not cause children to adopt, when the very first start violates truth and honesty, the base of religion. It will go for expedient, fair, honorable, just, and legitimate possessions.

But you ought not attack the poor priestocracy. Yes, but where are the world's sufferings ? Are they not paramount? All this is transplanted Asiatic invention. Put it all aside, as wise and good world-patriots.

But we cannot expect the avaricious, covetous priestocracy, that have such world church possessions, to relax their hold, however convinced. The credulous world has actually paid them, to fasten all the chains practicable. The Brahmins usurped not only the rights of their people, but even of religion, and their worship was part and parcel of their peculiar faith!

They, the slaves of slaves, made their citizens menials to them, and their most degrading faith. They invoked all the thunders of superstition, and prostrated that power, that, armed with its own rationality, rationalized in all legitimate, that masters the universe, would have made these wretches depart as the most vulgar miscreants, They are now, as all such, usurpers.

What is to be done with all the world-bullies, that the demagogues and sycophants call mighty nations, military chieftains, &c. ? They are a part of the world's despotism, and must pay forfeit to retributive justice of principles.

I am well assured satisfactorily in my best belief, that none of the priestocracy should delay an honorable and fair justice, in the face of all expedient facts. Equity will certainly bring all to justice, however you delay it.

You have been thought fair and honorable, and how will your house be in excellency without the facts. You have assumed to be the higher law, pretending to be chief justice to justice, and now you are amenable to the religion of principles, whose full power will consign you all to a conspicuous obloquy.

The whole question is definite, you have to ascertain the best that can be done, and that at once. You are to give more than pretences. The great principles of your being, supervised as they are by the functions and attributes of the Creator, no matter in what schools of ethics, varied by peculiar faith, you may have graduated, require it.

Can you, priestocracy, seek to take advantage of mind by misrepresentation, that peculiar faith is to govern its principles. You ought to be wiser. Do you seek to master deranged minds? Do not interfere with your neighbor's business, much less with his rights. Peculiar faith has interfered with the principles of mind and the world. It is you that have soft heads, in place of hard hearts. You are to consult your own nature; study and correct all your weak points. Free, intelligent minds, need no proscription in republics.

So your case is easy, if you have a living that is predicated on false morals and faith, derogatory to religion, you heed not the ruin of the soul-fabric. You should not foster the opposing elements of rational mind, that is the only legitimate power.

You may rely on it, you acts are meretricious.

Now you will see what can bring you to due responsibility ; you cannot escape the tribunal and verdict of principles. You affect that you preach religion ; why then do you not begin and end in truth? What mere miserly gain, with no expansive soul of liberty, are you after ? Ask yourself, is your soul destitute of one functional duty that can be higher than this you set out your lifetime to violate, and seek to estrange the world from its God?

You have got to do something ; you cannot stand at what you are now at. Shame to your peculiar faith or fiction. The pulpit-sophists, to establish preliminaries, must be strictly adjudged vilifiers, libelers of God. When people become the minions of the priestocracy, they cannot get any lower. Will freemen prevaricate to vassals ?

Come, do not rely on your supposed strength, for your little brief authority will be annihilated, and your false position and security will be finally nowhere. Depend on it, that monotheism will irradiate the world, that will contemn you the more.

You may rely on it, that monotheism will destroy all your pulpit sophistry. So long as the mind, the soul, is the exponent of principles, you are doomed. So long as the soul is immortal that made this earth, the worthiest that can be devised in God's purpose, you are to be ruled out of your ways. To exclude mind from religion you exclude immortality, all that is worth considering, and not compatible with God. You cannot organize religion. You affect charity, that which belongs to sectarianism, that is to accord credulity to you. Now, religion goes for a certainty, justice, not charity, that is a contingency.

What interest have you, republican, in absolutism? None. Well, what have you to do with a corrupt priestocracy? None. Well, what have you to do with their ungodly

What! their bible ungodly? Yes. Then, least of all-nothing. If there were millions of writers and advocates, they are all affiliated tribes, hirelings, expectants or identified some way with this foul blot! You cannot mistake wherever the priestocracy have had a hand, that ministers to this world's despotism, ignorance, superstition, and soul-felony.

Hold, citizens, the whole priestocracy to the proper proof of their bible, on the principles of honorable, truthful, honest evidence, and not let them escape it by any manner of means.

It is not a question of sophistry, that they are to get over by any special pleading, but one that pure rational religion demands. Let justice, full and satisfactory to all minds on facts, not faith or credulity, be done. You should do justice to your minds. Hold them all responsible at once and all the time, otherwise amenable for disgraceful pretences.

You have not only silenced, but convicted and annihilated the priestocracy. But they will affect to have their pretences taken for granted, as established, if they can get a generation so verdant to trust them, stultify their own minds by credulity, and injure their own souls by an ignoble acquiescence in their impostures.

God save us from the tender mercies of bigots of any kind. The priestocracy are most unprincipled, having a peculiarity that is always in direct antagonism with principles. Their despotism, which unites church and state, is odiously guilty, and directly responsible to religion and God, for the crimes of such ignoble policy. What is the use in having reason, if bigots, aided by government, tory to the sovereign people, is to defeat it?

Rational developed mind learns of God, that the priestocracy are a worthless, tory tribunal. They do not know where they stand. Their orthodoxy and infallibility, are all peculiar. What an inconsistency: the modern priestocracy join the civilized view of God of the universe, indebted to rational mind for the discovery, to the caricature in exploded bibles, whose writers had a peculiar god or gods. What a pagan incongruity : they mix up with oracle-notions, purloined principles from monotheism, and turn about most ungratefully and abuse it, because the purer religion, the more are they exposed and excluded, corrupting or polluting its holy, sacred sanctuaries. Will the monarch set aside his crown, the bigot his church livings, the citizen the peculiar advantages of social sects? Will self-interest permit them for the apparently abstract truths of monotheism? Peculiar faith is peculiar despotism : there is the solution of the whole charm.

The times are not analogous, and the modern priestocracy are absurd to affect to make the two similar. As to monotheists incurring the petty warfare of the worldpriestocracy, what less can be expected from the efforts of a dying sworn-band? They are desperate, and still cannot see omnipotent truth for their world speculations, the immense amount of church property and incomes. They cannot well give up all that, court and state power and influence.

From the very organization of the high imperial pontiff powers in Europe and Asia, and correlative prelacies that are identified with governments, all such despotisms will have to be annihilated together. A very small part of what the author has written, in some sections of the world now would cost him his life very speedily, and it cannot be expected that he will escape the fiery ordeal of social proscription. But he abides in the full strength of his principles of truth, religion, and confidence of his God.

The game of despotism has been that of setting the world together by the ears, and avail itself of the fends, by turning the arms of part against the balance, to conquer and usurp all. What now is the state of its different parts where despotism prevails : brute force, ecclesiastical and civil tyranny? Wedded to superstition, the people have been cursed by the priestocracy, afraid to act independently, as superstition has such fast hold on their minds. Excommunications of perjury still told.

Shrewd and political speculators in human and the world stock of mind, have seized upon peculiar faith as capital. Is the world prepared by its state of mind, civilization for rational religion as far beyond Christ's as the universe is beyond Palestine, to adopt mere feeling, faith, credulity for reason, when all pretenders claim such nonentities? If we advocate religion, the pretended preachers are up in arms. People, mind, are you asleep? To the rescue.

The world is any thing else than indebted to the priestocracy for a correct knowledge of the true God of the universe, as they are eternally foisting and palming on all their false pretences about their peculiar gods, and war on all independents that dare go for the first.

Sophists might as well claim a sixth sense, as the eye of faith, equivalent to knocking, clairvoyance.

But all would not be estimated as any thing, but for all the world resources thereby secured. All this is to the people's injury, and should be ended by the people's voice. Ere long we may see a state of this illustrious union, that will present the Mormon dynasty of peculiar faith. If we trace effects to their causes, we can easily tell what a doleful state of affairs that will be, where fanaticism and bigotry hold the helm. Is it any better with any other variety of peculiar faith? None. All the difference is in mind, that has its best and practical protection of religion.

The very fact or act of a man's becoming a preacher of peculiar faith, no matter what, is conclusive, irrefutable demonstration of his lying that very moment. How can you then with intelligence, expect truth of preachers--the priestocracy? This is certain--undeniable.

How dare any of the preachers or priestocracy assert that the bible Jew, or peculiar god of the priestocracy, was the God of the universe? They cannot palm this on an intelligent nation of freemen. Such is a libel of the Creator, not a description.

Prophecy is a way of blaspheming God, by means of priestocracy's pretences.

Sovereign people who will discard all despotism, do not know in any form whatever the priestocracy in any of their insidious disguises.

Woman, learn of this, you who ask what for morals and religion can you do? You cannot know at all any such profession, and know the God of the universe.

How is it possible that the priestocracy, who are devoted to their peculiar god, can speak of the God of the universe? They are estopped from that, by their own position. There have been various conflicts of peculiar gods, that is, through their representatives, but when the court party rules, the advantage is generally on its side. Thus, Joe Smith suffered, not because the Christian’s gods were the best, but because their representatives were. Those who could so easily perjure themselves about their peculiar gods, could lie always to the people for all the vilest purposes, as Moses and clan, who were destitute of the very confidence that their false pretences, miracles, and prophecies were invoked for.

Our very existence is identified with and promises the highest obligations to the Creator, especially gratitude, and the utmost exertion to become worthy of farther introduction, to appreciate the adjourned problem of immortality, that of God.

Rational mind needs the second volume of its existence, the soul organization, and that is too pure for these self-invited officials to affect.

Mind, is eternal as principles, the actor of principles that cannot surrender its protection to such. It cannot submit the matter of faith to them. Man must properly exercise rational mind's function, reason, not only as to the last but the first, to reject the counterfeit and counterfeiters. Otherwise, he might take superstition for religion, and not only make a fool of himself, but seek, as an impostor, to expose his counterfeits to others. Then self-preservation, the very first moral law, precludes his being a blockhead, that he may not become a knave. If he absurdly take man's bibles, and pretend them for God's, he becomes a world's culprit, and is a world's nuisance, and should be abated, if not removed. How will mind get over all this difficulty ?

By avoiding all, never taking any step that will identify itself with such associations, that will infect it certainly. The perverse mind may say, I will take the bible. The felon may adopt his profession, but he and all his family will assuredly find an end somewhere ; for principles will positively wind him up in this universe.

They are obliged to do it, to do their duty as representatives of the omniscient. His choice will, he thinks, endorse all for him. But all the universe is not blind, though he chooses not to see or reason. He puts on the optical illusions of faith, and thinks he sees all the universe as they misrepresent it. But who endorses the last endorsers, the bible and faith? That is the main question, and that is bottomless and foundationless.

If you take peculiar faith, you must bully or wheedle, to carry out your plans. As much as you affect to deprecate stumbling-blocks, you are one to the whole world, as the whole affair is a stumbling block.

The advocates of peculiar faith had better never have known it; as it is, they, the world, should know it entirely, not as the pulpit sophists premise out of their book, and their versions, through the eye of faith, the people's folly and credulity, but like honest, truthful, and valiant freemen, who should investigate it, and if they find it worthless, palmed on them, the refuse and bantling of royalty, to kick out faith and faith sophists. Happy is mind, to find out in anticipation.

But the advance is rather backwards. In the enlightened metropolis of London, it is estimated that much the largest majority of its citizens do not attend Sabbath worship, as a habitual thing.

The sects are trying to extinguish sects; Romanism and protestantism are pitted against each other, as the court and dissenting faith.

And what difficulties are bred in countries, by the arrogation of Romanism, especially where she has interfered between the head (Elizabeth) of the English government, and er subjects and the bull of her pope-Pius absolving them from allegiance. Surely it is not that the intelligent people of England cannot see that the bible and hierarchies are all excrescences on the world ; but royalty has its benefit, as available capital.

Now free Americans, to suffer themselves to be defrauded with such pets of despotism, is beyond endurance. When all this despotic compound goes down, despotism has its fall. Liberalists of the world act, act rightly, and now. Intelligent freemen, yours is the highest duty, to put down all peculiar faiths--the world's follies and curses. The

game of Puseyism and anti-puseyism, popery and anti-popery, is too small a calibre for rationalists and liberalists, who can triumphantly point the world to a holier theme.

Peculiar faith extinction will be the only issue of right.

These priestocracies act as if they were the especial guardians of faith. Is faith peculiar? Not at all ; that is impossible, as long as the universe hath mind, reason, and honesty, that are universal. It is the false pretence of the priestocracy. For their pretence faith, religion gives her confidence ascertained-her knowledge adoration of God, instead of worship. She commends an independence of speech, as thought and action on the case. Before her, the autocracy of society proscription must decline to utter annihilation, as all of pagan 'ways. Nobody is safe without the conservative protection, conjoined with its best prudence.

Is there no base lucre behind the confessional, the baptism, indulgences to sins, dispensations for licenses, the quick exit from purgatory; no rich legacies to the churches at death of the deluded?

The whole object of the preaching is to keep out of view the adequacy of monotheism, as if the priestocracy were perjured to be eternal felons on truth and religion, and traitors to mind and God!

The world must not yield an iota of power to any such pretence over the rightful power of mind and the people. What if the pope had power, when he issued his papal bull against Elizabeth, would he not have enforced it? Is this not enough, when he intervened between the people and their government? Has not this been attempted by others, as far as their little brief authority permitted ?

The majesty of mind declares that the reason of God is always right and conservative, and mind must elicit that, as all other treasures, by the inquiry.

That is part of his nature. A masterly comprehension and analysis will exclude faith, that does not belong to God's empire, except founded on truth and religion, that no beculiar bibles can fathom. The people only can maintain their supremacy and sovereignty by rational mind education.

You need not advance your peculiar faith—that is reflected by christianity, Mormonism, Judaism, all paganism, that cannot exist a moment in a true constitutional liberty and society.

All the religion of the Creator pre-eminently forbids such materials for the world and mind slavery. If contempt is due the past, must not execration be that of the present priestocracy? The world has pauperized its mind's capacity by faith, in the inexhaustless field of religious action.

It is needless to oppose the progress of rational religion, that never has been, and never can be, assailed justly. All peculiar faiths have had their day, and are now exploded, if mind says so. Where peculiar faith cannot touch, monotheism rules preeminently. The whole reflects the condition of mind, that must inquire in what other school than that of monotheism can one be a perfect gentleman? Let your sons and daughters graduate in that, the best of all on earth.

You send missionaries to China to paganize her and the world. The highest object of religion is to make a decent world, but you cannot thus do it by faithizing, peculiarizing, paganizing it into decency.

Have no clashing interests. Let all have supreme unity of design, conformable to the best constitutional lights of rationality. If China were to send to America to paganize the people, you would ridicule such. Thus these people can do you so. You must first rationalize and religionize yourselves. Cast no bullion sins to the world, to be thrown back upon you; but all the elements of good. The moment you let go principle, you let open the door to the wildest excesses. If you violate principles, the world goes at random in the ordinary operations of life, as in architecture, agriculture ; then how, in the noblest of all the soul and mind, can you act with impunity? You are never safe without principles, as you are then at the mercy of the merciless. Is there anything certain in life, but principles and their results, cause and effect, to consummation, religion, that insures conservation.

Do you appreciate truth and honesty in the whole world? You do. Then how comes it you advocate the Jew and Jew-christian bibles, that is founded on lies all the time? Can you

talk of conscience to the fraternity of despotism?

Did not kings, priests, or martial prowess, doff its qualms ?

Did Alexander refuse the title of Jupiter's son-God's son--which he had coveted ? Did the priestocracy refuse it? Did vassals disobey? Who stayed such but the wise and virtuous of mind, the philosophic Greek ?

All faith ends in fanaticism but for rational mind.

We must take away from the world the means and power of hurting itself or others. Principles will be the thing.

Now the acts of rational religion have been going on in every age of the world's humanity, with its silent and lovely modesty, efficient proportionately to mental rationalism; yet the priestocracy has been, and is, one of the worst of professions.

When in the dark ages of the world all things were not appreciated, unappreciated, peculiar faith of course was among them. It is not to be wondered at, when it has been the most available resource of despotism. Unconstitutional power forever precludes due investigation and correction. Appropriate correction can be made by rational mind.

It takes all the sophistry and corrupt false pretences of the moderns, affiliated and leagued together in the worst collusion, to keep their bibles all from sinking together. They have murdered and sacrificed the world, their Creator, and all principles, to uphold it; but all their felonies will not do. They will all sink together. The world, the universe, must have its appropriate motions, time must have its functions, truth must have its facts, religion have its victory, and God his purposes executed.

The lever of the untrammelled press has overcome all the miracles of the dynasty of priestocracies, peculiar gods and all.

But you oppose my definition of pagan, which means a verdant mind, as green as a raw wild countryman, more or less animal, that looks to his master. Now the most unerring is that of a bigot who is an obstinate pagan, who thinks that his custom, his calf called Moses or Aaron, is the best one of the world's team. He will stick to his old daddy's notions, because his dad's register, an old astrological almanac, pretendedly, is the world's register. But he forgets, if he ever knew, to compare dates and matters now obsolete with the universe motions, that he is dreaming of in his blind visions.

Moses made a calf as well as Aaron-his was the bible. Its bleatings are audible in the bestial halls of despotism, and the social proscriptions of republics. It has grown to be a bull, that luxuriates in the halls of papacy, and has gored much of the world, and has tilted many a time, with one of the family bulls, a bigger calf. Which calf can bleat the loudest?

Who can wonder at the present efforts of the modern priestocracy, whose interests, professions and character, are all involved in the support of an exploded bible, that if known fully to the world would involve them all in irremediable ruin?

The most horrid part of the conspiracy is, that moderns, whose mind should have enabled them to meet this loftiest question of religion, have conspired against the peace and dignity of the world in upholding despotism.

Religion does not urge you, who ignorantly adopted a rotten system and bible, to continue foolishly and flagitiously to urge them, after their exposure and explosion, to the people, the world, but to renounce them as derogatory sins, a part of your duty.

The bright light of monotheism will lead you to the pale of universal brotherhood. In that you cannot conflict with the world, but must have the universe with you ; starting right in infancy, you will retire with its noblest culmination in old age and the decline of life. That is your only safety and honor.

You should aid the world in all your generous and just resolves; not set it a barbarian and criminal example.

When the lights of religion are before the world, we have the faith of despotism, that prostitutes mind to paganism instead of monotheism.

Who can church religion? Come, mind, you are not linked with any fraudulent priestocracy ; but you are with religion, that excludes them. They have only been sustained by the devices of despotism. In this world the soul is interlinked to the universe only by rational mind, and must bespeak an earnest for a substantial and brighter future. It is rational mind that bestows all this, through the inspiration of rationality, the grace of Deity, the Creator.

But where does all the principal fault lie, about impeached bibles, so corrupt, that no honest dupe can now believe them, but corrupt and unworthy of religious audience? It lies in the priestocracy, that are basely corrupt and false to religion, God and mind. Now as the bible is impeached for perjury, the priestocracy have to overcome that successfully the first thing done in the pulpit, or depart perjured themselves.

They will not do service to truth, when they criminate themselves. When the priestocracy affect that such bibles cause nations to flourish, they do not have mind to analyze

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