the facts of the whole case, and place fictitiously bibles for developments of mind. They are unequal as their bibles to the subject of religion, and should, as they will have to, retire ingloriously from the field of mind, and not of bibles except through mind.

Faith has doctrines, but religion has principles.

The priestocracy have had for the age of superstition, time out of mind, beyond all their written bibles, a pet bantling, a rickety concern that they have all tried to keep alive, feeding it on the people's cream all the time, perjuring themselves about it, making pagan houses for it, but it will not all do, for it will die, and its death will be that of an ignominious felon.

What preachers do we want of faith and credulity, ignorant bibles and their ignorant auther's creations, when we have religion, the book of God and all that mind ever needed from creation's dawn? We do not need your foolish counterfeits, when we have the richest originals. To take yours, is the deepest sin and blasphemy against the holy creator; to receive his is all that mind can do, in the highest sublimity of justice.

The world cannot take any mere statements of the priestocracy any longer : they have deceived the world, its age. If they have not now facts and truth, proof of their Kalse bibles, then they should seal their false lips forever, and cancel all ingratitude to God their creator, not god the creation.

The very idea of money in religion, presents ungedly corruption, as well as power of any character. That godly possession is only the pure unadulterated boon of the creator, and cannot, must not be defiled by any unchaste speculations of man, clothes

brief authority whatever. Religion cannot be churched or decked in any ornaments, as they would be those of peculiar faith, meretricious and most mercenary.

Religion has no destructive proscription, a ruthless desecration of all the sanctity of life and mind, the elements of horrid warfare, but rebukes all for their errors, and receives thein repentant as members of the human family, and holy brotherhood of God.

The world can march on in beautiful harmony and order, as well as the universe, if rational mind carries out the divine purposes of the creator--as all others have signally failed, it is high time that all such retire, yield precedence to rational mind the Godlike.

The preachers act badly to affect any priestocracy sense. They have a bible sense, that is obsolete, and are ebliged to modernize out of obsolete texts, else they would be obsolete. In the pulpit, they are bible demagogues, out of it, they are monotheists, if rational beings. As such, I do justice to their sacred gift, divine mind, and expect them to stop their ungodly deed of paganism. They need not disclaim this term, for they assume miracles, the very thing that a pagan, an ignorant countryman does, when he sees sights of natural phenomena, that the monotheist illustrates of rational principles, and refers on their consummation, rational religion, to the creator.

But tell the people to stop all this paganism, and the corrupt priestocracy who look at the livings, who regard the dollars, affect the reign of terror of atheism in France, as if monotheism was atheism, proving themselves heathen pagans, in not understanding language and acting hypocritically.

All the noise against deists, arose from the glass-houses of polytheists, who were afraid of the full calibre artillery of monotheism. The truth of rational religion, effectually closes the victory.

When bigotry is perjured, will faith do for all things ?
On what truth can any peculiar faith rest?

Despotism, ecclesiastical and monarchical, state and church, luxuriates on this degraded infamy.

You must ask the only power on earth that can answer you: rational mind. The world needs mind, rational, to confide in. Are the priestocracies the modern eyes to Moses' bible ?

The world must avail itself of all its legitimate full means of protection ; among them are full cognizance of all the various forms of peculiar bible frauds, all being gambling speculations on the people. They must not touch one of them, for life and soul. The whole play of the priestocracy is foul, and the most consummate false pre

What will not degraded man do, wher lie gambles on such speculation, for avarice and ambition ?

The world will take advantage of us, if we permit it to usurp such principles, no matter who.

No matter the profession, all are tory to mind, if unprincipled in faith. The most absurd thing in the world, is to admit the lovely priestocracy, to defraud it on a baseless foundation. If the world's history was not full of faith speculations for faith's profits, then a few tender conscience-people might affect that some were too good to


mean more than meets the eye. How many people have offered themselves as demagogues, messiahs, involving the deaths of hundreds of thousands of followers ?

Who that breaks through the limits of conscience, by ambition, cares for the bloodiest results in its gratification? Does faith furnish limits? She furnishes the very funds. Moses or Mahomet, Christ or Smith, furnish no exceptions. All were the basest impostors, and used all available funds of imposition.

Advice is it that is offered? Are the advisers capable in integrity, or capacity ? They affirm their book to be true in the purview of hideous and apparent perjuries.

If sophists, they can add nothing to its proofs; bigotry confirms sophistry, and renders them more odious.

As affiliated, they render themselves amenable to the bible’s position, and cannot exculpate themselves.

Their state union only adds to their despotism. The world cannot feel indebted to them for all this, much less from their treacherous exclusion of monotheism, or rational religion, the only means of mind's introduction to its Creator. Now, if wise, they should know that no substitute will answer for the treasure of nature, and they ought to retire from a theatre, that their whole affiliation, from the first oracle, and soothsaying to the present insidious paganism, has never been able to honor, grace, or benefit.

They are all unworthy the regard of the world, as falsifying religion, and palming the basest mercenary substitute on it, a credulous people.

The world has nothing at all to do with the works and bibles of priests. That is all their polity and designs; but it has all to do with religion, and that it has to find of God,

not man.

Think you that the despots of the world would hold their people in such vassalage, without this means?

When the priestocracy offer us their false bible and machinery, are they held, as they should be, responsible ? Are they not rewarded for perjury, by the suffering world ?

The decision of the priestocracy, affiliated in upholding the pagan bible, proves nothing for the bible, but all against themselves, as unworthy of being sustained in what is so obnoxious.

The priestocracy have assumed, by excellence, to speak authoritatively about the Jew and Christian bibles, and making them divine, have most positively endorsed their own pagan characters, instead of changing the character of these pagan books.

What can we expect better of paganism?

All are pagans, of all ages, countries, and governments, that detract that much from the adoration of one Supreme Creator.

Are church and state ever so merged in one, in any part of the world, that justice, on any occasion, cannot be rendered ; and any one, unconnected with the church, is unsafe, either as to life or property? This more plainly proves, on my position, that, but for mind, that peculiar faith, fanaticism, would ruin even the American Union at once. It is certainly the most dangerous thing on earth. Let the hacks of the priestocracy order, and the vassals will obey. I willingly.yield clergy-preachers all the personal virtue you claim, all the religion you prove, not on account of names, but of principles. You can reach the mastery only by, and through, rational religion ; no other. She, given you in elements by the Creator, was exalted therefrom, by the use of rational mind alone.

The world-despotism, of which the priestocracy are a considerable part, has to go ; and when the world-patriots get rid of that, the balance will be an easier conquest, to be consummated in one, the present age, if rational mind will it.

The rational part of mankind knows preachers as pulpit perjurers--whether the last seem to know it—and that all their sermons are perjuries, and can be nothing else. To be themselves any other, they can forsake such adultery and infamy, and recur to loveliest protection of monotheism, that points unerringly to the magnificence of the universe, under the providence of its supreme creator, each orb a volume, man a page. The preachers will hush all inquiring minds, by sophistry, if they cannot usurp the obsolete custom of masters.

But the world needs principles consummated, not pretenders to dictate. Where social priestocracy-proscription prevails now, in America, would be the most odious despotism of force extinction, had the proscriptive party power.

Before you committed yourselves to pulpit-perjury, you should have analyzed the true position of the world's advancing to her proper career of glory, as a constituent of the universe. You should know that man and earth are destined for appropriate spheres, both by the refined action of rational mind.

But the priestocracy act in collusion with despotism, in its worst features. Do pure republicans know what they are doing, what they are at? That they have the concentration of despotism embodiment, controlled only by the potency of mind, that of course should exclude all such? Monotheism is the only beacon-light of liberty for the family of nations ; her lustre cannot be excluded. She is the brilliant dispensation of the light of mind, and the blessing of liberty.

You cannot violate any principles, physical, moral, social, or religious, with impunity. How, then, can you promise yourself anything, in this enterprise of an obsolete bible, in its grossest violation ?

Make your intellect subservient to your, and the world's, good.

Whenever you quit principles, that moment you quit your only protection, appointed in the universe. If you adopt any one called a messiah, you then desert God most certainly.

After all said, sung, preached and done, the world's paganism never taught it religion to this time.

If the Jews, as all the ancients, had too little development of rational mind to have rational religion, as is certainly proved, then all their bibles, as books, and all accruing therefrom, are only reflective of that state of mind that is conclusive against the bibles.

The bible is not the throne, but behind it. It is the power that it confers; the mere book is a mere laughing-stock in the hands of the prelates of despotism, who work the wires and set all the strikers in motion.

The priest profession is one thing, a part of government; religion another. Religion gets its bible direct from God, and yields its kindliest influence to man, whilst all peculiar bibles are of the priestocracy in collusion for smuggling mind's rights.

Many people, is it not the majority, go to hear the display, the mind, than the display of bibles?-all such, is the display of monotheism, that gathers her fruits and laurels from a different text, that of rational mind.

The world has to come to the perfect knowledge, that the whole priestocracy are a perfect excrescence on mind, a nullity, and to be dropped at once and forever. Rational mind has to be used in their stead. They are never more to darken the world with their odious twilight-despotism. None but constitutional liberty is allowed to take hold of this matter, and that is going to put down all despotism in all its disguises.

The people have to come to this positively, to treat all the priestocracy as reckless impostors and perjurers, if they will persist in forcing their peculiar faiths, that are perjuries on the world.

When all priestocracies are corrupt, there is no limit to that corruption, and they have left no means unessayed to reach their goal. Their creator has not been too sacred, their own souls and minds have not been too pure for their enormous and iniquitous pollutions.

They should analyze the mighty difference between the exalted firmness of religion, and the fanaticism of pagan faith. All bigots are fanatics. All are pagans that do not take the universal standard, unity of Deity.

Mind, without proper analysis, does not know to what desperate corruption, monopoly and usurpation will lead the perverted, peculiarly educated mind. Make mind vassal, and it will go any lengths, for its despot dictators.

A most masterly victory is due rational religion, over all the perjured pagan faiths of the world, and she will get it, as God rules out all messiahs and their affiliated priestocracies.

Whenever religion is presented for conversion, as it is called, both sides for an honorable soul decision should be investigated.

God Almighty regulates all things, independent of presumptuous priestocracies all, who abstract the rights of mind and the people. The monarchists have minor despotisms to help sustain them. The world needs the noblest, purest motives, to prove the best and noblest attributes of religion. These men do not represent her.

But why not receive the bible and its advocates ? Because the adoration to God causes me to do full justice to monotheism, that precludes any charity to any false faith or its followers, pagan and ungodly. Mind cannot alienate to such, anything that it claims.

But horror of all horrors, terror of all terrors, resulted in the reign of terror, when the abstraction of the bible took place in France.

All the overflow came from the bigotry of all bigotries, the reign of bibleocracy. What transpired in France, might be the result to the whole world.

All such is the reign of perverted mind, whether it shows at first in pagan polytheism, and then in pagan atheism, is as bad. God, the Creator, made man a monotheist to be, and nothing less; but perverted, under moral free agency of mind, has made him what irrational mind will ever make him.

His standard for universal safety is in unity of God, and whenever he forsakes that, he goes to the most dangerous pagan idolatry. The whole world has to renounce paganism, and all its appurtenances of bibles and priestocracy.

There are universal reasons for mind ever being a monotheist, as it cannot go through the universe without that passport.

How is it possible for peculiar faithites to write a code of religion, when all theirs is a peculiar world-polity, expressly for their peculiar selfish objects? It was utterly, totally impossible for Moses, or Christ, or any such, to institute the religion of principles, the only religion--they never could, with their universe to teach them.

The faithites seem incompetent to realize the difference between doctrines and principles, faith and religion, the last of which expands man's soul to the enlarged calibre of the universe.

How suspiciously the bible characters are mixed up! The Devil and Christ, priestocracy and despots. How foolish the blood sacrifice of animals, how brutal that of the human. The reign of terror by atheism in France is it? That is nothing to the bloody reign of terror by polytheism in the world. What gave the horrid power to the priestocracy, but the bloody sceptre of human sacrifices? Who could be safe then, as now, where its peculiar power reigns ?

But all that comes from Asia, proves mind vagrant, or in the slavery of odious vassalage. On that continent, half of the billion of the whole world, has ostracised the noblest and proper qualities of rational mind, and erected on its ruins all of pagan idolatry: Mind then to that awful extent, is in a deranged state, that of fanatical paganism. The world is ruined by such false, treacherous twilights. This character Christ affected, that faith could remove mountains, but he was wily enough not to undertake that, and Mahomet is said to have gone to the mountain, when it would not come to him. Would you commute your property to-day for bank paper that was counterfeit and worthless? Much worse do you, when you seek to exchange your Creator-savior for man-impostor.

The paramount rights of mind, the world, the soul to such senselessness. The supreme power prevents all that; he inspires with principles to conviction of rationality. The world and bibles must subserve mind, not the last, the first. Monotheism will rectify.

All peculiar faith and its bibles are made of deception, that the priestocrats advocate, and nothing less in all their degradations, the whole of which religion despises. Can illustrious world freemen, adopt any such? While the priestocracy were affecting the devil and pointing the world to his satanic majesty, they were defrauding the people.

Time makes no difference with principles, the majesty of which will reach such. The right proper use of mind is to be mainly looked at by the whole world of mind, otherwise it is that much deranged from its true state of rationality. As all peculiar faiths are perjuries, whatever part of them the world adopts, that much it has of perjury.

The only standard for the world is that of principle forever, and it cannot know any thing less by custom, habit, or any unprincipled authority.

So the preachers all are sustaining a miserable perjury without any qualification whatever as proved.

They can only retrace their steps. The world must manage its business itself, on right principles, else it will be, that much as its whole history proves, under destructive elements.

How small must American preachers feel in the pulpit when the audience desires to know if they can ask for more than what is rational or reasonable? Will they give less? That very single question winds up forever all bibles of tradition, and all their supporters. Let them give and require all this to and from the world.

Let this be the boldest of all revolutions, still it is conservative. When we speak of religion, the priestocracy fly to faith from truth.

Then that takes away free agency, and leaves the worst state of want of the unity of adaptation.

The history of mind illustrated in the world proves free agency.

The world cannot be offended at me for exposing the bible as perjuries, when it can at once espouse the truth of religion.

What disgrace to rational mind, that peculiar faith-capital should be the governmental policy to tyrannize over the world of mind this day.

I am actually surprised at rational Americans to act thus.
I know no authority of custom, except through principle.

Think of the folly of making a few dictate to millions, when it takes the whole real nation to govern the mighty weal of mankind.

The state of highest civilization asks : Why does not the world speak truly, and speak in the name of religion, not that of its counterfeit, as Christianity, Mohamedanism, Mormonism, or any other paganism of numbers or of place?

But the priestocracy may become indignant at not receiving their due. That would be popular penalty, as malefactors. They had best at once sink all such in the man, and assume no more, but act as real capitalists on monotheism, which capital the world uses most shamefully, without honorable acknowledgment.

Peculiar faith is always conniving at something low against mind, the world, whereas religion exalts the same. Martial, ecclesiastical, or monarchical despotism, has decided no principle. What farces about public chaplains.

What must the people do after having built so many fine churches? Can they leave them? They are only so much the more pagans.


What are the Revelations of John worth, any more than any other oracle-monger ? All this, if part of creation, would have started with it, but, as subsequent, violates the certain laws of creation, the immutability of God.

What might, if true, arouse our most certain satisfaction and gratitude most boundless, should, as untrue, cause the deepest disgust. As to the bible saints, as they were not, they were vilest impostors. But John saw war in the bible's heaven, Satan cast unt, when he, John, was anticipated by the old bible, that gave Satan long before John, The priestocracy make the devil

. God is too good a being to make such a monster of evil his even superior rival. I could not blaspheme God to countenance any such iniquity, such bible or its priestocracy, to libel God in that wise. That is the most outrageous toryism, fraud on mind. Peculiar revelation of faith presents antagonism to universal rights. There can be no faith of sectarians, yet religion has unity under a common faith. Individuals, masses, nations and worlds, must go on principles. How can there be revealed religion? It is an exercise of rational faculties, then it is innate and evolved by reason. I ask all good persons to unite with me to promote principles, of all that are not wedded to bigotry.

Principles beget an immutable morality, a retributive justice for the sovereign people, whose right is divine by mind.

What is all the falsification of all the world's prophecy, all the faiths that pagan idolatry has ever reared through all ancient to Judaism, all modern to Christianity and Mormonism.

Principles are the lofty ambassadors of God, who furnishes the capital of grace to the whole universe thereby.

No pretended revelation can define sin, which it, violating principles, perpetrates What is sin, then, but their violation ?

Who can then select the worst, costliest road, but from misdirection? Who but the priestocracy do that?

No bible dramatists could then have understood what they were about, with their undeveloped mind. If their hero was a God, then was he immortal; if he suffered death, it was voluntary, or not a God; and if the last, it was a suicide, and that is the suicide of their drama. Mind has taken the bible along with it, not the bible the mind. When the ancient polytheists fabricated a new divinity of perjury, they were not to be defeated for want of the perjury of the affiliated.

The whole world has to evoke all the best blessings of conservative revolution, and adopt all the position. The desecration of religion is too manifest in the faiths of paganism offered, when it is universe full, the last none of it at all.

A faith of principles is the only faith that mind, in soul-organization, can face Deity with.

All peculiar faiths, as plagiaries by mind most perverted, on mind of the world, are ungodly.

After all, all the ungodly messiahships and revelations, they have all left to God what these world-impostors could not do of themselves, falsely trading on God's capital.

It becomes the free Americans, the only free people if they will erect the banner of rational mind, to banish all such forever, and establish the whole world-blessings, to become the first as the most civilized of humanity.

Christianity cannot perfect man's religious nature, not having the inherent elements itself. This earth is a preparatory state, for the world of mind to operate in its mine.

It is the perpetual development of rational religion ; what foolish thought of peculiar faith suddenly regenerating the heart, much less of sanctification or completion.

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