mortal sectarianism. What inhuman persecutions of the Jews have been thereby perpetrated? What principles can you hear from vassal minds? Are they not the affiliated trainbands of unprincipled demagogues, base masters, men of one idea and no principle? The very foundation of Christianity presents no principles, a robbery of God, and a plagiarism on the Jewish bible, in complete rebellious antagonism?

Corrupt man will do anything for money or power. He will invoke all the lies that can be perpetrated on earth ; all the perjury to sustain, all the murder and felony to uphold it. The knowing ones that continue it are just as bad as the original perpetrators. From this position are to be excepted all that have had no means to know better.

Christ was born as all other mortals--all else are falsehoods, most clearly.

What good will has the Christian to the Mahometan; nay, let us come nearer home, and to our times ; what has he to the Mormons, whom he hath persecuted with the sword ?

But the last are fanatics! And what is the Christian? All in the quagmire of superstition. Christ was a man of straw, opposing, as a sectarian, the other sects of the Jews. The best view that can be obtained of him is that he was a blasphemous sectarian. He has left behind him abundant examples, for perverted genius to originate other sectarianisms. The Mormons have done so, as well as the Mahomedans and others. But both are said to practice polygamy. Then they have less principles of religion, as the patriarchs. As polygamists, they are felons.

All the elements of Christianity prove explosion. The only divine grace is of God, which the inalienable rights of creation give to mind, independent of all such pretenders, who are equally indebted. The Christians and Mormons, Jews and Mahometans, have too much enmity ever to be reconciled on this earth. Among them, envy stalks as a puissant evil genius, arousing the worst human passions. Why so ? They all are

after power.

Their sectarianism has begotten anathemas, curses, excommunications, confiscations, inquisitions, proscriptions, murders, massacres, wars, despotisms, dispensations.

Christ makes the world sectarian, with a wicked derangement, not yet allayed, consequently he is self-condemned, as the most grovelling of mortals.

But his worst position is that he is in blasphemous antagonism with the God of nature; unless this is palliated, that he is so with the peculiar god of the Jews.

All sectarians bend the laws of the God of nature to their notions and self-interests, being the greatest evil.

Fishermen are assumed to have been the writers of the New Testament, when it is clear that the astutest of their stupid priestocracy wrote them. They have lied, and carried by their falsehoods the mass blindly, or the last have been hypocritical. How easy was it to build on the Oriental incarnations! They have made a drama, for the worst of purposes. Tear the mantle of deception from its brow, and give its exposure before the world.

As this drama was written after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, how easy was it to prophecy it?

Christ is in an inglorious minority, that will grow beautifully less. God will have to secure the majority, the whole, and he does what he has been always doing, having the universe in his holy protection.

Were there ever blinder dolts than these bigots?

They are deranged with the fascinations and delusions of the world, forgetting mind and its God.

What relation do the Mahometan, Mormon, Christian and Jew bear to each other? They all are the creatures of one creator. They stand to each other by the obligations of universal brotherhood, and yet they all are deadly hostile, and prove it when they have all necessary power. It is utterly impossible for them to be united, under their sectarian banners, only on the standard of Deity alone.

What science we get from priestocracies.

Their devil, who figures so much in the land where the captive Jews abided in the East, was the third power evidently in the world's government. He is equivalent to the Brahmin's destroyer. He caused man's soul to be lost, as their bible-fable pretends, and cost the godhead, in part, his life. He caused Christ to be destroyed. Was this

he reason that there were so many foolish subsequent messiahs ? Did not messiahship leave the world in a much worse condition than it found it by the loss of its many millions, slaughtered for its follies and crimes

Let all the messiah-pretenders think that the grace that operated constantly in this one world, necessarily proves that its bounty is adequate for the whole universe, and conversely that the grace that operates for the universe necessarily proves amply abundant for this world.

Yes, that grace that sustains the universe sustains all its parts, this world included, and decides the question fully to the eternal silence of the priestocracy.

We see now that psychology explains something of the acts and admission of minds affected.

We have seen, as the experimentalists, that even seven devils have been admitted to have been taken psychologically from one person, who had previously preached, and who had been inebriated by partaking of water for wine! Depend no longer on the vain pretensions of such messiahship; the only way for you to escape condemnation, is God-intention.

John's epistle is a lie for those believing in Christ. Sectarianism presents the finest character of Christ.

What more enormous iniquity was ever instituted than by the system of Christ, as to forgiveness of sins?

The evil-doers might transgress to an excess and luxuriance, and by all the pious pretences of repentance, they could be saved at once by a conversion.

What does it avail a ruined world, that death-bed repentance should be claimed by its oppressors?

The only pure morals and religion, inculcate a life of best actions and proper responsibility. What has the world to do with a drama that advances Christ as a monk-hero?

What can be worse than the shifting explanations of all the bibles of tradition ? At one time Christ is a god, then he is a man! He is the worst anti-god, and this is the position of his followers--all ! As much as the world needed Christ's direct and

personal agency, as the priestocracy pretended, he had to give it up unredeemed! Barabbas and Christ-Christ was the worst of the two, as he blasphemously usurped God's rights, and of course then as now, and all the time past as present, the whole world of mind had to improve the God-given faculties. Who can be nearer to mind and the universe than the Creator omnipotent, who is also omnipresent? Who is more their savior than the Almighty? Who more love-giving than the Author of Grace, necessarily resulting from creation? But the advocates claim Christ to be equal to God; that is absurd blasphemy--a mortal to the God of the universe! Well may we ask who are the robbers, but the peculiar faith doctrinists? If the bible's assertions are untrue, they are advocated by falsifiers.

The world of peculiar faith is made a robber by messiahs. Never was there greater need of advocacy of truth--from libels on mind and God in every pulpit-sermon. We might overlook the idle declamation, but for the widespread ruin to the world.

Why was Christ's prayer used ? It refers to God as the source of all grace, and absurdly libels him as a tempter.

If addressed to sects, it is wisely spoken.

Let us give no superior title for an inferior one. We must never take anything for granted that is not rational and probable. The advocate of Christ affects to seek nothing grovelling, yet he has taken the most exact pains to reach it, by not considering that God alone exalteth as God! Anything more is not practicable.

Christianity was born of Judaish sectarianism from superstition, and goes against justice, honor and virtue, espousing, as she does, blasphemous antagonism to God the Creator, not god the peculiar.

All these links of peculiar pagan faith went down to the remotest antiquity, to the first sect or peculiar doctrine. Rational religion is the only original, the only one to exist for all time and all eternity.

On due analysis, it will be seen that the more destitute mind was of science, the more superstitious it was, the more polytheism abounded-all departments of nature in her remotest divisions, had peculiar gods or presiding divinities.

Polytheism did preside in all things. Judaism was an improvement, and no more, on its predecessor, as mind improved.

It took the idea of two peculiar gods, but mixed one or both with priestocracy, along with much of their vices.

Everything savored of the priest; he was the first to greet the new born, presiding over birth, marriage, and burjal. His was a mighty dynasty, and the fear of superst:tion, added to his familiarity with his peculiar god or gods, made the little priest-ridden world tremble.

The introduction of Christ was an effort through the priestocracy, who were potent in this matter, at greater improvements; for the mind of the world has been progressive by the innate bounty, grace and science of its Creator, and carried all along with it. This has caused the priestocracy to resort to the most wily duplicity and sophistry, to uphold their ungodly schemes. But they have always been wretchedly short-sighted, in their cunning and artifices.

They have exhausted all the expedients of intrigue and wretched imposition, and yet seek tò prop their tottering and base-gotten usurpation.

But what virtue could possibly be in any such imbecility, that betrays at birth, during life and at death, all the signs of a degraded mortal, because he was, or his fosterfathers, blasphemous impostors.

The very moment he or his dramatists affected one function more than mortal, that very moment he was blasphemously antagonistical to God, who is the only creator from the nature of the creation provable, and all else are creatures. All on earth are mortals; and the very moment they assume any other function, they are not gods, however called, but impostors, a step from the sublime to the ridiculous ; so Christ, who was necessarily sectarian to all the world in general, and the Jews in particular, in direct antagonism to God, his conservative principles and attributes, having the essential elements of destruction in his own doctrines, sent forth sectarians to cut out from the world particularly all that was God's, to act the veriest robbers, the most imbecile pretenders upheld by the sword that established them.

All this sectarianism has been too long the right arm of arch autocratic despotism, in deception and fraud on the world.

But the followers of Christ disobeyed precepts in the crusades? They did as well as Christ; they followed his. example as a sectarian, and could not secure universal brotherhood that was not in his doctrines.

He quarrelled with and reproached the Jews, from whom he was sectarian, deeply antagonistic to God, whose principles do not clash. Christ fell, because it was idle to contend against the world with his few. His followers fought, because the world upheld its course by the sword. What is the difference? Christ used whips in the temple. That was personal violence, compulsion, intoleration as far as he dared. His sectarianism had not the proper elements of peace with God or man. His death was from blasphemy to the first, involving the severest dissension and opposition to the Jews.

He sought to supersede sectarianism, by sectarianism. All such will perish, must go down, ignobly fall to rise no more before the great lights of mind, rational, cultivated by rational, not peculiar education.

Those seeking peace conventions must go home, and first change there all sectarianism. They must first unite the Jew and Mahometan, Christian and Mormon, on the only proper basis of rational mind, and then move forward with the most brilliant prospect of universal brotherhood; as long as sectarianism exists, it being an unholy power, unprincipled and degradingly selfish, give it power, and it will unconscientiously abuse it most assuredly. All this is a most dangerous, vile, and demoralizing evil. Buit, says the sectarian in his despair, what is the position that puts down sectarianism? It cannot be sectarianism ; not at all. It is the God-post of religion, and that between mind alone and God. The suggestion under the noblest toleration and spirit of freedom, is made. Religion is the duty to God. It is not with speculation, and the balance is left where found. With God there is no clash of principle, and his unity absorbs allegiance exclusively. Let bigots learn wisdom by his philosophy, and truth by his works. His functions are alone comprehended in unity, so much so, that the very moment any messiahship is offered, the pretence cuts out proportionately his better power, divests in ratio just that amount of God's perfect attributes. Think of it, a mortal, as all on earth necessarily are, clothed with electricity as part of his duty! The blockhead impostor could not be invested, were God divested, for if God had lost his functions, no less being could assume them. Priestocracy, be done with your perfect nonsense, your craziness. The tinkers knew nothing of the universe ; did not know what they pretended to! The miserable botches! But to the objectors, that Christ's followers did not obey precepts: how could they, when he gave them neither precept nor example of religion? What could have been a worse and bloodier proof of Christ's own seed planting, than the butchery and reckless persecution of the Jews by the christians? Did he not invade the sanctity of the Mosaic law, by his own direct sectarianism?. Did not the christians necessarily have to involve themselves with all sectarians of any country in which they sojourned ?

Did they not involve themselves in bloody antagonism with the prevailing sects of the Roman Empire, and finally usurped their power? This is the history of all sectarianism. The world has not analyzed its position. Masses do not think readily but roughly; they follow file leaders: the thinking mass has been the interested, the deceiving mass. Give us no trammels, no regimes of the schools of the world. Rational religion has modestly bided her time, and raised no world.commotion ; lovely in her attributes, she upholds her sublime dignity. At no time did the whole world need Christ's mission, much more than at the very time claimed of his being on earth,

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so far as corruption and ignorance prevailed. None could have filled his own mission better, as he ought to have effected what his disciples could not do. But his dramatists forgot in their stupidity to send him forth to all mankind, and perfect his world's mission by a world's conversions. They were estopped by the world's facts.

The faith of Judaism was peculiar, that of christianity is peculiar; neither mended the matter; both must be cut up as dry weeds that interfere with mind.

All peculiar faiths present sectarianism throughout. Judaism could not answer, being a failure ; so is christianity. All peculiar faith, no matter how arrogant by reason of its constituent elements, is void. How can the doctrines of any peculiar faith, christian or not, stand, when their truth is unfounded ?

Did not the christians employ known falsehoods in support of their cause? Did they not forge books in support of their doctrine? What is the account of miracles, but forgery? It is nothing, less, or else. Among these forgeries, according to the ancient history of universalism, were the sibylline oracles.

“ It appears to have been seized with avidity by the orthodox christians in general; and all their principal writers quoted it as genuine, and urged its testimonies as indubitable evidence. It is mortifying to relate, that not one of them had the honesty to discard the fraud, even when it was detected by their heathen opponents. This is the way a lying and deceitful world is made. Where is the right kind of people to suffer the world so maltreated.

As to the love of the brethren and neighbors of christians, that ought to extend to the love of mankind, a universal brotherhood, of course.

But how can it, when between Romanists, Protestants, and the Greek churches, are arrayed bitter animosities, much less between Christians, Jews, Mahometans, and Mor

None of these worthies are supreme to the others, as sectarianism was engendered even by Christ, who inveighed against the Jews as vipers, setting himself and sect against them. What virtue has this peculiar faith other, than less alloy which they obtained of mind of civilization ? Now, rational religion has no peculiarity, as she universally refers alone to God, with whom she leaves all minds. With the utmost faithfulness, she brings mind to see its chief good. Is there any application of religion to self? Negative it candidly at once. It meets best all the demands of mind, to reach better what the schools of the world admit satisfactorily. But the christian faith is claimed to be the world guardian of science and invention! Let the sun of the Roman Empire, set in such horrid darkness, and all the rest of the world declare, when this faith found it flourishing. If not accountable for all this, as we think not, then let it not assume to be the world guardian of science, but leave all to mind that it has most ungratefully and scandalously perverted. Not only has Satan, a fourth power in polytheism, been acknowledged, but he is invested as the power and prince of the air, as said by Christ. What part of the gospel is true ?

What part of the gospel is true? It is exploded. No part of the New Testament was written until long after the crucifixion, is even admitted by churchmen. All such gospels are the most untrue of all things; they are any thing but true. The imposition of hands may have been accomplished through the means of psychology, but such explanation is not essential for an exploded imposition.

What determines the fact of regeneration? That of love to all mankind! How can that be, when it embraces sects that are completely at variance with the individual. Christianity, as Christ committed himself, alienated itself from the Jews. Is regeneration peculiar to christianity ? No; not even original, as the Brahmins teach regeneration.

Why did Christ affect love at all, when he hated the Jews ? Peter could not have become an apostate to God, when impressions would be paramount.

But then Christ told him of his apostacy; but this was after the manner of men, not of God,

Analysis proves Christ a blasphemous culprit, or his dramatists are. Divest this subject of its domestic and educational familiarity, as household matters, heirlooms from parents to children, impressions from superstitious fear, and all rational minds will be struck at the imposition. A correct system of faith, cannot set father against son ; God never instituted such sectarianism or heresy, to nature's laws. Christians are of the various forms of superstition, struggling for existence and emolument.

When the chief of the apostles was a perjurer, an equal was a traitor, and the balance deserters! Could they have been unbelievers? The whole field of Palestine was before Christ, and that of the balance of the world was unfilled in his lifetime. Was he not a deserter, in filling this mission of a God? Who so potent to fill it, as he whose mission was thus expressly claimed? Yet after eighteen centuries, more than a majority is leaving the world constantly, to whom this mission neither comes nor benefits, much less convicts and converts. It is entirely incompetent.

In regard to science, claimed exclusively by christianity, where are the noblest orations of Greece and Rome, among the best of the world yet? Where are their poets and historians? Are philosophy and science claimed by christianity, that warred upon them, and is yet most bigotedly hostile in the arena of peculiar faith? Is all claimed yet anything but the triumphant action of mind? Will any anylist risk his reputation to deny this? But christianity is the nearest approach to civilization. Civilization has finally to master all peculiar faiths, and establish a better faith, that spreads its fostering around the world. All these show the triumphs of mind, that responds to God. Do you prove its noblest institution? Do you, sectarian, tell of universal brotherhood, when you must doff your sectarianism, and to do so effectually, you must resort to pare unity of God. This is the highest evidence of science and philosophy to eschew paganism.

In ancient times, men worshipped idols, beasts, vegetables, in all the diversity and excess of polytheism. That showed the ignorance, perversion, corruption and degradation of mind, that has laid aside one error after another, till it has reached the least, the trinity, and its attendants. By this, all disinterested and unaffiliated must see that it is mind, not christian or any peculiar faith, except as to its best action, that is ever through mind, that the world can be set right.

To make trivity unity, and unity trinity, the very essence of science is subverted, and truth is debased, prostituted, and sacrificed, before reason, for the sake of sophistry. Can you look an honest man in the face, when you claim science for christianity ?

Christianity has degraded science, and outraged religion. But woman is indebted to christianity; rather, to the blessings of civilization. Rational mind will effect the whole triumph of civilization, constitutional government, and rational religion, exalting the world.

It took centuries to establish this christian faith, among the Roman provinces; and now great divisions of the Protestant churches affect that it is doubtful whether it is the christian faith! In capturing the emperor, it captured the empire, that was universal, as the best civilization of the day. Ingenuity and plausible sophistry, help to uphold it.

It might be asked, Which is less sinful, peculiar faith with all the arts of life, or that in a state of crude nature? The most refined is superstition, dressed up as visionary through dreams, visions, omens and oracles, analogous to auguries. What sort of sectarianism was that of Christ; how destitute of principle to turn the father against the son! Principles unite all in one brotherhood. Christ should have had his resurrection at the very moment that his so-called enemies had sought to slay him.

God made the world right; but the Christ tinkers are too stupid to be enlightened. Joe Smith, Mahomet, and Jesus Christ, are a worthy trinity, and illustrate their own life dramas by their deaths. The worst motives caused their being gotten up. Like the thefts of the Spartans, they sought to deceive and not to be detected.

Indebted to the imperial arms of Rome, introduced as one of her additions of faith and worship, she has been presented the world as of doubtful character.

The ancients, in seeking diamonds, had not crystals.

The language of inferiors, as subject to their king, is no less slavish, than all such doctrines for mind.

As there can be no devils, Christ never performed the miracles, and there is an end to messiahs.

Shall dead nonentities triumph over living rights ?

How much is assumed for christianity, tlrat trades on the rich treasures and capital of mind! All science is impudently claimed by her! One of the great changes in the world, for the better, was, the triumph of mind over the barbarity of priestocracies. Had not the abolition of human sacrifices been fully established nearly one hundred years prior to the christian era so called, that might have been claimed as her triumph. We see here one of the most degraded acts of priestocracy expunged by a decree of the Roman Senate, and that by the light of mind. The christian cannot be a divine faith, as such peculiarity can be neither universal nor perpetual, the prerogatives of Deity. No monk, no priestocrat, can ever analyze this subject of the worldly, nor give it its proper solution. Christianity, no more than any other peculiar faith, can stand the proper scrutiny of mind.

Had science been at all indebted to christianity, it had kept science and the world at an advancing progress; but all fell into a worse state, till mind rescued them.

Christianity found what all other peculiar faiths did, the lights and improvement of mind in the world. Upon what prophecies is it founded especially ?

If there were any, the Jews would have adopted them.

The hostility of the Jews against christianity, proves it decidedly sectarianism, not religion, in which they, as the world, had an interest too serious to be rejected.

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