proved in India, Palestine, and elsewhere, most abundantly, that have been overrun hy several peculiar faiths.

Nor is part of Christian America exempt, when we contemplate the deplorable-intoleration that drove the Mormons from several states, and finally to seek the stern injustice of the western wilderness.

The tender mercies of any peculiar faith are tyranny and oppression, that go to extremes, as impunity attends.

The world has its measure of peculiar faith overflowing, without one mark of respect of its intrinsic value, as it trades and speculates on assumed capital.

China has its three hundred millions of people, disposed like the world to be truly and rationally religious, but where is the way? Would all these be permitted to be lost, if Christ were the only way? we may well ask the balance of the world. But is not the incarnation of Christ a sublime idea ? It is most ridiculous, and one of the old exploded notions of Eastern Asia. It is said of “The grand Lama, in whom the God of Thibet has just become incarnate.” “ Vichenou now becoming incarnate in a black shepherd, and under the name of Chrisen, he delivered the world of the venomous serpent Calengarn, and thus crushed his head, after having been wounded by him in the heel." " Bhudd is the ninth incarnation of Vichenou." And the last had priority to Christ's time by many centuries. But it is nothing to the purpose anyway, as they are all fictions of priestocracies. They must stick to their faith, whether their faith sticks to truth.

The Jews or gentiles could not have been chained back from rescuing their savior, who, as God and immortal, could never have been identified with earth or death.

Christ, if equal to God, must have been self-existent, therefore could not be begotten consistently with the prior character of God. This proves his false pretences.

We always wish to be understood, of considering him nothing but a fiction, his claimed functions being never in existence.

Bibles of tradition suggest invariably their true character : Faith novels, fiction and legends, story and history mixed, used as expedient. All pious forgeries, supported by such. The world has been tyrannized over by the peculiar bibles, the peculiar engine of priests. How could Christ, who was begotten, be equal to God, who was unbegotten?

There can be no true trinity of similar natures, in all this. But his resurrection is certain, says the preacher bigot, who sketches the fictions of faith, over the powers of death, that declares immediate dissolution?

Hence, they absurdly prove their solecism in language.
Was the body there : Is that certain ?
Who would risk the perjury in swearing it?
What makes Christ any better, than others of his order ?

He was of the priestocracy. Was he less in collusion than the balance? There is but one sermon, the main one to be preached about any bible's authenticity, that if established, proves itself for a messiah or any creed necessary.

But all faith creeds have to be peculiar, else none could advance as a system of peculiar faith, and the peculiar interests of the priestocracy.

But christianity claims pre-eminence in eliciting the arts and sciences! Has the true analysis ever been written?

Arts and sciences flourish, despite of all peculiar faith christians or any.

Arts and sciences have flourished in lands of superstition, as in Egypt and India. Mind is the thing everywhere.

Distinguished men have been claimed as members of the church? Does that prove any proper conclusion under the true analysis ? Among others, Washington is claimed. Washington was prudent in his faith. He believed in a supreme being, and acted becomingly as a man. He was above the corruption of peculiar or church faith.

If Christ had performed the miracles mentioned, he would have performed all necessary for the world and that age, satisfactory for all minds that could not have been kept back. But then this destroys doubtlessly the original economy of mind, the free agency of which would be absorbed in the defined positions of exact example.

Free agency of mind kills all messiahships.

But all about Christ is mere afterthought, that could not reach any, much less the whole. It cannot take hold of mind at its creation, and therefore is a perfect nullity, and the cobblers ought to be done with this falsity, this ignominious blasphemy. They were stupidly blind.

All minds have resurrection at once and final, till another change of purification, and that dispenses with Christ's peculiar one when all are universal. Mind emanates from God; peculiar faith and all its peculiar machinery separate it from God as far as in them lies.

Christ a God and son of a God, and still let mortals master him? What an imbecile God! What stupid dramatists—yet what politic priestocracies.

But you may suppose that it is a mere anachronism in regard to the birth of Christ, as detailed by his pretended biographers. That is not true, for all the particulars are given to destroy that idea. God who inspires, does not permit anachronisms, that clearly betray that those were not inspired men, but perjurers.

This is the case with all assuming to be inspired, and thereby proving themselves thus.

As Josephus only translated, not wrote his antiquities of the Jews, A. D., 93, how came the famous history of Christ there, if it were not an interpolation ?

Of course these writers are blasphemers of God, plagiarists of Josephus, and degraded before mind, that they impose upon. We feel perfectly assured, that there never was and never could be such a man as Christ, as endowed with any missior. above that of universal mind. Luke and Matthew, as canonized saints, cut each other's throats. As to Christ the savior, nothing less than the Almighty creator can be that, at all times and all circumstances, by the nature of creation, the universe, as he must be omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Now Christ was localized as a mortal on earth, when the functions of a true savior of the universe required absolute omnipresence, and this kills Christ's divine essence altogether. Now the fact is this, that must not be overlooked, that the bible writers of Moses only had a peculiar god, of one abortion earth, to which he was exclusively devoted, and above all to a peculiar little nation of that little earth, and this is the reason, that through their gross ignorance they displayed themselves as animals, in causing other false faiths, one of which was a Christ for one globe, whereas if any such necessity existed, it prevailed for all; now this could not be accomplished by any such location as the earth, that cannot possibly be the centre of the universe. But the ignoramuses have omitted, by the most vulgar ignorance, the commission for the whole, and that kills it for one! Complete in Christ as the priestocracy say, when at the same time, no sane mind can begin to start from him as any part of the godhead, that presides over and comprehends the universe.

We grant you that the Christ spoken of, is a peculiar person in a most peculiar trinity, that cannot possibly be identified with the creator of the universe.

The four-cornered earth-god of Judaism is unknown to us, and would be to all honorable and high-minded committees of the world. Can any physiologist ever deny the principles of his science, that deny to a mortal all such stuff and nonsense of pedigree? But you are the very persons that are alarmed about religion! You could not destroy its elements of any rational mind, do what you will. But you may rest assured, that you washed your hands of any especial guardianship of rational religion, the very moment you espoused peculiar faith.

Religion is too pure, after such espousals to have you for her patron, be you assured of that, all of you. If you wish us to adopt your peculiar faith, first destroy our reason. Grace and mind emanate from the same source, and must go together.

But you pretend as if you could decide, that mind is self-confident and relies on itself, because it rejects your peculiar faith errors. It does no such thing; it relies on God its author, and to whom it has to alone humble itself, in the glorious principles of causation to the prostration of all atheism, and polytheism, for if there were billions of nature and gods, all are subordinate to the supreme being who rules this universe.

But your pulpit preachers say that the soul that does not look to Christ for salvation, destroys its own peace. We believe most sincerely that any minds rational enough to ascertain the true position, destroy it as far as in them lies, if they dare look to any such pretence.

But you say, that God is too great and sublime for the soul, not to have an intermediate. You did not think so, when you adopted the old testament to bolster up the new, in which nearly every page God is made the companion of priests and prophets, his pretended mouth-pieces. But then this was the peculiar god of the Jews, who like all other ancients, had their peculiar godhead. And this very peculiar god you adopted, as you have not altered him, by building on Jewish foundation.

The God of the universe inspires mind through science, but the science of these aforesaid, was too small to give character to their inspiration.

We prove that mind, thus exact by science, corrects all the direct pretensions.

Analyze all, and you will find that all else is imposition and fraud. Show no false colors.

Entrust your mind to God of the universe, and him alone : you may have to pass through many purer spheres in the series of purification, ere you reach the centre of purity and sublimity. Pulpit preachers, stop. Let science and philosophy teach mind. Give up your ghostly and gospel stories and fables.

In all this disquisition, it is absolutely essential that all should adhere most strictly to the principles of logic, that is, truth. There are minds in the world that are perfectly worthless in ideas, that cannot see an idea in advance, unless their clique-clan faction demagogue, master, say the word,

How is such mind constituted, and what is the mould ? Much of it has little or no use of their honest sense, but little principle, so corrupt has it become. Much of the world seems foolish or deranged on peculiar faith. Is there any earthly being worthy of love, who is necessarily an impostor? How can you, pure-minded, love, respect or esteem such a being ?

As to Christ's mission to the whole earth, his resurrection should have been before the whole world, for none to doubt, not merely before the affiliated, but all the Jews, and an adequate number of Gentiles. Who can affirm to it at this day, with any honorable truth? No Jews, no nation, could have been committed against such universal interest; that is impossible. All would have declared for it, had this mission been God-sent. Messiahship is too subordinate.

Christ, as messiah, never existed. These events, recorded, were fiction. But as to the testimony-men: they were good and pure men, you assume. Do you endorse all this, like a fanatic, going it blindly?

Do you endorse them? How can you, when the principals destroy each other, belie themselves, disgrace inspirations, and libel God and mind? They are only equal authority to all other pagans.

Miracle proof as clear as creation proofs, would have prevailed. Do not touch this subject, unless you do it justice. Have no vindictive trifling, for yor ignorantly degrade yourself, and do not extricate liars. You identify yourself with them.

What else have you to say? You can say nothing, or commit yourself inextricably, as all must that have anything to do with priestocracies.

Mind is to rise to its universal dignity, in asserting all truths at once independent of priestocracies.

Ah! but these good people could not lie! That is the very thing the bible was written for, to uphold priestocracy and absolute government. You are green if you deny this.

Millions upon millions are daily doing that very same thing, and endorsing them on all this point, from emperors, through popes, to the lowest church character.

The world will never be clear of fool-bibles, till it is freed from their priestocracy fabricators.

The proof is essential, for, if wrong, the whole is an awful conspiracy of the priestocracy, to perpetrate the most blasphemous robbery of God. If this be the word of God, then it should rely on proper, self-evident proofs of God, and nothing less.

But are we going to deny the word of God?' No, sir ; that cannot be done by the universe, which now supports it; for that very reason we deny all such bibles, that God's divine word of creation denies.

But all this is inspiration! The very assertion declares heinous sin of blasphemy. It is the inspiration of priestocracy, to evil. Inspiration does not kill itself and its God, unless it were a fabrication.

But it is hardly to be presumed that the hundred soldiers would have guarded an empty sepulchre. Presumption, and taking for granted, cannot exculpate perjury.

It is hardly to be presumed that a fact-recording author of sound mind, would have omitted all expedient for the verified identification of Christ. The scripture men assume their position.

It devolves on them to prove the affirmative, or it all falls, as it certainly does, to the ground. The mere assertion, written or oral, of any number of men attempting an impossibility as this, is not testimony. Unless the proper proof is adduced, no assertion is testimony for the enlightened conscience of a rational mind.

Had all this been right, the Roman Empire, as well as the world, would have recorded the whole.

The attributes of the God of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, exclude Christ, and as his function, creation, is not that of procreation, that necessarily excludes all the pretensions of messiahships in birth, and conclusively proves to the whole world all such as most foolish and vain. So Christ is cut out of his pretensions every way.

But this is to be looked at. If Christ had been a God, would the thing have ever come to this, that even his resurrection should be not only doubtful, but impossible, as stated ? God does not leave rational mind to doubt what is certain.

There were, if he ever were, as story tells, the sharp-sighted Jews, as sharp as you can be, who were interested, particularly if any, as the best entitled to have Jesus. All the immortal part was paramount to them, as well as the whole world.

Who are the witnesses of Christ's resurrection?

As to John, he gives no statement of a watch, but says : Ch. xx. verse 17, Jesus saith unto her, (Mary,) touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father. Verse 27, he tells Thomas to “reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side." Luke xxiv. 39, “ Handle me,” (said Jesus.) Luke mentions no guard. Mark has no guard. Buty no doubt, Matthew wrote to meet the objections to the resurrection, the best his fiction could.

He says Joseph rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and departed. Did those who came the next day, who “made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and setting a watch," remove the stone to identify the body? Not they, as the author tells. Alas! human nature, thou showest thy mortality, thy duplicity!

But the evangelists were good men, who, of course, would not lie. Yet God's whole bible proves them, and all the affiliated, modern and ancient, all perjurers to all time.

Gentlemen must know that mere assertion, backed by all the millions of affiliated, is not proper testimony till properly proved.

Six hundred thousand men, that lost their lives for one of the twenty-four other pagan messiahs, recorded by Buck, would, as millions affiliated with them, have swern their souls out of them, that theirs was the correct one.

Now, as all messiahships are the rankest perjuries, what prevents these writers-call them by any name, locate them any where at any ancient, corrupt time, give them a century or more to digest their nefarious schemes of governmental priest and despotic policy, unite church and state, emperors and soldiery, to back them-from an equal, if not worse, perjury?

These few men-writers wrote for one of the priestocracy, and were of the priesto. ocracy, the most corrupt of all belial corruption.

Now honorable, though verdant modern, do not touch this perjury of messiahships.

But the bigot, who has no brains nor principles, no logic nor truth, who cannot prove his position, nor let the proof of yours reach his mind, says you deny Christ; then you must prove the contrary! O no, fanatic, your logic is as false as your faith. You stand in place of those men; now prove it.

What can you do with such peculiar minds, that ask for proof of the negative ? It negatives all reason.

Advocates of messiahship forget the principles of logic, in the quagmires of fanaticism, which is abundant now all over the world.

The testimony of the scriptures should be from Christ or God, vouched documents then and now, to possess the proper character and nature of testimony. In whose keeping is all this? Of course, in the affiliated of peculiar faith, that is itself an imposition. See what are the horrors of sectarianism, between the Christians and Jews, who both differed on this very thing of testimony, which, after all, is no testimony at all, as the whole world of peculiar faith can offer no testimony of truth worthy of a truthful mind. Why is the world cheated, defrauded in this wise, by any peculiar faith, all of which is a false pretence ?

Christ's is not a safe position, as it is not one of principle, for it, as all others, presents sectarianism.

Gratuitous sects are hardly, gratefully received.

A large part of the people is not allowed to read or circulate the word of Moses and Christ, so-called, much less enter into appropriate discussions of the balance. Is the world governed by merits or policy?

The fictions of peculiar faith go for the last eternally, and are a dangerous game.

What has religion to do with the gospel fiction of St. Matthew, or St. Clement's drama, called once, Euodius? What was Isaiah, vii. 14, to Ahaz in the sign : “Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel" ? if that sign was not to be given him (Ahaz) for several centuries after? How absurd to apply that to a being called Christ? This is a low way of meeting proof. Whoever advances these, is guilty of the deepest felony by his crimes.

Christ's humanity assuming a godhead, has left a reproachful stigma upon his dramatists,

He had been clothed, fiction as he was, with the highest earthly renown, had he unassumingly died the hero of rational religion. Then, indeed, his triumph had been complete, equal to the crisis. This is all that is wanting now, to cause the world to progress on its right elements to the best appreciation, the best happiness attainable. The world has mind and mind's God, why not act?

The character of Christ might have been taken from several prototypes years before him. There are many sources to originate such. Is it not a drama, after all? Were there not many analogous incidents in that play? But the purity and character of the

ancient fathers of the christian church, place them above suspicion and reproach. Let the truth be told of the scenes that occurred at the council of Nice, held in 325 A.D. What was the corruption at that council ?. Is any mind prepared to endorse it? Disgraceful scenes of persecution followed after the Arian controversy, for much of the balance of the century and long after. Church writers say that councils opposed falsehood to falsehood, fraud to fraud. Deposition and excommunication were decreed on both sides,

The imperial authority obsequiously acquiesced in this struggle of power, as each was triumphant!

Furious rabbles on both sides resorted to riots and massacres. What a state of things under the pretended mantle of holiness. What a desecration!

Christ violated several of the highest duties of religion to God and man, in blasphemy and sectarianism. He is in direct antagonism to God and his principles.

Christ and the Devil were in company with each other, a very suspicious circumstance, as the paternity of both is due to the same priestocracies. Had Christ been a God, he would have performed real miracles as benefiting mankind in all the real blessings of mind, in science, philosophy, and rational religion.

He is claimed as competent to expel devils, the tempters, but we prove that there are no such

ich beings, but in imagination of the dramatists. Consequently, both Christ and the Devil, are nonentities. It is perfect blasphemy to invest any individual with the rights and functions of the Creator. But love your enemies. Yes, but this doctrine could not be upheld by principles at the start, as Christ founded his position on the elements of sectarianism, not universal brotherhood, and the very reverse of such love. He merely superseded the Jewish peculiar faith, by his peculiar faith. Now, as a proof of his doctrines being at variance with principles, the Roman church have destroyed sixty-five millions of people, as affirmed by Buck.

Can there be love between friends, much less enemies. Between those of the same church doctrines under the banner of the cross, literally of blood ?

Let us define what is the position of all peculiar faith.
It is comprehended as well by the Romans, as Protestants.

When we advance effectual batteries on either, the most ample protestations are then made, that the position attacked is not christianity. In that way, christianity can be totally disclaimed. Christianity commenced in the very elements of sectarianism, and could not exist one moment without it. In her battlings, she has been parricidal to her own progenital relations. Again, she was in direct antagonism with principles of rational religion. God is unity, and stands on that immutable basis. But she affects to suppose that God has three natures. But supposition will not do, as that has been the world's incendiary. We must go on facts. No one has a right to any such supposition, in contravention of mathematics, an exact science, that teaches three are three, and one is one, the peculiar logic and metaphysics of priestocracies to the contrary. No advocate of peculiar faith can make three natures in Godhead! That unmakes God, by its divisions. There can be no inconsistent nature, as God is unity, and none else on all the highest principles of his own. Yes, but says the advocate, you have two natures, soul and body, yet one being. That proves nothing conclusive against, but all for the unity of God. God can operate best with all his attributes united in him. How absurd to have divided into three separate divisions, none of which can be efficient. All this is man's foolishness. Be done with such idle delusions of priestocracies. But this doctrine is so, says the presumptive vassal, and Christ is an incarnation. Which of the incarnations, as there were nine before him, on the authority of the sacred words of the Bhuddists, who have an equal claim in peculiar faith. So all of this faith is in bad company. Christ was a blasphemous sectarian, in antagonism with the God of nature. The moment that peculiar faith of the christian or any other is advanced, that very moment principles are left behind.

You must look at the nature of mind, that requires principles, not messiahships at all. But in matters of faith other matters cannot come in. That doctrine is Jesuitical, as truth is expedient, and cannot be excluded—therefore, unless we investigate comprehensively, we do no justice to the justice of the whole subject. When we undertake to investigate God's word, we must comprehend the whole universe proof on the best analysis. But the idea is, we must just look at God's book, as it is called, a mere bible of tradition. We go to that, and ask for the proof--the main proof is not there. God has not said it is his book, but man said it. Man wrote it. It is claimed to be inspiration, and must have all truth as God's, else it is entirely false ; for God is ever consistent with himself, an immutable being. The consequence is, that we find that we cannot stop short of the whole universe, to get at the appreciation of God's word. The very position that Christ was made to take by his dramatists was necessarily that of an

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