In the Year 1823.




In the Year 1823.




The Managing Committee of the Houseless Poor Society, has thought proper to apply the sur

plus sums collected last winter in Room was opened in Ca- fitting up an extensive building, pel court, adjoining the Stock which was formerly a distillery, Exchange, for transactions in the and is situated in Honduras-street, Foreign securities, which have Old-street, St. Luke's, for the been hitherto conducted openly nightly admission of outcasts. On on the Royal Exchange.

the ground-floor there is a ward The premises at Chard, in about 200 feet long, and 40 wide ; which the large woollen cloth fac- on each side, 7 feet from the wall, tory has for many years been car- is a partition of wood a foot high, ried on, but which have been inside of which is strewed an im. lately abandoned in consequence mense quantity of straw, on which of the general decay of that im- the applicants repose. At each portant branch of trade in the end of the apartment is a fire of West of England, have been taken prodigious size, inclosed with a by some manufacturers of patent circular grating. In the centre lace._Upwards of thirteen hun- are several gas burners, and at the dred hands are to be employed. end is the Committee-room, where A steam-engine and gas apparatus the paupers are examined before are erecting on the premises, the they are allowed to take refuge. latter being for the purpose of This ward is for the reception of furnishing gas, through the pure males only, and will contain beflame of which the lace is rapidly tween 390 and 400. There is passed for divesting it of its downy another ward of ample dimensions filaments. The net is subsequently above stairs, fitted up in a similar sent to France, where it receives manner for females. The applia rich and elegant improvement, cants are admitted at six o'clock by the addition of curiously every evening, when they are prewrought foliage and flowers, and sented with a huge piece of bread is then returned to this country, only, and are turned out at 8 o'clock in which, notwithstanding this next morning with the same alelaborate course, it amply realizes lowance. the hopes contemplated by the Colonel Fortune.-A gentlemen, ingenious patentees.

só calling himself, was a sojourner



at the Gloucester Arms Hotel for the morning of the 1st of Decem. better than a twelvemonth :-heber, last year, it was stated in one obtained his rank and distinction, of the Manchester Papers, that it is said, by what is called a Colo- crystals of salt had been found in nel of Guides in the American the windows of a gentleman's war. He was pensioned by Lord house in Salford, indicating that Cornwallis; his income was rather the spray from the sea must have under 100l. per annum.

He left been driven to that distance inthe Gloucester Hotel for Hurst, a land by the violence of the wind. country village ten or twelve miles Many persons regarded this statehence, nearly six months ago, in ment with incredulity, but the fact the hope of improving his health. has received complete confirmation He was naturally of a cheerful from various sources during the disposition, and which did not de- last few days. Amongst others, sert him in illness, though attend- Mr. T. Blackwell, of Crumpsall, ed with a gradual but general observing the appearance, and, we decay of the whole system. Find- believe, the taste of the incrustaing his end inevitably approaching, tions on his windows, rubbed a he ordered a coffin, for which he sponge over the glass, and took it was measured, and had it fashion- to Mr. J. Dalton, a very eminent ed according to his own fancy; it chymist in Manchester, for the consisted of polished planks of purpose of requesting him to anaelm, without the ornamental nails, lize its contents. The presence but with the initial letters of his of salt was immediately ascertainchristian and surname on the lid. ed; and the same experiment The inscription followed ; no term made by Mr. Dalton on his own of his age was specified, which windows in Manchester, produced was about 75 or 76. This depo- the same result. sitory for his remains completed, Death of a remarkable Miser. he carefully aired a pair of white A short time ago an old man, silk hose, white overalls or trow- named Robert Tristran, who resers, a light morning gown, and a sided in a dirty court in Cow.cross, white cotton night-cap. Those being to every appearance in the he continued to pay attention to, greatest distress, not having comthat they might be fit for use, he mon necessaries of life, was adsaid, when needed. His particu- mitted as a pauper into the Poorlar request was, that his arms in house of St. James's, Clerkenwell, his coffin should not be extended where he remained until Friday on each side of him, but placed last, when he expired. Some peracross the breast. His dissolu- sons in the Poor-house after his tion occurred at Hurst, about death opened a box, in which were three weeks since. He died with- deposited the few rags of clothes out a struggle or apparent pain. belonging to the deceased, and to His wishes, as above expressed, their surprise, in the pockets found were scrupulously observed. thirteen sovereigns, and afterwards

Spray of the sea at Manchester.- three watches: this induced them It may be in the recollection of to search more minutely, and they some of our readers, that after the at last found a written paper, purgreat storm which took place on porting to be the old man's will,


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whereby he gives 1,6501. in the cions, told them that she was cerfunds, and any other property tainly the cause of her daughter's that he may be possessed of at illness, and that the fits would be the time of his death, to Mary removed by drawing the blood of Ann Thompson, whom he calls his the witch. On their return, they natural daughter, and describes her agreed that the next time the old to be about fourteen years of age. woman came near their dwelling, Prisoners charged at the Mansion

she should be assailed for the House.

purpose of carrying the receipt In the Years 1820 1821 1822 into effect; this soon reached the Felony

560 413 362 old woman's cars, who took an Assault

189 184 146 acquaintance with her, and proDisorderly 453 454 558 ceeded to Bryant's house to ask Vagrants 809

596 219 particulars. No sooner had she

approached the door, than they Total 2,011 1,647 1,286 fell on her with the utmost vio

At the Guildhall Justice-Room. lence, cutting her arms in a shock. Felony 621 533 526 ing manner, with pins, nails, and Assault 462 517 629 scissors; and had not the old woDisorderly 1,125 1,422 1,431 man and her companion alarmed Vagrants 178 101 134 the neighbours, the consequence

must have been still more dreadful. 2,386 2,573 2,720 Mapsion-house 2,011 1,647 1,286


2.-Conspiracy against the Grand Total 4,397 4,220 4,006 Lord Lieutenunt.---At an early

From these statements, then, it hour every part of the Court was will be observed, that there has excessively crowded. About half been, upon the average of the last past two o'clock it was announced two years, a decrease annually in to the Court, that the Grand Jury the number of persons charged of the City of Dublin, after two with offences in the City of London. days' close inquiry, had in effect

Supposed Witch.---The 30th ult. ignored all the bills. There were the Magistrates of Milverton, So- two-one for a conspiracy to riot, mersetshire, committed to prison and the other for a simple riot. a woman named Bryant, and her The first was ignored. The bills three daughters, for cutting and were found against two for a riot. maiming an inoffensive creature But two cannot constitute a riot : who earns her livelihood by col. so the effect was a dismissal of lecting rags. It appears that one the bills. of her daughters had for some On the bills coming down from time laboured under violent at. the Grand Jury, the Attorney Getacks of fits, and she and her mo- neral rose, and addressed the ther unaccountably conceived that Court as follows : the poor

old woman, the rag-ga- My Lords,-Upon a case the therer, was the sole cause. In most interesting that ever occurred consequence they applied to Baker, in this country, two bills of inthe Devonshire conjurer, who after dictment have been sent up to the drawing from them their suspi- Grand Jury of the City of Dublin,


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