Handbook of Vegetables and Vegetable Processing

John Wiley & Sons, 19 nov. 2010 - 776 pagina's
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Vegetables are an important article of commerce both in developedand developing economies. Many studies point to importance ofvegetables in our diet. Handbook of Vegetables and VegetableProcessing serves as a reference handbook on vegetables andvegetable processing containing the latest developments andadvances in this fast growing field. The book can be considered asa companion to Y. H. Hui’s popular Handbook of Fruits andFruit Processing (2006). Handbook of Vegetables andVegetable Processing is contemporary in scope, with in-depthcoverage of new interdisciplinary developments and practices in thefield of vegetables emphasizing processing, preservation,packaging, and nutrition and food safety. Coverage includeschapters on the biology, horticultural biochemistry, microbiology,nutrient and bioactive properties of vegetables and theirsignificant commercialization by the food industry worldwide. Fullchapters are devoted to major vegetables describing aspects rangingfrom chemistry to processing and preservation. World-renownededitors and authors have contributed to this essential handbook onvegetables and their production, technology, storage, processing,packaging, safety and commercial product development.

Special Features:

  • Coverage includes biology and classification, physiology,biochemistry, flavor and sensory properties, microbial safety andHACCP principles, nutrient and bioactive properties
  • In-depth descriptions of key processes including, minimalprocessing, freezing, pasteurization and aseptic processing,fermentation, drying, packaging, and application of newtechnologies
  • Entire chapters devoted to important aspects of over 20 majorcommercial vegetables including avocado, table olives and texturedvegetable proteins
  • Unparalleled expertise on important topics from more than 50respected authors

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Biology Biochemistry Nutrition Microbiology and Genetics
Major Classes of Primary Carbohydrates
Flavor and Sensory Characteristics of Vegetables 59
Genetic Engineering of Vegetable Crops 83
Nutritional Profile of Vegetables and Its Significance to Human Health 107
Bioactive Phytochemicals in Vegetables 125
Microbiology of Fresh and Processed Vegetables 159
Waste Management and Utilization in Vegetable Processing 423
Approach 443
Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices
Microbial Safety of Fresh and Processed Vegetables 483
PartV Commodity Processing
Production Quality and Major Processed Products 525
Production Processing and Nutrition 545
Carrots 565

Postharvest Technology and Storage Systems
Postharvest Physiology of Vegetables 199
Principles of Vegetable Canning 243
Refrigeration and Freezing Preservation of Vegetables 259
Principles and Dryer Design 279
New Technology Equipment and Examples 299
Minimal Processing and Novel Technologies Applied to Vegetables 317
Processing of Vegetable Juice and Blends 335
Vegetable Fermentation and Pickling 351
Vegetable Parts Herbs and Essential Oils 369
Processing and Computer Technology 387
Packaging for Fresh Vegetables and Vegetable Products 405
Chili Peppers and Paprika 581
Peas Sweet Corn and Green Beans 605
Production Biochemistry and Processing 625
Production Processing and Quality 643
Production Processing Composition
Production Quality and Major Processed Products 683
Spinach and Lettuce 705
Sweetpotatoes 717
Tomato Processing Quality and Nutrition 739
Index 759

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Over de auteur (2010)

Nirmal K. Sinha, Ph.D. is Vice President, Research andDevelopment for Graceland Fruit, Inc., Frankfort, MI, USA. Dr.Sinha has served as editor or author of numerous food sciencepublications and holds several patents.

Y. H. Hui, Ph.D., West Sacramento, CA, USA., is aconsultant to food industry and served as author or editor ofnumerous books in food science, technology, engineering, andlaw.

E. Özgül Evranuz, Ph.D. is Professor of Foodprocess engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul,Turkey. Dr. Evranuz has several publications in the field. 

Muhammad Siddiq, Ph.D. is Associate professor  inthe Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition Michigan StateUniversity, USA.  Dr. Siddiq has published extensively in thefield.

Jasim Ahmed, Ph.D. is Director, Biopolymer andNano-packaging at Polymer Source Inc., Montreal, Canada. Dr. Ahmedhas served as author or editor of several food processingpublications.

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