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4th.-Dr. Castaing the physician 4th.--Dr. Herbert and thirtywas executed at Paris for poison- four physicians deposed to the fact ing Ballet.

of 274 needles being extracted

from the body of a yoang woman The King has been petitioned at Copenhagen. by the Bishop of Taragora and his prelates to reestablish the Inqui

Extract of a Letter, dated Zante, sition.

Oct. 28, 1823.-" It will not be

without interest you will learn that The Dance of Torches.Berlin, Corinth has just delivered itself up Dec. 3.–Of all the entertainments by capitulation to the Greeks. The which have taken place in this ca- Turks have endeavoured to make pital, on the occasion of the mar- themselves masters of the fortress riage of the Prince Royal with the of Missolonghi, that was before so Princess of Bavaria, none appeared well defended by the Prince Mavso extraordinary to foreigners as rocordato; their attempts will be the dance of Torches ( Fakeltanz.) without avail; 6000 men now ocIt was executed after the grand cupy this fortress, and if they were marriage feast, in the following reduced to 1500, they could de

-“ The Royal Family, fend it. Colocotroni is to march followed by all the personages who with a certain number to defend had partook of the least at separate the siege, and the Hydriots have tables, proceeded to the white sa- just sailed to repulse the assailloon. The dance was immediately ants.” opened by the Privy Councillor, Lord Byron has paid 100,000 Marshal of the Court, the Baron piastres into the Treasury at Hyde Maltzahn, bearing his baton of dra, in aid of the Greek cause. order. After him followed two and two, according to seniority of rank, the Privy Councillors and The diabolical system of the Ministers of state, bearing wax Slavery must earlier or later work torches. The august bride and its own downfall. In the short bridegroom preceded the above space of time which the insurrecdancers, and walked round the sa- tion at Demerara occupied, more loon. The Princess Royal stopped iniquitous and cruel acts were before the King, and making him committed than it might have. a profound reverence, invited him been supposed such space would to dance. After having danced have allowed; between 3 and 500 one turn with his Majesty, she Negroes lost their lives. Their danced with all the Princes. The false evidence was most treacherPrince Royal, in like manner, ously taken under the implied danced with all the Princesses. promise of pardon, which, when After the ball

, the Royal Family the poor creatures found was not passed into the apartment of Fre- fulfilled, they afterwards recanted. derick I., where the Grand Mis- Mr. Smith the Missionary was tress, Countess of Norde, distri- arrested, and confined in a most buted the garter of the bride. arbitrary and unconstitutional



manner-neither his papers, nor chapels throughout the West any friendly communication al- Indies. lowed him-tried by a court martial; and, just as his majesty's or

Copy of Sir Henry Warde's proder for his liberation arrived, he

clamation, as it appeared in

The Barbadian" Newspaper of had died in his prison a martyr to the cause in which he had engaged !

the 22d of October, 1823:

Barbadoes, From Barbadoes, we have the

Whereas it has been representfollowing:

ed to me that a riotous assembly Great and signal triumph over collected at the Wesleyan Chapel Methodism, and total Destruc- on Sunday night, the 19th, and tion of the Chapel !

Monday night, the 20th instant, Bridge-Town, Tuesday, and proceeded to demolish the

Oct. 21, 1823. building, which they completely The inhabitants of this island destroyed : And whereas if such are respectfully informed, that in an outrageous violation of all law consequence of the unmerited and and order be suffered to pass ununprovoked attacks which have punished, no man will be safe repeatedly been made upon the either in person or property ; since community by the Methodist Mis- when the very ends of civil assosionaries (otherwise known as ciation are thus defeated--the peoagents to the villainous African ple, finding the laws too feeble to Society), a party of respectable afford them protection, must court gentlemen formed the resolution the favour of the mob, and remain of closing the Methodist concern entirely at their mercy ; in such altogether: with this view they a state of things the laws are only commenced labours on Sunday a scourge to the weak : and whereevening, and they have the great- as, in a society constituted as this est satisfaction in announcing that is, the very worst consequences by 12 o'clock last night they effect- are to be apprehended from such ed the total destruction of the evil example: chapel.

I do therefore, by and with the adTo this information they have vice of his Majesty's Council, hereto add, that the Missionary made by offer a reward of one hundred his escape yesterday afternoon in pounds to any person or per- a small vessel for St. Vincent; sons who will give such informathereby avoiding that expression tion as will lead to the conviction of the public feeling towards him, of any person or persons concernpersonally, which he had so richly ed in the aforesaid riotous prodeserved.

ceedings. It is hoped that, as this informa- Given under my hand and seal tion will be circulated throughout at Arms at Government House, the different islands and colonies, this 22d day of October, 1823, all persons who consider them- and in the fourth year of His Maselves true lovers of religion, will jesty's reign. follow the laudable example of God save the King ! the Barbadians, in putting an end By His Excellency's command, to Methodism and Methodist

W. HUSBANDS, Dep. See.

Bridge-Town, Thursday, Oct 23. headed it, and belied us, was com

Whereas a proclamation having pelled by a speedy flight to remove appeared in The Barbadian news himself from the island. paper of yesterday, issued by or- With a fixed determination, der of his Excellency the Governor, therefore, to put an end to Methodoffering a reward of 1001. for the ism in this island, all Methodist conviction of any person or per- preachers are warned not to apsons concerned in the said-to-be proach these shores ; as, if they do, riotous proceedings of the 19th it will be at their own peril. and 20th inst.; public notice is God save the King, and the people. hereby given to such person or The state of the case was this: persons who may feel inclined, It appears that Mr. Shrewsbury, either from pecuniary temptation the methodist preacher, in his or vindictive feeling, that should correspondence with the Missionthey attempt to come forward to ary Society, represented Barbadoes injure, in any shape, any individual, as an island of infamous blasphethey shall receive that punishment my, it being no uncommon occurwhich their crimes will justly de- rence to hear children, as soon as serve. They are to understand they are able to speak, curse their that to impeach is not to convict, parents; and, generally speaking, and that the reward offered will they were of most unruly dispoonly be given upon conviction, sitions and inclinations. And as which cannot be effected whilst to the adults, it appeared to him the people are firm to themselves. as though the sun of religion had

And whereas it may appear to never shed its rays on their heads : those persons who are unacquainted he made but few exceptions to with the circumstances which oc. this sweeping calumny (in favour casioned the said proclamation, of persons who permitted him to that the demolition of the chapel preach to their negroes). The was effected by the rabble of this knowledge that Mr. Shrewsbury community, in order to create had made such communications, anarchy, riot, and insubordination, and which he did not attempt to to trample upon the laws of the refute, created a great sensation country,

and to subvert good order: to his prejudice in the public It is considered an imperative duty mind; and many idle persons colto repel the charge, and to state lected about the Wesleyan chapel, firstly, that the majority of the evening after evening, breaking persons assembled were of the first the windows, throwing squibs and respectability, and were supported crackers in at the door, riding to by the concurrence of 9-10ths of and fro on horseback, and saluting the community; secondly, that the congregation assembled for their motives were patriotic and devotional purposes with catcalls, loyal-namely, to eradicate from whistles, blowing of horns, and this soil the germ of Methodism, every description of offensive which was spreading its baneful noise. Mr. Shrewsbury was uninfluence over a certain class, and dismayed by these proceedings, which ultimately would have in- and continued to assemble his jured both Church and State. With flock. This infuriated the mob to this view the chapel was demolish- such a degree, that they became ed, and the villainous preacher who ingovernable, and a paper signed




Z. was handed about on Saturday, inherent. The only companions of inviting the rabble to meet at the his retirement were two or three chapel-door at seven o'clock, sheep, which he fed with care, armed with pick-axes, swords, and they enjoyed all his tendercrows, saws, hatchets, &c.: ac- He was extremely taciturn cordingly, about 1000 head- in his manner, communicated litstrong

fellows did assemble, and tle to inquirers, and was both igbegan to demolish the chapel, and norant and repulsive. In winter by twelve at night had completely he appeared frequently at the annihilated the building, carrying doors of the citizens, with a basoff in their flight all the materials, ket; asked for nothing, spoke litso that at day-break not a piece of tle; but whatever was given him wood was to be found near the spot. he took away quietly. The only

Not only in this case, but ge- food found in his tenement, was nerally, the utinost contempt has two or three birds, picked for been shewn, and insult offered, to cooking, and a few potatoes. We the government of the country.

believe he was a native of some of the neighbouring towns, but of

his early life, or the motives which The President's message has led him to seek such an uncombeen received, and speaks of ge- fortable asylum from the vanities neral prosperity.

of life, we have no knowledge. The American Hermit. From

Baltimore, Oct. 15.-Caraccas the Nenhaven Herald, a United papers, received at the office of States paper.]—Died, on the East the Guzette, state, that the ConRock, in this town,- Turner, gress of Colombia has granted to usually called “The Hermit.” Juan Bernardo Elbers, the excluThis singular being had for a sive privilege of navigating the number of years lived in seclusion river Magdalena with steam boats on the top of this rock, the ascent for twenty-one years. It seems to · to which is both difficult and te- have been admitted on all hands dious. His residence was a ca- that this desirable and important bin, built of earth and stone, with object could in no other way be an aperture which served both as at present obtained, and Mr. an entrance and a chimney. At Elbers was the successful candithe extremity of this cabin was date over many, in consequence of his bed, composed of husks and his binding himself not only to boughs, where, on Sunday, the establish steam-boats, but to open 2nd instant, he was found dead. roads and canals, which will render An inquest was held on his body, the passage from Carthagena and whose verdict warm" That he Santa Martha into the interior died by the visitation of God.” provinces and to the capital, BoHis person was covered with rags, gota, open, safe, and expeditious. and in that part of them which The undertaking to commence in served as his trowsers there was one year from the passing of the found, strongly sewed in triple law, which grants various facilities folds, upwards of forty dollars in for carrying on the different works silver, which seems to show, that connected with it, and exclusive though he had renounced the advantages to the men who may world, the love of gain was still labour in their accomplishment.


1823. At Mrs. Walker's, George-

street, Edinburgh, by the Rev. January At St. George's, Sir Henry Moncrieff Wellwood, Hanover-square, the Hon. Major- Bart., John Hall, Esq. eldest son general Fermor, only brother of of Sir James Hall of Dunglass, the Earl of Pomfret, to Miss Bart., to Miss Juliana Walker, Borough, eldest daughter of Sir youngest daughter of the late Richard Borough, Bart. of Port- James Walker, Esq., of Dabry, land-place, and niece to Lord Principal Clerk of Session. Viscount Lake.

On the 12th inst., at Bow February. At Naples, at the pa- Church, Middlesex, by the Rev. lace of the English Ambassador, Dr. Macleod, rector of St. Ann's George W. Aubrey, Esq. only son Westminster, and afterwards at of Major George Aubrey, of Bre- Grove-hall, in the presence of his con, Brecknockshire, Wales, to Excellency the Swedish AmbasElizabeth Anne, eldest daughter of sador, by the Rev. J. P. Wahlin, the Hon. George Henry Monk, and chaplain to the Swedish Embassy, niece and adopted daughter of the Captain C.R. Nordenskjold, eldest Hon. James Monk, Chief Justice son of Baron Nordenskjold, of of Montreal, Lower Canada. Fareby, in Sweden, and Masby,

At the chapel of the British in Finland, to Margaret, youngest Ambassador at Paris, Robert daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Woodhouse, Esq., President of Lindsey, of Grove-hall. Caius College, and Plumian Pro- At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. fessor of Astronomy in the Uni- Lord Dunsany to the Hon. Miss versity of Cambridge, to Harriet, Kinnaird. daughter of the late William Marchi At Marylebone church, Wilkins, Esq.

by the Rev. John Mitford, of At St. George's, Hanover- Benhall, Suffolk, Henry Revell square, Chas. Arthur Gore Esq., Reynolds, jun., Esq. son of Henry of the 1st Regiment of Life Revell Reynolds, Esq. Chief ComGuards, to Catherine Frances, missioner of the Court for the youngest daughter of the late Relief of Insolvent Debtors, to Chas. Moody, Esq.

Mary Anne, fourth daughter of At Castle-hill, the seat of the late Sir Edward Knatchbull, Earl Fortescue, Major Hamlyn Bart., of Mersham-hatch, in the Williams, of the 7th Hussars, son county of Kent, and eldest of Sir J. H. Williams, Bart. of daughter of the Dowager Lady Edwinsford, Carmarthenshire, to Knatchbull, of Wimpole-street. Lady Mary Fortescue.

April. In Lower Brook-street, At St. Pancras church, by the by his Grace the Archbishop of Rev. Dr. Moore, the Rev. Harry York, Emma Agnes, the second West, rector of Berwick, and daughter of Henry Howard, of vicar of Laughton, in the county Corby-castle, in the county of of Sussex, to Louisa, daughter of Cumberland, to the Right Hon. the late Sir Robert Barker, Bart. William Lord Petre. 1823.



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