con which that bail was demanded. occupy ; that you will take out proved that your petitioner had of this code the punishment not been guilty of an assault, but of death and transportation ; had acted in strict conformity to and that, at any rate, you will the law; when your honourable cause the expense of punishhouse shall have duly considered ing poachers, and of keeping these things, your petitioner will their wives and children, to be not doubt of your disposition to borne exclusively by those cause justice to be done to him.

who prosecute them. “ Your petitioner, pledging him- “ 3. That you will be pleased to self to prove the above alleged facts pass a law to prevent Minisat the bar of your honourable ters of the Church of Enghouse, if you will be pleased to per- land from being Justices of mit bim so to do, most humbly the Peace; and for preventing prays,

any Justices from acting, as 1. That you will be pleased to such, under the game-laws,

permit hiin to produce such where their own servants are proofs at your bar.

the informers and witnesses. “ 2. That you will so alter the “And your petitioner will game-laws as to enable all

ever pray, occupiers of land to kill any

“R. DELLER." wild animals on the land they


IIIS MAJESTY'S CORONATION. An account of the money expended at his Majesty's Coronation, stating the amount, under the several heads, expended, and from what sources the money was supplied :Lord Steward, expenses attending the banquet £25,184 98 Lord Chamberlain, for the furniture and decora

tions of Westminster Abbey, and Westminster Hall; for providing the regalia; for dresses, &c. of the persons attending and performing various duties

111,172 9 10 Master of the Horse, for the charger for the Champion

118 18 6 Master of the Robes, for bis Majesty's robes, &c. 24,704 8 10 Surveyor-General of Works, for fitting up Westmin

ster Abbey and Westminster Hall, platforms, &c. 50,367 9 1 W. D. Fellowes, Esq. Secretary to his Majesty's Great Chamberlain, for expenses incurred

2,500 0 0 Hire of the theatres

3,504 15 0 Master of the Mint, for medals

4,770 5 4 Sir George Nayler, for expenses in the Earl Marsbal's department

2,500 0 0 Sir George Nayler, towards the publication of the account of the ceremony

3,000 0 0


800 00 981 18 10

173 2 6

Deputy Earl Marshal, usual fee
Sir R. Baker, expense of police
Sir T. Tyrwbit, for messengers and door-keepers,

House of Lords
Messrs. Rundell and Bridge, for snuff-boxes for Fo.

reign Ministers
Earl of Kinnoul, on account of Pursuivants and

Heralds in Scotland

8,205 150

254 77

£238,238 0 ?

Note.--A few claims are still unsettled, the amount

probably not exceeding

£1,000 00


Paid out of the sum voted by Parliament, iv the

Session 1820
Paid out of money received from France on account

of pecuniary indemnity, under treaty, Anno 1815

£100,000 0 0

138,238 0 ?

£238,238 0

Whitehall Treasury Chainbers,

May 27, 1323.


Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain in

the Years and Quarters ended the 10th of October, 1822, and the 10th of October, 1823, shewing the Increase or Decrease on each head thereof.

[blocks in formation]

Income and Charge on the Consolidated Fund iu the Quarters ended

the 10th of October, 1822 and 1823.

[blocks in formation]

Cash brought to this account, being the

amount issued out of the growing produce of the Consolidated Fund in Ireland for public services..



11,205,567 11,573,702


Exchequer Annuities
South Sea Company
Bank on their Capital
Dividends ....
National Debt
Trustees for the payment of Naval and

Military Pensions..
Civil List
Other Charges

Surplus ..

Exchequer Bills issued to make good the

deficiency of the Consolidated Fund, at 5th July, 1823, and paid off out of the growing produce of that Fund, in the

quarter ending Oct. 10, 1823 Surplus as above Deduct, issued pursuant to act 4th Geo. IV. cap. 21, in part of 8,700,0001., the es

timated surplus of the Consolidated Fund for the service of the year 1823 . Total at 10th Oct. 1823, to be provided for by Eschequer bills, charged on growing 'produce of the Consolidated Fund in the quarter ending 5th Jan. 1824

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Quarters ended Oct. 10.



£. 23,750 100,000

179,125 4,986,987 3,195,764

£. 21,701 86,900 179,125 4,475,810 1,210,000

1,400,000 212,500

97,618 106,089

1,400,000 212,500

96,314 87,650



7,770,000 3,803,702

11,205,567 11,573,702






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