The promotion of universal good requires the order of universal brotherhood.
Do not ask of your relations more than of others.

Competence saves us independent of the wants of necessities and the world, while wealth, overgrown, enslaves to its absolutism.

People, for riches, look up above them, not down below them. We trust others; who can trust himself?

The machinery of witches is more material than spiritual, as in all such speculations. Never fish for lost chances, by equal chances.

When a thing is lost, let it go, and consider it lost, nor make the balance of thy possessions a lottery therefor.

Let not the disease of covetousness destroy thy mind, nor envy cause thy flesh to

pine away.

The word No must be independently spoken forever, when none ought to ask Yes

of us.

No saves us, where Yes ruins us, But mistake not, also, the functions of Yes.

The greatest cleverness is keeping clear of all avoidable evil, that benefits none in its final results.

The absent agent and security do not often do justice; why is this, but from abundant want of principle ?

Hasten not to accumulate riches, that you may regret to leave behind you.
Act so that others cannot hurt you.
Tell no more of your business than absolutely necessary.

Act right, whether popular or not; keep your temper, and restrain your ambition. Emperors had been in peace and life enjoyment, but for that.

Be just all the time---do not defer always.

Carry no revenge to extreme, but in character vindication, and all on approved conservative principles.

Friendship cannot be bought, but may be dearly dealt for, and its appearance rarely retained.

If friendship be bought, it is too dear at any price of money.

A man should not ruin himself, much less his family, by going security, that must be adhered to, invariably, in good faith. No is the word, firmly, properly, and speedily spoken.

A liberal and just age requires liberal ideas and policy; an advance on those exploded, however once deemed supreme,

There is but little gratitude after one's best is done, and one's money is gone or obtained.

What imposition is there, in the world's machinery!
Is much of the experience of most, any other than imagination, self-delusion at that?
Where is the honesty, in slanders and libels?
What honor is there in them?

Be just to all, benevolent when necessary, and contentious with none ; yet do your duty, and justice to your duty.

Maintain your rights; understand, comprehend them, in their first, their remotest bearing.

It becomes every man to comprehend his best position, commensurately with his talents,

An independence commands the world and riches, and is enslaved by neither. The loftiest and most satisfactory action is the independent one.

The car of covetousness drives recklessly over that of humanity.
Be silent where you cannot praise, that you may be just.

All promises and exactions of promises must be compatible with justice, equity, and truth.

He that respects not the truth cannot merit the respect of the world, that constitutes society.

Falsehood's gains are short-lived, but the disgrace is permanent, as the remorse may be lasting.

Never violate promises, that should not be made till you take all previously into consideration.

Make no extraordinary promises, but perform all punctually.
Return all borrowed, promptly.
Avoid pledging, when it may be forfeited.

Can hierarchies maintain the principles of society, when their very existence or creation contravenes all such? If regular sympathies are to be maintained, antipathies must not be established.





The culture and civilization of mind declare the highest state of mind's activity for the world's appropriate amelioration and employment, over which pre-eminently presides monotheism, or the religion of principles. It is she that declares for the diversity of the human races in regard to their mortal embodiments, while she recognises the illustrious unity of mind, that distinguishes man and itself by immortality.

Physiology cannot prove the unity of the human races under the diversities presented, that are prima facie evidence against it.

All that we appreciate races by is mind, that, however different, is more or less assimilated.

There is a marked diversity in both man and mind, that yet present unity of species only. It is assumed that all races present universal depravity, but all this is an unfair analysis.

Peculiar faith stretches mind's rationality to secure its peculiarity, to fortify the peculiar pretensions of the affiliated, whose platform is raised on man's unity. If the unity of race fall, then the priestocracy's commission and occupation are gone.

All minds are relatively moral, &c., as they are rational, and availed themselves of rational religion. The universality of conscience is relative to mind thus circumstanced, for where mind is there is conscience, graduated from the lowest perverted to the highest rational scale.

The diversity of races demonstrates the illustrious and diverse powers of the Creator.

It is the analysis of mind to be looked at, in regard to its nature and character, that ever refer to the unity of design, that has the richest diversity of means.

It has been claimed by elaborate peculiar faith, that the ten commandments are appreciated by races never having heard of them before.

All that can distinguish any ten commandments is, that they embrace social, moral, and religious laws, as far as peculiar faith permits them.

Now that is the unity of mind, that pre-eminently recognises conservative principles that are pre-eminently universal, bespeaking the highest praise of a perfect God, and referring to the soul-organization, that monotheism demonstrates in her purity.

All the human races, however diversified the body, have unity of mind-organization, and that proves it an element, the recipient of the immortality of the soul, and the universal powers, faculties, functions, and principles of God.

The universality of religious sentiment proves the universality of religion and principles, and that such were never, and never would be, peculiar; certainly not, the unity of the races, an immaterial question. The capacity for improvement is a quality of mind, that we are not to mistake for embodiment,

Rational mind improves only by civilization and religion that is rational. All is by brotherhood of religion.

Religion can only impart its dignity and power, most rational, to the whole human races--the world-universe.

All must be by and through the refined supremacy of mind in this world.

Look at the immense variety of animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects, and productions of the world.

Could we see the endless diversity of the universe, mind would be mute at its richness.

The world for centuries of centuries has been squabbling for peculiar faiths, that is, peculiar power, and has lost sight of religion. God has been overlooked for man, bible-images and idols, that are worshipped to secure man's degraded despotism, instead of the bible of mind's system, for the soul's immortal beneficence, happiness, and glory.

Of what use is man if precluded from his society, unprotected from its wiles ? Society must present all the blessings of rational civilization. How is that to be attained? The framework of society is so corrupt, that falsehood is mixed too much in peculiar views, that are palmed upon it by the corrupt and vicious, affiliated, as sacred. All peculiar societies break up the good of general society, but are fortunately counteracted frequently by the best efforts of mind.

The sublime history of civilization is one of the greatest moment to earth,
The world is hastening into monotheism. How do I know? It is getting civilized.

Let us make all of the best accomplishments on this earth first, by all the available means of monotheism, then we look for final consummations of the holy centre.

Civilization is looming brighter and brighter, in the world's and mind's horizon. The darkest hour has past, and she is now echoing the bright effulgence of a world's glory,

The best institution of civilization, will be the only course of philanthropy and humanity, and lessen, annihilate the retroactive, retributive justice to prevent criminal cases.

The object is to civilize, religionize the world, not christianize or paganize it. All that is absurd the world does not need peculiarity, but universality of consecrated principles.

The fourth or last best age of man, can only prove its exalted civilization, by extinction through conservative revolution, of all peculiar faiths of the whole world : all despotisms. Rational mind, bespeaks the religion that flourishes in all constitutional governments, that of pure civilization, that which emanates from the court of God.

Mind has to study the legitimate of the world, and come to that standard.

The present frame-work of the world's society, presents the anomaly of all four states of mind's condition.

It is the noble elevation of mind's development, that the religious have to duly respect.

Religion legitimatizes all life's funds, and promotes the best enjoyment, by adding all the loveliest protection of conservative principles, whilst she does not contract in any.

The very quintessence of civilization requires the highest duty of improvement, the best on that received from ancestors, thereby blessing my right to liberty and their fame. I cannot do higher honor to them; I dishonor them by continuance in the murky fogs of past incapacitated undeveloped mind. Peculiar actions always pronounce them pagan, and devoid of exalted civilization.

The world is bound to act up to the proper lights before it, and discard all prejudicial thereto.

The real condition of the world, presents at every époch, more or less the conflict of undeveloped with developed mind. On this most important point, the whole world must take due cognizance.

The world cannot lose its constitutional rights, by any arrogant custom.



may be

Money must be the proper measure of labor, otherwise as in some banks it the measure of monopoly and usurpation.

Money power or its equivalent is a necessary constituent of society, as a properbasis and medium of exchange.

Then it is for public utility.
As the measure of property or rewards of labor, analysis shows, that when it aids ini

truly developing the proper resources of nations, and secures for suitable and extensive prosperity, the blessings of commerce, the advance of manufactures, the industrial pursuits of agriculture, mining, navigation, mechanics and the fisheries, the general enterprises of mankind throughout the globe, that it aids in the potency of civilization.

The real wealth of the world is diffused, by the various operations of man's industry.

This power, the genuine representative and conductor of a world's capital and labor, is one of the potent elements of man's benefit, as nations that are enriched enjoy its exchanges, but may be impoverished by misdirection in its financial regulations.

If permitted a tyrant in society to arouse all the intensest actions, that avarice and passions subversive of virtues can create, instead of the enlarged capacity of its elements, its abuses are to be met by the best morals of society, and its doings must be obviated by the wisest and most comprehensive legislation of statesmen, that embrace in their sphere the interest of the whole world.

The money power is like all great and commanding characters, difficult of reduction to ordinary restriction.

When kept openly before the world, in the universal medium or currency of standard uniform or nearest to that state, its operations are legitimate, not fluctuating or affecting, because the purposes for which it wisely answers are not deranged, nor is general injury the result.

In process of time, in the advance of civilization, the refinements of commerce and the elevation of industry, the best and most extensive facilities of this universal power are solicited.


In the various forms of deposites, exchange and banking, this mighty element has its forces concentrated, and then arose the greater necessity of guardianship for the public good

The conservative revolutions of society must progress in all the departments, to which the agency of mind is invited by the organic elements of the universe, as an imprescriptible decree of supreme wisdom in its sublime economy, and with their capacity of greater good if rightly advanced and sustained, they have also the inherent element of greater evils, if perverted.

Mind properly rules in the perfection of science.
The injury of banks, like the mighty avalanche, may be precipitated upon the people.

It takes thousands of years schooling in the world's philosophy, ere the people can solve the mighty problem of their own inestimable divine rights.


Ought to be predicated on the basis of responsibility of stockholders in personal and real estate for all liabilities of the bank, and a fund reserved in the hands of the comptroller of the government for bank security.

With all the foresight of wisdom that experience has so abundantly proved necessary, banks should ever be the faithful representative on correct principles, to fulfil the important needs, and secure the commercial and financial facilities of the world. The primary and constant paramount security to the note holders, the people of the state, the community at large, and the world in general, in equalizing and not creating fluctuations of the value of property, and exclusion of the state or government from any connection for ever in any way, guise or manner, as an unholy and iniquitous alliance, should be inflexibly pursued in all time to come. Any system of banking that does not save the bill holder harmless, property from fluctuation, and the state—the people from any suffering on its account, is never to be tolerated a moment by honest and free minds.

The violation of this position has spread injury wide over countries at various times, and created a complete mania, that involved myriads in ruin and loss of property, and even of some lives. In the present situation of the commercial world, banks are necessary. Their pernicious effects should be guarded against by all good statesmen. Any country that refuses to bank, but yet uses the paper money of others or foreign states, pays a premium proportionate to the amount and use of that money. It is using a circulation over which it has not the proper control, and is liable to all the contingencies of such currency, without proper redress. A proper currency for the medium of exchange must be adopted, easily transportable for commerce throughout the world.

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