No disciples of philosophical science can be silenced by the world, however they may be hated by the disciples of false sectarian dogmas and usurpations.

The diffusion of science and knowledge is the spread of principles. What is science not evolving ?

She now commands the elements, where once ignorance presumed not to go. She is fast advancing in the solution of the world-problems, the very thing that mind had to do to reach the noble standard of reason, and comprehend its vital purpose.

In agriculture, she teaches the world its treasures, that exceed all the magnificence of martial conquests. She teaches subsoil ploughing to reach new materials expedient for the soil, and to fertilize, by returning to the soil through appropriate manures, much that will renew the strength and productive resuscitation. Mind is conservative in the exhaustion of the soil, to afford improvement therefor.

Opposition to science can only be unprincipled from base ignorance or self-interest, and thereby puts all such advocates in false positions ; that is, all opposition to science and philosophy results from unprincipled demagogues, who act basely for their own profits and pretensions. The true interests of the world are identified with science, and can present no conflict. When there is especially presented any appearance, the cause is to be regarded as presented by those adverse to both.

Preconceived notions and opinions, prejudices and peculiar faiths, rear their miserable conflicts. The wise of the world should know all this, to appreciate the whole comprehension.

Hail, glorious science! that explodes all the world-humbugs of superstition, and displays all the pretended gods of the world in all ages, and all their worshippers, as degraded impositions.

The great advantages of science in all its departments, as by commerce, will make a universal brotherhood, skilled in philosophy, dignified in mind, and faithful by virtue.

What is science not doing now in the legitimate scope of mind ? She is literally mastering the potent elements, that otherwise would overwhelm mind.

Science will disrobe hypocrisy of its pretensions, exciting the world about science, that is supposed to clash with its self-interests in peculiar faith.

Who can wonder that pecullar faith and science should clash, when the last is the only principle? What then remains to be done by the world? To be done with peculiar faith, for science cannot be dispensed with. Science is indispensable to the prosperity of the world, the welfare and happiness of mind.

The great object is to separate science from humbug, that has been practiced beyond appreciation by one part of the world on the other, as if there was one vast conspiracy with but little exception.

To begin then, we must first exclude the ancient mother of humbugs, peculiar faith, It takes all the science that mind can master to read creation right, to which all rational education must best contribute her quota.

See the mighty mineral deposits, in various parts of the world. Can any thing less than science unfold their treasures, or rightly employ them? What exhaustless seawealth funds! Are they yet developed? Can we estimate aright all the advantages of the oceans, that modify the temperature of the earth, suitable for all seasons, that bear aloft on their bosoms mind's exhaustless wealth, or that yield their own?

Science now excludes most of life's contingences practicable. What a triumph of mind! It is the great conservative, in eliciting the exhaustless means of industrial labor to promote the welfare of the world's community, until universal principles are established that will be conservative.

Do any pretend to say that science and philosophy can not conduct them best through life to God?

Science enriches the mind and civilizes the soul of man. Bibles of tradition express false theories and delusions of that thing called faith, but science evolves correct thoughts of mind.

Science was meagrely developed in the age of bible writers, consequently they were actually less inspired than the monderns. She truly inspires the mind with faith, causes fanaticism to doff her monstrous delusions and vassalage, making known all facts in time.

All Revelation, to be true, must agree with science, which is the life picture of natural facts.

The scriptures retarded the advance of astronomy, and are in conflict with science. What, better than science, can expose the prophecies pretended of any age of the world? The days of ignorance are necessarily those of miracles. The condition of the world, arising by intrinsic capacity of philosophical science, is the best that God advances. Its beanty will be embellished and its riches evolved in the progress of


mind. In the infancy of science, defects of agricultural and commercial, all science, were more frequent, and gave relative injuries by famine, want and suffering.

What would Ireland have done, in the last few years, during her potato rot, but for the aid of commerce and agriculture, and the noble contributions of sympathizing mind ? What redress could peculiar faith bring, in such a dilemma? Among industrial pursuits, if agriculture, the lever of life, perish, all perish. Science cherishes it. Analysis, knowledge, science, and wisdom, exalt man to his mental dignity of character.

As science has only partially advanced in some respects, mind unquestionably has to exert itself, to secure the desired triumph for safety, as in regard to the present management of steam, that requires the best prudence which is man's providence.

How far does the present age, by ifs circle of science, excel the past, by the refinements of its philosophy and the philosophy of its world protection?

The world is indebted to science, in all her departments, whether on land or ocean. Let there be no contingences for exact science.

Ignorance oppresses and enslaves the world, and part of the world takes advantage of the other part.

Why and how is this? What is to prevent all this? Science. What kind? All that is fully comprehensive. Ignorance is the food that the world miracles thrive on. Science proves this, and obviates it.

Independence of mind has to be judged by science, that discloses, every day, more and more the supreme greatness of Deity. She is the true preacher that will convert the infidelity of the bible people, by the intellectual analysis that dignifies man's

Without her, what is the civilization of the world? The moral must advance with the scientific, as will be necessarily the case on rational organization of society.

Science has enabled the world to reach a high elevation of intellectual benefit, and gives her choice in the selection of patent gifts of nature. Hers is the highway, on ocean or land.

We can only read nature through philosophical science, not by the trammels of the schools, but by the acquisitions and facilities of expansive genius, that looks every way. What changes are in the world by the progress of science!

What gives the chief nations of the world superiority? Theirs is the improvement of science on the gifts of nature. Science is the means to develop mind, that develops the resources of the world, Peculiar faith and education have excited it to hostile animosities, whilst rational education will exalt it to one universal brotherhood. Science reveals the facts of God; her cause is the universal one of truth, to promote the exalted civilization of the world.

She gives the elements of freedom and civilization, improvers of religion, of which God gives the impression to mind. To live above censure, is to have the lights of philosophical science, and be its beneficiary.

Science demands international laws of the justest character. International copyrights for arts and science must be instituted for good morals. What a guardian of the world is exact science! It is the highest science to be conservative amid most destructive elements.

The advantages of industry, fostered by mind, enrich the world : hence we must have all institutions and rewards for all substantial science,

The industrial pursuits of man are worth more than all the trophies of the sword.

The attainment of modern languages will give mind the requisite discipline, and prepare it for science of mathematics, whilst the knowledge of things and ideas, not words alone, should be fully attended to. The world should attain to original thinking.


The first functionary of the land that comes up to his calling should be the teacher, properly qualified in talents of highest order and acquirements, of elevated refined character for probity and truth, to secure salary and honors of elevated dignity. He should be most satisfactorily competent to command the highest respect of his pupils for his worth, and he should be most amply rewarded.

The education that he should impart must be of sterling worth : while it respects the polite arts and pays due deference to life's courtesies, should uphold all that is substantial and permanent.

A proper rational system, as in all well-directed establishments, should be consistently and uniformly maintained.

A good appreciation of character all the time, referring by circulars daily, weekly, monthly, and semi-annually, to deportment and intellectual progress, will be assuredly best. These documents may be sent monthly, or as often as expedient. This systemi cam be premised forever with its accompanying rewards, before penalties. The education should have constant reference to higher science, and the institution of the very elements should be consistent to such system, at the same time most assuredly excluding all self-exploded peculiar educational views, whether of bible codes or any other


Every rational mind should have correct cultivation in enlightened conservative rational principles, on a suitable code, comprehensive and lucid as light. The mother as well as father, are chiefly responsible for their charge, and particularly for the first six or seven years of age. The first has to form and mould much of the child's character by her looks, voice, words and actions-her conduct the model. What value, then, is attached to that endearing name, around which the heroic and patriotic soul of a Washington placed a garland, ennobling it with his sympathies, sacrificing mere naval ambition to filial affection, refusing rank on royal decks to the gushing tears of a kind mother at the domestic hearth, for which he was compensated by the loftiest triumph of a world's admiration, for deeds done on the holiest theatre, the defence of a nation rights. Sacred be the emotions in whose defence the philosophic greatness of a Socrates spoke. Let, then, the mother of pure taste, superior to the false notions and fashions of the world, be the mistress of her own nursery, and let no proxy hireling supplant a mother's duty and a mother's care, as wet-nurse or preceptress to a mother's exclusion,

Females should be taught by females.

Teachers fill a mighty duty, next to parents and trusty guardians. Let the best talents conjoined with virtue, be amply requited.

What can be better than to have qualified teachers, satisfactorily imparting the richest science in correct taste, to create a pure refinement, a humanizing civilization, to meet the liberal demands of the world by virtue and mind-fund? How deficient are most elementary academies in the most important of all principles, those of a right rational education?

Teachers should possess correct taste in pronunciation, discreet philology, the main feature in reading and speaking. All that speak or read, necessarily address the public, and ought to be heard to the extent of filling, if practicable with their voice, the room in which they are assembled. All should promote the chasteness of language, and accuracy of pronunciation-while all should learn composition with critical accuracy. While ancient and modern languages, geography, &C., train the youthful mind, they also prepare for the matured age suitable for true science that should be profoundly cultivated, in its various departments, mathematical, philosophical, agricultural, chemical, historical, mechanical, through societies, associations, &c., the basis of rational education. It is a moot point whether the ancient languages had not better be displaced by some more useful modern subjects. Where the time of the student is rather limited, they had better be given up. While the learning of languages or the classics may enlarge the capacity and analysis of mental powers, too much time may be consumed in becoming erudite in them.

A suitable library, though a small one, even of one hundred volumes of science and literature well and judiciously selected, will be an invaluable benefit to any literary and thinking reading community. False delicacy has obstructed science.

There is no masculine or feminine science alone, while there may be much to corrupt pervertible minds. All true science is open for all inquiring minds of either sex, while no perversion of knowledge is admissible in the world, that must have its society protected for the good of all.

Formerly stupid adherence to authority of the master was carried to an extent iniquitous to the rights of mind, as to his statement and tuition of science, and was calculated to usurp its progress.

This has been kept up in medicine, and in theology, to the utter disgrace of both, so far as their false masters were concerned. A better light and more liberal policy have attended the system of teaching in most of circles, and better display the mastery of mind, than the mastery of doubtful pretensions, that successive ages have swept away: Some idolatries of books called bibles, and trammels of men called professors, must go by the board, ere the world is conservative.

Mind of the present ages can rightly and justly congratulate itself on the increase of proper facilities of reaching the most desirable object, by increase of books, advantages of journals and newspapers, the works of the press, facilities of commerce, the more general intercourse among all nations, who are improving all the departments of science, by reaction of mind on mind.

Superstition, that darkens and enslaves mind, must yield up finally her degraded pretensions, as the day of more brilliant light approaches, when all assertions, histories and traditions will be only valid, as they coincide with the principles of nature and truth, her best delineators. Then the false pretences of interest and ambition will be reduced to a proper level.

The light of cultivated mind will govern, through reason, the world to her eternal benefit.

Rational education preserves liberty and law, the great conservatives of society.

The world has been misled for thousands of years by mind's perversions, for powers peculiar of money and ambition, government and the priestocracy. It has to plumb the track in the whole legitimate sphere of mind, and must act up to the dictates of nature. This will be done at the proper time, in law, medicine, and theology. The true state of morals is necessarily that of reason, truth and honesty, not faith at all; consequently the world will get wiser as it approaches right, and will be secured in the full adoption of principles.


They should be possessed of analytic minds, capable of reaching the universal facts of nature, rejecting all the sophisticated pedantry of the schools, and renouncing all the pretensions of ancient regimes.

They should be men of the highest order of genius, and should be suitably rewarded by adequate fees. Not only possessed of the highest order of talents, they should endear themselves by the loftiest traits of character to mankind. We have seen some that were possessed of the most degrading points of character, and deprecated their want of honesty, their dereliction in teaching youth, for their equivalent at least. We have seen a junior class swindled out of their medical lectures in midwifery, by the professor taking the senior class to his pavilion, though the junior class had paid for the ticket, thus making private for a few what should have been public to the whole. In this there was no redress of grievances, as the visitors never even had it investigated. The object no doubt being to cause a return of the class by seeking thus to cut them off of ad eun dem privileges at other institutions.

We have seen a professor select a private class, thus enabling them to pass off for superiors to their classmates at the examination !

These were false sons of science, raised in a factitious circle of morals, conspiring in collusion for sinister advantages. The facts of such cases impeach these men as opprobrious.

How often are boards of education merely advisory, and appear before the public as nominal inspectors ! Many who observe things adverse to public interest and propriety, are not official functionaries, and are therefore ruled out as obtrusive, even for essential information. The world's antagonism is bad enough, but in the effort to do good it is intolerable. With the world's predestinarians, it is all deemed right, any how, however clearly perverted the peculiarly educated mind is.

The world should get rid of all the school trammels of antiquated professors, that are prejudiced to obsolete notions that enslave the world. What shall we say of the mere dogmas of the schools? Are they to restrict mind and restrain genius? Some professors claim all that avarice and despotism of the little brief authority dare assert in this republic.

What can be said of the morals of that professor who imposed pretences to talents by private classes, where they should have been public, to deliver lectures never rendered for money taken therefor?

Worst of all, I have seen perjury perpetrated by cliques of professors to restrict the popular advance of science, the only tenable view that rational mind can accomplish.

The whole framework of society has to be revolutionized, to do justice to conservative principles.


Is that of proper-sense principles, the school of religion?

There is such excess lost by unnecessary professions, waste, extravagance, improvidence, and fines yearly, as would support all the real paupers of the world from first to last.

How much expenditure is lavishly made for the worst of luxuries, as would save

the health of the consumers, and promote the blessings of the really poor by mere necessaries.

What is consumed by gorgeous show would otherwise redound to the world's benefit and happiness.

A small estate in time, is worth a large one out of time. Those rightly independent of poverty or riches, can best enjoy all the smiles of hope and endearments of life's affections, without the failure of reward for proper exertions. This school teaches man to be perfectly independent of the world as far as practicable, and adopt all the exact steps of science to reach that position.

It maintains the noblest aspirations for substantial means to benefit the world. Agriculture is one of its potent elements; its science is particularly regarded, not only as to the immediate best crops, but the best outlays, the best return for the world's wealth, the soil improvement.

Improvers of the soil must see that all crops take away from the soil something, that must be restored by manures of some kind.

One of their important considerations is, to have the consumers brought as near to them, the producers, as practicable. It is false economy to buy cheap articles not worth buying. The world should make legitimate capital out of apparent misfortunes.

Beggars of unworthy merit or suspicious characters should be furnished proper labor, and duly paid therefor. If able to work, and backing out, they can have no proper claim on public sympathy and assistance generally. Some cannot exercise any talents, having never had any active exercise of their faculties that way. Too many have them prematurely directed to cunning, deceit and treachery, and act accordingly correspondent to the great physical principles of matter.

The comprehensive object of this school is to make the world one might family, though placed in five grand divisions and their appurtenant islands of the world. The solution of this world-problem, vast, mighty, and towering in appearance, is attainable in the ethics of rational religion, which premises a perpetual conservative revolution.

Mankind, in obedience to her requisitions, must talk of the principles and practice of a world-expansive justice, of a mind liberalized to its comprehensive mould, before it talks of charity, which is necessarily anticipated by the benevolence of justice.

This school saves the costs of a penitentiary for punishment, and demands the best efforts of the earth, the true strength of the world, to counteract all such by the most comprehensive light of mind.


Let every State educate, without failure, her citizens in certain schools of proper order, that the people may always appreciate what is right. Had this prevailed at first, so many conservative revolutions had not been needed, and the world would have been more triumphant in the glories of civilization. Rational education gives proper control, masterly use, and full benefit of mind : builds rightly on its proper funds, takes cognizance of all home raising, renders the parents and friends amenable, and holds the country accountable for what may be responsible to her. Rational education should embrace knowledge and principles of law, for practical life, and render them most available. Why education, citizen? It is indispensable, to concentrate the powers and virtues of mind. You say that education makes many an individual worse or more vicious.

I must grant that, as the education of the priestocracy has premised the greatest of all demoralizations and vices in the world, for thousands of years. That results from the defects of peculiar education. Education on true, rational principles, embraces the conservative position of the world.

Do you know how to protect yourself? You can not do it effectually short of a mindfund, liberal as the world's comprehensive principles. The people have failed, and have to fail

, in their most essential rights, because of want of knowledge, that is power. Education, rational to secure wisdom, science, and knowledge, is the world's noblest friend, and is absolutely essential to mind, whilst peculiar education is the world's curse and mind's ruin.

Mankind must embrace what the world needs, to include the right practical view of things.

Individuals and nations have to pay dearly for schooling, in the world's experience.

The public safety binds the world, millions of times, more to support teachers of rational science, than preachers of sectarianism, or peculiar faith ministers, to give the

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