have no temporal interest for themselves? The priests of Egypt had one-third the produce of all the cultivated land, and peculiar power.

They had what was peculiar people. What did those of Europe and Asia, all over the world, in all their forms and changes from century to century? What possessions and principalities had they not in England and France ?

What did they the least have? Religion ? No; the people were cheated, for they only had the gift of peculiar faith.

Alas, poor world, you have beeen mistreated your age. In all ages of the priestocracy-power, whether as druids or augurs, pontiffs or any other, their power predominated, preying upon the sympathies of the people. What awful persecutions--what powerful influence of sects.

Let it not be too late, that you know these things rightly, and do them properly.

How can you believe the priestocracies, as they are temporarily interested? Their testimony is of no account or truth, not trustworthy. People are most verdant to believe them. The world of priestocracies, diversified as they are in both continents by creeds and names, vitiated as a body politic, invested with sovereign power, can never for a moment uphold any bibles of their tradition, as all such are an imposition and fraud on mind.

Absolutism seeks all manner of ways, to deprive mind of its sacred rights, to foil of its due light of rational investigation, or sophisticate all that appears.

Ministers of God will do the thing right, first for their minds, and next trustworthy of freemen.

Shame on the drivellers, who interfere with God's attributes and sovereignty. If crime and Deity are incompatible as purity and impurity, how can the perpetrators of capital-blasphemy-crimes reconcile themselves to the author of their existence and future being ?

Do the priestocracies work for nothing? Who is simple enough to believe it, but degraded vassals that are afraid to call their souls God's, and their money their own property ?

The curses of the priests have fallen in India, Egypt and Chaldea, the world.

When will the day ever come, when those lands will be delivered from the blight of their curses? By christianity ? One paganism for another ?

Talk of other kinds of slavery, what are they to this slavery? But what right have we to speak? As much as any other of the billion of minds, all of which are the true beneficiaries, and as much as any other patriots, that love truth and reason of all serious propositions submitted. But have not the priestocracies also a right to speak? Certainly, but only as the rights of mind entitle them as men, not the usurpations of mind as impostors.

The sanctity of popes, prelates, bishops, &c.!
For God's sake, and mind's sake, stop that humbuggery.

How long are the preachers and priests, to humbug the world? As long as that world is verdant enough to pay for all such humbugs !!!

Preachers and priests seek to convince the world, and they appeal to reason and faith-sophistry under the garb of reason, and credulity under the garb of faith.

When they pretend that all should "search the scriptures," and "get understanding," they strictly imply reason, which as soon as it is embraced, they rail at and libel most infamously by all the inquisition that universal freedom and toleration permit them, thus most inconsistently convicting and disgracing themselves by bigotry and fanaticism. The proper search of all scriptures of tradition, leads unquestionably to their impeachment and discarding in full.

They cannot stand this test. Of course they are worthless, and the sooner discarded the better, that mind may be rightfully employed.

Truth is immutable, and though suppressed or counterfeited under the pretences of church peculiar faith, yet cannot be annihilated by these deceivers. Many of these people deceive themselves, in keeping up deceptions not recognised now by the whole world. Ministers, you that have minds still unsullied by peculiar faith, you cannot be enraged against us, but will thank us for exposing to you the errors of your ways. It is your duty to renounce them at once and for ever. Preachers, no doubt, preach absurdities and sophistries that they do not believe, and cannot clearly, if intelligent and honest. Josephus (as quoted by Jones' Church History), tells us, có that the high priests of the Jews, were the most abandoned of mortals, and that they generally obtained their dignified stations, either through the influence of money, or court sycophancy; and that they shrank from no species of criminality that might contribute to support them in the possession of an authority thus iniquitously purchased.

“Under a full conviction of the precarious tenure on which they held their situation,

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This was

it became a leading object of their concern to accumulate, either by fraud, or force," &c. Recollect these were the bible makers !!! Jones says of the Romanists, " that while they had an interest in disguising the truth, calling them false,” &c. These the pillars of bible advocacy. What more proof?

What are the immense number of pious frauds perpetrated by this profession in its various forms?

Observe the Magian rites-Zoroaster to procure the greater veneration for these sacred fires, pretended to have received fire from heaven.

The fire temple : these Magian rites were built on the Jewish plan.

“The Jews had their sacred fire, which came down from heaven upon the altar of burnt offerings, which they never suffered to go out, and with which all their sacrifices and oblations were made." What honest mind believes this lie? " Zoroaster, in like manner, pretended to have brought his holy fire from heaven.” They were all perjuries. The priests of the magi were the scholars and philosophers, and were looked upon by the vulgar as more than natural, and that they were inspired by superstitious

And is not this the world's history? The Magian priests were all of one tribe, as among the Jews. This became the national faith.

The royal family were of the priest tribe, to sustain its power of course. supplanted by Mahometanism, another perjury.

The Franciscan and Dominican monks :

** The last adopted fictitious visions and dreams--as dæmons, an imposture of an opposition. These were impious frauds.

* These monks persecuted Jetser, who heard all the secrets of his life and thoughts, which the impostors had learned from his confessor.”

(The immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary, was adopted by the Franciscans.) Jetser discovered the plot, and the perpetrator prior.

The Dominicans to prevent exposure of the plot, tried to bribe Jetser to carry on the cheat, but afterwards as the most effectual way, sought to poison him. The four friars were burnt. Had this plot not been divulged, it would have been published as a great miracle. “They were perpetually employed in encroaching upon the rights and properties of others, to augment their possessions, and in laying the most iniquitous snares and stratagems for the destruction of their adversaries," They were next to the Jesuits.

The Jesuits, peculiar like the Jews, were confessors of nearly all the monarchs of Europe, thus enjoying a great and influential function. The spiritual guides of great

" The Jesuits had become the confessors of almost all the monarchs in every catholic country in Europe : a function of no small importance in any reign, but, under a weak prince, superior to that of a minister. They were the spiritual guides of almost every person eminent for rank or power; they possessed the highest degree of confidence and interest with the papal court, as the most zealous and able champions for its authority; they possessed at different periods, the direction of the most considerable courts in Europe ; they mingled in all affairs, and took part in every intrigue and revolution.” They acquired wealth and power. Unhappily for mankind, their vast influence has been often exerted with the most fatal effects. They sought to exalt ecclesiastical power on the ruins of civil government. They incessantly stirred up against the Protestants, all the rage of ecclesiastical and civil persecutions." And yet all these people were professed christians, who claim pre-eminently the doctrine of loving even enemies !

Priestocracy is established under the Grand Lama, the sovereign pontiff or high priest of Thibetian Tartars. This hierarchy influences much of Asia. It has its thousands of priests. The Lama is worshipped by the Tartars, most of whom consider him their god. Even the Emperor of China acknowledges him in his peculiar faith capacity, one of the weakest things in that ruler. His worshippers prostrate themselves before him. He has unlimited power in his dominions. The inferior Lamas are the head priests. The country is filled with priests, to whose support Tartary and India contribute. Among their errors, is the doctrine of the transmigration of the soul.

This peculiar faith is of thousands of years standing, and has temporal and spiritual influence. Here is the sublime of imposition on the human mind,

The Roman faith seems to be assimilated in its superstitions, so that Asia has not only furnished the books, but even the rites and ceremonies, &c.

In what does the balance of the world peculiar worship, differ essentially from this ? It is all superstition.

What! says the Protestant. Yes, Mr. Protestant, you are estopped by your brother


Lama priestocracy, on your own position at the very first question of faith. Do you not require this article as essential to your worship, and how dare you hypocritically deny it to the whole world, if you pretend to be sincere ?

It matters not what be their rites and ceremonies. You accuse them of worshipping idols of wood! You are worshippers of idols of fiction. Your God has been in dust more than eighteen hundred years, you affirm by statements that unequivocally

prove it.

What, sir, is the material difference between dust, and that which will be, in the lapse of time?

You may sophisticate all pagan peculiar worships as you and your priestocracy can, still your quagmire cannot be different from the balance.

It will take lengthy volumes to tell of all the priestocracies of the world. They are the soul of all corrupt peculiar faith, that engendered sectarianism at its conception. What must have been its crimes at birth, and at its maturity? Judaism was a lonely scion from the older dynasties, and she is about to be the mother of a prolific offspring

But each claims to be a peculiar reformist, still all are alike. In what does one excel the other? All are superstitious. In what did the Roman and Arian disputants differ? Power of the Latins decided for them, and disgraced the excluded Arians, by banishment.

Then arises the Greek on the Roman church, as its “patriarch, who procured the deposition of another official of Jerusalem, was solemnly excommunicated by the patriarch. These churches have insuperable hatred toward each other.” All must see that they are just what their priestocracies have made them. " The faith of the Greek church is greatly corrupted in Turkey, being little better than a heap of ridiculous ceremonies and absurdities." —Buck.

The patriarchates are sold to the highest bidder. Is it worth a moment's reflection, to know that the Greek church has had its sectarianism too? Superstition, peculiar faith, sectarianism, bigotry, sophistry and fanaticism, are all an ignoble family, that delights in crime, vice, oppression of the world. They characterize the Romani church.

“ This church has followers that affect extraordinary piety and devotion, but had little of the power of vital religion, having many follies and superstitions.”—Buck.

What have not these worthy priestocracies done?

“ The first crusade was determined on, in the council of Clermont, in 1095. In this assembly the name of pope was for the first time given to the head of the church, exclusively of the bishops, who used to assume that title."

“ The council of Rheims, in 1148, restrained bishops, deacons, sub-deacons, monks, and nuns, from marrying. In this council the doctrine of the trinity was decided." Were the councils divine? If not, they were clearly knaves and impostors.

"In the council of Sutrium, in 1046, three popes who had assumed the chair were deposed.”

Plutarch, de Iside, says, “At a certain period, all the Egyptians have animal gods painted. The Thebans are the only people who do not employ painters, because they worship a god whose form comes not under the senses, and cannot be represented."Volney's Ruins.

The ministers of the God of the universe are truly to be admired, as Washington, the father of his country.

But the world needs a priestocracy, an adventitious aid, that may be turned against it!

What protects the world, but its possession of exact science? In days of ignorance, while mind becomes perverted and servile, all kinds of usurpation are arrogated by those in power. Then a Caius Cæsar can make himself a god, and not wait for a posthumous apotheosis. The pretended patrons of learning, who subsidize court parasites and flatterers, instead of being the protectors of science, are the corrupters, forging the fountains. What is the fifth chapter of Acts of the Apostles, but like all the bible priestcraft, to get the people's effects? Do not still persist in your old errors, to make out so erroneous a consistency. You adopted, thoughtlessly, without investigation, all your church-membership and creed, as you thus sincerely believed what an ignorant, stupid, and corrupt priestocracy told you.

They had sinister views in the trade, trick, secrets, mysteries, enigmas, prophecies, and miracles of peculiar faith.

The whole dynasty of priestocracy block the whole game.
What can the world do with its follies and corruptions, if it blindly embrace them?
The conception of the messiahship of Christ bespeaks the low idea of priestocracy

all the time; nothing to ennoble or bespeak a god; a fiction that was himself of that order

It is time that the world had its due, from the moneys expended for despotisms and usurpations, civil, ecclesiastical, and military. Abolish all these. The felons of peculiar faith are counteracting God's decrees, all over the world, for their peculiar benefit. Advantage is taken of the ignorant mass, who know not the first principles of mind, no more than their blind, stupid misleaders. What baseness, when the vassal degraded presses, of degraded felons, assist to overwhelm mind.

What is the difference between priest and preacher, when both are ministers? None, But our priest or preacher is the right one! Who and what made him riglit? Our peculiar faith and peculiar education. Did robbery of God's functions do that? For that is the position of peculiar priestocracies. Of all corruptions and lies, the priestocracy and gospels are the worst---built up to uphold the most blasphemous. Do not these men deify despots, all mortals; then, can they render sacred their books, one step more in crime of blasphemy?

But the people of the world are good, easy souls ; none take the trouble to investigate for themselves. The priests may preach all that. The people view their bible as that of their fathers', and that is enough! This would never have extricated them out of the first barbarian age of the world. Are the people asleep to their own hesi interests? But they are excited against rational investigators, who, if they set them right, in truth as in God, are not they their friends, and the friends to rational religion ?

People do not know what they are doing, when they follow priestocracies. Have you read, or investigated, freemen? It is your duty to do both, most understandingly.

The priestocracies beg your faith, that is, for you to stultify yourself, your mind. They cannot take that citadel , if you do justice to it and God ; that is, if you

cultivate rational religion, the highest duty to mind and God.

The priestocracies have not a proper comprehensive conception of God, nor pure zeal in preaching the truth.

Are you the representative of a blasphemous priestocracy?
Will you, pulpit-man, trifle your soul away, with such traslı? Do you libel God?

Is the people the great leviathan, with hook in jaw, misled by the priestocracy? The people must war, in direct antagonisms. Those, whose profession is for false pretences, should be convicted therefor. Such is the character of the human mind, that becomes fixed on any one opinion or prejudice, through ignorance, that be it a dynasty of error or not, so it be a dynasty, you must not touch it, right or wrong. What is the dynasty of priestocracy, but swindling? Did the people know how to analyze this subject, or have they done it, if they did know?

Oppose the dynasty, and you are opposed powerfully in proportion to its influence, right or wrong. If your acts agree with that dynasty, no matter what it is, all is well, you are welcomed ; but if you war upon it, however right you, and wrong it, still you are warred upon by its power, clan, and clique retainers.

But you, for your peculiar policy, affect that God should be sought, through intermediate means. The best way to exalt man, is to bring him directly before God.

But do you believe that faith people can mislead you? That is the most verdant position, when you yourself permit this.

Devils are only the creations of perverted minds.
What a hopeful set, the prophets and priests.

Thousands of these have fashioned the Old Testament; tens of thousands of pulpit people have sustained it, while thousands of despots have aided. Can you trust yourself in the keeping of such a band?

All the pulpit preachers have to carry with them a peculiar god, as if they had the God of the universe. What miserable bigotry and fanaticism, that cannot permit them to see how stupid is their analysis.

All messiahs and priestocracies are lost at the commencement of God's operations, as the most contemptible of all machinery, to becloud, befog, or defraud mind, the beneficiary.

But you cannot head the priestocracy about the authenticity of their bibles, if you, good easy souls, permit them to lay down for granted their own premises.

They take up a partial, not comprehensive authenticity of scriptures, and tell you that Christ's existence and performance of miracles, are as well established as any piece of history, for here is the testimony of the four Evangelists, declaring them to be saints canonized. All that is story, not history.

Who made them saints? Man, in his power ? The saintship belongs to God. Here, at once, is imposition vile.

But this is extraordinary matter and must be met rightly, not by the mere assertion of the pulpit-man, who knows no more than you—and reads from fictions that are not even respectably endorsed for an intellectual freeman ! This age

of science cannot be satisfied, that superstition and its perjury should answer for religion.

The man of God is to be appealed to. Who is that man? Let him prove himself divine or otherwise.

If there be children of God, is the rest heathen? Who are the first? Impostors and assurers. Who created the last ? Tlxe priests have deceived ignorant women and children. Go and locate among church-bigots, if you wish to see for yourself, the curses of society.

I have given audience to all practicable, and sought every opportunity to hear the whole tribe and profession, of vindicating their proper position, but as they had not the elements they could not do so. They cannot do so after a full maturity of time. I will retire from that pulpit-audience after I get through, convert as I am, to rational religion.

You talk about mind not going direct to God, who gives all living beings his grace? How is it with priestocracies and messiahs, that are really so degraded in superstition that they cannot look pure religion in the face? Are these fit to approach God? As liberal as we can be in all this matter, still any party that trespasses on the rights of the world, might be subject to the penitentiary, knowing their pretences to be false. Can you get a fair and impartial tribunal, at all? The partisans are pledged to their side.

They do not act in good, but in peculiar faith, and that universally condemns them.

Consecrate the temple of mind to religion, science, philosophy, truth, and universal brotherhood, then you will renounce peculiar faith and all its inherent sectarianism.

All are students while on earth. How dare the pulpit-men pollute it, with unhallowed peculiar faith?

Why is the pulpit the means yielded by the people to hear the truth so absurdly polluted, by fanatics, who claim an extreme indignation against all those who disbelieve them.

Fanaticism of the pulpit is seen in bitter denunciations. Usurpation of the people's mind's rights, eventuates in their proscription. They have been regarded as the volgar crowd, by rere usurpers. Where is the hope of correction?

In the rising generation of rational mind, old customs of peculiar faith, dogmatic bigotry and fanaticism, are hard to be eradicated. But all duty, with proper spirit, will rectify through the potency of rational mind.

Christ, you say, is identified with the priestocracythat is the fact; at the same time, the God of the universe is not complicated at all with them, who have their peculiar gods as a peculiar people.

Mind perverted has made Christianity, Judaism, and all other pagan peculiar faith of the world, what it is.

To call that religion which is peculiar faith, is a base prostitution of the word and language.

The pulpit-man assumes, as if he had thoroughly analyzed mind, when he has not touched the subject.

The rabid fanatic rants in the pulpit, and tells us that all the works on the bibles of tradition have been refuted. He knows he lies, and wishes to estop all inquiring minds from appropriate investigations. Will you believe him: are you so verdant as to rely on his assertion, when he stands in the most equivocal position? You cannot get him to the only thing rational mind should do, namely, reason, for then he flies to the false pretence of faith—credulity. Can you expect the truth from a pulpit-priest? It is their assumed privilege to claim mysteries. They will and must lie outrageously, else they could not deceive the people só exceedingly. The preachers ought not deceive women and children,

The priestocracy could not govern Palestine-they had not mind to unite Israel and Judah, much less the world. A brotherhood is heathen, to such.

Jerusalem was the centre of that country, in regard to priests and kings, yet what advantage did she furnish all ?

No, the ancients know not, nor do the moderns take heed, as mind is vassal with mind.

The world has idly, stupidly, ignominiously, left undisturbed, as if entrusted divinely in the hands of the priestocracies, all matters of faith, as if the people were utterly incompetent to perform the functions of mind, the beneficiary of religion. That is the people's duty, as it is mind's functions.

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