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The three Official Notes sent by Russia, Austria, and Prussia to their

respective Ministers at Madrid, preparatory to the French Intasion.

Despatch from the Count De Nese are no longer theories nor princi

selrode to the Chargé d'Affaires ples which are now to be examined of Russia at Madrid, dated Veand approved. Facts speak aloud; rona, the 14th (26th) Nov. 1822. and what feeling must they not

inspire in every Spaniard who

yet The Sorereigns and the Pleni- cherishes a love for bis King and potentiaries assembled at Verona, country? What regret must be in the firm 'intention of consolida- experienced at the ascendancy or ting more and more the peace the men who have brought about which Europe enjoys, and to pre- the Spanish Revolution ? vent whatever might tend to com- At the moment when a deplorpromise that state of general tran- able success crowned their enterquillity, were led, from the first prise, the integrity of the Spanish moment of their assembling, to Monarchy was the object of the direct their anxious and serious Spanish Government. The whole attention towards an ancient mo- nation participated in the wishes narchy, which had been agitated of his Catholic Majesty; all with internal commotions during Europe had offered him an amitwo years, and which could not but cable intervention to restore for excite, in an equal degree, the so- him, on solid bases, the authority licitude, the interest, and the ap- of the mother country over distant prehension of other Powers. regions which formerly constituted

When in the month of March, her wealth and her strength. En1820, some perjured soldiers turn- couraged, by a fatal example, to ed their arms against their Sove- persevere in rebellion, the proreign and their country, to impose vinces where it had already broken upon Spain_laws which the public out found in the events of the reason of Europe, enlightened by month of March the best apology the experience of all ages, stamped for disobedience; and those which with its highest disapprobation, the had yet remained faithful immeAllied Cabinets, and particularly diately separated from the mother that of St. Petesburgh, hastened country, justly afraid of the despoto point out the calamities that tism which was about to oppress would follow in the train of insti- its unfortunate sovereign, and tutions which consecrated military people whom rash innovations conrevolt, by the very mode of their demned to traverse the whole range establishment.

of revolutionary disasters. These fears were but too soon To the disorders of America and too thoroughly justified. They were soon added the evils that



are inseparable from a state of not to stop by one common effort things where the conservative the numerous calamities which principle of social order had been were bursting upon them from all forgotten.

sides, at least to lay the foundaAnarchy appeared in the train tions of a remedial system, and of revolution; disorder in the train to secure gradually to the throne of anarchy. Long years of tran- its legitimate rights and its necesquil possession soon ceased to be a sary prerogatives ; also to give to sufficient title to property ; the subjects adequate protection, and most sacred rights were soon dis- to property indispensable guaranputed; ruinous loans, and contri- tees. But those hopes have been butions unceasingly renewed, soon utterly falsified. The lapse of attacked both public wealth and time has only brought with it fresh the fortunes of private individuals. injustice; violence has been inAs was the case at that epoch, the creased; the number of victims bare recollection of which makes has frightfully augmented; and Europe shudder, religion was de- Spain has already seen more than spoiled of her patrimony; the one warrior, and more than one faiththrone, of popular respect; the ful citizen, hurried to the scaffold. royal dignity was outraged ; and It is thus that the revolution of authority was transferred to assem- the 9th March went on, day by blies where the blind passions of day, hastening the ruin of the Spathe multitude seized upon the reins nish Monarchy, when two particuof government. Lastly, and to lar events occurred which excited complete the parallel with those the most serious attention of Fodays of calamity so unhappily re- reign Governments. produced in Spain, on the 7th of In the midst of a people to whom July blood was seen to flow in the devotion to their Kings is an hepalace of the King, and a civil reditary sentiment—a people who war raged throughout the Penin- for six successive years shed the sula.

noblest blood to recover their legi During nearly three years, the timate Monarch — that Monarch Allied Powers continued to flat- and his family were reduced to a ter themselves that the Spanish state of notorious and almost absocharacter—that character so con- lute captivity. His brothers, comstant and so generous when the pelled to justify themselves, were safety of the country was in ques• daily menaced with the dungeon or sion, and lately so heroic when it the axe; and imperious commands struggled against a power produced forbade him, with his dying wise, by revolution-would show itself at to quit the capital. last, even in the men who had had On the other hand, in imitation the misfortune to betray the noble of the revolutions of Naples and recollections which Spain might Piedmont, which the Spanish conproudly recall to every nation in spirators constantly represent as Europe. They flattered them- their own work, we hear them anselves that the Government of his nounce that their plans of subverCatholic Majesty, undeceived by sion have no limits. In a neighthe first lessons of a fatal expe- bouring country they strove with rience, would adopt measures, if unremitting perseverance to encou


too, the

rage tumults and rebellion. In Europe, to trouble its repose, —is more distant states they laboured it in the power of the Emperor, is to create accomplices : the activity it in the power of any Monarch, of their proselytism was every to ameliorate the relations of the where feli, and every where it Spanish Government with Foreign produced the same disasters. Powers?

Such conduct would, of peces- On the other hand, how easy sity, excite general reprobation. would it be to attain this essential Those Cabinets which sincerely end, if the King recovered, with desired the good of Spain, inti- his perfect liberty, the means of mated during two years their sen- putting an end to civil war, of timents, by the nature of the rela- preventing a foreign war, and of tions which they maintain with surrounding himself with the most its government. France saw ber- enlightened and the most faithself obliged to confide to an army ful of his subjects, in order to give the protection of her frontiers ; and to Spain those institutions which probably she will be compelled her wants and her legitimate wishes also to confide to it the task of require. putting an end to those provoca- Then, free and tranquil, she tions which have rendered it neces- could not but inspire Europe with sary. Spain herself has rebelled, the security which she would herin some parts, against a system self enjoy ; and then, which is foreign to her babits, to Powers which now protest against her known loyalty, and to her en- the conduct of her Government tirely monarchical traditions. would be eager to renew with her

In this state of things, the Em- relations truly amicable, and foundperor, our august master, has de- ed upon mutual good-will. termined to take a step which can- It is a long time since Russia not leave to the Spanish nation announced these grand truths to any doubt as to his true intentions the attention of Spaniards. Never nor as lo the sincerity of the wishes had their patriotism bigher deshe entertains in her behalf.

tinies to fulfil than at this moIt is to be feared that the dan- ment. What glory for them to gers arising from vicinity, which conquer revolution a second time, are always imminent, those which and to prove that it can never exmenace the Royal Family, and the ercise dominion in a country where just complaints of a neighbouring ancient virtues, an indelible attachstate, will terminale in creating be- ment to principles which guarantee tween him and Spain the most the duration of society, and respect grave embarrassments.

for a holy religion, will always It is this painful extremity which triumph over anarchical doctrines, his Majesty would avoid, if pos- and the artifices employed to exsible; but, as long as the King is tend their fatal influence. Already not in a condition to express freely one portion of the nation has dehis will; as long as a deplorable clared itself. It only remains for order of things facilitates the efforts the other portion to unite instantly of the artists of revolutions, who with their King, to deliver Spain are united by ove common bond - to save it—to assign it, in the with those of the other countries of great European family, a place

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so much the more honourable, be- which are offered for securing to
cause it would be snatched, as in Spain a future tranquillity, and an
1814, from the disastrous triumph imperishable glory.
of military usurpation.

In directing you, M. le Cointe, Despatch of M. the Prince de Met-
to communicate to the Ministers ternich, to the Chargé d'Affaires
of his Most Catholic Majesty, the of Austria at Madrid, dated Ve.
sentiments developed in this des- rona, Dec. 14th, 1822,
patch, his Majesty is willing to The situation in which the Spa-
believe, that neither his intentions, nish monarchy finds itself, in con-
nor those of his allies, will be mis- sequence of the events which have
interpreted. In vain will male- transpired in that State during
volence endeavour to represent the last two years, was an object
them in the light of foreign inter- of too paramount importance not
ference, which seeks to dictate laws to have seriously occupied the at-
to Spain.

tention of the Cabinets assembled To express the desire of seeing at Verona. The Emperor, our a protracted misery terminate, to august master, has desired that spatch from the same yoke an un- you should be informed of the view happy Monarch and one the first which he takes of this momentous among European nations, to stop question; and it is to fulfil his dethe effusion of blood, and to faci- sire that I address to you the prelitate the re-establishment of an sent despatch. order of things at once wise and The revolution of Spain was national, is certainly not attacking judged for us from its origin. Couthe independence of a country, nor formably to eterual decrees, good establishing a right of intervention can never arise to States, any against which any power whatever more than to individuals, from a would have reason to protest. If disregard of the first duties imposed bis Imperial Majesty had other upon man in social order the views, it would rest with him and amelioration of the condition of his Allies to let the Spanish revo- subjects should not be commenced lution complete its work. Very by criminal illusions, by perverting soon, every germ of prosperity, opinion, and by misleading the of wealth, and of power, would be conscience; and military revolt destroyed in the Peniusula; and if can never form the basis of a the Spanish nation can suppose happy and durable government. these hostile.desigus to be entertain. The revolution of Spain, consied, they should look for the proof dered solely in regard to the deof their existence in the indifference structive influence which it has and the inaction of the Allies. exercised over the kingdom which

The reply that will be made to has experienced it, would be an the present declaration must de- event worthy the undivided attencide questions of the very highest tion and interest of foreign soveimportance. Your instructions reigns, for the prosperity or the from this day will point out the ruin of one of the most interesting determination that you are to make, States of Europe cannot be in their if the dispositions of the public au- eyes an indifferent alternative; only thority at Madrid reject ihe means the enemies of Spain, if possibly 1823.


she have any, could be capable of minions surrounded by sedition, regarding, unmoved, the convul- fettered by incendiary plots, and sions which prey upon her. A just on the very eve of being alrepugnance, however, to meddle tacked by conspirators, whose first with the internal affairs of an inde- efforts were directed against the pendent nation, would perhaps in- frontiers. It was only by great fluence these Sovereigns not to pro- efforts and great sacrifices that nounce on the situation of Spain, if Austria succeeded in re-establishthe evil operated by her revolution ing tranquillity in Italy, and in dewas concentrated, or could be con- feating projects, the success of centrated, within her territorial which would bave been any thing limits. But this is not the case : but indifferent as to the fate of her this revolution, even before it ar. own provinces. Besides, in the rivod at maturity, had been the questions relative to Spain, bis cause of great disasters in other Imperial Majesty cannot do otherStates ; it was this revolution wise than support the same prinwhich, by the contagion of its ciples which he has always so deprinciples and of its example, and cidedly manifested. Even in the by the intrigues of its principal absence of any direct danger to the partisans, created the Revolutions people confided to his case, the of Naples and Piedmont; it was Emperor will never hesitate to disthis revolution which would have avow and reprove what he thinks excited insurrections throughout false and culpable, in regard to the Italy, menaced France, and com- general interests of human society. promised Germany, but for the Faithful to the system of preservaintervention of the powers which`tion and peace, for the maintenance preserved Europe from this new of which he has contracted invioconflagration. Every where the lable engagements with bis august destructive means employed in Allies, his Majesty will never Spain, to prepare and consummate cease to consider disorder and subthe revolution, have served as a versions, whatever portion of Eumodel to those who flattered them- rope may be the victim of them, selves that they were paving the as an object of deep solicitude for way to new conquests. Every all governmeuts; and whenever where the Spanish Constitution the Emperor can make his views has become the rallying point and manifest amid the tumult of these the war-whoop of a faction, com- deplorable crises, he shall think bined alike against the security of that he has fulfilled a duty with thrones and the repose of subjects which no consideration can induce

The dangerous impulse which him to dispense. It would be the Spanish revolution had given difficult for me to believe, M. le to the whole South of Europe, Comte, that the declared judgment placed Austria under the painful of his Imperial Majesty on the necessity of having recourse to events which are passing in Spain measures which ill accorded with can be misunderstood or misinterthe pacific course which she would preted in that country. No object desire invariably to pursue. She of private interest--no conflict of has witnessed a portion of her do reciprocal pretension--no senti


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