faithful subjects, and of the per- said Government framed and exenicious doctrines which Spanish cuted, against my will. agents were disseminating on all 2. I approve of every thing sides-resolved to put an end to a which has been decreed and ordered state of things which constituted a bythe Provisional Junta of Governcommon reproach, and which me- ment, and by the Regency, the one naced with destruction all thrones created at Oyarzun, April 9, the and all ancient institutions, in order other May 26, in the present year, to substitute impiety and profli-, waiting, meanwhile, until, suffigacy.

ciently informed as to the wants France, intrusted with so sacred of my people, I may be able to bean enterprise, has triumphed in a stow those laws, and adopt those few months over the efforts of all measures, which shall be best calthe rebels of the world, collected culated to secure their real prosfor the misery of Spain upon her perity and welfare, the constant obclassic soil of fidelity and loyalty. ject of all my wishes. My august and well-beloved

You may communicate this decousin, the Duke d'Angouleme, at cree to all the Ministers. the head of a valiant army, a con- (Signed by the Royal band.) queror throughout all my terri

Don Victor Saez. tories, has rescued me from the Port St. Mary, Oct. 1. slavery in which I pined, and restored me to my constant and faith- (Supplement to El Restaurador of ful subjects.

the 16th October, distributed Replaced upon the throne of St.

gratis in Madrid.) Ferdinand, by the just and wise Representation of the City of Cohand of Providence, as well as by runna against the Chambers, and the generous efforts of my noble in favour of the Holy Tribunal allies, and the valiant enterprise of of the Inquisition. my cousin the Duke d'Angouleme “ The Ayuntamiento of the and his brave army, desirous of ap- most noble and most loyal city of plying a remedy to the most press- Corunna, the capital of the kinging necessities of my people, and dom of Galicia, with a voice in of manifesting to all my real will Cortes, now addresses your Serene in this the first moment of my re- Highnesses, to make known their covered liberty, I have authorized own sentiments and the sentiments the following decree :

of the inhabitants of the town Art. 1. All the acts of the Go- which they represent. More than vernment called Constitutional (of three years of oppression, and all whatever kind and description they the cruel vexatious experienced may be), a system which oppressed during the siege the town has susmy people from the 7th March, tained, were incapable of stiling, 1820, until 1st of October, 1823, are or even lessening their love for declared null and void, declaring, their religion and their King. as I now declare, that during the During the latter days of the siege, whole of that period I have been the peaceable inhabitants were exdeprived of my liberty, obliged to posed to every kind of insult from sanction laws and authorize orders, the rebels. Exorbitant exactions decrees, and regulations, which the -excessive labour on the fortifications--and, finally, a multitude manifest their fidelity to the auof assassinations, are the benetits gust captive Sovereign, and to conferred by the malignants; but oppose every innovation, since by these acts only rendered them innovations we have suffered so greater objects of abhorrence, with- niuch. out at all changing the sentiments “The rebels being compelled to of the Corunnians. It was surely be silent respecting their Jacobin by a miracle that this city at lengih Code, still endeavoured to hold up recovered its liberty on a 21st day, that kind of government for which having lost it on another 21st. one of the Secret Societies has Without doubt it was the pleasure greatly laboured during this fatal of God Almighty, that those cbains period—that is to say, a Governwhich were imposed by the anar- ment of Chambers. Thus they chic faction on the 21st of Febru- mean lo enslave us anew; for, that ary should be broken on the 21st Government being similar to the of August. But we now breathe one destroyed, they will in the end freely; and to secure peace and make it the same. They would tranquillity, it is only requisite cover themselves with the will of that the measures necessary for ex- the nation; but that has been well terminating the numerous sects, demonstrated. What did not the and which prudence and the general inhabitants of the towns of Spain welfare dictate, should be imme- do, when the liberating army eudiately adopted.


tered ? They were all eager to “ Vain would be all that has present themselves before it, and been done, if, because the ring- to receive it with the joy of capleaders of the mischief are put tives relieved froin dungeons; and down by the armies of the Most their expressions were no other Christian Louis XVIII., no fear than these— Lire Religion! Live were to be entertained for their the King! and Live the Laws of farther progress; but as they never our Fathers !' These enchanting cease to conspire, it is necessary words succeeded to the highly sedito take proper precautions. Proud tious, which the perfidious men emand stiff-necked, they even now ployed during the period of their return scorn for the benignity with domination; and these words clearly which they have been treated; prove that the Spanish people have and their audacity gives reason to

no other wish than the preservaapprehend that they are meditating tion of their holy religion, the sovethe means of again involving us in reignty of their Lord Dou Fercivil war.

Their hopes are found- dinand VII., and the wise institued on the kind of Government tions of their ancestors. Those which they openly pretend is to be who publish the contrary are not established, and which being in its ignorant of this, since, to convince nature very much like that just de- them of it, it is sufficient to refer stroyed, they will find in it liberty, to the almost innumerable reprethe inevitable cause of our misfor- sentations on the same subject from tunes. Therefore this Ayuntami- the towns of Spain to your Serene entu hasten to unite their voice to Highnesses. that of the magistracies of so many “ Not only is the wish, but the other towns of Spain, in order to character and the habits of the

Spanish Spanish nation are also opposed their Sovereign, can remain unputo such a Government. The sedi- nished, and be allowed to mock uptious still have arms in their hands right and loyal Spaniards ? God in various parts, which they will forbid! Corruption has penetrated have to surrender on your orders; every class to such a degree, that but their secret labours will last it is certain there would be parties longer than their power, since they in both chambers; and we, perhave long been accustomed to obey haps, should not be long in seeing those persons whom they consider some malignant deputy who would authorised to do every thing by the dare to say, that the intention of disorganizing principle of the sove- those who constructed the Jacobin reiguty of the people. There never code was nothing else than to teach will be an end to parties; hatreds the Spanish people to behold with will eternally exist, and Spanish indifference a mosque erected by blood will again be shed by Spa- the side of a church. Here the niards, if there again be permitted freedom of customs and libertivism the liberty of public discussion in would be completely sanctioned, an assembly whence such incen- but that is what would be above diary maximis flow, and if, instead all things most shocking to the of completely casting down the Spanish character. The zeal of pride of those who seek for our Spaniards for the Catholic religion ruin, a new field be opened for their has been so fully demonstrated, intrigues.

that it is impossible to doubt it for “ The habits and the inclina- a moment: their blood has flowed tions of the Spanish people are in to preserve it, and they will shed complete opposition to any Go- the last drop of it rather than allow vernment of this kind. Content themselves to be deprived of so to obey the paternal regulations of invaluable a blessing-a danger to their kings and lords, ihey never which they would be exposed by wish to make laws, and we assert a Government with chambers, in that it would be to pervert them consequence of seductive speeches. from their nature to compel them Let us repress, then, and, if necesto the contrary practice. The sary, exterminate men who are so people would become the sport of pertinacious; and, to avoid the the rebels, who, governing their contagion, let us re-establish the popular elections as they have al- institutions which experience has ready done, would without doubt proved to be the best calculated for labour directly to destroy the altar the preservation of religion. and the throne. The Spaniards “The Ayuntamiento have thus who propose chambers are evi- come to the religious part of their dently enemies of both the altar representation. Nothing is so fit and throne ; for in general they lo render men contented as the reare the very same men who shed gulation of their conscience; and the blood of the Ministers of Ilea- accordingly the observance of the ven, and plunder its churches. law of Jesus Christ is the best What! is it possible, that those means of teaching obedience to all anarchists, those infamous dema- those laws which emanate from the gogues, those perfidious men who supreme civil power, respect to have so often attempted the life of every authority, and the fulfil



ment of all social duties. Pre- “ The errors which have been serve, then, in all its purity, the introduced once exterminated, it Holy Catholic religion, by eradi. then will be necessary to consider cating errors, and teaching its true how future generations may be imprinciples. The first of these bued with religious and truly pagreat objects will be obtained by triotic maxims, since thus will be re-establishing the holy tribunal of raised up men decidedly lovers of the Inquisition, and that, and no- their religion and their King. Eduthing but that, is capable of pro- cation must therefore be intrusted ducing such salutary effects. The to the most zealous and spotless experience of more than three teachers, since, on the first eleages has fully denionstrated that ments of instruction, depends the Spain, by maintaining that im- future happiness of individuals and pregnable bulwark in her bosom, nations. The innovating philomaintained her adored religion un- sophers were well convinced of stained by the frightful tints of this truth; and under that convicheresy, and at the same time kept tion, one of the most distinguished herself free from the wars that among them declared that it was desolated other countries. The indispensable for them to get an Inquisition, by placing a strong ascendancy over the minds of wall between heresy and Spain, youth. On that account they exprevented the country from suffer. erted themselves to overthrow that ing injury, because in it the de- establishment which throughout pository of its faith was preserved nearly all Catholic Europe was pure. Besides, that holy tribunal intrusted with the important duty is what the impious most fear; of instruction-namely, the Soagainst it heir envenomed pens ciety of Jesus. It is well known have been employed during the what reproaches and sarcasms were three years of libertinism ; but its vomited against that order on its very shadow dismays them, and extinction, and on the expulsion consequently it is impossible not to of its members from different counperceive that it is of all things the tries. But it is precisely since best calculated for exterminating that respectable body was extinerrors. All the declamations of guished, that there bas been a the malignants against so holy an rapid diffusion of the ideas hostile institution deserve no attention, to the altar and the throne, which since the sacrifices which they pre- at length caused the convulsions tend to have been made of inno- which we have witnessed. The cent persons, exist only in their most effectual remedy must then imaginations, and, were even all be that which opposes the greatest they assert granted, on a compa- obstacle to innovators in proparison with other tribunals, our Holy gating their notions. Accordingly, Inquisition would be found to have to restore the Jesuits, and confide the advantage. But this is not to them the instruction of youth, the place for a dissertation on that would be to give a final blow to point. It is sufficient for the Ayun- that ill-omened sect, which has intamiento to point to the reasons ficted so much evil upon us. which induce them to solicit the “ Deign, then, to attend to the re-establishment of that bulwark representation of the inhabitants of religion.

of this city, represented by its




Do not permit “ Please to receive the tribute any kind of innovation in our Go- of the most cordial demonstrations vernment, nor suffer our beloved of the respect of this Ayuntamiento, Sovereign to be deprived of any who never cease to pray that the of the prerogatives sworn to him Almighty will speedily deliver our by the kingdom, on his ascend- beloved Sovereign from his caping the throne. Re-establish the tivity, and preserve for many Holy TRIBUNAL OF THE Faith, years the lives of your Highnesses, that the impious may be struck of which the nation has so much dumb and put to flight, and return need. no more to propagate their perni- “ Corunna, in the Ayuntamiento, cious principles. Finally, consign September 10, 1823. the education of youth to the So- (Signed by) ciety of Jesus, to perform that

ANDRES DE CASTRO, duty in the same manner as before

Perpetual Alcalde, its extinction, in order that our And the other Members of the tranquillity may thus be lasting.


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