Wondering Man, Money & Go(l)d

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Title: Wondering Man, Money & Go(l)d
ISBN: 9781846930478:
Human civilization made progresses, historically, with each discovery of truth in its quest for The Truth over the years. And the author acknowledges all those contributions to human civilization as he sees himself as a global citizen of this world in its 21st century. Like Kurt Koffka, author of Principles of Gestalt Psychology (1935), the author had an introductory question ""When I first conceived the plan of writing this book I guessed, though I did not know, how much effort it would cost to carry it out, and what demands it would put on a potential reader. And I doubted, not rhetorically but very honestly and sincerely, whether such labour on the part of the author and the reader was justified. I was not so much troubled by the idea of writing another book on psychology in addition to the many books which have appeared during the last ten years, as by the idea of writing a book on psychology. Writing a book for publication is a social act. Is one justified in demanding co-operation of society for such an enterprise? What good can society, or a small fraction of it, at best derive from it? I tried to give an answer to this question, and when now, after having completed the book, I return to this first chapter, I find that the answer which then gave me sufficient courage to start on my long journey, has stayed with me to the end. I believed I had found a reason why a book on psychology might do some good." That was back in 1935, and the subject was psychology.

Human mind has been wondering much before that, and it continues to wonder - as much as it ever did, if not more. Here the author is not that certain that Wondering Man, Money & Go(l)d would do some social good - he sincerely hopes it would, in the maddening global affairs of 2006 - by taking a stock of our individual lives and that of human civilization.

About the Author:

Born in India, the Author has helped multinationals and large Indian firms realize their dreams, in his small capacity, for twelve long years. The writer is presently pursuing his PHD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur.
He understands yet challenges globalization. He lives on the leading edge, but that same edge is bleeding the soul out of mankind. This book is from one of us who's seen life from close - in its scarcity and in its abundance - and enjoyed every moment of it - in meaningful lasting joys and in silent cries in moments of planned slaughtering of mankind.


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