pacification, then we are disposed to give credit for such peaceful recognitions, as many unpretending individuals, the ornament of human nature, exhibit now.

What could the world do less than what God purposed it, if placed in the right way, that would enlarge the sphere of action of priestocracy from a very small circle of puny factions, sects, and insignificant creeds, to what could be the highest elevation and perfection of character, in universal redemption, brotherhood and magnanimity, not by priests but by men of mind?

The world needs not the functions of priestocracy.

But the sacred purposes of God have been awfully violated, and that too in the most insidious manner, that adds insult to injury, that deprives the people of all rightful thoughts here of reason, but adds the penalties of imposition from another world ; yet all to keep the world in order! Man's infatuation!

Are the men wedded to old professions, bigoted to obsolete notions, influenced by the worldly profits, to be expected to advance first in the progress of revolution?

The quick and ready progress of those untrammelled in mind, will be most to the purpose.

The old dotards will be joined to their errors, and will go down with them unless corrected.

Vice carries in itself as all deceit, the elements of its own destruction, guarded however sagaciously for the moment by cunning, the true solution of which is folly and ruin.

Correct principles are necessarily conservative to all that embrace them to the greatest amount of good, and are self-sustained on their own reward.

The general welfare of the world demands a riddance of all priestocracy, and requires us to get rid of the false impressions created for tithing the people's vineyard.

The real people need the saving, not the expenditure of the many hundreds of millions, in building great churches, palaces and pyramids, much less the originating the wars to support any such evils of absolutism, that pauperize and enslave the world.

Much of this is a false splendor, purchased too dearly when it war with the world's best interests.

Millions of paupers need these expenditures, that do not prevent absolutism from prostration, however protracted. All such will go down, until all travel up to adore a Creator for his attributes, and repel all messiahships and their vicegerents, all such conceptions as impiety towards God, however advanced by lip-worship.

Be these pagan pageants as brilliant as gorgeous vanity can make them, still all faith short of full adoration of the one supreme being are superstition, still disguised by the most consummate art possible.

These things will be as legible as the sunbeams when wise principles govern all.

Contentions without end, strife without shame, and blood shed without apology or remorse, have been the results of peculiar faiths maintained by priestocracy.

What can be the feelings for all their petty benefits, far better done by mind ?
Did any civi ation ever feel indebted to any such aid of all their faiths?

What did they do ere the dark ages of the world, but still more obscure and desecrate the light?

What have the missionaries done independent of science? Had not science preceded, the balance had been rank superstition; as it is, it is one superstition superseding another.

What shall all just men say in rebuke to present bigots, who would, if they could, enact past scenes, were they not arrested by freedom, sustained in fundamental institutions ?

Bigot minds seek to appropriate, in their utter ignorance and corruption, man's rights, but they are bluffed off by the very nature of the case, and the potency of God's noblest veto.

Bigot, stop and learn justice, if you cannot in your little, unbalanced, narrow and contracted mind take in the copious philosophical resources of wisdom.

Do not be the adherents of senseless superstition, however you may have been taught it. Throw away superstition.

Know that you leave a posterity, though you now possess a little brief authority, that must ere long be held up as your reproach if used improperly, and that your descendants will suffer by any folly, crimes, vices or errors of peculiar faith.

Be you emperor or empress, chief of priestocracy, it is all the same before the august imperial tribunal that is no respecter of persons, if they do not respect conservative principles.

The opposers of rational religion can have no advantage Before an enlightened people, that must condemn them all for irreligion.

All their assertions against the system of rational religion impeach them of untruth and dishonesty, and convict them most successfully of libel.

When you leave the only true God of the universe that is worthy of its reverence, you run after dwarf gods conceived of by man.

This finally dwarfs all virtues, in ways most to be condemned. Of all tyrannies, hierarchy and priestocracy are the most revolting and flagrant in all forms, when they can command all the potency of force, the seductions of peculiar faith, the mock scruples and incitements of fear, the influence of the fancy punishment foreshadowed for the guilty to eternity, acting on all grades of society and the timid of both sexes, while exercising the most absolute powers and corruptions under the garb of virtues.

All improvers of mind must be accredited by the fruits of their labors, they all then must be teachers of science and philosophy.

What claim then has the apostolic dispensation, or any peculiar dispensation, to the world, if it be not commended by some supreme benefits to mind?

No instructors have occupancy by inherent peculiar supremacy, for they would be then impostors about the innate capacity of mind.

The true God excludes all messiahships ; and pure religion, a duty indispensable to God, confirms all such,

How can they possibly face God and man about peculiar faith that has no natural existence ?

The statutes of sinful plotters cannot supersede the statute of conscience, the most durable of all statutes, written by Deity, who maintains them by his conservative influence,

Then minds are bound to look to their own intrinsic merits, as well ordered and regulated, and can well and wisely reject those affecting to be ministerial leaders, who have little or no depth of mind or of character, affecting to carry forward what intrinsically ought to prevail by its general good and comprehensive benefits.

What can man expect better than constant deception, when he has to depend on man for the word of God, overlooking all the value of his own means, mind the interpreter, and the holy preachers, God's own works of nature ?

If mind could not reach the true philosophy of the subject, then it were well for book directions; but surely, when each can get a living and authentic copy always with him, he will not stupidly refer to the counterfeit, or its upholders.

The copies of mind and of God, by bible tradition, are all counterfeit, and can be nothing else.

As long as there are bibles to support any peculiar faith and government by absolutism of divine rights, so miscalled, mankind will be subject to their malign influence. Take away, sovereign people, the influences foreign to their merit, and they all will perish.

Let absolutists in faith and government act for the mere love of religion and government to the dear people, and we would see all deserting their own standards.

The American United States are not esteemed a religious country by absolutists, because she does not support an established faith, or order of priestocracy. She is that much advanced in the glorious progress of religion.

If all such faiths were of God, he would uphold them, but as they are of man, assuredly they will go down,

After all the hot-bed of absolutism, and all the appliances of sophistry, still they are going down.

All the oracles of priestocracy, ancient or modern, diversified in numerous editions, in variety of forms, all over the world, are all human devices to gull the people.

It is almost incredible that mind should be so blind and infatuated, to yield credence to any set of impostors affecting to care for the people's souls, at the same time ensnaring them in all the wiles of absolutism, and all the quagmires of sophistry.

All the priest devices can be exposed as the most degrading of superstition and speculation, on the fears and passions of the people.

The oracle at Delphi arose from discovery of gas issuing from the earth, and its effects on those inhaling it, a natural phenomenon.

An enterprising and shrewd Greek appropriated it.

It is the profit all the time, by one power or all powers. Of course, those of that peculiar faith profiting by it reared a tower, and were still more interested in the growing profits, that gave power, bestowed wealth, and increased the consequence of those availing themselves of the stupid superstition of the times.

What can man do for God, better than by doing justice to his fellow-man?

If all do justice to God, they will drop all false faith, and only have one rational religion, that must create one universal brotherhood.

Never say,

But that faith cannot support the priestocracy in power. But it is for the greatest good of all the people,

Citizen, your vote can decide, for the good of the world, which of the two you prefer, as the proof is positive that all of the priest business is humbuggery, pretence, and fraud, on God and man.


you admit the priests, that you are just and honest to the Creator. It is strange that wise men should forsake the only fountain of wisdom, the only means of understanding, hy due process of mind, and go to the set and clique, who, from the earliest times, have been their intentional deceivers, their masters of superstition, and the partakers of the spoils of office,

But all the world is referred, for inquiry, to the scriptures. Are they competent to direct, when they are not authenticated ? Truth, reason, nor philosophical science endorses them. Nothing but an infatuated faith, that is only credulity, upholds this prodigy of false pretences, the work of priestocracy.

Let net good citizens of the world, Jew, Christian, Mahomedan, Pagan, or Mormon, deceive themselves that this bible of mind is against them, as worthy citizens. It is to open all to them, wisely and sincerely, and incite them to secure that, as the world's people, distinct from priests and all humbuggers, which the best cultivated intellects can produce.

The author requests a wiser exposition, suitable to general benefit, if practicable, by a proper system ef rational religion, that all the people may participate therein, without priestocracy.

The present state of the world exhibits much of all mankind, in diversified paganism, destitute of proper respect that is due to God and man, and yet under control of priestocracy.

Most of the other sects contend and clash with the great subdivisions and the various sects, yet all professing to worship one God, but under various orders of priestocracy, and in polytheism. The best hope is to begin with that powerful conservative body in the world, ready to do right, and be advised, at mind's tribunal, by reason, who will never be vassals to priestocracy.

Yet most of them have crude notions of religion.

They have never thought maturely on the right analysis, and are too timid to act openly, but, in deference to custom, must sit silent, or not think their own souls God's exclusively. On them the priestocracy's proscription is placed, and what a terror once was that, in the form of excommunication of social rights and comforts.

Then to be an infidel, was once equivalent to outlawry. Ask thousands of these liberal thinking people, afraid to be acting men, what is the real essence of religion, and they will say they cannot believe the bible of tradition : they will not contradict it, because they have been taught it!

We now see the horrid effects of the abominable doctrines of superstition, inculcated by this set of men,

All peculiar beliefs arise from peculiar false education, and the world is injured to that extent by priestocracy.

Their object is not to develope, but conceal truth, while they can grasp power. What do they care for religion, if they can protect peculiar faith by their sophistry ?

The poor craven spirits are actually afraid to contradict what their senses tell them is absolutely untrue, because their education is backed by superstition, and the cringing sycophancy to the times and their tyrants.

We address men, freemen, who care net what leaders of any sect ever said, but décide on the proper position of cultivated minds and facts of nature.

All wise and good men, if true, will reject all fear that promotes base designs of impostors. All should be strictly without fear and reproach.

'he majority of the world, all of us, need reform. Priests and preachers must be the most degraded of human beings, to prevent, by any means whatever, free or rational discussion to attain all reform necessary, or seek to throw any proscription on its good effects.

Too many self-made ministers have been accredited, to a world's injury and much of its ruin.

As many ministers of God as choose to wisely instruct the people in morals, manners, science, and religious duties, can be hailed with exultation ; but when you raise them for false purposes, an imposition is practiced.

They affect that the prayers of the faithful and pure can only avail. Who are the pure

and faithful, and where are they? The church guarantees no faithful or pure, hence all such is assumption.

What a complete system of fraud and imposition !

The faithful and pure ministers are mere mortals, and in the category of mortality on earth, and some of them need as much or more regeneration, as laymen, in many respects. Before God, mind at best is only equal to its own duty.

What can make the people so simple, as to credit any such pretences of the priestocracy?

Patriotism and humanity demand where all this is to lead ?
Upon whose authority is all this pretended to ?

God has certain purposes in creation, and his conservative principles accomplish his will, none of which are varied for accommodation of the evil. His Almighty providence is pre-eminent in general conservation. What more, then, can the good promise themselves?

Whatever establishes man's future happiness best, is not their consideration ; if that position conflicts with their order, it is sure to be assailed by them, however unreasoniable the objection

The ancient priestocracy, as the druids and polytheists, assumed to be of the real genuine peculiar faith, and dictated their dogmas then with as much effrontery as the inodern priestocracy. All this is despotism.

The right tribunal of mind holds all accountable as intolerant and unreasonable bigots, to be condemned when mind awakes to the appreciation of its true position.

Do they civilize mind when they delude and deceive it?

When worthy citizens, despite of their peculiar profession, which peculiarizes them, they may aidmas all minds bent on good, do-but they avail no more than as far as they go in science and philosophy.

All preachers are involved at once in the absurdest contradictions, by the adoption of any peculiar faith.

If you adopt any bibles of it, you adopt all its false pretences. Who has analyzed the impiety involved in the legend of the Devil, a fiction that kills all its bibles?

In all such idea, however its peculiar god is helped, the God of the universe is libeled.

Preachers are particularly the aiders and abettors of this libel, and yet they pretend to preach the gospel, which, of course, is anything but the truth.

The worst punishment, no doubt, will pursue those perverting human minds; and preachers, knowingly advancing this poison, ought particularly to suffer the worst of all penalties.

Does the preacher universally adhere to universal principles, to protect benighted minds?

If the love of souls be primary, why is it so often, that when independent in circumstances, that he gives up preaching before he reaches the retiring age ?

If principles prevail, how is it that he is so often accused of violation of fundamental rules of chastity of the nuptial bed, and that he triumphs over lay members, equally as respectable, in church trials, however condemned by enlightened public opinion, too often defied by church despotism ?

Admit that he should be considered only as human nature ; then let all such assume no more than belongs to them, as no more worthy to be separate from general tests. All are protected under the universal God-benefits; why should any claim more?

The present state of things begets corruption, hypocrisy in many church members, it is said. Now, that presupposes perjury, and a most disastrous state of morals to the world.

Can compromise of money alone to the world for social injuries of primary character, exonerate any minds?

Who of mind with least light would be so stupid as to suffer any wolves to visit families and social circles at all times accessible, without the necessary safe guards for universal protection?

What individual exception can be made ?
Is any class sounder in morals than others? Where?

There is then a necessity to put religion and freedom on the only right basis, to counteract all perversions of them.

When there is no private or public exemption from responsibility, then all is right.

But the bible of mind gives us the full view of the only safe position in life. It affords an epitome of principles so plain, that all can understand them with common sense, so short that they are written on the tablets of cultivated mind, but too short for speculation and trade of the hierarchal faculty.

We may have its moral and intellectual sermons communing with God, teaching the


best science of avoiding evil, and seeking that which is good, availing ourselves of right, and giving the whole world a living chance, never leaving it worse than we find it. It teaches to nurture a liberal and kind spirit towards the world, yet guard against its deepest wiles.

Those fundamental principles that give us rights, making none discontented or miserable with all that cannot be helped, are its precepts.

It teaches to look to reason in our adversity and prosperity.

It guides our minds to scan and look deep into all things, to the necessary depth, and never be deceived by names and professions.

Its tuition is wisdom, to avoid cunning and its results.

In social benevolence it rectifies public morals, and in avoidance of social difficulties it frees from the tax of sharp and trickey pettifeggers and priests.

It proves to us the policy of avoiding trusting to outside appearances.

Its wisest plan is to avoid all practicable in evil-enter into no obligation that sustains no principle, for bible or no bible, if principle be wanting, there can be no soul of religion there.

It teaches man to comprehend safety in principle, and avoid all plans that must result in failure by the inevitable condition of its nature.

It regards the necessity of correct actions, that permit not the world to impose on us at all if practicable to avoid it.

By its admonition, we discover that God's friendship is a jewel invaluable, not to be bought; that incapable and unworthy characters should not be risked for his business, when capable mind can be selected.

That Deity should not be libeled on man's, his construction of his gifts and universal protection, when mind fails to regulate them in the dignity of its. most elevated cha

Then mind being primarily accountable to God, must prepare and regulate its own best code of ethics as the bible of mind, and seek to avoid all those libels perpetrated by the bibles of tradition on God.

Then all will learn to speak the truth honestly, and reach the highest state of morals.

All professions of peculiar faith intended as all are for speculation, stretch the conscience of the professors to take advantages by many dissembled tricks.

The code of mind, the universal beneficiary, the highest of ethics resting on paramount principles, will not permit the spirit of the people to be crushed by any form of absolutism, and will certainly prevent their debasement by sophistry.

It builds mansions if possible for cultivation of mind, rather than prisons to punish the delinquencies of ignorance, that should have been eradicated by the most liberal systems of rational education.

It takes every necessary opportunity to advance in this age of the world, true religious appreciation and improvement on the inherent elements, the universal dowry of the Creator.

On its basis the pious mother can advance the best catechism for her children, to be aided by the light of rational science attendant in all conditions to raise their character to the best and loftiest aspirations.

All are equal in her view by merit before the God of justice, purity, mercy, and perfection,

Taught by this safe position, the most suitable for man, we go not only for a proper balance of mind, but universal satisfaction on a uniform basis of protection and the loftiest principles of exact justice, not merely preacked about, but practiced.

We speak of the action for intelligent, rational freemen, all the time.

As cultivation is the honor of agriculture, not only in evolving the richest harvests, but enriching the soil to the capacity of its faculty ; so free agency of mind that endows the world for its best good, must avail itself of all its capabilities for success that comprehends the analysis of a world wide subject that embraces God and the universe.

Mind that is cultivated under the auspices of its own rational bible, must see the folly and criminality of sectarianism of peculiar faiths contending for centuries and thousands of years, about vicegerents and messiahs, showing of course, an earthly unhallowed purpose, but that all true believers in one individual God, having all enlightened principles of intellect and morals, are one brotherhood indivisible and undivided throughout the globe, and above all the universe! What a mighty link, and that through the mighty operations of mind.

The only true rationality will reach us in time, when the mighty action is accomplished by mind!

Pure religionists should never suffer fellow beings to be unrighteously distressed. They should be sorry in actions, with benevolence aforethought, not in mere words

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