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Thomas Carlyle. From a Sketch by Count D'Orsay .
The “Arched House,” Ecclefechan

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Room in which Thomas Carlyle was born in the

“Arched House,” Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire House occupied by James Carlyle after his removal from the “Arched House " .

Annan Academy

Carlyle's House at Craigenputtoc

No. 5, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, Carlyle's London

dence since 1834

h, Dumfriesshire Carlyle's House at Craigenputtoch


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A LARGE proportion of the materials for which a framework is here provided had been collected and arranged gradually during the last twenty years of Mr. Carlyle's lifetime. For more than half that period the Editor has contemplated the production of such a biography as that now in the reader's hands. He is happy to have been able to achieve his self-appointed task, and he trusts that his labours have not been altogether in vain. To Mr. Charles Norris Williamson (the editor of The Carlyle Birthday Book, and the writer of the Memoir of Carlyle in the Graphic), the most ample acknowledgments are due, for his general assistance throughout, and for his aid in arranging some of the material into final shape. Mr. Williamson is also solely or mainly responsiblo for the writing or compilation of the first, fifth, and I.

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