mind fund of analysis of paramount fundamental questions, of constitutional government, and rational religion, that may be perverted, by the prevailing dynasty, to sinister purposes. Truth, reason and science are immutable; but opinion varies, and must be fixed through rational education that obeys them. You cannot get toleration, much less conservative revolution, unless you obtain it by them.

The world needs the most liberal fund of education, by philosophical science, to be duly exempt from all kinds of imposition and misrule, especially in peculiar faith of bibles of tradition. If we search any of their scriptures or writings diligently, on the conservative principles of rational education, we are compelled to discard them. If the old books or testaments fail for intrinsic deficiency, want of proof of authenticity, so topples the new. What is the new-a patchwork on the old patchwork-worth, if the old be unworthy of confidence? Physiology, which is rightly embraced by the science of rational education, declares it utterly impossible for any native of the earth to be endowed with a God-birth.

With a liberal and just education, and characteristic freedom, who can be deceived by the miracles of the age? If the people are predetermined by prejudice and peculiar education, to be deceived, or deceive themselves, then they will be surely, they and their generations, that adhere to the peculiar errors of their fathers.

How much of the world people could be changed to-day, not in intrinsic principles that are immutable, and from which they have strayed, but by the change of ecclesiastical demagogues and sophists, whose interested opinions have misled the world. What is the frame-work of the world society, but of some of the worst delusions and corruptions of mind's peculiar perversions? But the miserable sophist's followers are scared into all the superstitious fallacies by fears that unbalance mind!

Shame on the supposed lights of the world, that ought to know better, and will not prevent it. Patriots who have the requisite talents and capital, should organize the adequate labor in things so needful. When they deny the world the use of their talents and learning, they do injustice to all. If the world were to exert itself on this point, how many conld produce compositions that would commend, not reflect on the capacity, certainly not the want of merit. Rational education will direct properly, talents, capital and labor, otherwise misdirected and misapplied. All this is worthy of deep consideration and correction, as a subject of civil, moral and social economy.

The best of all capital is a character of liberality and justness, of honesty, that yields all right by force of conscience.

Rational education looks to the noblest results of civilization and religion, as it looks essentially to law, order and proper government of principles.

Let us have the era of rational education, to secure the noblest blessing of modern civilization. Rational education enables mind to meet all the most difficult demands made upon it. It is well for the poor and ignorant to have this best defence against the conflict and torment of odd conceits, to conquer which is worth as much as the greatest national or world undertakings. Rational education will enable mind to meet, in suitable dignity, the world-problems to repel those that seek to take all manner of advantages of it. Rational mind cannot trust many of the world, as part are unprincipled, part very weak in intellect, and bad off in education, that has been most miserably perverted by peculiar dogmas.

Rational mind, duly cultivated, can only properly address the Creator, by the sublimity of conservative principles. Rational education can alone impart the true appreciation.

The world should endow with available funds, Universities on rational principles of education,

One of the greatest means and mighty elements of rational education, are the blessings of commerce, that suit for relief in general, famines, pestilence, &c., and that dispenses peace, plenty, and general intelligence. The state governments must direct us to all education that all rational minds must have, under large penalties to the supervisors. There can be but two kinds of education, rational and peculiar, or perverted, that gives peculiar faith, error, vice and crime. In the next step, give all as much independence as practicable, to make them worthy and most useful citizens, that can be the boast, the ornament of the country, the world. All the polite enjoyments of society, as conversation, dancing, music, science, disquisitions, &c., that produce a proper interchange of civilities of the world, between the sexes, are desirable.

Under the right and proper protection of rational education, modest innocence can confront and defy the unprincipled world. Such keeps a healthy state of mind on healthy premises. To confront the un principled world immediately by innocence, is to defeat it, and put all on the legitimate purposes of creation.


These may be classed as moral and intellectual.

Among the first may be placed savings and loan banks, for operatives, various industrial associations for mutual protection, dispensations of contributions to the destitute.

Among them are systems of public lectures, reading rooms, discussion debating societies, the diffusion of rational education to all classes and minds. The people should have free-schools, to the necessary amount, at least.

In the ages of civilization, all things must be referred to protection and science of rational mind. All communities should be furnished with the use of public libraries, association for interchange of ideas, for rational, moral and religious improvement.

The mere pedagogue or priest will not answer the demands of mind. The mere pedant, who affects, is not to direct the immortal mind. Ignorant nations must be taught by national schools. No sectarian missions will meet the case of the world, that should certainly appreciate religion through science, and be taught the eternal law of right is of God, and that no sectarianism can teach, as it cannot touch the subject.

The world has to undergo conservative revolutions in philosophy, government, religion, on rational basis.

It has to discard the errors, vices, and crimes, of all bibles of tradition, atheists, polytheists, or sophists.

Enlightened views must regard the productive agents of wealth and mind, the powers of genius, and the value of industrial labor, rightly directed-giving cardinal and organic developments and regulations, to promote commercial, agricultural, manufacturing, and navigating interests, for the most liberal but just policy of nations.

Some of the highest objects of the world are secured by such institutes as the Smythsonian, for general science of men and the world ; Girard's college, for the best liberal commencement of youthful mind, and the library of an Astor, as beneficial to the human race.

The true state of wealth's blessings, is seen in such characteristic advantages. But the foundation must be on the rights and faculties of mind, that must have all rational means to secure the proper expansion of its powers.

There are many institutions that are expedient to carry out the world problem of rational mind, that is to be elevated to its most rational capacity and religious comprehension,

Houses of refuge are essential in cities, for juveniles of both sexes. They may become necessary, in densely populated counties.

They must be considered a necessary expedient, till mind can elicit from its mighty treasury a better means.

The apprentice system must be made available for the millions of youth of country, but of cities especially

Those deprived of parents should be under proper regulations, especially at night, to preserve morals. The institution of police should be extended to this essential. I have objected to towns, cities, and villages, as they nurture the greatest amount of idle habits. Only think of the rising generation not doing anything, and not able to do so, not knowing, and finally not caring.

Children must not be reared in idleness and ruin, mere loungers. The wisest legislation must counteract all this miserable result. The development of the agricultural resources of the world, of the industrial labor of its citizens, are paramount considerations.

The only proper organization of all societies is on conservative principles, that are as durable as the universe, and indispensable to all society.


WHERE is the standard of morals ? Not in selfish ambition and avarice. The acts of the mind in free moral agency may well be compared to the work of laborers in the world, superintended by the chief.

The Creator rightly superintends the universe by his principles, and wisely promotes his necessary purposes. There are many relations of things, that embrace a

wide scope.

Does anything go wrong with you? Wait, think, defer, counsel, and ask advice, to avoid all difficulties. You must resort to analysis of all positions legitimate ; supply properly the defects by inventions of means ; substitute corrections, to recover the right point; resort to your genius, for improvement, not to despair.

All moral philosophy must be proved, in the analysis of deportment.

In traffics, dealings, and purchases, in all instances, and in full regard of what is right, just, and correct, give a fair and living price for all; at the same time receive no statement as true when there is necessity for your own investigation.

Receive no doctrine on trust, as granted, in deference to the mere opinion of man, when you can estimate it by your investigation, much less disseminate any such on your authority as positively right, when others deny the position at all.

Thus it is with all peculiar faith, which monotheists are positively and conscientiously bound to deny as having existence. In discussions use fair principles, without sophistry, else be silent.

Let all professions and creeds be between mind and its Creator, so far as they are a part of republican toleration. Man's works and acts are between mankind, as the best criterion, more or less. A moral and intellectual responsibility rests on all minds, for individual and universal good.


All human knowledge is comparative to its kind, and relative to much of the advantages of the world's age.

Occasionally genius bursts into view of the astonished mind, and wields an importance commensurate with its endowments.

There is too little common sense, and too little exercise of that faculty. Mind, well ordered and self-balanced, can see how well perfected are the Creator's purposes. It will be prepared to acquiesce most wisely in the only dispensations of Providence, not prone to censure or libel the Creator's acts, on imperfect views, that recoil and invariably impeach man.

Man's destiny is his duty to read correctly, and apply the benefit of his observations to his own wisdom and self-improvement, that must operate becomingly in his circle and period. His knowledge must be through science, and give a right direction to the subjects of the world by mind.

What once was superstition's despotism, is now mind's triumph. The mighty storm and tempest subserve the great operations of nature, vivifying and clearing the great ocean masses of water of noxious stagnations and turbid inertness.

How many insects, birds, and animals, are nature's scavengers, all having a useful part and function of life to fulfil, and must be counteracted, if noxiously invasive of man's dominions.

In mastering agriculture, one of the organic levers of vital existence, that raises man in the highest scale of civilization, he must necessarily embrace much of science.

Mind may have ever been disturbed by the hallucinations of superstition, but for the light of philosophical science. Man's fault ought to be remedied by man's mind, not adopt exploded errors much less create censure of Deity. The light of mind declares that any should be rebuked, if not punished by censure, for the nonsense of haunts, ghosts, or spirits, as identified with the world. Only think of the ghosts, spirits, and witches of a bible. What baseness in some who ought to know better, advancing pious frauds to help out the impositions of bibles of traditions !

Among the trophies is geology, that gives us the only true history of the earth, as astronomy will embrace that of the universe. There are many difficult problems to solve in both, that must be in abeyance to the potency of her empire, ruled by enlightened mind.

The atmosphere is the great treasury of nature, for reproduction. How came it so well organized, but by an intellectual, moral, and religious power, of supreme character ?

The excellence of science is to elicit from the world's mighty cabinet all that is suitable for man's use and benefit, to be appropriated on the correct principles of philosophy, and applied on the wisest appreciation of their usefulness.

Geology is essential to philosophical science, to vindicate the truth of natural history, and correct the chronology of tradition and of ignorance, to sustain philosophical principles, architecture, and agriculture.

One of the great conservatives of life, is to identify interest with principle, and render them concomitant, not independent of each other. If officers of vessels, especially of steamers, be made part owners of the stock when paid, the world would secure thereby the best safety and protection, being previously assured of their capacity and integrity.

Public protection is advanced and promoted best, by finances, engineering skill, &c.

What exhaustless stores of knowledge, the cabinet of nature furnishes the philosophical student. All that once were terrors to mind, now fill it with admiration of its adorable author, and the chastest science now repels the most reckless and licentious superstition.

Natural philosophy informs us that continents are separated by oceans to fructify them, and they become more so by means of interior lakes and large rivers. But for these, the earth might be arid and sterile. Water is the solvent of the salts, to fertilize the soil.

The chastest taste results from the philosophical principles of science. By them, all the world difficulties and dangers will be yielded to mind.

One of the most common displays of nature that we are most familiar with, the atmosphere, has never been near appreciated. Philosophical science opens the panorama of nature, and introduces inind into her hall more and more gorgeous.

Its wisest lessons are those of reflection on observation. The nice adjustment of the world productions, is very conformable to climate, and will prevent injurious monopolies in many series of latitude, as cotton is best in one, sugar and coffee in one more south, and the necessary bread-stuffs in those more north, while the necessary grain and fruits may be reared in most.

Mind has many life problems to solve, to promote its own felicitous intelligence, or the elevation of the world.

The laws of physics eminently teach us, that science subserves the great purposes of creation, and overcomes difficulties otherwise impracticable, as the currents of mighty rivers by steamers. Geographers estimate that more than two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water, and that declares a vast unexplored field of future operations to man.


THE omniscient Deity speaks through nature, and the whole embraces one mighty universe refulgent with his glory. What more can wisdom ask? To look from the realities of this sublimity, to the pretensions of man's books, is a fall from a God to the priestocracy! All nature rejoiceth in the blessings of supreme benefits.

Who can alter for the better, any of nature's operations?

Who can divide the land or water, into more conservative proportions? The limits of climate are clearly wise. The wisest action of mind, is to make the most legitimate capital therefrom.


The condition of ignorant and past ages leaves their sad mementos, and detracts from the value of their true greatness, and the practical results of available capital. They all suffer, by not allowing for the expanse of mind.

The genius of a Milton and a Shakespeare, now sustain these serious difficulties, and present the deformities of peculiar faith doctrines.

The more exact science of the present day, whilst it admires their genius, deplores their machinery of superstition that the school boys of this age laugh at. Their witches and devils belong to impressions, that must now become obsolete.

Man is miserably corrupt by his errors and prejudices, as well as by the peculiar misleadings of the world. How often is God's administration libeled by wrong appreciation, or undue attention to world evils.

The world has ventured too far ahead of science, in construction of God's attributes and providence; it must correct and revise after its correction.

What an idea that people should be killed off by war, as they are too thick any how! Is this much less demoralizing than infanticide or fæticide ?

The new developments of the future by mind, will unfold and promote the more humane benefits of civilization. The weakness of the people is through want of comprehensive analysis, as they are a prey from miserable policy to the various errors and prejudices of peculiarities.

The work of the devil, analysis tells us, is the work of perverted mind, reflecting too often the state of false faith.

The vulgar mass takes it for granted, that society has a foundation almost unchangeable.

The errors of society, the natural result of mind's incipient ignorance, requires conservative revolution all the while, in the rational progress of mind.

Why are demagogues permitted so much to deceive society by false pretences ?

The confiding mass when misled, is senseless enough to bow to its masters, and war on its deliverers. The right distinction cannot be satisfactorily made in a world, where insidious sophistry has so much the ascendancy.

When the world adopts universal brotherhood, then we may look upon it as truly revolutionized.

The world is so corrupt after all its improvements, from the first hold of errors and prejudices, that a part is not after correcting the old exploded dynasty, but seek to bolster it up by all practicable expedients.

The world looks at stars and fortunes of destiny, instead of principles. The first ruin Napoleons, the last produce Washingtons; the first cause France to fall by the wayside of atheism, the last arouse America to noblest aspirations of rational mind. While the last bows to the majesty of toleration, the former invokes the aid of bristling bayonets to perform the functions of rational mind. All wars on one side or the other, are base means of barbarism, and subserve the interests of piracy. When the world as the universe will be governed by principles, this will be rightly estimated.

The proper cultivation of rational mind and its appropriate sphere, will best civilize and humanize mankind. This is the only mastery of nature's elements.

The individual union of the people of the five grand divisions of the earth, with their appurtenant islands, will put down or an end to all the miserable wars now raging, and will place annexation on the right legitimate constitutional basis.

The mighty fabric will not be complete till all the five be erected, and the universal whole be comprehended. All the prejudices and foibles of nations as individuals, must be turned to the legitimate direction. If the individual youth cannot be governed by the imbecile parent, instead of sending him for further aggression to the ranks of the soldier, the army, to swell the list of drones and lazy officials, let him be placed in the house of refuge, or the county farm.

There, if no otherwise, may be appropriate employment to those inclined to throw themselves away, in not being able to maintain the right equilibrium in doing nothing,


SUPERSTITION ought by this age to have had her day, and ought now to be considered among the things that were. It is high time that mind had asserted its rightful dignity, and done ample justice to the rich means now afforded the world, to reach its high character and beneficiary powers, for the improvement of the entire world. If mind do not accomplish this, there is naught else to expect. All minds, however engaged in life's pursuits, however the adherents of professions whose interest is their support, should consider higher obligations of duty and permanent claims of their Creator, and however misled by pre-conceived notions and customs, yet should yield all up as a glorious sacrifice, on the altar of their country's good.

There is no longer any necessity for many of man's devices, among them secret associations and deeds, circumcision of the flesh, &c. Can any rational mind see in any earthly actions of man, any other that the suggestions of mind variously influenced ? However viewed as necessary once, reason declares no necessity for their existence.

No form of superstition can abide reason.

Had God decreed any such command, the operations of nature and not of art, would have infallibly dictated it. This is indubitable proof, that any dispensation that declares it, is a false pretence of man. It is strange that the exploded custom of circumcision should be adhered to, in defiance of the prudent suggestions of policy, to a better identity with the nations of the world, among which the Jewish people are so extensively diffused. They are now no longer a nation, and have not been since scattered by the Romans.

It would redound to their high advantage for personal and national considerations, of respect and of improvement by intermarriage for the correction of blood. It is probable, then, that the breach of the custom might be of itself a better state of natural advantages.

There is no peculiarity of any children of men as distinguished by God's peculiar favors, himself the author of universal love and benevolence, and mind should cease

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