superannuated, military, 318,1521.; 97,8391. 58, 5d. for the ordnance superannuated, civil, 50,0741. ; Ire- in Ireland. 307,4011, 4s. 6d, for land, 90,3131. The differences be- allowances to superannuated, retween the grants of the present tired, and half-pay officers, and year and the last year were--ordi- pensions to widows. 10,7511. nary, 13,1021. less; extraordina- 23. 1d. for the same head of serries, 23,2791. less; unprovided, vice in Ireland. 43,81 108. 20. 776l. more; superannuated, mili- for retired allowances to civil tary, 1,5991. less; superannuated, officers; 6,2561. 135. 31. for the civil, 1,4781. less; Ireland, 6,3161. same service in Ireland. 100,0001. less. The total sum required this was proposed for barracks. year was 1,199,0001. The reduc- Agreed to. tion from last year's amount was The house resumed, and the 45,0001. Then, deduct from report was ordered to be received 1,199,000l., the sum required this to-morrow. year, savings in 1820 and 1821, On the motion of Mr. Wallace, 88,0001., and presumed amount of the warehousing bill was read a sale of old stores, &c. 91,0001., second time. It was ordered to and the amount which the house be committed on Friday next. would have to vote stood reduced The reports of the committees to 1,070,000l. being less than the of ways and means and supply last year's vote by 130,0001. were received, and agreed to.

48,000l. for the expense of the The other orders of the day establishments of the Tower and were then read and postponed, buildings in Pall-mall. 7,0001. for and the house adjourned. the royal laboratories. 8,5851, for House of Lords, March 18.salaries and increased salaries and The Earl of Liverpool laid upon allowances for persons einployed in the table, by his Majesty's comthe civil establishments of the ord. mand, an additional article to the nance of the first class. 12,2711. treaty between this country and the for salaries and increased salaries King of the Netherlands, relative of persons employed in the civil to the slave-trade; also papers establishnient of the second class. relative to the supply of sta812,0951. 19s. for salaries, and in- tionery in Ireland. — Ordered to creased salaries for length of ser- be printed. vice, to officers of the civil es- The King's property and nationtablishment. 241,235l. 8s. 9d. for al debt reduction bills, were read the pay of the royal regiment of the first time. artillery. 29,4351. 78. for the The yeomanry corps and lime royal horse artillery and riding exemption from toll bills were read home troop, and 2,9991. 10s. for the second time. The Irish arms the field-train departinent. 6,9371. bill went through a comunittee, 58. 9d. for the pay of the medical and was reported without any establishment of the military de- amendments. - Adjourned till topartment of the ordnance. 6,0591. morrow. i0s. 3d. for the royal nilitary House of Commons, March at Woolwich. 1,4661. On the motion of Sir R. Wilson, for treasury and exch fees. accounts were ordered of all sums 140,4641. for extraordinaries.— paid in shape of fees, &c. at the court of requests, Southwark, from The motion was seconded by Sir the 1st of August 1809, to the C. Long. same month 1810.


The committee was then apMr. Canning presented papers pointed. to the bouse, which, he said, re- Mr. Maberly moved the followlated to the slave-trade. This ing resolutions. The hon. gentlecountry had a subsisting treaty with man then read the following resoluhis majesty the King of the Ne- tions, and concluded by moving therlands for the abolition of that that the first be adopted :-traffic; and two additional articles “1. That all duties on windows, had lately been added to the imposed by 48 Geo. III. and subsetreaty, as would be seen from quent acts, shall cease and deterthe papers which be presented by mine. command of his Majesty. The “ 2. That all duties on inhabited first additional article to the late houses, imposed by 48 Geo. III. treaty was to render the circum- and subsequent acts, shall cease stance of one slave being found on and determine. board adequate proof of the fact " 3. That all duties on male of a slave voyage, and to facilitate servants, imposed by 48 Geo. III. the reception of oral testimony for and subsequent acts, shall cease the condemnation of the parties; and determine. and the second article was to make “ 4. That all duties on licences the proof of the fitting up of a to coachmakers, and on four and slave-ship evidence of her having two-wheeled carriages, (except on been engaged in that traffic. The taxed carts,) imposed by 48 Geo. King of the Netherlands had ac- III. and subsequent acts, shall ceded to both articles, and a formal cease and determine. exchange of them had taken place. “ 5. That all duties on taxed The government of Spain had also carts, imposed by 48 Geo. III. and adopted them. He was extremely subsequent acts, shall cease and sorry, in the discharge of his duty, determine. to add, that to neither of the arti- “ 6. That all duties on horses, pocles had the Portuguese govern- nies, and mules, imposed by 48 ment given their concurrence. At Geo. JII. and subsequent acts, present he should content himself shall cease and determine. with moving that these papers be

7. That all agreements to printed.—Ordered accordingly. compound for duties with the

The Chancellor of the Exchequer commissioners of assessed taxes, called the attention of the house under the 59 Geo III. and subseto his Majesty's present of his ma- quent acts, shall cease and deterjesty's late father's library to the mine.” nation, and after remarking upon He was seconded by Sir W. de the splendour and munificence of Crespigny, and supported by some the gift, moved that the papers other gentlemen : the first resolution relating thereto (the letters and was, however, negatived by 94 the treasury minute) be referred to against 48; and the rest without a a select committee to examine the division. matter thereof, and to report to the Mr Jon moved for leave to house.

bring in a bill to enlarge and ex


tend the powers of the judges of the received in the council-office, and several courts of great sessions in in the chief secretary's office, for Wules, and to amend the laws re

the last two years. lating to the same.

5th. For an account of all fees Lord A. Hamilton gave notice, paid during the last five years, by that to-morrow se'nnight he should the government of Ireland, to the move the abolition of the courts attorney-general, the solicitor-geof inferior commissaries in Scot- neral, and the rest of the crown land.

counsel of that country.--Ordered Mr. Peter Moore moved for to be laid on the table. leave to bring in a bill to repeal 'The mutiny bill was read a third the several acts called the insolvent time, and passed. debtors' acts.

The report of the committee of After some conversation, in supply on the ordnance estimates which Lord Althorp, the Solicitor- was then brought up. General, and others, opposed the

Mr. Hume rose for the purpose motion, it was withdrawn by con- of protesting against the scale on sent.

which the ordnance estimates had Dr. Phillimore asked leave to been framed. bring in a bill to repeal an exist- The house resolved itself into a ing statute which subjected a cler- committee on the Irish grand jury gyman to five pounds penalty if he presentmeut bill. omitted to read the act of par- After a few words from Sir John liament against profane swearing Newport, the house resumed, and four times a year in his parish the report was ordered to be recburch. Leave was then given to ceived on the 9th of April. bring in the bill.

The house also went into a Mr. Hume rose to move for pa- comınittee on the marriage act repers connected with the income and peal bill. expenditure of Ireland.

The house then resumed, and 1st. For an account of the gross the report was ordered to be reand net revenue of Ireland for the ceived to-morrow. year ending the 5th of January, The Irish tithe commutation bill 1823, and of her total expense for was brought up, as amended, read the same year.

a first time, and ordered to be read 2d. For a return of the exports a second tiine on the 21st of April and imports of the port of Dublin next. for ten years preceding the year Mr. Hume gave notice, that he 1801, distinguishing the amount of should to-morrow move for a reeach year; and for the same ac- turn of the number of persons who count for the ten years preceding had been prosecuted for blasphethe year 1823.

mous libels. 3d. For a return of the tonnage The Welsh judges' jurisdiction of all vessels cleared outwards and bill was read a first time, and urentered inwards at all ports in Ire- dered to be read a second time on land, distinguishing the amount as the 18th of April next. to Dublin, for the ten years prior to Mr. Brogden presented a peti1801, and for the ten years also tion from Oxford against the inprior to 1823.

solvent debtors' bill. 4th. For the account of all fees Mr. Goulburn presented copies

upon the

of a correspondence between the tition from the society of Friends government of Ireland, the judges, for the gradual abolition of slavery. and the commissioners of inquiry. The petition was ordered to be -Laid on the table. Also copies printed. of the bills of indictment preferred Mr. Canning asked whether it against the Dublin rioters.-Or- was the intention of the hon. memdered to be printed. He also pre- ber to found any

motion sented copies of orders in council petition. relative to apprentices on board Mr. Wilberforce said that it was British merchant vessels. Ad- not, but that such was the injourned.

tention of an honourable friend House of Lords, March 19.- of his. The royal assent was given by Mr. F. Buxton then gave notice commission to the assessed taxes' that on the 22d of April he would repeal (Ireland), assessed taxes' re- submit a motion, that the house duction, transfer of aids, Scotch should take into consideration the creditors, and Chancellor of the Ex- st of slavery in the British cochequer's (Ireland) bills.

lonies. Several petitions were presented Mr. S. Rice moved, “ That the against the insolvent debtors' act. 9th and 11th reports of the com

Marquis Camden presented a pe- missioners appointed to examine tion from Rolvenden in Kent, com- into the courts of justice in Ireplaining of distress.-Ordered to laud, the letters of the lord chief lie on the table.

baron, and some other papers on The Marquis of Lansdown the subject of those reports, be rethought that after the failure of ferred to a select committee, who negotiation with France and Spain were to report their opinions and to avert the war, the whole of the observations thereon to the house." papers relating thereto sbould be The motion was agreed to nem. laid upon the table.

con., and the committee appointed. The Earl of Liverpool entirely Mr. Hume, adverting to the agreed with the noble marquis, and number of prosecutions which had said it was the intention of his been instituted by a society calling Majesty's government so to do. itself the Constitutional Association,

The bills on the table were for- and the Society for the suppression warded one stage.—Adjourned. of Vice, who had, he observed,

House of Commons, March 19.- usurped the province of the king's The Shadwell church bill was attorney-general, wished for a reread a second time. Petitions were turn of the number of such propresented against hawkers and ped- secutions He would not go into lars—the cottage tax at Dumbar- any details at present, as his mo. ton-the repeal of the Union duties, tion was only preliminary to a fufrom the potteries of Armagh-the ture discussion. He then moved local taxation of Dublin-the equa- for

a return of the number of inlization of the duties of East and dividuals prosecuted by indictment, West India sugar, from the West information, or other process in Indies—tax upon coals.-insolvent England, Scotland, and Wales, debtors' act.

from the 31st of December, 1812, · Mr. Wilberforce presented a pe- to the 31st of December, 1822, 1823.



distinguishing the following parti- making good the deficiency in the culars--whether prosecuted by the fee-fund of the home secretary's deking's attorney or solicitor general, partment. 20,5381. for ditto in or by any other person or party; the foreign secretary's departwhether the offence was libel, sedi. ment. 13,3631. for ditto in the tion, or blasphemy; the name and colonial secretary's department. residence of the individual prose- 16,0861. for ditto in the departcuted; the county in which the ment of his majesty's privy council prosecution took place; and whe- and board of trade. 10,6col. for ther the party was tried ; if tried, contingent expenses, and the paywbether convicted; the date of ment of messengers' bills in the the conviction; also the sentence treasury department. 10,9961. for and its date ; the time when the contingent expenses and messenparty was released from confine- gers’ bills in the home secretary's ment; and if not released, the rea- department. 39,0261. for ditto in son why detained."

the foreign secretary's department. The motion was then put, and 1,8721. for ditto in the colonial agreed to.

secretary's department. 2,2381. The house, upon the motion of for contingent expenses and mesMr. Lushington, having resolved sengers' bills in the lord chamberitself into a committee of supply, a lain's department (this last vote vote of 602,0001. was proposed for was for the present withdrawn.) the army extraordinaries of the 5,250 for defraying the salaries of year 1823.

253,0001. for the officers in the receipt of exchequer. commissariat department of Great 9,0401. for the salaries of the comBritain. 82,0001. for the commis- missioners and clerks of the insolsariat of Ireland. 1,100,0001, for vent debtors court. 1,0581. 5s. payment of the interest of exche- for professors at the universities of

40,0001. for public Oxford and Cambridge for reading works and for the repair of public lectures. 15,4461. for expenses of buildings. 5,000l. for defraying the house of lords and house of the expense of prosecutions for commons. 23,2371. for salaries coining, in the

1822. of the officers of the houses of 25,000l. for defraying law charges. lords and commons. 4,8001. for 62,0001. for defraying the expense the lord chamberlain's departof convicts at home. 18,0001. was ment. 50,0001. for secret service voted for the establishment of the money. 10,1471. 13s. 11d. for Penitentiary at Millbank. 3,0001. printing, by order of the commisin support of the national vaccine sioners for carrying into execution establishment. 40,0001. to meet the measures recommended by the certain bills drawn by his majesty's house of commons respecting the governors and others in confor- records of the kingdom. 17,0001. mity with the orders in council of for printing acts of parliament. 1808 and 1817) for defraying ex- 3,5001. for printing 1750 copies of penses incidental to the abolition the 78th volume of the journal of of the slave-trade for the year the house of commons. 3,5001. 1823. 22,6501. to make good the for printing votes of the house of deficiency in the fee-fund of the commons. 881. 88. for deficiency treasury department. 15,0001. for in last year's vote. 20,0001. for



quer bills.

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