able at the pleasure of the govern- troops, had been fixed to the term ment, which should be unredeemed of one year, with the understandin that and subsequent years, after ing, that at the meeting of 1822 it the application of the sinking fund should be examined whether the to that object, may be advantage- situation of the country should perously exchanged for stock redeein- mit it to cease, or render it necesable at such periods as to give full sary to prolong it. operation to the sinking fund. “The Plenipotentiaries of the This may be effected either directly Courts, parties to the convention by an exchange of stock, or indi- of Novara, have entered on this rectly by authorizing a loan to the examination conjointly with the amount of stock annually redeem- Plenipotentiaries of his Majesty able beyond the amount of the the King of Sardinia, and they sinking fund applicable to that have agreed, that the assistance object.

of an allied force was no longer neAll which is respectfully sub- cessary to maintain the tranquillity mitted.

of Piedmont. His Majesty the William H. Crawford. King of Sardinia, having himself Treasury Department,

pointed out the time which he Dec. 23, 1823.

thought proper for the successive

departure of the auxiliary troops, The following Document should have the Allied Sovereigns have achad an earlier place.

ceded to his proposals, and it has CIRCULAR.

been determined by a new convenVerona, Dec. 14, 1822. tion, that the departure of these “ Sir,—You were informed by troops from Piedmont shall conthe documents which were address- mence on the 31st of December, ed to you at the moment of the this year, and be completed on the closing of the conferences at Lay- 30th of September, 1823, by the bach, in the month of May 1821, evacuation of the fortress of Alesthat another meeting of the Allied sandria. Monarchs and their Cabinets would “ On the other hand, his Matake place in the course of the year jesty the King of the Two Sicilies 1822, and that they would then has signified to the three Courts, take into consideration the duration parties to the convention signed at to be fixed to the measures, which, Naples on the 18th of October, on the proposal of the Courts of that the present state of his domiNaples and Turin, and with the nions allowed him to propose a reconsent of all the Courts of Italy, duction of the number of the auxilihad been judged necessary to con- ary troops stationed in various parts solidate the tranquillity of the Pen- of them. insula, after the fatal events of the “ The Allied Sovereigns have years 1820 and 1821.

not hesitated to accede to this pro“This meeting has just taken posal, and the auxiliary army staplace, and we berewith make you tioned in the kingdom of the Two acquainted with its principal results. Sicilies will be diminished as soon

By the convention, signed at as possible by 17,000 men. Novara, July 24, 1821, the oc- Thus, in proportion as events cupation of a military line on Pied- answered to the wishes of the mont, by a corps of auxiliary Sovereigns, that is fulfilled which


they declared at the close of the for the relief of Italy: but the asCongress of Laybach-that, far sembled Sovereigns and Cabinets from 'wishing to prolong their in- could not but turn their attention tervention in the affairs of Italy to difficult and intricate affairs, the beyond the limits of strict neces- progress of which had incessantly sity, they cherished the sincerest engaged them ever since their wish that the state of things which meeting at Laybach. had imposed on them this painful “ An event of the greatest imobligation might cease as soon as portance had taken place before possible, and never return. Thus the close of that meeting. What vanish the false terrors, the inimi- the spirit of revolution had begun cal interpretations, the gloomy pro- in the western peninsula, what it phecies, which ignorance or perfidy had attempted in Italy, it succeedspread in Europe, to mislead the ed in effecting at the eastern exopinion of the people respecting the tremity of Europe. At the moment pure and generous views of the when the military insurrection in Sovereigns. No secret plan, no am- Naples and Turin yielded at the bition, no calculation of their own approach of a regular force, a fireinterest, was concerned in the re- brand of rebellion was thrown into solution which imperious necessity the Ottoman Empire. The coinalone prescribed to them'in the year cidence of the events could leave 1821. To oppose resistance to the no doubt on the sameness of their revolution ; to prevent the disor- origin. The breaking out of the ders, the scourges, the crimes, same evil in so many different which it desired to bring upon all points, and every where, though Italy; to restore peace and order under various pretexts, yet accomin that country; to afford to the panied by the same forms and the legitimate Governments the pro- same language, too evidently betection to which they had a claim; trayed the common focus from —such alone were the objects of which it proceeded. Those who the thoughts and exertions of the directed this event had flattered Sovereigns. In the proportion in themselves that they would use it which this object is fulfilled, they to confound by discord the counwithdraw the assistance which es- sels of the Powers, and to neutrasential necessity alone could call lize the forces which new dangers for and justify, and will continue might summon to other parts of to withdraw it. They rejoice at Europe. This hope was disapbeing able to leave the care of the pointed. The Monarchs, resolved security and tranquillity of the peo- to repel the maxim of rebellion, in ple to the Princes to whom Provi- wbatever place or under whatever dence has intrusted them, and to form it might show itself, immedeprive calumny of its last re- diately pronounced their unanimous maining pretext to disseminate sentence of disapprobation upon it. doubts respecting the independence Devoted with unceasing attention of the Italian Princes.

to the object of their common “ The object of the Congress at cares, they withstood every consi. Verona, as it had been fixed by a deration which might have led positive agreement, was accom- them aside from their path; but at plished by the resolutions taken the same time they followed the voice of their conscience, and a pose that the armed force, which sacred duty, and spoke for the has no other vocation than that of cause of humanity, in favour of maintaining the internal and ex. the victims of an enterprise equally ternal peace of the State, might rash and criminal.

with impunity assume the supreme " The numerous confidential dominion over it, the Spanish revocommunications that took place lution might certainly pretend to between the four Courts during the admiration of all ages, and the this period (one of the most re- military insurrection in the island markable in the history of this of Leon serve as a model for realliance) having led to a perfectly formers. But truth has soon assatisfactory understanding with re- serted her rights, and Spain, at spect to the affairs of the East, the expense of her happiness and nothing remained to be done at the her glory, has only furnished a Congress of Verona, but to con- new and melancholy example of firm the results of this understand- the inevitable consequence of every ing; and the Powers allied with transgression of the eternal laws of Russia may flatter themselves with the moral order of the world. removing by joint proceedings, “ The legitimate authority fetthe obstacles which still impeded tered, and changed into a forced the entire fulfilment of their wishes. instrument of the overthrow of all

“ Other events, deserving of the rights, and all legal privileges ; entire attention of the Monarchs, all classes of the people hurried have fixed their attention on the away by the stream of revolutiondeplorable condition of the eastern ary movement; violence and opEuropean peninsula.

pression exercised under the forms “ Spain now endures the fate of law; a whole kingdom given which awaits all states that are so up a prey to disorders and convulunfortunate as to seek what is good sions of every kind; rich colonies in a way in which it never can be which justify their separation by found.

the very same maxims on which “ It passes through the fateful tlie mother country has founded its circle of its revolution-a revolu- public law, and which it would tion which deluded or ill-disposed willingly, but in vain, condemn in men would willingly have repre- another heinisphere; the last resented as a blessing, nay, as the sources of the State consumed by triumph of an enlightened age. civil war; this is the picture which All Governments are witnesses of the present state of Spain presents the zeal with which these men -such are the evils by which a have endeavoured to persuade their generous people, deserving of a contemporaries that this revolution better fate, is visited-sucb, in was the necessary and wholesome fine, are the grounds of the just apfruit of the progress of civilization; prehensions which such an assemand the means by which it bas blage of elements of trouble and been effected and supported, the confusion must excite in the counnoblest essay of generous patriot- tries more nearly in contact with ism. If it could be the object of the Peninsula. If ever in the bocivilization to overthrow human som of civilization a power arose society, if it were possible to sup- hostilely alienated from the prin

ciples of preservation, from the narchs in their last negotiations principles in which the European have not departed from the princiConfederation reposes, such a power ples to which they have remained is Spain, in its present state of unalterably faithful, in all the disolution.

great questions relative to order “ Could the Sovereigns have and preservation, to which the contemplated with indifference so events of cur times have given many evils heaped upon one coun- such great importance. Their try, accompanied with so many union, essentially founded on these dangers to the others ? Depending principles, fostering its early chain this important affair only on racter, obtains from one period to their own judgment and their own another more solidity and energy. consciences, they have been obliged It would be superfluous farther to to ask themselves whether they defend their upright and benevolent were longer allowed to remain intentions against unworthy calunicalm spectators of an evil which nies, which are daily refuted by every day threatens to become notorious facts. All Europe must more terrible and dangerous, and at length acknowledge that the even by the presence of their re- system pursued by the Monarchs presentatives to lend the false co« is in the most perfect harmony louring of a tacit sauction to the with the well understood interests measures of a faction, which is of the people, as well as with the ready to undertake every thing for independence and strength of the the inaintenance of its destructive Governments. They recognize no sway. The decision of the Mo- enemies but those who conspire narchs could not be doubtful. against the legal authority of the Their legations have received or- one, and the simplicity of the ders to quit the Peninsula.

others, to plunge both into one “ Whatever may be the conse- common abyss of destruction. The quence of this step, the Monarchs wishes of the Monarchs are directthereby prove to Europe, that no- ed to peace alone; but this peace, thing can induce them to waver in though fully established between à resolution which their most inti- the Powers, cannot diffuse its blessmate conviction has approved. The ings on society, as long as the more sincere the friendship is which fermentation is kept up, which in they feel towards his Majesty the more than one country inflames King of Spain, the more lively people's minds by the perfidious their interest in the welfare of a arts of persuasion, and the crimination which has distinguished it- nal efforts of a faction which aims self by so many virtues at all pe- only at revolution and destruction : riods of its history, the more so long as the heads and instrustrongly have they felt the neces- ments of this faction (whether sity of adopting the measures on they openly take the field against which they have decided, and thrones and existing institutions, which they shall know how to or whether they brood on their maintain.

hostile plans in the dark, prepare “ The preceding view will give plots, and poison public opinion) you the conviction that the Mo- shall not cease to torment the nations with discouraging and lying possibility of protecting their subrepresentations of the present, and jects from the ruin which they had fictitious apprehensions of the fu- themselves prepared for them. ture, The wisest measures of the The Monarchs bave the confidence Governments cannot prosper, the that they shall every where find best meant plans of improvenient true allies in those who are investcannot succeed, confidence cannot ed with the supreme authority, return, till those promoters of the under whatever forms it may be most odious purposes shall bave allies, who do homage not merely sunk into utter impotency; and the to the letter and the positive preMonarchs will not believe that cepts of the conventions which they have accomplished their great form the basis of the present Euwork, till they shall have de- ropean system, but also to their prived them of the arms with spirit and principles; and they which they may threaten the re- flatter themselves that the words pose of the world.

here spoken will be received as a “ In communicating to the Ca- new confirmation of their firm and binet to which you are accredited, unalterable resolution to consecrate the facts and declarations which all the means intrusted to them by are contained in the present docu- Providence to promote the welfare ment, you will at the same time of Europe. call to mind what the Monarchs consider as the indispensable con. Agricultural Distress in Scotland. dition of the fulfilment of their A number of counties in Scotbenevolent wishes. To ensure to land (Argyll, Banff, Caithness, Europe not only the peace which Cromarty, Dumbarton, Elgin, Fife, it enjoys under the protection of Forfar, Lanark, Mid-Lothian, Rentreaties, but also that sense of frew, Sutherland, and Wigton) had internal repose and durable secu- appointed committees to meet at rity without which no real happi. Edinburgh, for the purpose of

can exist for nations, they considering the agricultural dismust calculate on the faithful and tresses of the country, and the persevering co-operation of all the means of relieving them; and a Governments. They here call on meeting of the General Committee them for this co-operation in the was held at the Waterloo Hotel, name of their own highest inter- on Monday, the 23d of December, ests, in the name of social order, 1822, the Right Hon. Sir John the preservation of which is at Sinclair, Bart., in the chair, when stake, in the name of future gene- he laid before that committee, a rations. May they be all pene- report drawn up by a sub-comtrated with the great truth, that mittee, appointed by a former gethe power confided to their hands neral meeting on the 16th of De is a sacred trust, for which they cember, which consisted of the are accountable to the people and following members:- The Earl of to their posterity; and they expose Roseberry, Lord Belhaven, Sir themselves to a serious responsi- Henry Steuart, Bart. of Allanton, bility, when they fall into errors, John Vans Agnew, Esq. of Sheuor listen to counsels which would chan, Gilbert Laing Meason, Esq. sooner or later deprive them of the of Linderris, George Robertson



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