Captain James Lindsay, of the At Otley, Lieut.-general Sir Grenadier Guards, eldest son of Edward Barnes, K. C. B., Goverthe Hon. Robert Lindsay of Bal- nor of Ceylon, to Maria, eldest carres, to Anne, eldest daughter daughter of Walter Fawkes, Esq., of Sir Coutts Trotter, of Gros- of Farnley-hall, in the county of venor-square, Bart.

York. W. B. Baring, Esq. eldest son of August. At St. George's, Alex. Baring, Esq. M. P., to Lady Hanover-square, Frederick AlexHarriet Mary Montagu, daughter ander, son of Sir Wm. Augustus of the late Earl of Sandwich. Cunynghame, Bart., to Ann,

By the Rev. John Buchan, epis- youngest daughter of Edward copal minister of Kirriemuir, John Earl, Esq., Chairman of the Wedderburn, Esq., to the Hon. Board of Customs for Scotland. Lady Helen Ogilvy, youngest John Vaughan, Esq., one of his daughter of the late, and sister of Majesty's sergeants at law, to the the present, Earl of Airly. Right Hon. Louisa Baroness St.

May. On the 1st inst., at St. John, widow of St. Andrew, late Luke's, Chelsea, Charles Schreiber, Lord St. John, of Bletsoe, and Esq., of Hinchelsea-lodge, Hants, mother of the present Lord. to Amelia, eldest daughter of At Marylebone church, Captain Major-general Sir John Cameron, Franklin, R. N., to Eleanor Anne, K.C.B.

youngest daughter of the late June. At Walcot church, Bath, Wm. Porden, Esq., of BernersJohn Uniacke, Esq., of Baughton, street. Cheshire, to Anne, only daughter September. At Miserden, Freof the late Wm. Pierrepont, Esq., derick Lindsay, Esq. son of Rear-Admiral of the Blue, of Robert Lindsay, Esq. of Loughry, Farley - hill, in the county of county Tyrone, Ireland, to Agnes, Surrey.

eldest daughter of Sir Edwin At Marylebone_church, J. D. Bayntun Sandys, Bart. of MiserFitzgerald, Esq., Deputy Assist- den Park, Cheltenham, and Chadant Commissary-General to the lington Hall, Oxfordshire. forces, to Mary Ann, only daugh- At Long Ditton, Captain Valenter of the late R. Fuller, Esq., tine Collard, of the Royal Navy, of York-street, Portran-square. to Mary Ann, daughter of G.

July. R. Price, Esq. M. P. for Kempster, Esq. the county of Hereford, to Mary At St. George's, Hanover. Anne Elizabeth, youngest daugh- square, the Hon. I'homas Dundas, ter of the late Rev. Dr. Price, eldest son of Lord Dundas, to Prebendary of Durham.

Sophia Jane, daughter of the late At Nuneaton, Vedra Breda, the and sister to the present Sir Hedcelebrated Indian Juggler, to worth Williamson, Bart. Sarah, sixth daughter of Mr. S. At St. Marylebone church, Steads, of Leicester.

Francis Henry Davis, Esq. of his The Hon. Mr. Henry Lascelles, Majesty's Remembrancer's Office, second son of the Earl and Coun- to Lucy Clementina, only daughter tess of Harewood, to Lady Louisa, of Lord Maurice Drummond. Thynne, second eldest daughter October. At Kimbolton, by of the Marquis and Marchiones, the Right Rey, the Lord Bishop of of Bath.

Lincoln, of 109 years.

Lincoln, Evan Baillie, Esq. of R. Temple, Esq., late LieutDochfour, to Lady Georgiana colonel of the 230 Regiment Montagu, daughter of the Duke Welsh Fusileers, and Captain of of Manchester.

the 87th Regiment of foot. At the New Church, St. Mary- At his seat near Dublin, C. H. lebone, Sir Charles Joshua Smith, Baron Castlecoote, Chief ComBart. of Suttons, in Essex, to missioner of Customs in Ireland, Belinda, daughter of the late in his 68th year. George Colebrooke, Esq. and At No. 27, Sidney-street, Citygrand-daughter of Sir George road, Mrs. Logie, at the great age Colebrooke, Bart.

At Weston church, Bath, At his house at Berkeley, after Major A. Campbell, of the 3d a very short illness, the celebrated Guards, to Mary, sister to Captain Dr. Jenner. S. Brown, of the Royal Navy. At his house in Bedford-row,

At Ditton Park, the Hon. P. F. Charles Håtton, LL.D. F.R.S. Cust, M. P. to Lady Isabella &c. in the 86th year of his age. Scott, daughter of the late Duke John Julius Angerstein, Esq. of Buccleugh.

at his villa at Blackheath. November. At. St. James's

At Willesden-house, Middlechurch, Capt. Bernard Yeoman, sex, aged 74, Sir Rupert George, R. N. to Charlotte, youngest Bart. daughter of Sir Everard Home, At Kensington, the Right Hon. Bart.

Frances Viscountess Dowager At Staple-grove, near Taunton, Montague. Major Stepney Cowell, of the

February. Lady Edw. SomerColdstream Guards, to Euphemia set, wife of Lord Ed. Somerset. Jemima, eldest daughter of Gene- At her house in Piccadilly, ral John Murray, and sister to Magdalene, Countess Dowager of Major-general Murray, Lieut. Dysart, widow of Lionel fourthgovernor of Demerara.

Earl of Dysart, and daughter of the late and sister to the present

David Lewis, Esq. of Malvern, DEATHS in the

in the county of Worcester.

In Bryanston-square, the Rev. January At his house at Rich. Roberts, D. D. late High Clapton, in the 58th year of his Master of St. Paul's School. age, Samuel Pett, Esq. M. D. At Deptford, aged 78, Wm.

In Bryanston-street, Portman- Oswald, Esq. square, Teresa, the wife of Robert In Portland-place, aged_66, Selby, Esq. and sister to the Earl Gibbes Walker Jordan, Esq. of Shrewsbury, in the 62d year M.A. F.R.S. one of the Bench

ers of the Inner Temple, and At Draycot, in Wiltshire, the Agent for the Island of BarbaLady Catherine Tylney Long, does. relict of the late Sir James Tylney At Dawlish, in the 83d

of Long, Bart., and aunt to the pre- his age, John Schank, Esq. Adsent Earl of Plymouth.


miral of the Blue. At Camden-street, Islington, On the 1st inst., at Nice, where

year 1823.

of her age.

of his age.

Ire had gone for the recovery of At her seat in Wales, aged 67, his health, the Honourable Edward the Right Hon. Diana Baroness Spencer Cowper, brother of Earl Barham, wife of Sir Gerard Noel Cowper.

Noel, Bart, of Exton Park, in the At Coln St. Aldwin's, near county of Rutland, M. P. Fairford, Gloucestershire, General In Montagu-square, in his 71st Lister, late Colonel of the 45th year, Sir Charles Warwick BamRegiment, and Governor of Lan- fylde, Bart. of Poltimore, in the guard Fort, in his 89th year. county of Devon, and Hardington

At the house of the Marchio- Park, in the county of Somerset. ness of Headford, at West-End, At his lodgings in Cambridge, Hampstead, Lady Georgiana Sir Corbet Corbet, Bart. of AdQuin, in her 29th year. Her derley Hall, Shropshire, and M.A. Ladyship was the wife of Lord of Trinity College. George Quin, second son of the At his seat, Šinley Hall, aged Marquis of Headfort, and was the 74, . Wm. Viscount Dudley and second and youngest daughter of Ward. Earl Spencer:

At his house in Mortimer-street, At Friars’-hall, Roxburghshire, Cavendish-square, Joseph Nollethe High Hon. Lord Ashburton. kins, Esq. R. A. in the 86th year

At his house in Bedford-square, of his age. Brighton, Sir John Eamer, Alder- In Soho-square, aged 73, A. man of London, in the 74th year Arrowsmith, Esq. the celebrated

geographer. March. The Earl St. Vincent, At her house in Park-street, at his seat, Rochetts, in the 89th the Right Hon. Catherine, Counyear of his age.

tess Dowager Morton, aged 86. Viscount Keith, in his 77th May.

Aged 83, Dr. John year.

Thomas Troy, R. C. Archbishop In Sloane-street, the Baron of Dublin. Best, one of his Majesty's Hano- June. At his seat at Theoverian Privy Counsellors, K.C.H., balds, near Hatfield, Herts, the and F. R. S., &c. aged 67. Marquis of Salisbury.

At her residence, Stoke-cot- In Curzon-street, May-fair, Getage, near Guildford, Lady Bur-neral Robert Manners, Colonel of naby, aged 84, relict of the late the 30th regiment, son of the late admiral Sir Wm. Burnaby, Bart. Lord Robert Manners, of Bloxof Broughton-hall, Oxfordshire. holme.

April. At Chelsea, Wm. Henry At Louth Hall, Thomas Baron Moseley, M. D., in the 67th year Louth, in the 60th year of his of his age, many years physician age. to his Majesty's forces in Egypt, July. At his house in Upper the Peninsula, &c.

Wimpole - street, Lieut. - general In Tenterden-street, the Dow- Thomas Bridges, of the Honourager Viscountess Torrington. able East India Company's ser

On the 4th of September, 1822, vice, in his 80th year. He comthe Rev. Henry Lloyd Loring, manded the right wing in the D. D. Archdeacon of Calcutta.

army under the command of Lord


of his age.

Harris, at the capture of Seringa- to the Mixed Commission estapatam.

blished there for the more effectual At Trichinopoly, Hindostan, abolition of the slave-trade. Mungo Park, M. D., eldest son of At Sierra Leone, July 21, aged the late Mungo Park.

29, Charles Borrett, Esq. Deputy On the 19th inst., at his seat of Assistant Commissary General. Fleurs. Castle, near Kelso, his September. At her house in Grace James Innes Ker, Duke Portland-place, the Dowager Lady and Earl of Roxburghe, in the Templetown. 88th year

His Grace At Great Ealing, aged 49, Mrs. is succeeded in his honours and A. M. Stephens, widow of the estates by his only son James, now late Rear-Admiral G. H. Stephens. Duke of Roxburghe, a minor, born August 31, at Asiseira, near in 1816. Failing the present Rio Maior, in Portugal, on his Duke, without heirs male" of his return from Figueira to Lisbon, body, Lieut.-general Walter Ker, R. B. Whitney, Esq. (who was of Littledean and East Bolton, is barbarously shot and robbed by the next beir of entail to these two assassins on the evening behonours and estates.

fore, near the above place.) At Leamington, aged 71, the At his sister's house, in ChesterRight Rev. Lord Bishop of Nor- field-street, May-fair, Joseph wich.

Charles Mellish, esq. H. B. M. At the house of Lord Beres- Chargé d'Affaires and Consulford, in Wimpole-street, Major general for the Circle of Lower general Sir Dennis Pack, K.C.B. Saxony. Lieut.-governor of Plymouth.

At the Crown Inn, Harrogate, At the Pulteney Hotel, the Earl in his 84th year, Sir Alan Chamof Farnham; succeeded by the bre, Knt. late one of the Judges Right Hon. J. M. Barry.

of his Majesty's Court of ComAugust. At Brompton, aged 59, mon Pleas. of the gout, Brooks Lawrence, At Wellingborough, aged 80, late Lieutenant-colonel of the 13th the Dowager Lady Isham. Light Dragoons, in which regi- October. At Harewood-house, ment he served 38 years.

aged 20, the Hon. Frederick LasAt Dacre-lodge, Middlesex, the celles, sixth son of the Earl and Right Honourable Francis Lord Countess of Harewood. Napier, of Merchistoun, N.B., At Paris, the Earl of BarryLord Lieutenant of the county of more. Selkirk, and one of the sixteen At his seat, Willesley-hall, DerRepresentative Peers of Scotland. byshire, General Sir Charles

At Bath, Lady Palliser, widow Hastings, Bart. G.C.H. late Coof the late and mother of the pre- lonel of the 12th regiment of sent Sir Hugh Palliser, Baronet. foot, &c.

At Sierra Leone, on the 3d of At Ingestre, Staffordshire, in June last, of the malignant fever her 23rd year, Frances Charlotte, which then prevailed, Edward Countess of Dartmouth. Fitzgerald, Esq., Chief Justice Aged 22, Emma Straw, daughand Judge of the Vice Admiralty ter of Mr. Straw, mayor's officer, Court in that colony, and Assessor of Lincoln. She died of a rapid


decline in one month from the At Blackheath, General Sir first symptom, and was to have Anthony Farrington, Bart. D.C.L. been married on the day of her Commandant of the 1st Battalion death.

Royal Artillery, and Director Charles Grant, Esq. the East General of the Field Train DeIndia Director.

partment, aged 83: he had been November. At Jersey, aged 43, in the army 68 years, and was the John Dumaresq, Esq. his Ma- oldest officer in the British service. jesty's Attorney - general, and At Wexford, the Venerable Colonel of the 1st Regiment of Archdeacon Elgee. He was fifteen Militia of that Island.

years and a half Curate of the At the Hague, in his 50th year, parish, and twenty-eight Rector. the Right Hon. Reinord Deide- December. On the 29th of rick Jacob Baron de Reede Ginc- September last, in the island of kell, Count of the Holy Roman Barbadoes, the Hon. John Forster Empire, Lord of Ameronger Alleyne, late President of his MaGinckell Elstand Leivenduel, jesty's Council of that island. Earl of Athlone, Viscount of At his residence in BrookAugheim, Baron of Ballemore, street, on the 10th instant, in his and a Lieutenant-colonel in the 68d year, Sir Eyre Coote, of West Army.

Park, Hants.



Dr. John Aikin, known to the his success as an author shut him public during the last forty years, out from medical practice; and at was born at Kilworth, in Leices- length he settled professedly as a tershire, and was the son of the man of letters, in 1802, at Stoke Rev. Mr. Aikin, a dissenting mi- Newington, where Mr. and Mrs. nister, who kept a classical acade- Barbauld also took up their resimy at that place. He was ap- dence. A few years since he prenticed to a surgeon and apo- suffered a severe attack of the thecary at Uppingham, in Rut- palsy, which deprived him of his land; and, on completing his corporeal and mental faculties ; term, sent to Edinburgh, where and to other attacks of this he graduated as M.D. He settled disease he at length fell a victim in that profession at Yarmouth, and in December 1822, in the 76th subsequently removed to Nor- year of his age. wich ; his celebrated sister, Mrs. At Calcutta, on

the 8th of Barbauld, and her husband, keep- July, 1822, died the Right Rev. ing a seminary at Thetford, in Thomas Fanshaw Middleton, D.D. that county He removed to Lord Bishop of Calcutta, after London in 1794. Here he sought a short but severe illness, which to combine practice with literary baffled all medical skill, This engagements among the book- prelate was the son of a clergy sellers; but, as the public never man of the Church of England. favour any man in two capacities, He was educated on King Ed.


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