- consists, protecting their delicate
ceeded, the bottom became no parts from injury. These they
longer visible; its fairy scenes have the power of contracting and
gradually faded to the view, and opening; and from them the ten-
were lost in the dark green depths tacula of the polypus extend them-
of the ocean."

selves, to procure nourishment;
In these profound depths is which is afterwards conducted to
found the remarkable gorgonia the main stem or body.
lepadlifera of Linnæus, “consider- “In support of the opinion,
ed rare by the inhabitants of these that the gorgonia is really an
parts, who, when they accidentally animal, it may be observed, that,
meet with it, hang it up as a curi- if a portion of the bone be burnt,
osity. This extraordinary zoo- it emits a smell, such as would
phyte grows in the form of a tree, arise from that of a fish, and un-
or branch; and its similarity is like the smell of any vegetable
such, that few indeed, after even a substance. Still, however, much
minute investigation, would sup- remains to be known; and we are
pose it possessed life, or imagine yet ignorant of the manner in
it was any thing but what it has which it is first produced, or to

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what operation it owes its subse- If, however, it happen to have quent increase, which appears to caught hold only of the upper and resemble the growth of a vegeta- slighter parts, these give way, and ble. As to these points, and many are drawn to the surface along other curious particulars relating with the line. They are hung up to zoophytes, we shall probably by the fishermen in their huts, remain Jong in the dark; and the who suppose them to be a kind of more we attempt to draw a dis- charmor protection againststorms. tinct line between the two king- -- They arrive at a very extradoms, the more we find ourselves ordinary size, if we may believe perplexed by difficulties, which the accounts of the fishermen, who rise to overthrow the favourite have most frequent opportunities theory each naturalist is eager to of seeing them, attaining dimenform

tions even equal to those of our " The manner in which the gor- largest forest trees.

This they gon is accidentally removed from conclude to be the case from their the great depths of the ocean is nets being sometimes entangled singular. The uer, or red fish on the trunk or stem of the gor(perca marina), is seldom met with gon, when the united strength of but in the fiords, and where the several men is unable to free the depth is from 150 to 300 fathoms. nets. At other times a large porThe fishermen generally remark, tion of the animal has been pullthat this fish is found in the ed up with the net by main force, greater plenty in these parts, and which they have represented as more particularly where the sea being of very considerable size; trees most abound; delighting, and from their description withas they informed me, in sporting out doubt a gorgon. They have about the branches of the gorgon, even assured me, that they grow or animal tree; but possibly they to the height of fifty and sixty feed on the heads of the polypi, feet.” when they stretch out their tenta- Specimens of this animal, or cula for nourishment. It some- animal congregate, have been times happens that the lines, when brought home by Captain B. set at these depths, are let down who, with the liberality and politebetween the arms of the gorgon ness of a man of real science and itself, and the red fish, when it a gentleman, invites the curious to takes the bait, on finding itself visit his collection, and satisfy hooked, runs away with the line, their minds as to its characteristic and entangles itself among the features. This perbaps some will branches of the animal. When be the more apt to do when they this is the case, the fishermen en- learn that Captain B. offers very deavour to release the line by strong proofs of the existence of pulling it; and if the gorgon be of the marvellous Sea-serpent, and is a very large size, the branch round only sceptical on the subject of the which it is fast resists all their monstrous Kraken. endeavours, and the line is lost.

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themselves descendants of the 15. Memoir of Central India, in- Moon. Some writers, however,

cluding Malwa and the adjoining deny their title even to the rank of Provinces, &c. By Major-Gene- Khetri, that race being, according ral Sir John Malcolm, G.C.B. to them, extinct in this yug or K.L.S.

age ; but the power the Rajpoots " In January 1818 the author have long enjoyed, has obtained was placed by the Marquis of them the highest estimation. They Hastings in the military and poli- were, to use a metaphorical and tical charge of Central India; and flattering phrase of their counduring the four years he filled trymen,

the sword of the Hindu that station, his own attention, and faith. It was not easy to subdue that of the able public officers such men ; for, though broken by under his authority, was directed their own dissensions, before and to the object of collecting mate- after the Mahomedan invasion, rials for the illustration of its past into a thousand petty states, aland present condition.”...

most every one of wbich was an The work commences with a object of contest between brothers, general view of the region which yet still every individual was a "comprises territory from twenty- soldier, who preferred death to one to twenty-five degrees North disgrace; and though ready to lat., and from seventy-three to be the servant, scorned to be the eighty East long.; or from Chit- slave of any monarch upon tore in Mewar North to the Tap- earth. They were taught their tee river South, and from Bundel- duties from their most sacred cund East to Guzerat West." works. In one, the demigod

Among its principal cities is one Krishna, speaking to Arjoon, obwhose name affords a curious serves, ' A soldier of the Khetri illustration of native superstitions: tribe bath no superior duty to

“Nolye was built by Raja Nol, fighting. Soldier, who art the or Nowul. Its modern appella- favourite of God, engage in such tion of Burnuggur has its origin a battle as this; if thou art slain, in a strange vulgar superstition of thou wilt obtain heaven ; if victonames of bad omen, which mustrious, thou wilt enjoy a world!'” not be pronounced before the The Mahomedans did prove vicmorning meal. The city is called torious, however ; but the Moghul either Nolye or Burnuggur, ac- empire in turn fell before the precording to the bour in which its datory power of the Mahrattas. mention becomes necessary." “Almost all English readers are

The early history of Malwa familiar with the name of Sevajee, brings before us some striking the founder of the Mahratta emcharacteristics of the Rajpoot pire, who, in A. D. 1646, was enprinces.

couraged by the weakness of the ...“ Many of the tribes in Mahomedan sect to rebel. In that province boast their descent 1674 he declared himself indefrom the celestial Ramchunder, pendent; and when he died, in and are consequently termed the 1682, he had established his auchildren of the Sun; while others thority over the greatest part of trace to Pooravisee, and deem the Concan, a country which lies


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between the great range of hills “ After Ameer Khan returned which bounds the Deckan on the from Nagpoor, and relieved JesWest and the sea-coast, and is now wunt Row and his family from under the Bombay government." Dherma Kowur, he became the

In our day, Sindia and Holkar chief actor in a tragedy, in which have made the greatest efforts to a good end was obtained by a deed extend and consolidate this Hindu which revolts every feeling of bupower; the Paishwa being re- manity. A reconciliation between duced to a puppet. Of these cha- the Rajas of Jeypoor and Joudracters and their families, Sir J. poor was an object of just and M. gives us ample particulars. wise policy; and it suited the Holkar latterly became insane, views of the Patan chief to proand a new actor, Ameer Khan, mote its accomplishment. It was played a prominent part. We proposed, that this should be extract a notice touching him: effected by a double marriage. “ The dissolution of the Holkar Juggurh Singh was to espouse the state, the distractions that prevail- daughter of Maun Singh, and the ed in the government of Sindia, latter the sister of his rival and the seditious spirit evinced by enemy. To propitiate these nupmany of the Nizam's subjects, tials, it was conceived that the combined with the large army un- honour of all parties required the der Ameer Khan (whose reputa- death of Kishen Kowur, the printion was now at its zenith), led to cess of Odeypoor. The question a very general conclusion, that he of this sacrifice was agitated when cherished plans of restoring the Ameer Khan was at Odeypoor, Mahomedan power ; and there and that chief urged it strongly can be no doubt that had he been on the counsellors of the Prince, a man of great talent, either as a representing the difficulty of esstatesman or military commander, tablishing peace while the cause the period was most favourable ; of the war existed, and then pointbut there is every ground to ing out the impossibility, without believe that he at no time seriously offending the two most powerful entertained any such designs. His Rajpoot rulers in India, of giving Patans were continually exclaim- his daughter to any other chief. ing, that the prediction of a holy To these he added arguments well mendicant, that he would be sove- suited to the high, though misreign of Delhi, was nearly accom- taken pride of a Rajpoot, regardplished; but he does not appear ing the disgrace of having in his to have encouraged such expres- family an unmarried daughter. It sions or sentiments ; and not only is stated, and for the honour of professed to act in the name of human nature let us believe it, Holkar, but never took one step that neither arguments nor threats towards establishing any power could induce the father to become beyond that of the leader of a the executioner of his child, or predatory army, which it was his even to urge her to suicide ; but object to keep together, and sub- his sister, Chand Bhye, was gained sist, by every means that the pre- to the cruel cause of policy, and vailing anarchy placed within his she presented the chalice to Kishpower.”

en Kowur, intreating her to save


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