You talk of Robespierre, Marat, and Danton, enemies of the human race, to hold on to your rottenness a little longer. Did not the dynasty of kings and priestocracies crush the mind of the French people for centuries, brutalize, degrade and barbarize it?

No means for such ungodly collusion or collision should be adopted, or left available on earth by mind, that regards the right culture. The priestocracy should be ashamed by this time, of continuing such felony and devices to defraud their fellow-men. They should resort to the plough, the loom, or the anvil, as an honest means of getting their livelihood, and drop all such idle, false, ungodly pretences. All that were of this faith, that sought to do good, will abhor this as the means to do so.

If the priestocracy persist in their evil ways, let the others serve God Almighty, and seek to reach the pure centre of purity and the universe; but let the world's eyes be upon the perjurers.

Why adhere to a corrupt system of peculiar faith, a counterfeit for God? If people were to turn to their own mind-culture and business to the proper extent, and let God manage his own universe as he desires, the world would be properly governed.

The dynasty of priestocracies has been that of bullies, sophists, and perjurers, all. Has monopoly any conscience ?

The greatest vassalage is caused by priestocracies.

The clergy assumed the medical profession. What did they not do, as long as the people permitted them ?

Why should they not hold to all the influences that move the world? Surgeons advocated that the royal touch cured scrofula, &c.! Which have been the worst, the meanness and sycophancy of the world, or the pretences of priestocracy?

The sooner you get out of your bibles of tradition, priests, preachers, and dupes, the better. What a puerile sycophancy of professors, to square science with the bibles of ignorant monkish tradition! We are willing to recognise and appreciate, in all professors, all that they can personally claim. It is with them to arrest discussion at the desirable point. If kings can do no wrong, why will not the priestocracy assume more ?

God will save us, if our minds will do their bounden duty, from the tyranny and seduction of the priestocracy, who have humbugged and tyrannized over the world.

Why do the priestocracy ask of freemen to degrade themselves to superstition, man. worship, for mere pretences ?

We think that fool's-day ought to be abolished as superfluous, as there are so many others, since it propagates bad morals, as want of veracity, a serious matter indeed.

All time employed about the priestocracy, comes under this category as most trifling. The priests and preachers must know, if they are smart, that they do wrong.

This is the age that presents the great faculty of reading them thoroughly, whilst it is supposed very verdant.

When the world speaks rightly on this subject, the priestocracy, who are self-imposed impostors, will be nowhere. They will be ashamed of the light, and afraid of their own shadows.

Their great object has been to influence mind for their power, &c. All power, but of the people, has a connective link dovetailed into each other. This is the category and solution of difficulties to be overcome.

While all professions have their humbugs more or less, that of the preachers has the more especially, for it is all humbug. The time will come when they will be panicstruck, in real danger. These ungodly men had better stop.

Preachers, or church-people, are no better, at the best, than good persons out of the church? Yes. Prove them better. If the priestocracy were the deposit of science and power, they have betrayed that

When convicted, they do not wish to be convinced; they do not wish to see right, as they ever misquote. What divine rights have doctors of peculiar faith, to know all about faith?

What unprincipled opposition malignant bigotry can adduce! The edition of priestocracy is analogous, in all ages and places, all over the world. They seek power, impose on the superstitious, increasing ignorant credulity and delusive hopes, causing them to be unreasonable, unjust and sophisticated, making themselves the impostors of the world.

What person, in his senses, will knowingly colleague with them? Self-instituted impostors! Can fanatics absolve themselves from imposition of sin ?

Responsibility should attach to all the universe or creation. Will not the preachers and priests be responsible for misleading the people by false pretences of messiahship? They have run riot on vassal mind long enough. It is time that all such frauds be arrested. Do you aim to be right before the world?


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We may expect that of the people, but how of the priestocracy in face of facts ? They seek to evade, not adopt principles. Their system is bankrupt in principle.

Much of the world assumes to decide this mighty subject, of itself, or by an interested priestocracy. How can it do this honorably, without investigation and proper analysis? What special pleadings have there been, by preachers and priests, to prop up a gone cause,

How is the conservative part of the world to correct them?

How can we get a hearing before bigotry ? Every avenue is blocked by money, inMuence, power, prejudice, and sophistry. The word of the priestocracy is the very last that ought to be taken on this subject, as their self-interest has perverted the subject, for centuries.

The means of the priestocracy are, in all ages, the faith of superstition ; otherwise they had, or have, no existence. Instead of teaching mysteries, let science teach all in the tide of time. It is the priestocracy-influence that says: give us the bible of tradition. The word peculiar, belongs to the priestocracy. While others are quick to impose, the people are in the greatest wrong to seek the imposition.

What country should be the refuge of culprits for murder and crime; what country should be the receptacle of their creeds? Is this holy writ? The world yields its power to a set who gives no responsibility.

Who are the real butchers of social life and happiness, friendship of a universal brotherhood ?

Do they not cover defeat, as swindlers of popular rights, by doctrines, notoriously the work of mind, perverted by all the corruptions of faith and perjury ?

How can you believe the priestocracy, who lie about religion, first to last, all the time?

Fanatics have shut out the light of reason from mind, for pretences of bibles. What felony !

The more ignorant the bigot, the more difficult is he to be corrected. What is that faith worth that pretends that people the worst in the world, at death can be pardoned by a mere act of the priestocracy!

What sin. Confession and forgiveness! What crime in them? What a worldnuisance, to be noticed in rational jurisdiction. Reason is never to be conspired against by any earthly priestocracy, the basest blasphemers, the lowest of the low. What do augury, man-worship, or any of the pagan forms of priestocracy, profit the world ? Instead of resisting the blind infatuation of the ignorant multitude, the priestocracy turn deceivers of their countrymen, by an extortion on their credulity, and profit thereby, at the same time claiming, by excellence, to be the means of promoting science and invention in the world.

The priestocracy have been the most degraded, avaricious, deluded, and ignorant. They are one idea people, who cannot analyze that idea. What is messiahship but priestcraft, kept afloat by all kinds of world delusion and iniquity of the inquisition; but if you speak what you know of false pretences of the priestocracy, they will do their worst against you, as you expose them? These professors assume that their profession is superior to the mind, even the soul. _At whose tribunal is the responsibility ? At God's. Why? By right of creation. The priestocracy play into each other's hands. Do you belong to their dynasty ?

What faith, sustained by the doctrine of bibles of tradition, however potent supposed in capacity of saving, can be advanced by any priestocracy, with sincere declarations of infallibility ? All their peculiar faith is ruinous to a world's morals, and the soul's happiness. When this profession and vassals are made to speak of it, they are nonplused, and do not wish a fair investigation or rational discussion of the mysteries. The priestocracy have kept back the world from the brightest light, the true analysis of mind.

Cato, the censor, said: “It was surprising that the priests, during the performance of their divine service, could refrain from bursting out into a loud laugh in the faces of their congregation.” Is the perjury less?

The sovereign people should not let the priestocracy prejudice them. When faith is mixed up with government—as in China—and absolute dynasties, what a hopeless chance is there for justice to mind!

Bigots ! in seeking to convert others, convert yourselves to reason and truth; then you will see justice done.

Ministers, leave that pulpit, seek religion, truth, honesty, and God.

The people are fooled to death by their priestocracy, who try to scare them, as vassals, from reading rational books of religion. What treachery!

The priestocracy cannot answer them honorably and fairly, and have to resort to absolute falsehood to get along. What miserable pious frauds are now being committed to the world in all peculiar faiths.

Were it not for the power, influence and pay, the world would long ago have rejected this, the most abominable curse. There are no hopes of a bigot who acts by selfinterest, not by reason.

But for collusion of the priestocracy and their vassals, the whole of this fable would be done.

No, it is dovetailed in with governments of usurpation, of whatever hierarchy, whether protestant or not, reeking in corruption. To pull it down, you must pull down all absolute governments.

It is shameful that American statesmen should uphold anything of the kind, being bad enough for the vulgar to do so. Why should we have among us men who make false statements about religion?

You rely on the clergy? Can you have proper confidence in them interested to millions of revenue per year, that increases as proselytes increase? Any person or book that proclaims more thari the unity of God, libels him most blasphemously. Josephus tells that Ide, the freed woman of Decius Mundus of Rome, corrupted and bribed the priests of Isis to beguile a married woman, Paulina, esteemed a lady, to commit adultery with Mundus, under the disguise of the god Anubis, for which Tiberius ordered the priests as well as Ide to be crucified, and the temple of Isis, &c., to be demolished, only however banishing Mundus. This goes to prove that man, priest, or other, is liable to corruption when he puts himself in the way, which he does by commencing priest, which is the profession of humbuggery.

The priestocracy curse, and lie in that curse. What a position of the class assuming to have all the decency and truth, to be the greatest liars and cursers in the world, that absolutely requires their annihilation.

What does the world wish of false teachers ? All their doctrines are perjured.

Are not the preachers concealed infidels? Do not some just believe as far as the money goes?

As to the ancient priestocracy, we may not really blame them so much, considering the disastrous peculiarity of the times, that shaped mind to its sway. We may consider that they sought to escape all the evils of past martial prowess, when slavery or death was too often the result of victory. When we survey the scenes of desolation of ancient ruins, we can best appreciate what peculiar faith and military prowess have done in their reckless fanaticism.

The Jews, whose pagan bible progeny is forced on us, exterminated whole people of all ages and both sexes.

The Romans, whose institutions were apparently best for their own subjects at one time, but which relapsed into the most abject degradation of mind eventually, tyrannized over most of their circle of power.

They spared no city, if expedient, as they massacred a million at a time to subdue it. Military despotism, infuriated by fanatical peculiar faith, carried everything before it. The result of paganism of the whole world is more or less presented us. Will the world most foolishly continue it, the result of undeveloped and vitiated mind, or enjoy the pure religion of rational mind.

We lose valuable time on bigots.
Reformation with such goes on too slowly.

Nothing short of conservative revolution in all things, will meet the purposes of creation.

The union of kings and priests is as old as the bible.

Melchisedec was king and priest, tyrant enough over his country ; exclude all the modern Melchisedecs.

Creation shames man, priestocracy, about their bibles, that is so opposed to civilization. What shall the world think of those who mouth the scriptures as the word of God, without any proof at all, but just the reverse is staring them in the face of the universe. Analysis proves the extreme difficulty of escaping the net of the corrupt priestocracy, who introduce all practicable impediments, and not the first one true. Articles of faith are to be signed in England even by the clergy, before undertaking the functions of that faith. That is the act of perjury.

Preachers transgressing the noblest principles of social organization, by the highest treason to God and man, are cloaked up by their partizans, who see their base criminal designs in lust, avarice and ambition, telling on all the world where they can secure power. How important is this thing of advice, that the world absolutely needs. That of the priestocracy cannot be disinterested. Is that of all others ? Consider all written or verbal.

Covetousness invests the ministers of peculiar faith, who by ambition seek the most profitable call.

All this temptation should be taken away“. If vanity, ambition, covetousness, and envy, are in the way of your right equilibrium of justice, the sooner you get rid of all such the better. Take the highest purposes of mind, determined to succeed on principles. You can never have any other base. Most wily and cunning have been the priestocracy, superseding God's principles.

Bribery and corruption prevail for the sophists in all unions of church and state, and its influences where separated. The bearing of the world's literature on the American criticism, is basely corrupted in all the dynasties, medical, theological, &c. Where is the fountain corruption ? The world has been overrun by peculiar education, from which mind is with the extremest difficulty rescued. Rational education must bring home all to the people, to every mind. The right rational culture of mind has been wanted in every age and country, to do justice most comprehensively to all subjects. In the freest it has only been just commenced. The seed has been sown in America. The subtlest, most perjured sophists, are defenders of the bibles of tradition, the levers of priestocracy. The sophists of the bibles of tradition assume much, especially that, mind is stationary in religion. They assume as if they had got out of faith a false capital. Gospel means priestocracy's tidings.

The dynasty of state and church is identified, for a more effectual dynasty. Search the scriptures, and you will only find what the priestocracy say. Can you trust them? A bigot has not got the materials of friendship or honesty, when he pleads perfidious faith.

Who is not disgusted with the sophists of the world, who look at the bibles of tradition united to their governments or monarchies?

If their gospel was for the whole world, why is not this proved? The absence of proof, proves perfidy to the world.

Whence do you get your authority, your credentials, Mr. Minister? The priestocracy impostors?

The endorsement of felons is felony, not authority.

Look what a miserable state of things existed by priestocracy of Moses, that interdicted the talents or personal character of the people in their whole legitimate capacity! What usurpation !

The people were not qualified. Were their perfidious usurpers qualified to do justice to the people? Did the world ever do it, as to constituents? Can honest men palm such a pretence on the world? Can any but the rankest tories to popular rights advocate such ?

If the priestocracy were to issue or circulate spurious bank notes in the same way they propagate the spurious faith doctrines, they would be liable to the penitentiary !

They are already thus self-condemned.

There is no reason now for the law of primogeniture to exist, as this enlightened age does not need priestocracy. How long will it be, that this depraved set of people will cease to estrange themselves from the world's community, and despoil the innocence, loveliness, independence, intellectuality, the noblest attributes of mind ? But how is it possible that all this class, from the originator of the ancient regime, bibles of tradition and all down to their present advocacy, is not supremely good, when it arouses the world to the improvement of the soul? Does it not put the soul, and certainly the world, in a worse condition, perfidious to God and man?

But what motive could induce them? If they were bad men, they could not be interested in the soul's welfare, and if good men, they could not do less. The world has no proof of their interest in the soul's welfare. The ancient times furnish no parallel with the present times of mind. The mighty power of exemptivn from the common sense lot of human sufferings, was a potency most desirable in the ancient barbarism of the world ; yes, not only exemption, but the controlling power over all states. It was the power, the despotism, the inclusive whole behind the throne itself.

That was most desirable. The priestocracy were potent in this. I suppose that I address scholars of practical sense, who know the position of writings, without the necessity of quotations. I aim to be exact, and am amenable to courteous correction. Avaunt, ye perjured idolators of the pulpit.

Which of the world's bigots, of all the professions, is the worst? It is hard to tell, as all are after the people's property. Talk not of reason and justice to either. Any doctrine that approximates genuine rational religion, approximates the truest, and all pretensions of faith are by and through this capital. Preachers who advance principles of religion with their peculiar faith, are only religious so far as correct principles bear them out, and that is the capital smuggled from monotheism.


What do we want with a pauperized profession?

All, without exception of the priestocracy, should beg at some honest employment of work. They disgrace themselves, and do no good to mind. The way the priestocracy treats the world, proves that they assume to be world guardians, and have the right to dictate their assumption upon it. As Christ had no commission, the priestocracy has none, and should leave the pulpit. The worst self-delusion is seeking to blind the world by words, when actions belie all the time, and when the counterfeits are so worthless, proffered in place of a priceless jewel, rational religion, that gives all a truthful representation. The world would be governed forever by craftship, if it be verdant enough, as in overgrown cities there are professions that live by all the artifice of fraud, and circumvent every, all that they can. Both sexes resort to all the false pretences of their trade to deceive. Did I say cities: the world is filled with such? In what department of life, is not this sown broad cast? Even in the pearl fishery of Ceylon, two shark charmers are employed to repel the sharks by their charms and potent spells, and they reap an abundant harvest during the fishery. Such is the infatuation of the superstitious divers, that if they did not pay satisfactorily, that a collusion would take place between the charmers and the sharks. Cannot the tender conscience--world-softs see now, that they can trust to none affecting divine missions ? Is the hold of the priestocracy any less with their beguiled, befooled superstitious devotees, who are threatened with the weight of eternal damnation by Christ, if the world did not come into his sectarianism? The means of priestocracy are too abundant, too much is appropriated that way to eradicate such a nuisance at once. They as sharks fish the whole world, and get the pearls of value: nature acts best, knowing her own laws, despite of the pretensions of the priestocracy. Priest, priest, it is priestocracy from the first word to the last of all such bibles. Let not the world be deceived any longer. As priestocracies they are dishonored as augurs and oracle-mongers, but as men, when citizens and patriots, they are worthy associates. Why then will they persist in a cause that dishonors them, and corrupts all? The cause of God advocates itself; but that of the priestocracy demands their sophistry and perjury. But the game of the priestocracy is ignoble, to play with souls. Whilst the world must be completely silent in avoiding all calumny, none should be silent in any matter that ought to be made known for the good of society, the world. Most difficult is it for the people, to overcome antiquated notions of the divinity of the priestocracy. This trick, this perjury, has been kept up for many ages, and the mass has stupidly believed it their bounden duty. If the priestocracy have forfeited all claim to the decent respect to the world, by what tenure can they expect it? Do they still take the people for blockheads? The priestocracy are men of one idea, to make all things, even God, and nature conform to their exploded antiquated bible! Their actions as sophists most prejudiced, prove, that all should perish at the tribunal of an abominable heresy their faith, as they call it, ere' the bible of tradition should receive its just deserts. Gracious God! That millions should have been sacrificed to infamous books, the most counterfeit perjured currency! Has the world lost its senses? Will it hear reason? Will it obey mind? Or will it be vilely cheated ; will it cheat itself of all its creation birthrights, to foster the vilest pretensions of imposition, humbug, and chicanery? Were it not for the priestocracy, the world would be done with peculiar faith. Then be done with them. * So the priestocracy gained their point, they did not care for temporal gain. Theirs is the most artful and insidious attempt, to rule the world.

If it were not for the fall of man, where would be the rise of priestocracy? Can the world do the doctrine away? You cannot expect that of the priestocracy, to do themselves away?

But was not the serpent, the devil, proof of all that? Was not the serpent worshipped as a symbol of the good demon, by the Egyptians, &c., and even of the evil doctrine? Whom do we expect to convince? Bigots? Can we readily eradicate their peculiar faith, one sided preaching, that the mass of the people only hear? Why do not freemen adopt the noble, free, liberal discussion of rational religion ?

Why do they not elicit the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Why do the priestocracy hate deists, theists or monotheists so? Because they expose on conservative principles, the peculiar and traditional bibles, all fabricated by lying, false pretences, and that cause the world to lie; pollute society, and degrade morals. Keep not back patriots, citizens good and true; take them out of the hands of the unworthy polluters of the world's morals, and invaders of mind's rights, the real culprits of society. They are only the ancient oracle-mongers, modernized. But how could the priestocracy ever corrupt these bibles, that represent such mighty things? That's the very thing the world priestocracy is for, to get power; don't the bible advocates censure the Chinese, Hindoos, and Egyptians, for corrupting their annals, pre

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