is most difficult to be divested of all the stains and taints. How many believe the character of Christ perfect, yet what sectarian can begin to be in this blasphemy?

How can love be in any peculiar faith, that necessarily has sectarianism, and private, if not public enmity of the other sects? Such, love yields and the Christians have used all the power they could get.

They have created all their most potent influences, a papal empire, spiritual and temporal, to meet the last most comprehensively.

They pay due respect to all temporal matters, their peculiar way. If christianity be the superior light it is claimed for the world, where was its pre-eminent power of science in all the fanaticism that has spread over so many fields of carnage ?

It was founded on another sectarianism that knew net mercy, from the Canaanites down to their last devastations and civil wars in Palestine. The many bloody scenes since, assure us that the offspring was true to the nature of the parent. Had Christ been perfect, he had conquered the world's worst enemy, his motto-sectarianism. He was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. That he was sent to the Gentiles, was an after-thought, proving itself most clearly that of a murtal--as God has forethought. Polygamy has been abolished, by the second dispensation. Was it not abolished alsů at Rome, and in Palestine as part of her empire? Is not all this clearly the result of mind, and not revelation? I speak of the spirit of cultivated mind. Christianity has nothing to do with wars! What should induce a war, for the restoration of the Pope? Has christianity given the highest evidence of religion, in separation of church and state? Did it support the true system of astronomy? Are not the Hindoos ahead, in their peculiar faith, one thousand years, at least, of the Christians ? Will not the Hindoos laugh at Christians teaching these doctrines, that they were taught by Bhudd fourteen centuries in advance ? All that christianity or any peculiar faith has ever done rightfully, is subsidiary to rational mind. They have become usurpers to mind for themselves ungrateful assassins in perverting and crushing it.

If the world had been civilized, we never would have had such stuff as christianity, mahommedanism, &c. Judaism was imperfect, then christianity was ineffectual. Mahommed tried his ideas, then Joe Smith his. The world should exclude all such stuff. The only civilizer for the world is rational religion.

Judaism and christianity are woful failures.

Juggernaut beats the world for self-devotion and martyrdom of victims, that devote themselves to death. Yet, christians are committed to the folly and crime of their profession, in pagan idolatry, and are ashamed to retire therefrom. Christ and the woman of Canaan give us to learn, that the last suggested an idea all at once. Like master like man, his disciples wished to drive her away.

How came Christ to say, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Was he not to suffer all that he did suffer? Or was it too late, that he found out his mistake as a false messiah?

As to the Jews, they believed in a temporal king for Christ. All that could flatter the people, alluded to the means of future elevation by some great king at Jerusalem. This was a national vanity. Subsequent priestocracy profited by its as much as Joe Smith, the shrewd Yankee, did on Judaism, Christianity, and Mahommedanism. They were all reckless of the means, provided the success was there. Joe Smith could innocently invent plates by which he could lie, Mahommed could find an angel to carry him to his heaven, and Christ was as available to a third party, being a second edition of Asiatic faith, all in the chapter of faith perjury. Who believes that the apostles speak many different languages, when Paul lies the most of the difficulty by the Holy Ghost. The Roman, the largest empire, the scene of most if not all their operations, had some common general language, the Greek as well as the Latin. That is the secret. As to their documentary proof, have the Christians any existing manuscripts of the new testament, that can be traced higher than the fourth century ? Who is so verdant as to not know, that perjurers availed themselves of all the perjury to the latest period ! Christ's prophecy of the temple! Anything else ? This is important. The last dispensation, as still of man, most absurd, has to be corrected. The credit of all is impeached as sacred.

As Christ came on earth for a particular mission, as pretended, then he should have written all requisite with certain date, time and circumstance, to insure all needed to mind, and to prevent corruption, which, as a prophet, he should have known. In the absence of all this, it is most fair to conclude that it is an imposition and nothing else, as the Creator wrote all his perfect. How came Christ not to go himself to all the Gentiles, the world, or send his disciples to them or the Samaritans? Matthew, ch. x. 7. 5. Jesus commanded them, “Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city

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of the Samaritans, enter ye not.” He sent them rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Mat. X., v. 6. What is surprising is, 20. “For it is not ye that speak, but the spirit of your father which speaketh in you. The spirit of the priestocracy spoke certainly. The God of the universe is universal, yet how blasphemous is the next; how abominable to the earth. 21. “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child : and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death." No, God's principles cannot clash ; of course the preceding is positively condemned as man's work and writing. Sectarianism is here most prominent, especially in 34. “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth ; I came not to send peace, but a sword,” and 35. “ For I am come to set a man at variance against his father,” &c.; 36. “ And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.”

The God of the universe is not at variance with his own conservative principles. All such Christs are horrid impostors.

The fathers of the church were as deep in the mud as any. The council of Laodiceà admitted four of the gospels, and rejected all the rest. All the edicts of Constantine could not divest christianity of sectarianism. He made it subservient to his ambition and policy, and affirmed by an oath, of his seeing an illuminated cross in the air, as Eusebius relates. Now, if any tender conscience doubted my views as too strong, if he is not convinced by the solemn perjury of Constantine, then he is a hopeless chance. I do not envy him, his mind or integrity. The trinity in the Godhead, or the Godhead, originated from the metaphysics of the heathen, the pagans from Egypt, and through Plato.

Yes, the Christian who, for mere effect, not truth, as he fears for his glass houseç abuses the pagans, the heathens, as ignorant and incapable of giving any ideas of faith, is indebted actually to them for many particulars, above all, the trinity. The Egyptians had a trinity, that had in each of its three divisions, separate powers, it is said. The first was an indivisible unity. Hence Plato's; but his was a godhead.

Christ's performance of his mission, in gaining proselytes, was not faster than that of mortals, and confined, too, to a small circle. I presume the prototype of Christ, in Palestine, might have been the vagrant Jesus spoken of by Josephus. Much of the pagan systems before the world, have been mere world-explosions. The redemption of the world, by the blood of Christ! Were this true, then murder is in it.

But we speak of the might of an Almighty, who not only created the universe, but all the principles that rule all therein. Can mind ever conceive, much less appreciate, who the Almighty is? It has erred, by affecting to alter parts and principles of God's universe, by bible dispensations, but this vulgar employment of the priestocracy can avail nothing. Those that I act with, go with me, for the supremacy of God, that completely silences all messiahships. This is an essential matter for the world, to allay all agitation, and keep all the peculiar bibles away, and put all the priestocracy to honest employment, instead of lying.

Was Christ satisfied to die, when he exclaimed : “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Is not this a part of the author's drama—that of a poor mortal, suffering and afraid to die?

All the statements made about the deaths of infidels, are on a par with this. How many females, as well as males, die in this country, without any such change as has been pretended about a few? What is all death-bed repentance either way, worth? What do the opinions avail ? Is a sick man balanced in mind ?

I say again, as to women and men dying infidels, enough have died, as they lived, in their pure faith.

Man has been created with intellectual, and moral, rational organs. He has to cultivate these, rationally. What has Christ to do with the cultivation? To admit him, defeats the ancient title of God. The world has to come to a whole union or brotherhood, and no peculiar faith, as Christianity, Judaism, or Mahommedanism, will do, having, as all such have, the elements of their own destruction. Is God the Father of all ? Then was there not incest committed in the procreation of Christ? Was there so much vile, vicious degradation, in the universe ever conceived ?

Incest had to conceive him, illegitimacy had to sustain him, imposition had to uphold, and blasphemy had to create the thought! There were murder and treachery, and there have been massacres and despotism since, of millions. Where is all this human tragedy to end?

Instead of being the redemption, it is the greatest curse that ever was conceived of. But where can the Christ-messiah be placed, as available, in this part of the universe of the Creator, who is most perfect? The creation of man, progressing as all earthly processes, proves, as the action of the universe declares, one unvaried action of principles, without which chaos and confusion would arise, and by which they are excluded. Were a Christ introduced as a sun into our solar system, the greatest confusion and disorder would necessarily arise. It would be a work of supererogation, the very reverse of God's deeds, who brings forth many results from the fewest principles. Christ by the side of Washington! How the last towers above the first, as much as patriotism, much less religion, towers above peculiar faith.

In everything of cause and effect, I see so much of God, his perfection so great, his principles so conspicuous, that I cannot possibly see that any other could be admitted. It would be a sacrilege to nature, a libel on God, to do so. Who preserves mankind? God; who actually protects and defends all who seek after strange godheads, dwarfed peculiarities.

But for him, these small characters, who preach up peculiar faith, would ruin the world and themselves. I cannot possibly believe in them, as they are irrational, crazy. Christ on the earth, yet equal to the Father, a part of the Godhead, and yet die! Of all the metaphysics of sophists, that beats all.

No peculiar faith christianity, or other, can produce pacification, much less the refined civilization to the world, but will exclude them as long as nurtured. The supremacy of the world is that of God, as displayed in the universe ; all else is false pretences. As to the death of Christ being a new principle, the Juggernauts do that plentifully


even now.

Where is the operation of mind, for more than half of the world at any one time, for 1800 years, that knew not Christ, or other peculiar faiths, than those of their household? Where was it all the time preceding this mission, for the whole world, thousands of years beyond all bibles ?

Where is it now? Is the operation of the Creator overlooked in all this matter? That reflects on the whole tribe of the priestocracy. And shall the word-minds yield up this most important right, without investigation and justice to God of all ?

Mind owes unalloyed, pure, unadulterated allegiance to Almighty God alone. Christ was conceived in sin, and brought forth in iniquity. I had much to satisfy myself that I was not wrong, and was glad to see myself so right.

How can man's soul reach pardon? By God's grace. The same that has answered for all mankind, before bibles, messiahs, and priestocracies were ever conceived of. Christ adds nothing to God's means, being altogether the available mercenary capital of corrupt men. People, in the world, attribute all, or much, to Christ, whereas, were it not for God, all would be ended, assuredly. What can be worse than the vicious characteristics of Christ's sectarianism? Christ's advice to the harlot was good. But religious principles establish rational education and means for pure justice, before all that. His crime, sectarianism, kills all of the world-good. The greatest despots can do some first-rate acts, as mind dictates.

Christ came to the lost sheep of the house of Israel-and what the Jews would not have, the Gentiles, to whom he did not send his disciples, nor preach himself, at first at least, took him up!

I doubt the propriety of passive toleration, as the proper world-policy. It is not the right position. That would leave moral free agency in abeyance to predestination. When adequate blows are to be received as well as given, when no impunity is established, then the world is brought to its senses.

How came Christ not to write his own laws, and report his own system? Was not that the proper way to have all right, if he was divine? Who could give a better exposition ? 'This defect is certain proof that he was only a mere man, and that all about him are impositions. The Christians, as others, say that the world-people must be born again, to be regenerated. What a pagan conception. They have to be anew created, with new organs, and those perfected by rational education of science. What, effect can peculiar education produce ?

Mere delusion? What good does that do? Christianity does not embrace principles conservative, as evinced by sectarianism, for says the protestant, the Pope has power and uses it iniquitously. And would not any protestant church secure union with government, if it could, and were that the case, power would be only needed to do the balance. Which of peculiar faith, can be trusted with power? None, each would say of the other. Why does the church organizations differ so much now, about the constitutional laws of this union? From the relative purity of mind, more or less rational.

But this elevation of life's blessings is not because of christianity, but of mind cultivated, that of science, where bible's explosions must prevail. The lands of the east have been those of despotism of mind, by monarchy and peculiar faith combined. Whereever mind gets freer and more enlightened, there will be the purer rational religion.

What has Joseph, the husband of Mary, to do with the blood relationship of Christ ? If prophecy was ever worth anything, it is here essential, as God swore to David about the seed from his loins. But this Christ is not that seed! There is an awful perjury somewhere. Now christian, what are you going to do about it? You now find that you have been cheated awfully, as to the prophecy. Whose work is all this? That of the priestocracy. Are you going to let them cheat longer and pay them for it, when other genuine claims of philanthropy demand all your benevolence? Are you going to forsake the sublime contemplation of pure religion the God-gift, for the peculiar faith the perversion of degraded priestocracy? I am no free-thinker beyond the limits of rationality, the sacred precincts of mind. I adhere to the correct legitimacy of pure religion as best appreciated, with the brightest lights of the universe. Justification by faith, was the great conservative doctrine taught by Christ. That is the peculiar doctrine of all peculiar faiths, and has no peculiar merit of its own, for the priestocracy down to the Mormon Joe Smith, have appropriated all that as their exclusive property.

How singular is it, that Christ cannot justify faith, in his genealogy.

Do I believe that the apostles were sincere? They started perjurers, all of them, and confiscated their writings, as Constantine swore. They are a part of priestocracy, and act in the same category, and were no more right, than we have a correct genealogy of Christ being lineally descended from the blood of David. The world can only be best governed, by the wisest forecast and independence of rational mind.

The doctrine of passive obedience will not do individually, much less rationally, as the world must stand up for its rights, if it do not, Moses will not, nor Christ, for they take care of their priestocracy. Much is claimed by the advocates of each peculiar faith, that it has such things, that could not have been ever thought of without revelation. Now all this is the stuff of their sophists, that impose it as sound faith on the world, when it is not worth the thought of an honest mind, for any such imposition can damn all such false pretences. All that, and mysteries betray the whole, as alien to mind, that recognises the eternal universal, not peculiar principles of the God of the universe.

The making of one man of fiction a Christ as suffering, and having millions of flesh and blood sacrificed to it, is horrible indeed, and enough to arouse the true sympathy of the religious. Can you sacrifice the world to Christ? That's the question.

Can you, free and intelligent people, stand all this any longer ? All superstition, ever a branch of despotism, has pervaded the world. How many little picayune christs, and all the same under different names and dresses, have imposed on the world? The priestocracy are the same in all ages, whether in the form of patriarchs, prophets, martyrs, christs, Smiths, or preachers, and they mind-facture all such. They never learn, and never forget : bound to their car of idolatry and superstition, they enslave the sovereign people, who are bound in the progress of rational education, to hold all professions of medicine, law and faith, in abeyance to principles. Is the great God of the universe to be held in abeyance, to all the dwarf messiahs of man's creation ?

What does the world need of a western Christ, a mere copy of the eastern, whose history was given some ten to fourteen centuries before ?

The Romanists found customs in China, the prototype of theirs. All priestocracy, is the same folly and crime, only varied in editions.

To put a messiah for nature, the sun, is just as bad-all detract from the functions, potency and rights of the creator. Rational mind is ashamed of all this.

The appropriation of principles, all the property of God their creator, as peculiar discoveries to entitle the party to à godship, is one of the most flagrant breaches of trust on mind, the greatest outrage on its rights.

The principle of doing unto others, as we would have them do unto us in similar circumstances, was notoriously not only previously known to the Chinese, through Confucius and his ancient predecessors, but must have been familiar with any such civilized society, as one of its noblest mind-entitled principles of uniform action and protection.

Carry out all conservative principles, says religion, and the world will be right. Thus where obsolete bibles make world a wild, principles ennoble the whole habitation of mankind.

All sectarianism, as Judaism, christianity, cuts up the highest social feelings, isolates the world into sectional strife, depraves the noblest impulses of mind.

In partially civilized times, the conflict of arms decides for the world, thus governed by force, and necessarily by fraud, sectarianism, whilst in civilized, that is, where mind governs itself, principles peacefully decide through rational mind, that courts and wins the loveliest triumphs of all.

How much of each peculiar leader's views, can be turned against himself? cannot serve two masters,” teaches his followers, that they cannot have the creator and creature, God and a messiah, that are incompatible and cannot be. They must have no

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image of idolatry, the messiah or the fleshy one as bad as that of metal or stone, any graven image, or any other made by the priestocracy, or the priestocracy idol.

But Christ inculcated regeneration, being born again, the renovation of the heart! In that he was not original, for that is the doctrine of the Brahmins, and all teach absurdities, for the heart is a mere muscle-and all such stuff is as obsolete as peculiar faith bibles : All sheer ignorance. Cultivation of mind, refined civilization, all under the

nder the supremacy of religion, the most rational, produces the best, because the most rational results.

But Christ brought the gospel of glad-tidings. Rational religion is the only true gospel : all else is damnably false. As to testifying about Christ, by four or a dozen disciples or evangelists as they are assumed, that is nothing if there were as many billions of mortals, they pretending to testify to an incredible impracticability, gainsaid by a universe of cause and effect. With the testimony of cause and effect, better heard every day before the tribunal of an enlightened community, against these four evangelists or twelve apostles as they are called, in reality the church advocates of the present day, rather the sticklers for the church profits, paid by the deceived people of the world, were they as many millions, it would only make them perjurers. They cannot upset the eternal truths of the universe. God has written them, and the world of man's bibles is all trash.

No black letter book sovereign, can represent properly a savior, who requires other authentic proofs as adequate as the creator-all else is base imposition.

Universal functions as claimed, require universal proof, but all records show peculiar pretences, that disprove themselves as perjuries, before God and mind.


The whole world cannot trace Jesus to Joseph, and thence to David, the asserted genealogy, taking the Holy Ghost conception !

Ch. i. v. 22, 6 Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, 23, Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel ; which being interpreted, is, God with us.

That proves no prophecy, being only a garbled falsification. This was a sign that the volunteer Isaiah forced on Ahaz, after his absolute refusal. Isaiah, ch. vii. v. 12, “ But Ahaz said, I will not ask, neither will I tempt the Lord." And then Isaiah gives the sign in v. 14. And Isaiah says, 16 v., For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, &c.—the land that thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings."

What a stupid set of priestocrats to advance this obsolete explosion! It kills itself dead. Matthew's master should have been at the school of honesty, to learn truth.

Again is Christ descended of David, because Joseph, one of David's descendants, was Mary's husband after she was pregnant with Jesus, by another individual! If this was the Holy Ghost of Go:1, then is God's function changed, for he is Creator, not procreator. Down, Matthew, thou art a degraded libeler. Would an intelligent husband be reconciled to a prostitute wife, by dreams? Are the world people to be fooled by dreams? Ch. ii. v. 2, “ We have seen his star in the east." The wise men said it? How is that fact established ? It would be by that star yet most particularly, but there is no such record produced, and that star does not remain. It is then a perjury:

This is a collusion of shrewd priestocracies, instead of wise men, and them too the book, or gospel writers.

John endorses Christ: who endorses John. Matthew. Who endorses him? Faith, wonderful counsellor. And the final endorsers, are priests' collusions. Among them are several applications of the so-called prophecies to Christ. We do not see the first adequate one; they are as worthless as the sign spoken of by Isaiah.

Ch. iv. v. 24, As to devils, there were none. Though the lunacy and palsy could be affected, yet the general false pretence docirine covers all that. The world cannot but see the false prophets by the result. Ch. viii. v. 13, “And as thou hast believed.” It was not so much the centurion, as the readers or hearers. ** When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that followed, verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.” What pains the priestocracy took to arouse faith, that is credence. As they necessarily lied about curing persons said to be possessed of devils, we must believe that they would lie about all other things. There is no need of the patient affecting palsy, because the masters affected all story of its cure. 34. “And, behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus : and when they saw him, they besought him that he would depart out of their coasts.?

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